Big Subscriber Growth, Sphinn and More: Think Traffic Monthly Report #2

Think Traffic Monthly Report #2

Welcome to the second monthly report for Think Traffic. If you missed last month’s report, as a reminder, this is where I share with you how Think Traffic has been growing it’s audience over the past month.

The intention of these monthly reports is to act as a case study so you can understand how I’m growing this blog. You shouldn’t read these reports as some kind of benchmark, because your individual results will vary greatly based on your goals, methods, topic and so on. Your own site may grow much more quickly or slowly than Think Traffic. What matters is that you’re attracting the right kind of traffic to meet your goals.

That being said, let’s dive in.

Overall Monthly Traffic

Think Traffic Stats - Month 2

Overall, Think Traffic attracted 6,946 visits this month, which was up by 8% from 6,436 visits last month. I suspected that it would be hard to outdo the launch month’s stats by much, given how much effort was put into getting the word out last month. Still, I’m pleased that the site continued to grow at a healthy rate in both visits and subscribers.

Other Stats:

  • New subscribers: 518 (+40% from last month)
  • New comments (including my replies): 207 (-21% from last month)
  • Retweets of new posts: 261 (-22% from last month)

Subscribers grew rapidly this month, no doubt in part because visitors from my other blog have continued to subscribe here as well. I suspect subscriber growth will slow down next month considerably. We are now up to 898 total subscribers for Think Traffic in just two months.

New comments and retweets of new posts were both down by about 20% from last month. We published 33% fewer posts here this month (8 vs. 12), so I suppose those results are actually pretty good.

8 posts published here this month (including 1 guest post):

Top Traffic Sources

This month, the top three traffic sources remained the same (Direct, StumbleUpon and Twitter). I suspect those three will remain in the top 5 for the considerable future.

The two biggest gainers this month were Sphinn and Google search traffic. Sphinn featured the 10 blogs with explosive growth post on their home page, and Google search traffic more than doubled from last month. I haven’t been doing much strategic search engine optimization here yet, but Google is starting to like the site already, most likely due to the great links from high quality sites we’ve picked up.

One other note about traffic sources. Twitter is usually underrepresented in web analytics by quite a bit. This is because people use lots of different Twitter clients, and each reports themselves differently. Some Twitter traffic is represented as “direct” traffic, and some is listed under Hootsuite, Twitterfeed and so on. If you aggregated all of those sources together, Twitter would likely be Think Traffic’s largest source of visitors.

Guest Posts I Wrote For Other Blogs:

I reached my goal of writing at least two guest posts this month, although the two I did manage to write weren’t completely relevant to Think Traffic, and therefore didn’t send much traffic. Both blogs are excellent however, and I’m a big fan of Josh Hanagarne and Tim Leffel, who run each blog respectively.

Other Promotional Efforts and Notables:

  • The “10 blogs with explosive growth” post went hot on Sphinn and remained on the home page for several days, resulting in 592 visits to Think Traffic.
  • Maren Kate from Escaping the 9 to 5 featured Think Traffic in Entrepreneur Blogs: 17 Radical Reads for Entrepreneurs.
  • Top Rank Blog, Man Vs. Debt, Men With Pens and Smart Passive Income all managed to remain top 20 traffic sources this month, which just shows you how powerful links from popular sites can be.

Top Search Terms:

  1. corbett barr: 93
  2. think traffic: 46
  3. thinktraffic: 18
  4. thinktraffic.comc: 7
  5. highest traffic resource web site: 4
  6. 101 “lifestyle design”: 3
  7. corbett barr’s think traffic: 3
  8. high traffic website: 3
  9. high traffic websites: 3
  10. how to build a high traffic website: 3

I mentioned that search traffic doubled over the past month. Google started ranking Think Traffic for “high traffic website,” which I’m pleased about. I’ll talk more about my SEO plans in my goals for this month below.

Top Content

I wrote a post this month called How to Write Your Most Popular Blog Post. Just to make sure you understand that I practice what I preach, I used the exact steps I wrote about to produce the 10 blogs with explosive growth post. What happened? 10 Blogs With Explosive Growth to Learn From became Think Traffic’s most popular post ever, in terms of retweets, comments and visits.

