3 Facebook Ad Secrets That Every Blogger Should Know

This is a guest post by Rick Mulready of I Rock Paid Traffic.

Want to quickly drive traffic to your site? Online advertising, while often overlooked, can help you do just that.

Need to poll people within your specific niche? It just so happens online advertising can help with that too!

Looking for additional ways to increase the number of qualified visitors to your site? You get where I’m going with this!

While there are dozens of ways to advertise online, there is a medium that is unparalleled in both scope and scale — Facebook ads.

Where else do you have access to over 800 million potential customers, more than half of whom are active on the site every day?

In this post I’m going to share with you three ways you can begin using Facebook ads to grow your site’s traffic and if you have a product or service, increase your sales.

How Facebook Users Are Different

Before I get into these strategies, it’s important to first understand the mindset of people who are on Facebook.

Facebook is different than other forms of online advertising because people go there to look at photos, interact with their friends/family, post status updates, etc…  They aren’t necessarily there shopping for products or services.

So, if our goal is to get their attention with an ad, this mindset makes it that much more challenging.

Strategy #1: A Simple Method to Explode Your Facebook Fans

As Corbett mentions in his post The Launch Strategy That Will Give Your New Blog Unstoppable Momentum, one strategy that you should be using to grow your site is to create a Facebook Fan page.

(If you haven’t read this post, I can’t recommend it more highly.  I’ve gone back to it several times for reference.  It’s GOLD.)

Creating a page on Facebook for your site allows you an additional avenue to interact with your readers and build rapport with them.  Give them value and a reason to be part of your Facebook community and they’ll be loyal fans.

Once you create your page, the opportunities to promote it are endless.  Promoting it ON Facebook is especially effective, though, because the audience is already there.

You can do this through Facebook Page ads or what are sometimes called “engagement ads.”

These ads are the ones you see in the right column of your Facebook page that can look like this:

Facebook Ad Secrets
This type of ad is so effective because all your ideal customer has to do is click the “Like This Page” at the bottom of the ad to become a Fan of your business and start getting your updates, videos, photos, etc…  This is EXACTLY what you want your potential readers and customers to get from you.

This will rapidly increase your conversions and they don’t even leave the page they’re on!

Strategy #2: Attract an Extremely Targeted Audience

The ability to target these ads to your ideal audience is where Facebook really excels.

Like it or not, they take all the info in your personal profile, what you post for status updates, what you write on your friends’ Walls, the groups you’re part of, etc… and use it to target ads to you.

Scary, I agree, but as a marketer we can use this to ensure we are putting our ads in front of only those people who can most benefit from our product or service.

Hopefully you have a picture in your mind of the ideal person who will benefit most from your online business or blog.  

When you read Corbett’s post 10 Blogs with Explosive Growth to Learn From, you see a common theme among these successful sites; the theme of attracting the right kind of traffic.

A great way to get your Facebook Page ads in front of the audience you want coming to your site is through “interest targeting.”  It gives you the ability to target people who have demonstrated an interest in your niche in some fashion.  You can also target people who are Fans of well-known people in your niche.

Have a blog about investing?

You can put your ads in front of 40-50 year old males who work at the Wall Street Journal, watch “Mad Money” on CNBC, and who are Fans of Warren Buffet.

Strategy #3: Word-of-Mouth Promotion for Your Site

Facebook’s bread and butter is their ability to leverage social proof and word-of-mouth promotion.

After all, you’re more likely to do something at the suggestion of a friend than a total stranger.


Thus, a really effective strategy is targeting your ads to friends of people who are already Fans of your page.  You can do this within the “Connections” targeting section when you’re setting up your ads.

You can also use ads like these.  Ever seen these on Facebook?

Facebook Ad Secrets 2

These are called “Domain Story” ads and they are an option within Sponsored Stories ads.

This type of ad is great because it allows you to promote actions being taken on your site (I’m talking about your “.com” site, not your Facebook page) to friends of the person taking the action.

