December 2011 Monthly Report – Think Traffic and Expert Enough

Its time for another Think Traffic monthly report! In this report we’ll also be including details of what went on over at our case study blog Expert Enough.

Last month was interesting for a number of reasons. It was the first full month for Expert Enough. Between the two blogs we published 22 posts, (with over half written by guest authors). We launched the Expert Enough podcast and published content on all kinds of topics from chocolate to blogging to goal setting.

We now run three blogs through our tiny business with just two full time people. Over the past few months, we’ve become a micro publisher.

No longer are we simply bloggers. This isn’t a good or bad thing necessarily, but it does present some unique challenges, which I’ll discuss later in this report.

We saw 30,113 visits this month (versus 32,441 last month). There was a slight decline in this month’s traffic to TT, as we also saw last December, but if you include traffic from our case study blog of Expert Enough we had over 47,000 visits to our two sites in December.

Now let’s talk about some specific Think Traffic stats for the month.

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Million Dollar Blog Project Update: First Month’s Results (and Revenue!)

If you’ve been following along with the Million Dollar Blog Project, you know that we launched our case study blog Expert Enough earlier this month.

We have the full details of the launch and this month’s results to share with you today. We’re really happy with how the new site is turning out.

If you’re participating in the MDBP with your own blog, we would also love to hear a little summary of your results for the month in the comments below.

If you’re new here, the Million Dollar Blog Project (MDBP for short) is a group project we kicked off a few months ago.

There are two goals for the project. Goal #1 is to build a case study blog from scratch in public and document every step along the way. Our revenue target for this blog is $1 million over it’s lifetime.

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The Non-Designer’s Guide to WordPress Blog Design

You’ve heard the rumors, and they’re true. Having a great looking blog is important if you want to attract a big audience.

Your design is your “first impression.” People typically spend just 10 to 20 seconds on a web page. A great design can buy you time because it stands out and puts your visitors in a comfortable frame of mind long enough for them to get hooked on your incredible content.

To create a great looking and functional design, you have a couple of choices.

First, you can hire a designer to do it for you. If you have the money, this is a pretty good place to spend it. A designer can create a completely unique site that no one else has, and they can use the design itself to better convey your message and meet your goals.

Since you’re still reading this “non-designer’s guide,” I’ll assume you either don’t want to spend the money on a good designer (which can cost from $2k to much, much more), or you’re wondering if you can really do it yourself. Or, maybe you’re just up for a challenge.

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Expert Enough is Here!

After weeks of planning and development, launch day is finally here!

Our new blog Expert Enough is open to the public. We’d love you to stop by today and take a look. We’re pretty excited about the project.

Check out Expert Enough here

Stop by, leave a comment, tell us what you think or even share your favorite article. The feedback so far has been awesome.

We’ll be reporting on the launch process and results here soon, but here’s what the project is all about in case you haven’t been following along:

What is Expert Enough?

Expert Enough is a new blog we’re launching today. Think Traffic readers voted on the topic, and we’re building the site as a case study for the Million Dollar Blog Project.

Expert Enough is about getting good at things that matter. It’s about wanting to learn more, do more and be more.

Read our special Welcome to Expert Enough post, or check out our big launch day post: 23 Insights on Shortcuts to Becoming an Expert.

11 Tips You Can Use Today to Develop Outstanding Content for Your Blog

How often should I post on my blog?

How long should my posts be?

Can I have other people write articles for me?

How far can I stray from my chosen topic?

How do I create incredible content that attracts hundreds of comments and shares? How do I keep people coming back to read everything I publish?

At some point, all bloggers have these and dozens of other questions about developing content. Maybe you’re struggling with some of them right now.

As we gear up for the launch of our new blog Expert Enough as part of the Million Dollar Blog Project, we’ve been thinking a lot about content strategy. I’m going to share our content strategy for the new blog later in this post, but first, here are 11 of my top tips for developing outstanding content for your blog:

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The Launch Strategy That Will Give Your New Blog Unstoppable Momentum

Ready for another post in the Million Dollar Blog Project series? Let’s do this.

The launch of a new blog is an event that shouldn’t go to waste. Done right, a well planned launch can propel a blog forward and set it off on a growth rate that is nearly impossible to achieve with a simple “soft launch.”

I’ve had the pleasure of developing and executing strategies for several new blog launches over the past couple of years. This year I used a similar strategy to the one I developed for Think Traffic to create successful launches for both The Possibility of Today and Live Your Legend.

In the case of Live Your Legend, Scott Dinsmore was able to re-launch his modestly successful blog using this strategy and attracted over 10 times the normal daily traffic during the month after his launch. He accumulated over 3,000 new email subscribers in the first week alone.

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