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Ask The Readers: How Much Time Do You Spend on Content Vs. Promotion?

  • May 13, 2010 by Corbett Barr

In this week’s “ask the readers” segment, I’d like to ask you how much time you spend creating content vs. promoting your site. I’m also curious to find out why you split your time how you do, and what you think an optimal split between content and promotion is for your stage of site.

The winning answer from our previous question

But first, let’s review your answers from the previous “ask the readers” question. I asked: what’s the most important measure of a site’s growth?

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Ask the Readers: What’s the Most Important Measure of a Site’s Growth?

  • April 29, 2010 by Corbett Barr

I’d like to introduce a new semi-regular feature here at Think Traffic. To get the conversation flowing and find out where your collective thoughts are on different topics, I’ll occasionally ask a question so we can discuss in the comments. Sound good? Thanks to J.D. and Skellie for the idea.

This week’s question is about measuring a website’s growth. When thinking about your own site, or comparing to other sites, what is the most important measure of a site’s growth?

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