Ask the Readers: What’s Your Magic Number? How Many Visitors Do You Need?

Welcome to another ask the readers segment. These posts are meant to be a broader discussion on an important topic related to getting more traffic for your website or blog.

This time, I’d like to find out how many visitors you’re aiming for to reach your next major milestone for your site.

What’s your “magic number?” How many visitors do you need to achieve your next major milestone?

There is no right answer, but I’d like you to focus on a milestone that is between 3 months and 2 years out. When you tell us your answer, also include what the milestone is that you’re aiming for. That could be some income level you want to reach, or the number of visitors you need for an advertising deal, or maybe it’s just enough visitors so you know you’re on the right track.

Like I said, there is no right answer, but I’m really curious to hear what you’re working towards. I think everyone reading this will be interested in what other people are working towards as well.

Here’s my answer for Think Traffic, in case you’re interested:

My next “magic number” is to attract 50,000 visits to this site in one month. There’s nothing significant about that number, but I feel like that’s a number that really places this site in a different category from most of the other online marketing related sites out there.

I feel like Think Traffic is on the cusp of being considered a leading site about attracting online audiences, and getting to 50k visits per month will really push us over the edge. We have a little ways to go to get there. Last month we hit nearly 20k visits. I’m pretty confident we can reach 50k this year.

Of course, those visitors need to be well qualified. Not just any visitor will do. I’m looking for smart, engaged readers who can learn from the strategies we teach at Think Traffic.

Results from the Previous “Ask the Readers” Post

In the most recent “ask the readers” post, I asked what you planned to do differently this year to attract visitors to your site.

Out of all the answers, the one I liked best was from Sarah Russell of Common Sense Marketing. Here’s what she had to say:

Focus on connecting with individual people instead of mass traffic strategies (social bookmarking, etc.). Make it easier for people to connect with me through a variety of different avenues. Attempt to finally understand what’s up with this “Twitter” thing…

The thing I like about Sarah’s answer is her focus on connecting with individual people through her site. That decision often marks a turning point for people.

When you focus on your true fans and on really connecting with people, your site is bound to take off. Focusing on “mass traffic strategies” is usually a terrible strategy.

What’s your “magic number?”

Alright, let’s hear it. What’s your magic number? How many visitors do you need to reach you next major milestone? Don’t forget to tell us what that milestone is as well.

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41 thoughts on “Ask the Readers: What’s Your Magic Number? How Many Visitors Do You Need?”

  1. Oh well…my magic number for the months is 100 readers per day. They can be new or old, just 100 readers that’ll connect with my writings and take action with them.

    I’m not really interested in one million readers that don’t engage or leave comment or feel connected with me…NO…

    I’m working towards people that’ll really benefit from me and make my blog an integral part of their lives.


  2. Hey Corbett

    Next Traffic Target:? 100 Uniques A Day.
    Why? It’s the next obvious step for my blog. (hit 50 uniques for the first time last monday).
    When? Hoping that I can hit it within 2 to 3 months.
    What’s Next: After that it will be 200. Then 400. Etc etc etc….


  3. Hey Corbett.. Great question.

    My “magic number” is 30,000 a month by the end of the summer. My site currently gets about 12,000 visits per month.. I did some planning along with a complete redesign, let’s see it works out.

    See u at the top bro..

    1. I know you’ll do it brother. I just went over to your site, and I can tell it’s going to be killing it pretty soon. You’re all over the web and that’s good as well. Hope you reach your goal.

      I want to get a consistent flow of traffic and income, for around a year or so I’ve been around the 50-100 a day visitors but I must be doing something wrong because they’re not subscribing or coming back.

    2. Wil.. thanks for the kind words bro. By the way, i don’t think you’re doing anything wrong, you might just need to redefine your USP.

      I stopped by your site and I had to dig a little to really “get” what your site was about.. If I was a first time visitor, I probably wouldn’t spend much time trying to figure it out.. Hope that helps..

      Talk soon man

  4. I’m doing a little over 5k a month now when it comes to my i’m looking to be at least 20k a month by the end of the year..