Here’s how a “Domain Story” ad works:

  • A person engages with your site.  (For example, they Liked a piece of content on your site using the Like button, shared a piece of content from your site using the Share button, or pasted a link to your site in their status update.)
  • This activity might go out in that person’s News Feeds, which their friends may or may not see due to the dynamic nature of the News Feed.
  • Using a “Domain Story” ad, though, ensures that person’s friends are aware of this action because it gets promoted through an ad on the right side of Facebook.

This is another great way to leverage Facebook’s social proof to drive traffic to your site through word-of-mouth promotion.

Have you tried Facebook ads before?  Let me know in the comments below!  If so, were you successful?  If not, what’s holding you back?

Note from Caleb: If Facebook ads aren’t something you’ve tried yet but would like to get started with, Rick has put together a great free guide where he walks you through step-by-step exactly how to set up your own campaign.  

Consider it a road-map.  Each step is explained along the way.  By the time you finish reading it, you’ll be creating and running your own campaigns.  To download the free guide, simply go here.

Rick Mulready is the founder of I Rock Paid Traffic.  If you’re ready to grow your business through Facebook advertising, check out his free instructional videos.  You can also stay up-to-date with the constant changes on Facebook by joining his Facebook community.

21 thoughts on “3 Facebook Ad Secrets That Every Blogger Should Know”

  1. Thanks for the tips Rick, I’ve been using Facebook Ads for a while now, but mostly to promote affiliate links, but lately I’ve been wanting to use it to develop my business, so your tips will help me a fair bit.

  2. I’ve been very successful with Facebook ads their pretty easy to setup and organize. But, one of the biggest things that I recommend that people do is test your ads and continue to test. Paying attention to what people click on with your headlines and pictures is very important. I know one of the biggest things that a lot of people have an issue with is the bidding pay per click amount and I just recommend you over bid to receive higher impressions and then within that 4 day time frame just slowly decrease your per click amount and receive the same or even more impressions for your ads.

    Facebook advertisements has been one of the best tools around to increase traffic and really make money online in awhile.

    1. I couldn’t agree more with you, Justice. It’s ALL about testing to see what works best. Test until you find that sweet spot that works best for your campaign objectives and then focus on that. And then test some more!

      With the bidding, I think it all depends on your goals (and budget). If you’re looking for impressions to be delivered very quickly, I agree that it’s probably smart to bid on the higher side and then try and reduce it from there. Again, trying to find that sweet spot where you’re getting the clicks or impressions that you want at the lowest price possible.

      I tend to start my bidding on the lower side (below the lowest suggested bid) and then increase from there to find that sweet spot.

      I hope you continue to find success with your campaigns.

  3. I started using facebook ads to promote my wife’s new Zumba Fitness business. We created the fan page a couple of weeks before Christmas, we promoted it through friends and family connected to us through facebook, but after 3 weeks of promoting the fan page we had 7 “Likes” Last Thursday we posted a facebook ad for a targeted audience in our hometown (Vancouver, WA) After 5 days of promoting the page through ads we have 146 likes, of mainly people in our hometown that we can most likely turn into paying customers. I love the fact that I can set a daily limit of how much I want to spend and I can control when the ad is shown or even when we can pause the campaign.

    1. Awesome, Brian! I love hearing that. Yea, the ability to control the variables within Facebook campaigns is great.

      Are the ads that you’re running “engagement ads”? These are the ads that promote your business page and allow people to “Like” your page right from the ad. They don’t even leave the page they’re on. Perfect for growing your Facebook Fan base with targeted people.

      If you’re not using these ads, I might also give them a try. You set them up through the “Promote with an ad” link in the upper right corner of your business page. You can still apply all the same targeting.

  4. Hi Rick,

    Great article! Thanks for the Facebook ads tips. We do Facebook ads here in New Zealand for ourselves and for our clients as a service and we aim for a 0.1% CTR (industry average appears to be 0.05%) Is that your experience as well?

    Some of the tips that get the response rate up for us are ensuring you run ads with the like button below the ad (meaning the ad needs to land on a Facebook page not take people off Facebook).

    Another is to help ensure people who click the ad (rather than the like button) end up liking your page instead of looking and leaving, is to never land ad traffic on your page’s wall and instead always land on a custom page on Facebook that asks for the like.

