What’s the biggest question you have about building an online business right now?

What’s your most burning question about building an online business?

What would you ask me and the Think Traffic team if you had our undivided attention for a few minutes?

It can be about tech, marketing, networking, finance, something behind-the-scenes, something “taboo,” or whatever you’re dying to know the answer to.

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Punch Fear in the Mouth

Fear is something every entrepreneur has to deal with from time to time.

For me it recently came in the form of interviewing a hero of mine. (Not in the superpowers from Krypton sense of the word, but in the successful online entrepreneur kind of way.)

When it comes to fear you can do one of two things.

  1. Let it in and give up.
  2. Punch it in the mouth.

In this post I’ll walk through how I almost gave in to fear and let a big opportunity slip through my hands. I’ll also cover a simple exercise you can do each time you’re afraid of doing something.

Interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk

Last week I had the honor of interviewing Gary Vaynerchuk for my podcast, but it almost didn’t happen because I almost gave into fear.
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7000 Newsletter Subscribers from 1 YouTube Video (Traffic Strategies with Incredible ROI)

Article by Gregory Ciotti.

Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

Ron Swanson

Don’t get me wrong, I totally understand the importance of Being Everywhere and I’m not knocking that advice, but I will warn you that spreading yourself too thin (especially during your blog’s early stages) is your one-way ticket to failure.

Take Twitter for example. I use the service and it sends me some decent traffic, but I could really give a damn about my Twitter account. I have no desire to share 20 things a day like most people recommend, because I’ve seen the numbers: it’s not worth my time.

In fact, in all of my time doing content strategy (for startups, for personal projects, even for local clients), I’ve yet to come across any ‘tactic’ that actually works that doesn’t somehow involve creating epic shit or doing some sort of promotion on another big blog/website.

In short, to maximize the ROI of your blogging efforts, spending most of your time researching how to create outstanding, unique content will give you far better results than learning that “one simple YouTube trick” that will end up doing jack squat for your bottom line.

As for that title up there? I’m going to show you how it went down, along with 2 other traffic tactics that are actually worth your time. Continue reading 7000 Newsletter Subscribers from 1 YouTube Video (Traffic Strategies with Incredible ROI)

How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience

This is a post by Robert Farrington of Beat the Nine to Five.

Believe it or not, I’ve been blogging since 2009 – almost 4 years.  However, last year I hit a plateau.  My traffic growth stagnated – I was hovering around 16,000 visitors per month, and my audience wasn’t growing.  I needed a change – I needed new readers and a compelling reason for them to stay.  So, I embarked a personal journey to find my audience, which resulted in me increasing my year over year audience by 2.5 times.

Traffic Graph

I primarily blog in personal finance and investing, but these rules and tactics apply to every niche.  I simply asked myself the following questions:

  • Where else are readers in my niche?
  • How can I get them to find my site?
  • If I get them to my site, will they stick around or convert?  

Working backwards, I knew I needed something different on my site to get readers to stick around.  Of course, the first thought that came to mind was Write Epic Shit.  Pretty simple, but it was actually harder to do than I thought.

I typically wrote 500-600 word blog posts that in hindsight, were pretty superficial.  I didn’t dive deep.  I just wrote to post an article Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  I made a point to change that.  I set a minimum word count at 700 (I’ve since bumped it up to 1,000), and asked myself how or why at every header.  If I could answer that question, I included more in the blog post.

I also made more shareable content by linking more to other blogs and resources, and collaborating more with my peers in the personal finance and investing space.  I also invested time in reading Headline Hacks by Jon Morrow to write better titles and outline better articles.

With a few months of better content on my site, I set out on finding my audience. Continue reading How I Doubled My Traffic by Finding My Audience

The Best of Think Traffic Now in Book Form

The very best posts from Think Traffic are now available in a special book called: Serious Traffic: Grow Your Income by Growing Your Audience.

Serious TrafficWe partnered with Hyperink to make this blog-to-book available on Amazon, Hyperink and Barnes and Noble.

This is an experiment in self-publishing for us. Hyperink has worked with several popular bloggers in the past, including Brad Feld, Dave Asprey, Jeff Atwood, Penelope Trunk and our friend Peep Laja.

They approached us about turning our best material from Think Traffic into a book, assigned us an editor and did most of the heavy lifting. I wrote a new introduction/conclusion and organized the posts into the structure you’ll see in the book.

The book is available for $4.95, and if you purchase on the Hyperink website, you’ll get 5 additional copies to send to friends who might also benefit from what we publish here at Think Traffic.
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How to Transition from Feedburner to FeedBlitz & 3 Alternatives to Google Reader

You’ve probably heard Google is shutting down Google Reader on July 1st. What does this mean for bloggers? Should you be worried?

If you run a blog there are a lot of things to know about and consider doing with this change coming up that you’ll want to take care of in the next couple months.

In this post I’ll explain why Feedburner feed counts are going to take a huge hit, why you should transfer your RSS feed from Feedburner to another platform like FeedBlitz, and give you a few of the best alternatives to Google Reader if you are using it to read your RSS feeds. Continue reading How to Transition from Feedburner to FeedBlitz & 3 Alternatives to Google Reader