Full Launch Details Plus Last Chance to Join Priority Notification List for Traffic School

Traffic School is opening the doors to new students for a limited time starting tomorrow, Tuesday, July 12 at Noon Eastern. Here are a couple of quick notes for those of you planning to join this class.

First up, we have full launch details available today over at the Traffic School site. Head over there and find out everything you need to know, including course contents, pricing, special bonuses, instructor list and more.

Next, I want to mention the priority notification list one last time.

Because the spots filled up so quickly last time, enrollment was only open for 36 hours. This time around if you’re thinking about joining, sign up for the priority notification list and we’ll give you first notice when the doors open (maybe even a little early).

Cheers, if you have any questions about Traffic School, feel free to ask here in the comments. I can’t wait to see some of you on the inside starting tomorrow. This is going to be a spectacular group!

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Corbett Barr

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6 thoughts on “Full Launch Details Plus Last Chance to Join Priority Notification List for Traffic School”

  1. Hi Corbett

    I’m considering signing up for Traffic School.

    I’m wondering how practical will it be for someone from Sydney Australia who really doesn’t want to crawl out of bed at 3am to sign up!

    I know you will be recording the online discussions but I am wondering what time they will be held as I would like to be online for at least some of them. I presume that most of it will be video’s or mp3s so that shouldn’t be an issue. Are there any other aspects of the course that could be problematic in my time zone?

    It looks like a great course and I am keen to participate – just want to make sure I can get the most out of it.

    I am about a week away from relaunching my business and have already benefited a lot from your advice on Think Traffic.


    1. Hi Sandra, thanks for the note.

      First off, don’t worry about the 3am start time. You can sleep in and there will still be a spot for you in the course, I promise.

      Most of the lessons in the class can be taken at your convenience. They are pre-recorded. As for the live webinar events, I will hold them at alternating times, so Aussie’s and Europeans will be able to attend at least every-other one.


  2. I’ve been looking forward to this one all week and am excited to have secured my spot. Let me tell you dropping $600 on a course is a big decision to make, but one that I actually didn’t think twice about for this course. I’m ready to take my business seriously so I’m going to make sure I do the work and get my monies worth. Oh and the immediate email conversation with Corbett welcoming me on board was a big plus – that exceeded expectations.

    1. Hey Clare! So happy to have you on board, and I can’t wait to help you rock your business in a major way.

      If one simple email from me exceeded your expectations, prepare for your mind to be blown 😉

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