    Even better if that page provides a bribe for the like, eg: ‘click like to be in to win x’ done as a reveal page – so after they click like, the entry form is revealed (making sure your promotion meets all of Facebook’s strict promo rules of course!).

    Sponsored stories, that you mention, are also worth running in tandem with self serve ads, especially the sponsored story that appears for friends of new fans saying their friend has liked your page – the social proof value is awesome and tends to get great conversion rates for us and our clients.

    Another tip is to help move newly gained fans to your blog or website, use your photostrip visible on your wall for free Facebook ads (if it’s ok to include a link, here’s a great article with ideas and inspiration for how to do this: http://www.marketinggum.com/free-facebook-advertising-youre-missing-out-on/).

    I’m not sure what pricing is like overseas but CPC and CPM rates in New Zealand are really low so Facebook is a very affordable avenue for online advertising for us and our customers.

    1. All great tips, Anna, thanks for adding to the post here.

      I agree with all the strategies that you mention. It just depends on what your goals are as they will dictate which ad strategy you employ.

      The one that you mention above which really jumps out at me is where to “send” people when your landing page is going to be your Facebook page. I definitely agree that having a custom landing tab for people to land on is key. Sending them to your Wall isn’t a great strategy because it’s not focused enough. They’d likely land there, be a bit overwhelmed with all the info/pics/videos, etc… and then leave before “Liking” your page.

      With the custom landing tab, offer the person a reason to “Like” your page and then follow-through on giving them that value.

  5. Well that was timely – I was just asking Corbett about Facebook Ads on Monday. I created an engagement ad to test it out. Good thing is my thought process aligned with your advice. Hoping it works, we’ll see.

  6. I’ve been using FaceBook Ads for a while now. And over the years I realized that placing a direct link to your product just scares them away. I don’t post affiliate links there directly, but I direct them to a page with an informative post with the links for my products. It works better for me.

  7. Hi Tim, I couldn’t agree with you more! It’s just a matter of prioritizing things within my business’ launch. Engagements ads will be running within the next couple of days. Thanks for your note.

  8. Thanks for the great post- I haven’t used Facebook much for traffic but I installed the ‘like’ plugins months ago and was recently shocked to see how much traffic was actually coming from Facebook from just those like buttons. FB ads is the next thing I need to figure out- thanks again.

    1. Hey Nate, yea, the social plug-ins with the “Like” buttons are awesome and can be extremely effective. Glad they’re working for you. If you haven’t already, check out the free guide I put together to help you get started with the FB ads. And, let me know if you have any questions that come up along the way. Good luck.

  9. I tried using Facebook ads a few times, but it just didn’t work for me. I was actually doing some advertising for a clickbank product, but the conversions were lousy.

    I think it might work for building a list, though. Paid traffic is something that a lot of people are afraid of because you can go through a lot of money very quickly if you do it incorrectly. However, if you do it right it can be VERY profitable.

  10. Hi Mike, sorry to hear the campaigns didn’t work out for you with the affiliate product. I’ve found that you really have to test a ton when it comes to clickbank-type products. They can be challenging to convert sometimes, as you found.

    FB ads are VERY effective at building a list when done right, I completely agree.

    You can definitely go through a ton of budget if you don’t know what you’re doing which is why I suggest starting off small while getting the hang of it.

    Would love to hear updates on if you start leveraging the ads to build a list.

  11. Thanks for the post. I haven’t used FaceBook that much to increase my traffic. You gave a reason to get more serious with it. I was actually amazed because the ads posted at the side of a FaceBook page is definitely a good tactic. Matter of fact I liked some ads when browsing through the feeds in my FB personal account and find some interesting ads.

  12. I’ve used Facebook ads to drive traffic to my facebook page and it’s worked great, gotten a decent number of likes as well but still would love to go viral… not at that point yet, I mainly pick up fans and hits when my ads are running. Hopefully that will eventually pick up without ads running!

    I think they work great though, although evenings and weekends I seem to attract less clicks from USA and more from my other targeted countries which is a bummer… must have to do with competition among other advertisers at prime times and days. I’ve tried overbidding a lot and doesn’t seem to make much of a difference.

    Overall they’re great though!

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