The Business Fit Equation: Is It You, Your Audience or Something Else? (FS028)

The Fizzle Show PodcastThere are businesses that would be a good fit for you. They’d fit right into the grooves of your personality, sense of humor, language and interests.

This business would be a dream for you to run. You’d wake up energized, ready to serve an audience you care with answers to questions that matter.

This is the business we dream of. But there are other scenarios. Some of us are in businesses that chafe. They rub and stick and bunch and burn and disappoint.

These businesses lead us eventually to a heavy decision: do I stick with it or move on to something else? Do I keep building on everything I’ve created thus far, or cut my losses and build something that fits me better?

How can you find out if your business is a good fit or not? And what could you do with that info?

These are the questions we tackle in this episode of The Fizzle Show. You won’t want to miss it, especially the part where Corbett shares his business-fit equation. Enjoy! Continue reading The Business Fit Equation: Is It You, Your Audience or Something Else? (FS028)

A Walk Through Making Your First Product in 7 Steps (FS027)

The Fizzle Show PodcastCan you get over the psychological roadblocks and self sabotaging tendencies and create something valuable enough for people to buy?

Have you tried? Have you heard the voice in your head calling you out?

“You piece of crap. Nobody’s gonna buy this stupid thing. Who do you think you are? There are so many others smarter than you about this. What makes you think anyone will care?”

I’ve felt that. So have Corbett and Caleb. In fact, most of the successful internetters we speak to have hit that same roadblock.

So let’s talk about how to get through that bullshit and start making something your audience is going to love. Continue reading A Walk Through Making Your First Product in 7 Steps (FS027)

Getting To The First Sale (FS026)

The Fizzle Show PodcastThat moment when you get the first email about a successful transaction… someone found your thing and then liked it enough to buy it… that moment changes you forever.

But how do you get there? What are the steps to making a thing that’s sellable? What roadblocks will you absolutely collide with and how can you hurdle over them?

We discuss the meat and potatoes live with a special guest, Barron Cuadro of Effortless Gent. Enjoy! Continue reading Getting To The First Sale (FS026)

Is It Too Late? (FS025)

The Fizzle Show PodcastLast week Corbett had a conversation with a friend who proclaimed: “it’s too late to build a popular blog or podcast. The day has passed when you could grow an audience and earn a living from it. Maybe you could do it in 2007, or 2009, but not now.”

Really? I think you’re thinking about this all wrong,” Corbett said.

And that conversation rolled into this episode of the Fizzle Show where we get into some damn good (and colorful) answers to the question.

Is it too late? Listen to this episode to find out what we think, and why this might not even be the right question to ask yourself.

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[quotable class=”big”]’Is it too late for my idea to work? Did I miss the chance for this opportunity to be successful?'[/quotable]

Show Notes

The Great Discontent: Frank Chimero — fabulous interview with one of my favorite designers.

The Secret Diary of Steve Jobs — “dude, I invented the friggen iPhone. Have you heard of it?”

Marco Arment, Developer/Writer – XOXO Festival (2013) — great talk from an insanely bright guy (#2 at tumblr, created instapaper).

BatDad – YouTube

Ghost – Just a blogging platform“Ghost is a platform dedicated to one thing: Publishing. It’s beautifully designed, completely customisable and completely Open Source.” – Corbett’s Ghost Site“The Ghost blogging platform finally launched! I’m writing this post on the platform and it’s an incredible experience so far.”

Fred Wilson on Bitcoin“We are quite taken with the idea of a currency that is not controlled by governments and central bankers and that is based on faith in an algorithm and a network instead of the “full faith and credit” of a country.”

Minaal – Tools for efficient travel — could this be the one bag to rule them all!? I’m hoping so.

Rickshaw Bags Reviews and Coupon Code — Father Apprentice — here’s a couple bag review videos I did for Rickshaw. I tell the story about how this happened in the episode above. This is how the internet should work.

Studio Neat — these guys are the example of bootstrapped and profitable physical thing making. Their stuff is amazing.

Picasso Painting – YouTube — I love watching this. He’s done the work. Can you do the work for the next 25 years so you can look this cool and in command when you work?

Steven Pressfield: Is Money Necessary?“So you’ve published one novel. I congratulate you. I salute you. You have done what hundreds of thousands have tried to do and failed. How many points do you think the publishing of one novel has earned you?”

Why You Are Discouraged (FS024)

The Fizzle Show PodcastSo many of us get discouraged. We lose motivation, lose heart, lose direction, fizzle out, feel like impostors, scream inside our heads “what the hell do you think you’re doing!?”

Why does this happen to so many entrepreneurs? Why will you get discouraged?

It won’t happen because you don’t have the right tools or the right idea or the right network or the right skill or the right domain name or the right email subject line…

Discouragement happens when you don’t have the right expectations; what you THOUGHT was GOING TO happen was different from what DID happen.

In this episode we’ll walk you through some volatile expectations you may not know you have and share the only two expectations you should absolutely count on.

… with, of course, plenty of personal stories and colorful commentary. “Woj Bomb” makes its debut appearance. Priceless. Continue reading Why You Are Discouraged (FS024)

Email is Still the Best. Here’s How to Use It (FS023)

The Fizzle Show PodcastEmail is still the single best relational currency online. You can pinterefacetweetplus all you want, but email outperforms them all where it counts.

But building and running the email side of your business is problematic.

We’ve inherited shitty ways of thinking about email, mindsets that put us at risk of losing our audience.

We stress about “engagement” and “click through” and “open rate” without really understanding the human element.

We put up subscribe boxes and offer giveaways and completely miss the point.

Email is hands down the most powerful connection you have with your audience… and you’re probably thinking about it completely wrong.

(Sidenote: we have a ton of interviews with founders in Fizzle and so many successful online folks have the same regret: they wish they started their email list earlier. Do yourself a favor and start with Chris Johnson’s interview.)

Listen to this episode of the podcast if you want to approach email and build your list with authenticity and savvy. Savvy? Continue reading Email is Still the Best. Here’s How to Use It (FS023)