A New Chapter

Today I announced a big change involving my personal blog over at CorbettBarr.com. This change marks a new chapter for Think Traffic, so I’m also going explain what’s going on and how it will affect Think Traffic here.

Many of you may be familiar with my other blog. I’ve been writing there for nearly 3.5 years about entrepreneurship and the relationship between work and life.

That blog has meant a lot to me, and it was the foundation that all the other projects I started in the past few years have grown out of, including Think Traffic.

In 2010 I started Think Traffic to take things further. Instead of just talking about entrepreneurship and lifestyle issues, I wanted to create a forum where I could share what I’d learned about building an online business, and have conversations with you about specific business strategies.

Over the past couple of years, Think Traffic has become my biggest focus and the project I’m most proud of in my career so far. Thank you for being a part of it.

But since starting Think Traffic, the difference between this site and my personal blog hasn’t always been clear. Here we tend to talk more about strategies and how-to. At my other site we talk more about the big picture and the reasons why we all work so hard to create sustainable online businesses.

That distinction has often felt artificial and unclear. I’ve also been torn between trying to maintain two sites to a high standard, which is no easy task.

In addition, the Think Traffic team and I are taking on the most ambitious project we’ve ever attempted, and we are consolidating all we can to focus on the new project.

Today I’m announcing a new chapter for me and for Think Traffic.

Within the next couple of weeks, I’ll be closing the doors on my personal blog and shifting my focus 100% over to Think Traffic.

The best aspects of my blog will be merged with Think Traffic. We think the marriage of the two will create an even more useful and compelling blog at Think Traffic.

I’m excited about the change and what it will mean. There are two changes you can expect at Think Traffic:

  1. The best content from my personal blog will be migrated into the archives of Think Traffic. In upcoming posts we’ll guide you through the articles we migrated.
  2. We will be featuring more “big picture” posts here. Think Traffic won’t just be about what we do online or how we do it, it will also be about the reasons why.

The way people earn a living is being reinvented because of the web and incredible new tools being created every day, and because of a shift in what people want their work to be. Entrepreneurship to us means so much more than most people think of it as.

I’m excited to start exploring those topics and more here. This revolution needs to be central to our conversation.

Aside from that, expect to see more from me, and probably a little more personal flair from time to time.

We would love to hear your feedback both now and over the coming weeks. Please tell us what you think about the change in the comments below or feel free to write us an email.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t subscribed, you can sign up for RSS or email updates to get updates from us in the future.

We’ll be sharing details of the big new project we’re working on shortly. Stay tuned.

If you’re curious to hear more about this change, check out the announcement post I just published on my personal blog.

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

62 thoughts on “A New Chapter”

  1. Corbett – It’s a great decision and a welcome one. Your commitment to focus on one blog in the end helps your audience and for that – thank you!

  2. To be honest, I’m not surprised Corbett. I have been wondering when you would do that. Will there be a change in the name of this website/blog to better reflect the overall change and the wonderful expansion that will not only be good for your business but will also fulfill your heart more?

    Good luck with the change. I think it will also be great for both of your communities as they’re probably not very different from each other. Focused work is always rewarding. One of the things I’ve learned from you :)

    1. Hey Cigdem, thanks for the support. Yes, I’m taking some of my own advice and focusing more. It’s so important.

      No planned changes to the name here. We love the Think Traffic brand and the traction it has gotten. We’ll just be working to be known for more than traffic/marketing advice through our content.

  3. Hi Corbett, I think that you had a great idea.
    Having 2 blogs can dispel your energies while having only one blog you can easily focus on it.

    Think Traffic is already awesome but after this fusion it will be even better!

  4. Definitely a big change Corbett. Bravo for taking such a brave decision.

    The reason I call this a brave decision is because you’re looking at the big picture instead of worrying about the trivial things. Although not entirely, you are willing to let go of what you created over the course of 3.5 years – and that’s not easy.

    The problem with most bloggers today is that they’re afraid to think like entrepreneurs. They aren’t ready to take risks. They’re okay with the mediocre level of success. And that’s what killing their chances to grow and expand.

    So I’m glad you’re setting a positive example.

    I have always appreciated ThinkTraffic for being a blog that’s more than a blog. With this new change I’m sure it’ll reach new heights and touch new horizons – without the quality being compromised.

