Coworking: Independent Workers Sharing Space

  • March 30, 2009 by Corbett Barr

Coworking is the growing trend of independent workers sharing space with other independents for social, networking and synergistic reasons. WebWorkerDaily has covered the topic for quite some time, and today has a great overview called “Coworking 101: A Brief History.”

The attraction to coworking is easy to understand. People who work independently, either at home or on the road, often work in isolated situations. The lack of social interaction can become monotonous. Services like Twitter help to keep independent workers connected to the outside world, but people are seeking ways to interact casually but face-to-face.

There are a number of ways to achieve coworking. Possibilities range from informal cafes with WiFi to intentional pay-as-you-go flexible office space provided by companies such as Office Nomads (in Seattle) or Citizen Space (in San Francisco). Some options are so formalized as to even offer childcare.

Coworking is in its infancy, and the best practices are still being developed. Do you have experience coworking? Is it helpful for getting work done? Let us know in the comments!

Written by . Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

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