    “Black Seo Guy “Signing Off”

  5. Hi Corbett, first time commenter. I’d also like to hit the 50K/month mark (currently between 20-30K) and, more importantly, convert a much higher percentage of the random folks who find the blog via SEO into regular readers. I have 3-4 posts that show up high in SERPS but I know those readers don’t stick around. I’m have some good ideas for tactics to accomplish this, but not sure how to measure it. How ideas on that would be appreciated. One metric is more comments on my posts, I’d like to see at least 25 comments/post regularly, and sometimes 100+ on the epic stuff.
    Besides traffic, I want to develop a cool product and monetize the blog in the second half of the year.

  6. I don’t have any set goals for daily visitors yet, but I’m shooting for 1,000+ Feedburner subscribers by the end of the year.

    I’m well on my way, but there’s still a lot of ground to cover!

  7. Hi Corbett, first time commenter. I’d also like to hit the 50K/month mark (currently between 20-30K) and, more importantly, convert a much higher percentage of the random folks who find the blog via SEO into regular readers. I have 3-4 posts that show up high in SERPS but I know those readers don’t stick around. I have some good ideas for tactics to accomplish this, but not sure how to measure it. Any ideas would be appreciated. One metric is more comments on my posts, I’d like to see at least 25 comments/post regularly, and sometimes 100+ on the epic stuff.
    Besides traffic, I want to develop a cool product and monetize the blog in the second half of the year.

  8. At the moment I’m treating my blog as a testbed for blogging. I just nuked most of my archive and shifted the niche a bit (blogging advice->digital entrepreneurship), and it’s not the first time.

    I think after a few revisions I’ve found the right focus. I don’t know how many visitors I need just yet, but I just started fresh with all I’ve learned over the last 6 months.

    I don’t expect that I’ll need much though. The niche it’s in lends itself to being a launching point for other niche blogs, which means the potential for experimentation is endless. The traffic I need will probably be less than 1000 uniques a day–just enough to seed new experiments and build an online reputation.

  9. Great question, Corbett. My goal is to attract more returning visitors that engage with my blog, and to minimize spammy SEO comment ninjas who find my site via the search engines. I’d like to increase my comments so that each post is getting a minimum of 5 comments from REAL people. I’d also like to reach about 5000 visits per month, or about 150-200 quality visitors a day. Lastly, I’d like to up my twitter followers to a solid 400 followers, who engage. I think twitter is a great way to build friendships and network, so I hope to utilize this in the coming year.

    I mean in happy world, I’d like to get 20K visitors per month within the next year, but I want to set my goals at a more realistic level. Plus, if I exceed them, it will be a pleasant surprise in the end, rather than a heartbreaking disappointment.

  10. Since upgrading to Thesis my number of visitors has grown.
    My long term aim is to be ‘known’ as a worthwhile, intriguing and practical personal development blog. I’m trying various helpful strategies from this site and others, and I’m looking forward to seeing the numbers of loyal readers increase.
    I’ll be happy with whoever comes and stays, and simply try to write what they enjoy reading, in a style they can relate to and recognise as my own.
    All gradual growth will be valuable to me.

  11. Hey Corb,

    For, I want to get a consistent 1000 visits a day. My current average is between 300-600, depending on if a post releases that day or not.

    Besides freshening up the layout, I’m adding a new segment/topic that will hit a whole separate but related reader base, along with a small product launch that should help me gain more visibility.

    I think another thing that helps is really connecting with other authorities in your space that are at your level or a bit higher than yourself, the ones who seem to command attention, and work with them. After connecting with some movers and shakers in my niche, we started to share readers and feature each other’s work, and both shared in the growth of our audiences.

  12. Brand new, just trying to get my first few visitors. Say 100 daily visits within two-three months. I’m up to an awesome 9 so far! But good content, and then some good networking as per your great advice will get me further.

    Am I the only non-Internet-marketer reading of this blog? All the comments above seem to indicate so! Anyway, love your blog. Got introduced to it by Pat Flynn.