    Very eager to see how the ‘enhanced’ version of ThinkTraffic unfolds. Looking forward to more great content! :)

  5. Sounds very promising. Good luck with that!

    I am going to do the opposite for my own blog. Lately I am posting pretty much about the mindset side of having and starting an online bizz.

    In my opinion it is very important, but not everybody agrees.

    There are much readers that don’t like that woo-woo mindset stuff. They just want to see examples and case-studies. So I dicided to create a different blog for that.

    Also, I am going to travel for one year, starting the 20th of September in San Fransisco. And my personal experience with this traveling and working thing is also part of the “new mindset blog”. Finally I am also going to create an English version of this ‘new thing’ to meet new people during my trip. We will see how far it goes. 😉

    Anyway, I think it is good to choose and go all-in in one or two projects. About one year ago I choose two projects that I want to stick with… and it was a massive success. I dropped about 25 things that I was doing, and totally focused on doing that two things.

    This is definitly a winner-decision Corbett. Thanks for all the inspiration. PS: I stole some elements of your site design and put it into my own page. 😉

    1. It’s completely normal to experiment with different sites and different topics, especially early on. I’ve worked on a dozen or more different projects over the years. Good luck with your experimentation.

  6. Corbett and Caleb,

    I commented on the post at corbettbarr.com, but I’m so freaking excited about this I’m going to comment here too.

    I can’t wait to dig into the “why” topics, and participate in the new community that forms here with that deeper focus.

    Think Traffic has always been great. Now it’s getting Epic.

    I can’t wait. I’ll be reaching out to you guys soon with some content ideas for the business/entrepreneur side of things. I love traffic, but I’m insanely passionate about business. I’m so excited for this, guys.


  7. Hi Corbett

    Well done for making that decision. It must have been a hard one given the amount of love and energy you have poured into your personal site.

    Personally I think your decision is a great one for TT readers. I particularly love to read stuff that has a mixture of great technical advice and posts on the bigger picture – the macro view of life and business.

    In order to be operating at our best, we all need to make sure we spend time in our businesses and lives, but it is vital that we regularly zoom out and look at the totality of our lives from a higher vantage point too.

    That way we make sure we do well in the day to day, without losing track of the bigger picture of what we want our lives to look like over the longer term.

    And Corbett – I’m looking forward to seeing the new ‘flair’ that your’e going to be rockin too 😉

  8. Corbett,

    Congratulations on the marriage (hehe!) in your decision to mesh the two together and focus on Think Traffic!

    I wish you much continued success!

    All the best,

  9. Corbett,

    This is a great decision. Your content is top-notch on both sites, but that could not be easy to do. The merge makes sense and I’m glad you are bringing the best of Corbett Barr to be archived at Think Traffic.

    Congrats and looking forward to the new TT!

  10. Wowzee – so excited. Can’t wait to see what the new thing is – you’re always moving with bigger things, and it’s glorious, Corbett.

    I’ll be watching…

  11. Feels like it’s time this happened. You’ve built a strong enough brand at TT to be able to step back and let the personal “Corbett branding” still be there as accent, but with the larger picture & focus being the entity itself.

    Best wishes and thanks for all your help!

  12. You’re making a great decision. I love the idea of bringing the more personal “why” into Think Traffic. Being new to Think Traffic and you, Corbett, I wasn’t aware of your more personal blog but a quick review of the site tells me i’d love it! I’m going to read some posts there now.

    I agree it has to be tough to manage both blogs with the personal attention and caring that you like to infuse. Your sites aren’t just about business but life and connections and inner richness … at least that’s what *I* get out of your posts.

    Looking forward to the change!

  13. We all can learn from this issue you have run into. I am planning to start a blog about my passion, but there are several branches of it. I can’t decide if I should try to house them all together on one blog or have 2-3 to make clear distinctions. Trouble is, just like you have encountered, there is overlap, particularly with two of them. Keep us posted on all the ins and outs of your decision and your progress.

  14. Seemed like the natural progression, I’m glad you are doing it. I appreciate everything that I’ve learned from both of your blogs and look forward to seeing the new TT.

