When Will You Turn Pro?

You know it when you see friends doing it.

They use words that belittle what they do:

“I’m an aspiring artist.”
“I’m a wannabe writer.”
“I’m trying to be a photographer.”

The problem isn’t them though. The problem is you do this to yourself too.

In this essay I’ll lay out exactly why some people are able to “turn pro” (in a Steven Pressfield kind of way), while others are stuck pretending and failing. Plus, we’ll figure out how you will turn pro today. Continue reading When Will You Turn Pro?

Where Do Great Ideas Come From? (Hint: Not Where You Think)

Do your best ideas come from sitting down, focused with a pad of paper, and trying to come up with them?

Or do they come spontaneously, when you least expect them to, and then quickly float away before you can capture them?

We all need great ideas. Ideas for projects, blog posts, product names, tasks to do, people to email, etc.

Over the past few months I’ve been intrigued by how great ideas are formed as opposed to mediocre, bland, ignore-able ideas.

I’ve even asked folks on Twitter about where they get their best ideas. The responses were surprising.

Let’s dive into why. Plus, we’ll cover the five stages of ideas and how you can implement them into your own workflow. Continue reading Where Do Great Ideas Come From? (Hint: Not Where You Think)

Douchebaggery in Online Business (FS 013)

The Fizzle Show PodcastThere are people who do business in ways that turn your stomach.

They’re willing to do unethical things, take advantage of people, and sacrifice their audience on the altars of profit and short term gains.

In this episode we explore this kind of business and provide the counterpoint, complete with a mind-boggling quote from Walt Disney, some tough-love sentiment from John Gruber and advice from one of the original big bloggers to folks just starting out.

We also talk about how knowing who the “bad guy” is in your industry will give you more direction, purpose, and focus.

Here’s to the idea that we can all focus a little less on the tactics of making a buck and a little more on the art of providing real, human value. Continue reading Douchebaggery in Online Business (FS 013)

How to Move WordPress To Another Domain

There may come a day when you need to switch domains. (And perhaps today is that day.)

It might be that the brand name you chose years ago doesn’t properly explain what your unique selling proposition is anymore. Maybe you are transitioning from a branded domain to a personal domain. Or vice versa.

Whatever the case, if you are going to do it yourself (which is completely possible), you’re going to want a step-by-step guide to follow.

Corbett has transferred WordPress to different domains multiple times over the past few years. I just went through this whole process last weekend for the first time and had my fair share of opening up Google and starting my search with “how in the world do I…”

There were also a number of things that completely broke for me in an embarrassing way (like sending 10 emails in a row of old blog posts that I didn’t want sent to my entire email list).

But in general, moving WordPress to a new domain can be pretty seamless with a little planning. If you have a strong reason to rebrand or move domains, this post will help.

This guide will help you manually transfer your domain and fix many of the problems that may arise from doing so. Continue reading How to Move WordPress To Another Domain

The PayPal Killer? Sell Anything Online in Seconds with Gumroad

Selling what you make online is more complex and frustrating than it should be.

Platforms like iTunes and Kindle take a huge cut of your profits, well-known payment processors freeze funds with no explanation, and most shopping cart software looks like it was built in the 90’s.

Not to mention that these solutions are hard to use, take your customers off your site, and make it nearly impossible to reach an actual human being for support.

And even some of the best payment processing companies (such as Stripe, who we use for Fizzle.co) can still be complicated to implement without a developer. Continue reading The PayPal Killer? Sell Anything Online in Seconds with Gumroad

Vanity vs. Actionable Metrics: Are you tracking the right stats in your business?

You know the rush. A guest post you’ve written goes live on a huge site, you finally launch the product you’ve been working on for months, or an older article of yours gets Gizmodo’d.

You watch your traffic spike and you can’t peel yourself away from the analytics for the whole day.

“Look at all those visitors!” you yell to your significant other as they feign interest.

But what really matters during these big days?

What metrics and stats should you actually be tracking and which don’t mean jack squat? (Hint: Traffic doesn’t matter as much as you may think.)

In this post we’ll make sure you know the difference between vanity and actionable metrics, which ones you should track, which stats really matter to the bottom line of your business, and share a few of our most important metrics. Continue reading Vanity vs. Actionable Metrics: Are you tracking the right stats in your business?