    1. It seems like it’s mostly internet marketers here, but my friend and I recently started a website about money management, finance, and successful living. This is a very useful resource in my opinion. Good luck with your site.

  13. For one of my blogs, it’s 100k a month which it currently stands at 30k. I chose that number because it’s a challenge and I think possible because of so many blog posts at the tipping point for higher rankings.

    For Murlu, I’d love to have about 25k a month. I’m not entirely sure why I chose that but I think because, again, it’s round and I want to truly help people learn valuable information – the more the merrier!

    For my business site, 1,000 is fine especially if it’s just targeted traffic. I want conversions rather than passer-by’s so I can keep this number low :)

  14. My milestone is to actually interact with people from my site. I just started and I am having the beginner troubles I guess … finding people to read my stuff. I am so new to all the sites, twitter, digg, stumble, etc. that it seems like one hot mess. Connecting with people is my challenge right now. Connecting with anyone is my challenge. I could spout out a number and please, don’t laugh. I would love to get to 50 visits or even 100 visits. But the truth is, I just want to be able to reach people with the content I am working so hard to provide. So I guess I really want to have a few readers that comment so I can comment back and have a dialogue with them about what we are all going through. That is my goal. It doesn’t have to be a specific number.
    P.S. Thank you very much for Epic Shit. I have really worked hard on taking my writing to the next level. Thanks!

  15. Corbett – great site! I found it through my friend, Sarah Peck and it’s been useful.

    My next milestone (by June 2011) is 1,000 unique visitors in one day. (Been half way there a few times in the past year.)

    To steal a bit of goal setting from Pat Flynn (who I found through this site,) I’d like to set a goal of $1k in passive income by March 10, 2012. This site and his site provide a lot of the info that have gotten my mind spinning and feeling like this is an attainable goal.

    I have 365 days to do it, since today is the first anniversary of the site!

  16. Well I have a different metric than absolute numbers. I just want a 10% increase each month (for both of my blogs) while maintaining the same amount of effort each month. I want to become more efficient and commit to the long haul without fear of burnout.

    1. Wow, Riley! That is quite a goal if the 10% increase compounds. I’m probably reading it wrong – Do you want to add 10% of what you have now, each month? That sounds reasonable. PS – I like your posts about goal setting. It’s something I’m looking at doing right now.

  17. My goal is to have 10,000 visitors per month by the end of Sept. I’m currently on track to do 6000 this month. I’m stretching but I think its achievable.

    Onward and upward!

  18. My goal is to hit 100 unique visitors a day in the next month. I’ve found that the people that visit my site stick around and open up a bunch of pages but the problem is that there aren’t a whole lot of people randomly finding my site via google and other search engines. Do most blogs get most of their traffic through search engines?

    I write about the process of quitting my job and following my dreams to travel. I’ve got a bunch of travel blog readers but how do I reach the rest of the dreamers out in the world, I know they’d probably connect with my site as well.

    1. Kim –

      I run an urban ag blog ( which is also kind of a niche. Over the past year I’ve been up, 15% of my visits have been through Google, if that’s any help.

      What’s surprised me is that they were sent via 1,749 keywords. I’ve found that by being as-specific-as-possible (i.e., using the full names and organizations of people I write about) drives a lot of the search traffic. I also found that there are some weird searches that will drive traffic — like “how far can you jump? denver zoo” (that one didn’t convert into a regular reader ;))

      As Corbin says, just write really good content (and keep it detailed, not generic, I would add) and you’ll have good success. For example, as you’re traveling, write about the restaurants you go to (use names!) and perhaps you’ll get some traffic for people looking for restaurants in those cities.

      Happy blogging! – John

  19. Hey Corbett,
    I get 10,000 uniques per day currently after working on it for 7 months and ideally I’d love to be at 20,000 per day, so double my numbers. One thing though….I’m abandoning the term “traffic”….as that is something we sit in and hate…I refer to is as my “customers”.

