Expert Enough is Here!

After weeks of planning and development, launch day is finally here!

Our new blog Expert Enough is open to the public. We’d love you to stop by today and take a look. We’re pretty excited about the project.

Check out Expert Enough here

Stop by, leave a comment, tell us what you think or even share your favorite article. The feedback so far has been awesome.

We’ll be reporting on the launch process and results here soon, but here’s what the project is all about in case you haven’t been following along:

What is Expert Enough?

Expert Enough is a new blog we’re launching today. Think Traffic readers voted on the topic, and we’re building the site as a case study for the Million Dollar Blog Project.

Expert Enough is about getting good at things that matter. It’s about wanting to learn more, do more and be more.

Read our special Welcome to Expert Enough post, or check out our big launch day post: 23 Insights on Shortcuts to Becoming an Expert.

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

22 thoughts on “Expert Enough is Here!”

  1. Finally! The long wait is over :)

    I’ve already had a chance to check out some of the posts, and they’re awesome! Once again, Corbett goes above & beyond with the quality of his content 😀

    1. Thanks so much Jon, it should be interesting to see where the project evolves. Thanks for checking it out!

  2. What I really like: that you took ThinkTraffic off of the MDBP and put up ExpertEnough instead.

    That’s how you make things interesting :).

    Design for the site is looking good to.

    PS: I’m shooting for that #1 spot this week, keep your guard up Bogusia ;).

    1. That was always the intent, Gregory. We just had Think Traffic up there temporarily as an example.

    1. @John Timing is everything..Google updated their PageRank on November 7, just in time for ExpertEnough and sine ThinkTraffic and Leo Babauta link to it, and probably some other well know blogs..It got to PR4.
      Corbett best of luck with EE I am already a big fan of it…

  3. Hey guys,

    I’m coming from the Expert Enough site and you have done a wonderful job with it.

    I’ve read a couple of articles and I absolutely loved them, looking forward for more EE articles.

    Good job guys and good luck with it! 😉


  4. Hey Corbett,

    Just found that you’re doing this. Nice project idea :)

    Just curious though. In the vote you actually found that Web design / development was the most voted on niche topic. Ala×373.png

    This seems to be a bit different, or maybe I’m wrong?

    Also, you’re utilising a lot of connections that 99.9% of people wouldn’t have access to? Are you also launching a blog on web design where this is different or?

    Keen to know as I’ll be following along.

    – G

    1. Yo Glen, good to hear from you!

      You’re right about the topic choice, it’s different from what you read in that post. I think you’re missing out on two follow-up posts on the subject:

      We also address the objection you have to “resources” that we have access to in those posts.

      You can see all the posts in the series here:

  5. Thats an interesting niche and certainly something that I am interested in.

    They do say that we only use about 10% (or whatever the figure is) of our brain power and it would be good to use as much of as possible and become experts in our fields.

    I think the site will do really well.

  6. Hey Corbett,

    I got to know about Expert Enough on ZenHabits. I visited EE and liked what I saw.
    Excellent design, good subjects and articles.

    Moreover, I liked the concept of Expert Enough, it gives everyone confidence and come out of their comfort zones and start giving services.

    Wish you all the luck.


  7. Looks great. With a such a strong launch like this, I’m sure the new website will be a huge success. Congratulations on your efforts.


  8. Intrigued in what you are doing. How do we follow it from a business sense? Also why does it have no adverts? – ie how do you intend to get an income from it?

    1. Hey Scoobie, we’ll be working on our revenue plan over the coming weeks. We’ll start by focusing on affiliate marketing. Eventually, we’ll also include advertising and information products. For now we’re mostly focused on building the audience for a couple of months.


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