  15. Welp! Looks like I am going to be the debbie downer here…..

    I learned a long time ago that positive-criticism-positive usually brings about the best response (there goes my secret).

    Positive: I love simplicity and this will only simplify your life more. Focus on one thing couldn’t hurt as you and the rest of the team tackle the next big project.

    Criticism: This is the selfish side of me. I wish CorbettBarr.com was sticking around. Why? You had a different voice there. You shared a more personal view on a wide variety of things. I know you said you will implement here, but I don’t come to Think Traffic for what you write at CorbettBarr and vice-versa. I see the two as different worlds and my mindset in two frames depending on which I am reading.

    Positive: You aren’t losing me as a reader (Not quite sure how positive that may or may not be 😉 ). I will continue to read those articles here because of their quality.

    CorbettBarr.com will be sorely missed from my side of things, but I will stop kicking and screaming and just read your god damn wonderful articles solely here now. F’n Simplicity!

    David Damron

    1. Thanks Dave, I appreciate the feedback even if you aren’t 100% in support of the change. Please follow up and let us know how we’re doing with the new and improved content here. If there’s something in particular you’re missing about CB.com just drop us a note.

  16. In terms of a business strategy having a brand that isn’t your name makes more sense…others can work on it meaning you can scale it up and it is probably easier to sell than your name blog should you decide to get out.

  17. Hi Corbett, I think it’s a great idea. Shifting towards simplifying your life can only be good. I think focusing your attention in the one place will benefit both you and your readers. Best of luck with the change,

  18. I think that’s a great idea to merge two blogs together just looking at the end point for other bloggers because this can be a trick to weaken other blog….lol. i wish you good luck Corbett.

  19. Sounds like a great idea, I also recently wound up all of my projects to focus on 1 thing. It’s amazing how much you can achieve when your goal has 100% of your attention.

    Best of luck with the move.

  20. Hi Corbett and congratulations for all your good work/websites/content

    I’m rather new to your site and I have in my goals to read everything you wrote :) as your content is a gold mine for me.

    I have a question: you say “The best content from my personal blog will be migrated into the archives of Think Traffic”, what about what you do not consider part of “the best”? is it lost for ever for us?

    I’m in the process to launch a serie of websites, yes, you read well, a serie :) including a very personal one. So this is just the opposite to your today’s step, but for me it’s really too different contents and target audiences, so we can’t compare…

    I wish you a ton of huge success for everything you do, and I’m looking forward to read more :)

    Have a beautiful day.
    Patricia, Switerland

  21. Good luck with the change Corbett. I have been writing for my personal site and my business site since January, plus working a full time job, plus trying to grow my business. It is difficult to divide your time and give each project the focus it needs.

    When I read your post, I am reminded of the advice that you must get rid of the good to make room for the great. Thanks

  22. Cooool. I think this is a difficult decision to make, but is smart if you can mesh the 2 concepts, which it sounds like you were able to do.

  23. Hey Corbett,

    You know, I never really looked into corbettbarr.com, so it’s cool that we’ll be getting both side to marketing, the how, and the why. Both are equally important, and I never knew your personal blog was about that.

    Plus, onwards and upwards, right?

  24. I think it’s a really wise decision mate. Pat Flynn is a good example of running one blog really really well. Hope to see you go from great to great mate.

  25. I never got a chance to look at your other blog, Corbett. But I beleive it’s a wise decision. I’m sure it was time consuming to handle both! Besides, business is business: it’s the why, the strategies, the know how…etc. I’m excited for you and wish you the best of luck.

    I’m new to blogging and my blog is still “under construction” but I have been an avid daily reader of your blog. However, I do find it hard sometimes to find archived older post. Where can I find these and how can I search by subject?

    To your success,

  26. Yeah, I went into your blog and got scared when I didn’t found it, but I know now how hard can be maintaining a blog, let alone 3 blogs, so I was relieved when I found out that you brought your posts to this page.

    Keep the awesome work Corbett

  27. Hey Corbett

    I’m a big fan of this new direction! While I did follow both blogs for several years now, I definitely found a bit of overlap between the two. Every you turned, all you got was epic content infused with your personality! :)

    Hoping this new consolidated effort brings you even greater traffic and success for the future. Keep the goodness coming!


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