  20. Goal: 100 unique monthly targeted visitors, directly from google results, holding their credit card to buy my affiliate products. That would be a good number for me.

  21. Hi!

    I do aim for 2000 unique visitors per day within this year 2011. Actually, it’s around 700, having reached more than 900 twice.

    I think I’ll have to pay more attention to your blog if I want to achieve my goal!


  22. Great question here.

    For my personal blog, I would like my traffic to reach around 30k per month this year. That makes sense as that is more of a community-building activity in my opinion.

    For my niche sites, I really don’t worry about the number of visitors so much, except in relation to the conversions. I do keep trying to get those numbers higher, of course, by working to get a better presence on the search engines for my keywords.

    Have a great day!

  23. My magin number would be to reach 1000 uniques per day. To achieve that, I have to literally double the traffic. I hope to reach this goal in 6 months time.

    My blog’s niche is blogging and social media, so I have to stay ahead of my competition, which means more stress on unconventional strategies such as using social media searches, building a niche following and possibly building better relationships with fellow bloggers.

    In short, I have to create a strong network of people which will help me promote my website.

  24. Yeah, I think a 1000 a day is enough; enough for me to make a substantial income online. That is my magic number, but If I have to say my reach or the “wanting” or “desire” I’d like to have more people to read my blog.

    I’d like to be more influential and kind of help people by sharing my experiences with them.

    I’d also like them to engage to my site. With my visitors I rarely get blog comments. I think just a couple of it could make a momentum start.

    So there. 30k a month to have my target income, and for social responsibility the more the better.

  25. Right now we are getting about 30 visitors per day. Our goal is to reach 100 visitors per day by the end of April. For a while were couldn’t even break into double digits, but our site is only two months old. Seeing some of you guys post that you want 100k visitors is both inspiring and amazing. I can’t wait until our website can reach that level. Until then, I’m glad I discovered this website and I’ll definitely be back. Good luck everyone.

  26. My goal is to hit 50k a month by the end of the year (currently at 10) but this is more of an objective.
    My goal is to connect better with the readers I have now andproduce more link bait content so that my readers can help me reach this milestone.
    Im also focusing on being more topic specifc and getting top rankings for the related key phrases

  27. First, I am very humbled by the company here and truthfully, a little intimidated. Similar to a couple of other writers (who I thank for helping me find my spine) I am just starting out. One reader would be fantastic but that feels like I am selling myself short. My intention, other than finding my ‘authentic’ voice, is to create content that is engaging and offers value. That might be in the form of adding to the readers knowledge base or simply offering a short break that energize one’s day. But readership goal? Let’s say in six weeks time I am getting on average 10 unique visiters a day and that they are happy enough to spend a little time. From this vantage point this seems very, very ambitious.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge and insights though Think Traffic. I feel like I am being served a plate of fresh, delicious green vegetables.

  28. Quick update for you guys. On March 10, I stated my goal as 1,000 unique visitors in one day – well, a few things aligned and I’m happy to report that I crused that goal!

    The site was picked up and linked by Mark Bittman of the New York Times, as well as a few other big sites. I crushed the goal of 1,000 and now the siteis getting a lot of residual and repeat visits. This all happened yesterday so I’m still waiting to see what the long-term is!

  29. I would be thrilled with about 15,000 a month. My topic is broad – bankruptcy. But I need my readers to be potential clients in my jurisdiction, Colorado. Six months out and getting about 100 visitors a day.

  30. I recently started a blog mainly picture based with weird images from around the world. It is less than a week old and I have had about 100unique visitors who stay on my site for average of about 5mins. I’m happy with this for now as it it is extremely young. I would be interested in hearing of other peoples site visitors in it’s early stages.

    Maybe one day I will receive 1000 a day, I would be very happy when that happens.

  31. Despite this being a long while after everyone else, I’m going to post my magic number: in the next few months, 100 regular visitors a week, who stay around and read. I’m one of the beginners, writing on ideas and writing literary fantasy. Ultimately I hope to have an audience of about 5000 who will buy the books I will one day publish!

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