How to Double Your Conversion Rate By Rolling Out the Red Carpet

I’d just spent the past 8 hours of my life working on what I considered to be the best piece I’d ever written in my life.

It was a guest post for a massive blog and it was perfect by all guest blogging standards. It was interesting, relevant and chock full of useful information.

This post is by Liz Seda.

I was sure that this was going to be the post that would catapult me from B-list blogger to A-list influencer.

I went to bed full of hope and promise that by next week I would be dealing with crashing servers from the flood of traffic to my site and hiring an assistant to help me sort through the fan mail I’d receive from thousands of new subscribers.

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5 Crucial Steps to Make Your Brand a Movement

Note from Corbett: today’s post is by Amy Clover. Amy just launched a campaign in support of a cause that’s very close to her heart. Watch the video later in this post to see exactly how she implemented the strategies she’s about to share with you.

Also, after Amy’s post I want to tell you about a very special live session I’m hosting this week with Derek Halpern, the man behind perhaps the fastest growing blog on the planet (Social Triggers). Read to the end to learn more and register.

Take it away Amy.

Last July, I got a sinking feeling that I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

I was heading up a growing blog (, writing about things that matter to me (health and personal development), and I was making a good amount of money doing what I loved (personal training).

The brand I had built around Strong Inside Out was thriving, but it needed something more to take it to the next level.

There was this constant voice at the back of my head telling me that my message should be bigger than me.

After a period of assessment, I realized that my brand was just that: a brand. The buck stopped there.

  • I needed a bigger following
  • I wasn’t spreading my message beyond my readers like I hoped to
  • I wasn’t creating change, or helping as many people as I wanted to

In order to take it up a notch and really make a mark on the world, I decided to create a movement out of my brand.
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Why Positioning Yourself as an Expert Is so Lucrative (plus 11 Steps to Get Started)

This post is by Jason Gracia.

Last May I went shopping for a consultant to help with the launch of my latest project. Though he was the most expensive, though he lived thousands of miles away, though we’d be meeting just one day, I chose JR out of everyone else for one reason: he was the obvious expert.

Much has been said about becoming a recognized expert in your field–especially by me. As you’ll see, few things are as powerful or persuasive in business. Unfortunately, few things are as misunderstood.

Today we’re going to fix that.

We’ll begin with the seven reasons you must position yourself as the go-to expert, followed by eleven of my favorite methods to make it happen. Let’s dive in.
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6 Simple Steps for Creating Dramatically Better Online Videos

This post is by Monica McCarthy of Show & Tell Stories.

Multiple choice question: What is the biggest benefit of creating regular online video content for your business?

A) Instant fame and fortune
B) Having Brad and Angelina on speed dial
C) Showing off your bling bling
D) None of the above

Fingers crossed you answered D. And though these may sound like silly options, deep down a lot of online content creators start making videos with starry eyes in their subconscious mind. And then when they don’t see instant payoff from their efforts they think: This video stuff is too time consuming. You can’t even use affiliate links in them. No one is watching anyway.

The truth is people are watching. But videos take time to attract a significant audience. And that audience will need time before they buy into whatever it is you’re selling. When done right, there is something well-crafted videos can do for your business that nothing else you put online can. Continue reading 6 Simple Steps for Creating Dramatically Better Online Videos

Does Your Blog Pass the “Inconvenience Test?”

This post is by Matt Alden, publisher of Dividend Monk.

All too often, bloggers fall into the trap of producing less-than-stellar content. They write generic material and focus on their traffic or subscriber numbers as though it were a game rather than real people coming to read their website. Or, over-eager marketers pitch their products in ways that underestimate the discernment abilities of their readers.

If you intend your content to have staying power, and especially if you’re selling products or services rather than relying primarily on advertising or passive affiliate sales, then it’s critical to pass this test.

The Test of Inconvenience

Put simply, the test of inconvenience is an informal analysis of whether you have readers that are willing to go through hoops to interact with you, or to achieve your call to action, or to just generally spend extra time interfacing with your content, products, or services.

Your readers are a complex and diverse group of individuals, with different problems and needs, and your content is generally intended in one way or another to entertain them, solve their problems, or provide them with opportunities.

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19 Bad Habits Bloggers Need to STOP

This post is by Tommy Walker.

No matter where you go online, it seems like there are nasty little habits every single blogger in the world can’t seem to shake.

You may not realize you’re doing it or you might teach these bad habits as “the way”, but no matter what, if your content is going to be totally original, these bad habits should be broken immediately.

Too often we listen to what everyone else says and abandon our own instincts. We put these self imposed limitations in place that prevent our words from truly making an impact.

What follows are the 19 most common bad habits I’ve found that bloggers impose on themselves that hold them back from developing a unique and authentic voice.

This is by no means an exhaustive list, and I’d like to invite you to add your own thoughts after you’re done. Also, feel free to disagree. If you see something in here that you feel is a legit habit, defend it. After all, who am I to tell you what not to do?

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