Goals for This Month

How did we do on goals for last month? We accomplished all of them, with the exception of running two high-quality guest posts at Think Traffic. I only managed to run one guest post here this month.

I mention last month that I set goals for Think Traffic based on actions I can take, not results that I want. My own actions I can control; specific results are out of my control. Focus on what you can do and what you know will move you in the right direction and the results will eventually follow.

Here are my goals for this month:

  • Publish 2-3 high-quality posts each week that provide excellent value to you.
  • Have three guest posts published at other blogs.
  • Answer nearly every comment left here at Think Traffic.
  • Run three high-quality guest posts at Think Traffic from up-and-coming bloggers.
  • Read fewer blog posts, but comment on far more of what I read.
  • Do keyword research and set some long-term SEO goals.

Regarding my SEO plans, this month I will do some keyword research and decide upon which keywords I would like Think Traffic to rank for in the long-term.

Questions? Ask Me Anything

Did you know Think Traffic joined Facebook this month? If you’re a fan, please click the “like” button in our right-hand sidebar, or visit our Facebook page.

Do you have any questions about how we’re growing Think Traffic, or about how to build an audience for your own website or blog? Ask me anything in the comments below. I’m happy to help!

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15 thoughts on “Big Subscriber Growth, Sphinn and More: Think Traffic Monthly Report #2”

  1. This is my favourite part of the month on this blog! You’ve done well. Can I ask you something: how should a blogger go about deciding which goals are important to them? Eg, how is a decision made about how many posts a week to or even guest posts? Do you base that on how much time you personally have to dedicate to that, or is it based on other factors? Or if I could put it differently, how do can a blogger come up with a plan that fits themselves and their blog?

    1. Hi Sharon, great questions. I think deciding on what goals are important to you depend firstly on the purpose of your site. Is it a hobby? A business? A non-profit venture with specific ambitions?

      Regarding how often to post on your blog, that’s a hard one to answer. You can find plenty of sites that have done very well with one or fewer posts per week. In general though, if your goal is to grow your audience size, the more often you can post (with high quality and solid reader value related to your site’s overall purpose), the faster you will grow. The key is to deliver consistent value. Most people can’t pump out much more than a few high-quality posts per week on their own. Personally, I aim for 2-3 posts here each week, but if I couldn’t come up with a good post, I would prefer not to post at all.

      This discussion will make an excellent post in the future here. I hope my brief comment helps a little.

  2. Corbett, congrats on the explosive growth of Think Traffic. It’s quite impressive to see how young this blog is and how quickly it’s growing.

    Can’t wait to see more quality stuff coming from Think Traffic.

  3. Wow Corbett. This is Great Stuff bro! I’m learning so much reading this blog. Think Traffic is by far now one of my favorite Internet Marketing Sites.

    Keep it up!


  4. Well since you insist I do have a few questions: Can you write some posts on SEO, getting subscribers and such. Thanks

  5. Corbett sir,
    How about analysing some real websites from visitors or else, maybe one in a fortnight?
    Sometimes bloggers spend too much time on content development and too less on promotion. I think I am one of them. Will it pay in the long run, as they say, ‘content is king’?

    1. Hi KP, do you mean I should analyze some reader’s websites as a blog post here? That’s an interesting idea. Let me think about it a while.

      Regarding content vs. promotion, I think you need to do both. Great content can languish in obscurity if no one discovers it. It doesn’t take much, but you do have to get the word out.

  6. Corbett, I think one of the reasons for your good traffic is your branding and site design. That can be assumed through your top search terms such as “Corbett Barr”, “thinktraffic”, and “think traffic”.

    When visitors first gets into your site they are welcomed by the Big “Think Traffic” logo. They can immediately tell what this site is all about. Traffic.

    I guess you’ve done research a lot and I envy that. This monthly reports also are awesome. Makes me want to reread them again from the first ones till present.

    More Power

    1. Thanks for noticing the branding, Marco. I’m proud of it, and I do believe branding is an important part in building something successful online. Sometimes it takes a few tries to really get it right though.

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