Are You Coming Through in Mono or Stereo?

When you write for the web, is your full potential coming across?

Does passion, personality, and positivity rule your writing? Do you harness confidence, inspiration and creativity to express yourself and connect with your audience? Are your creations original, well researched and important?

Or, do your fears, insecurities and anxieties take over your writing? Do you let unhappiness, guilt, jealousy, worries or irritations ruin your prose?

Is your writing formulaic? Do you enjoy the process of writing, or do you create only because you want the results writing can bring? Are you desperately trying to copy what has made other people successful?

When you come across in stereo, with all the positive qualities you can muster, you’ll effortlessly connect with people and build a passionate audience.

Anything less is broadcasting in mono and you’ll struggle find listeners.

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

14 thoughts on “Are You Coming Through in Mono or Stereo?”

  1. Hey Corbett.

    I like the concept here. I instantly knew what you were talking about from the title.

    It sure is not too hard to see the difference between someone writing in mono vs. writing in stereo. Sometimes we write in mono for some fear that we later realize wasn’t even relevant.

    I’d say I’m coming across more and more in stereo, which is good for me and my readers.

    Very cool logo at the bottom of the site here with the green and blue data lines converging and being represented by the colors in the domain name.

  2. Hey Armen, I think most of us come across in both mono and stereo at different times, depending on the day. It’s really powerful when someone comes across in stereo most of the time (like Gary Vaynerchuk), and obviously we all strive to get there.

  3. I’ve been one to do things my own way my whole life. It’s been very good!

    However…. the blogging thing has been interesting. I took it on to succeed, and am finding out that succeeding comes to us in many ways. I’ve studied a lot of the internet marketing “guru’s” and until recently when I started writing my own way, and communicating the way I do with people and dogs in person… as quirky as it might be…. I was struggling….

    All the sudden, it’s all good again… and I’m once again doing my own thing!


    1. It can take a while to find your “voice” that works best for blogging. You definitely know when it starts working though, in the way people respond and your blog starts growing.

  4. This is a good thing for me to think about. I am still developing my ‘voice’. I honestly think it can depend on what sort of day I’m having, as to what comes across. It’s good to look at it this way you mentioned, as don’t always realise how we come across to others. I will keep this in mind with my future posts

    1. And the fact that you write in different ways on different days can actually be a good thing, because it shows you’re human and helps to connect with your audience.

  5. Based on the qualifications you have stated here, I guess I’m on the stereo side. Though I may have my mono moments, I tried to relinquish it by doing the exact opposite. The negatives of fear, anxiety and insecurity we may not escape, but we always have the choice how to respond to it. Mine is defiance. :-)

  6. Great post Corbett,

    I suggest, as an exercise, would be good to go back and read previous posts to see if we can identify those fears, anxieties, etc. See where we can improve.

    I also want to mention, I absolutely love what you’ve done to Thesis.


    1. Hi Francisco! Great suggestion to go back over previous posts. It might be painful to realize what emotions were driving you at different times, but definitely helpful.

      Glad you like the Thesis mods. It is definitely a great platform to build upon.

  7. You’re correct on all of this, it totally reminded me to come across more with my own voice and truly take charge on my blog :) The more I come across as passionate and on fire for what I write the better I feel and the more people subscribe and read, it truly does work!

    1. Yes! I’ve found when I’m really passionate and sure about a topic, I usually write closer to “in stereo” than when I write just to fill space. Not surprising, I suppose, but something to keep in mind.

  8. Interesting, I honestly never thought of it that way.
    I want to believe this is one of these things you cultivate knowingly and unknowingly as you become a better writer and blogger. At the moment to answer the question, I think I’m still a tad bit on the mono side, but we’re getting there.
    I know I love what I write about, (after all, I won’t write about it if I didn’t, that’s my principle) its now down to coming across that way!

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