Join us Live Tomorrow: The Future of Blogging (with Special Guests)

Tomorrow, Tuesday, November 19th at 2pm Pacific, we’re hosting a free live online event on the Future of Blogging.

We have some very special guests joining us:

We’ll also be discussing the big announcement we’re making tomorrow morning, and we’ll reveal the winners of our Fizzle annual membership contest from last week.

This is also a live recording of The Fizzle Show for episodes airing this week.

To join us, just enter your email address below and we’ll send the link tomorrow. Check back here tomorrow at 9am Pacific for our special announcement. If you’re already on our email list for updates, you’ll get the invite and announcement as well.

Win a Year of Fizzle: Why is this Your Time to Shine?

We have something big to tell you about next week. To celebrate, we’re giving away two annual memberships in Fizzle (worth $315 each). Read on to find out how you can win.

Note: the contest is now closed. Click here to skip to the end to see the winners! Thanks everyone who entered, we appreciate you.

Before I tell you about the Fizzle annual membership contest we’re running, mark this date on your calendar: November 19.

Next Tuesday, November 19, we’re unveiling a big change. It involves Think Traffic, and Fizzle, and everything we do.

To celebrate, we’re giving away two Fizzle annual memberships. This contest is open both to new and existing Fizzle members, and participating is simple. Continue reading Win a Year of Fizzle: Why is this Your Time to Shine?

Improving Conversion Rates — Are You Doing it Right or Wrong?

Note from Caleb: Most people waste their time on “testing conversions” because they test things that are too small. In this post from Peter Sandeen, learn how to test your conversions the right way: by making big changes.

Conversion optimization and A/B testing are becoming common among even the smallest businesses. And for good reason.

If done right, they can create huge increases in profits. But there’s a common misbelief about testing, which is reinforced even by many experts.

They say, “Test one thing at a time so you know how each change affects your conversion rates.”

But if business results are more important than statistical analysis, you shouldn’t just test one thing at a time.

It might sound good, but it’s slow and ineffective, and the benefits are marginal.

Instead, take the results-focused approach. Continue reading Improving Conversion Rates — Are You Doing it Right or Wrong?

72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price (Plus Our Bonus!)

Only 72: one time, one price, one exclusive bonusOur friends at Only72 have finally released a new bundle of online business courses.

And like all Only72 sales, this bundle is available for 72 hours only, starting now until July 4 at Noon Eastern.

We know you’ll probably hear about this deal elsewhere today. It’s a great deal and lots of people will be talking about it. That’s why we’re throwing in a special bonus (see below).

This bundle has been over a year in the making, and the theme for this one is being everywhere online: blogging, podcasting, Kindle, online video… the works.

There are 6 premium courses included, all for one special bundle price of $197. These courses aren’t all currently available (some will be released later this year), but if you purchased these separately, the courses would cost over $1500 combined.

If you have an idea or even a start, but need help to focus your concept, to move it into other platforms and grow your audience, this bundle was built for you.

Get the bundle here (ends July 4 at Noon EST) »

Continue reading 72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price (Plus Our Bonus!)

5 Ways Copying Politicians Can Grow Your Blog

This post is by John Corcoran. We love this post from John because after working in the White House and going on to practice law he now takes what he’s learned from those experiences and applies them to blogging. In this post he’ll show you how thinking like a politician can help you grow your blog. Take it away John.

Before I fell in love with blogging, my one true love was politics.

While all my friends from college were going to work for dot-coms, I dove head first into government and political jobs.

I was the kind of dork that would get up early on Sunday mornings to watch Meet the Press.

I was hooked on The West Wing. (Now it’s Veep and House of Cards.)

Like so many others, I eventually got sick of being low man on the totem pole in various political jobs and figured law school would give me the boost I needed. As if career advancement was as simple as adding letters after your name and taking on six figures of debt.

Then I discovered blogging. And I was smitten. Continue reading 5 Ways Copying Politicians Can Grow Your Blog

The Biggest Oversight In Online Video Today

This post is by Richard Boehmcke, the winner of our mentorship contest earlier this year.

There’s a great line from an episode of Seinfeld when George and Jerry are pitching their “show about nothing” to NBC’s top executive Russell. After a bit of back and forth Russell tries desperately to understand what the show is about.

The exchange goes like this:

Russell: Well, why am I watching it?

George: Because it’s on TV!

Russell: (threateningly) Not yet.

As a profession, I produce videos for brands. That means I find myself watching tons of videos. All different kinds.

I’ll search for keywords and find myself in a vortex of videos, some interesting, some extremely obscure.

And no matter how many videos I watch or what kind they are, I find myself asking the same question over and over again:

Why am I watching this? Continue reading The Biggest Oversight In Online Video Today