The Value of Free

This post is by Mike Yasieniuk

Giving away something for free can be hard. You’ve worked hard to create what you have, so if you give it away for free, how are you supposed to make money?

This was exactly my mentality, until I learned the value of free.

In the blogging world, two of the most common goals people strive for are larger lists and more website traffic.  These two things, as well as conversion are what will help you generate more revenue with your website. Now, one of the best ways to build your lists as well as increase your website traffic is to give stuff away for free.

There are many ways you can give stuff away for free that can help you achieve your online goals and in this post I’ll show you exactly how to do it. Continue reading The Value of Free

56 Guest Posts and Counting: How to Keep On Top Of It All?

This post is by Timo Kiander.

Leo BabautaBamidele OnibalusiDanny InyHenri Junttila.

These guys, and many others, have proved that guest posting works and that it’s a great way to build your blog’s audience, your e-mail list and to be able to spread your name on the blogosphere.

Although we can easily understand the power of guest posting (thanks to them) and that we need to do lots of it, how can we stay on top of it all?

This was exactly the question I started to ponder about myself.

The more guest posts I wrote, the more issues I started to have with the disorganized manner in which I handled my them. Continue reading 56 Guest Posts and Counting: How to Keep On Top Of It All?

Beyond a Blog that Matters: Building a Business that Performs

Guest article by Barrie Davenport

Note from Corbett: today we have another interesting established blogger case study to share. Barrie Davenport has become a very successful blogger over the past few years by many standards, but she has felt the need to take the business side of her blogging more seriously. Earlier this year I helped Barrie develop a strategy for taking her online business to the next level, and today she’s going to share with you why (and how) she’s launching based on her personal brand and expertise to help people find and live their life’s passion.

I have a blog I started a few years ago when I didn’t know what the hell I was doing.

In spite of that, it has become a fairly successful blog, and I’ve generated a modestly successful income with it.

I started the blog as a marketing tool for my personal coaching business. Then I discovered how much I love blogging and began to focus much of my energy on that. I did a good job of creating a blog that matters, as Corbett so wisely teaches. My passion is helping other people live to their potential, so creating a blog that matters was easy for me.

The problem for me was this: as I was building a blog that mattered, I wasn’t focused on building a business that performed. Continue reading Beyond a Blog that Matters: Building a Business that Performs

5 Ways to Grow the Audience You Deserve Without Guest Blogging

Article by ThinkTraffic contributor Gregory Ciotti of Help Scout.

“Heretic! Blasphemer!”

It seems like shenanigans to write a guest post about ways to grow your audience without guest blogging, but my reason for addressing this issue isn’t because I don’t believe in guest posting, but because I know you’ve heard about it enough.

The “write epic shit + guest blogging” strategy works, but there are only so many times you can trumpet that strategy before it becomes grating.

Guest blogging or not, you still have a problem: your excellent content isn’t getting the readership it deserves.

Today we’re going to avoid the tried and true (and let’s be honest, overly discussed) methods of growing your audience and get into creative ways YOU can get the exposure your content deserves. Continue reading 5 Ways to Grow the Audience You Deserve Without Guest Blogging

When Traffic Isn’t Enough: 3 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves

Note from Corbett: the following guest post is a little different from the usual, partly because it starts with a video, and partly because Chris isn’t your typical blogger.

Chris is one of the few business-related bloggers who can claim to have built a 200+ person company. He and I have become friends over the years (first online then off), and I recently had the chance to help Chris with a significant new direction for his online brand and blog. He just completely rebranded and relaunched his blog and has some very interesting lessons to share with us today.

I’m really proud of Chris because this level of change isn’t easy to make when you’ve already had some success. See what I mean in the report from Chris below. I wish more bloggers would ask themselves hard questions like these. This is how you get past surface-level success and onto something much more meaningful and lasting.

Take it away, Chris.

[leadplayer_vid id=”5061F819147F2″]

(If you don’t see the video above, click here.)

Although I had always enjoyed reading and writing I really didn’t know if I had the ‘chops’ to create and build a really popular blog. “Trying won’t hurt…”, I thought to myself, and so I launched my first blog, Virtual Business Lifestyle in early 2010.

Over the course of the next 2+ years it became a pretty popular blog. I also kicked-off a podcast, under the same name and had the chance to interview some of the internet worlds biggest names, such as Leo Babuata, Chris Brogan and Darren Rowse – as well as our illustrious leader, here at Think Traffic!

It was fun. I got to help lots of people, make plenty of new friends and generally have a blast… However, something changed.

Continue reading When Traffic Isn’t Enough: 3 Questions Every Blogger Should Ask Themselves

How I Quadrupled My Business in Less Than 10 Months by Blogging

This post is by Peep Laja of ConversionXL.

My last post here was about the strategies I used for getting 50k visits to my blog during my first month of blogging. My blog is now almost 11 months old, and it’s loyal audience is growing each month.

Meanwhile, my company has grown from 2 people to 8, and our time is constantly sold out several months in advance + I get around 5 consulting gigs a month. I don’t do any advertising nor sales calls – all the clients come through the blog.

How exactly did this happen? I’ll show you. Continue reading How I Quadrupled My Business in Less Than 10 Months by Blogging