Going All-In

[Editor’s note: this is the post I published at CorbettBarr.com announcing the merger of that site with Think Traffic. The site is no longer available, but many of the posts from it are now part of the Think Traffic archives. Read below for full details.]

I’ve been mulling over a big change for quite a while now. It all started shortly after I launched Think Traffic over two years ago.

Today I’m making a big announcement that will affect everyone who reads and follows this blog. This is one of the biggest decisions I’ve made since starting this site back in March of 2009.

This site has always been about entrepreneurship and exploring better relationships between work and life. It has also been about my personal journey to build a sustainable business that I love, that supports the life I want to live, and that means something important to my readers and customers.

In 2010 I started Think Traffic to take things further. Instead of just talking about entrepreneurship and lifestyle issues, I wanted to create a forum where I could share what I’d learned about building an online business, and have conversations with you about specific business strategies.

If you’ve followed Think Traffic, you know that it has grown into a popular destination for people working to build thriving online audiences and sustainable independent web-based businesses.

We have published over 250 articles and videos there, and attract tens of thousands of visitors every month.

Think Traffic has become my biggest focus and the project I’m most proud of in my career so far.

And now it’s time to go all-in.

There’s something I have always loved about the nature of this site that hasn’t been part of the fabric of Think Traffic.

Here we talk about the big picture and the “reason why.” We talk about entrepreneurship as something bigger than most people think of it as.

Entrepreneurship to us has always been about much more than money or control or being your own boss. Those are all great, but it’s also about freedom, fun, challenging yourself, working on something interesting, living a life you’re crazy about and making a difference.

At Think Traffic we’ve always worked to help entrepreneurs, but we haven’t talked enough about why that’s important to us and to the Think Traffic audience. The way people earn a living is being reinvented because of the Internet and the incredible tools available to us that didn’t exist just a decade ago. Those topics deserve more exploring at Think Traffic.

I’ve also personally felt torn between this site and Think Traffic, always feeling like the separation between the two was artificial and unclear. And I’ve mentioned plenty of times that maintaining more than one blog well is a challenge…

In addition, the Think Traffic team and I are taking on the most ambitious project we’ve ever attempted, and we are consolidating all we can to focus on the new project.

For all of these reasons, it’s time for a big change:

In the coming weeks, this site will be merged with Think Traffic.

Here’s what will happen:

  • The best posts from the archives of this site will be migrated over into the archives of Think Traffic.
  • If you’re a subscriber to this site either via RSS or email, your feed and/or email subscription will begin delivering Think Traffic posts.
  • Within a couple of weeks, this site will no longer be available. If you try to access one of the posts that has been migrated, you’ll be redirected to the post at Think Traffic.
  • Sometime in the future, I plan to put together an ebook of the best posts from this site and I’ll announce it over at Think Traffic.

My Promise and Gratitude to You

As a reader or subscriber to this site, first of all I want to say thanks for being here and supporting me and our mission over the years. It means a lot.

I want you to know that we’ll be incorporating more of the big picture, lifestyle and inspirational kinds of posts (along with occasional personal stuff about me) that you’re used to here over at Think Traffic.

We’ll also continue to publish the in-depth “how-to” content, success stories and interviews we always have at Think Traffic.

We think the marriage of the two will create an even more useful and compelling blog at Think Traffic.

And I’d love you to join us for what’s coming next.

As I said, your RSS and email subscriptions will automatically transition over to Think Traffic. If you decide you don’t want to stick around, feel free to unsubscribe anytime.

I also would love to hear what you think about the change, both now and as we continue this conversation at Think Traffic. Please feel free to leave a comment below or email me anytime.

You can also follow me on Twitter or friend me on Facebook.

If you’re reading this and you haven’t subscribed here or at Think Traffic, you can sign up for RSS or email updates to get updates from me in the future.

I’ll be sharing details of the big new project we’re working on shortly. Stay tuned for that.

Thanks again for making the past 3+ years here an incredible experience for me. I appreciate all the support and hope to see you at Think Traffic.



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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

67 thoughts on “Going All-In”

  1. I think this is a great Idea.
    I can see what you are talking about, I have had the same feelings about the artificial separation between the two blogs. This could be the ‘The thing’ that charges ‘Think Traffic’ to the next level.

    You make a great bond with your readers and I’m sure this will work well!

    Best wishes

    1. “I’ll be honest, running two blogs at once is tough, but I’m managing. I
      sometimes wonder/fantasize about combining the two blogs somehow
      but haven’t come up with a good way to do it. So for now, I continue writing for two blogs almost every week.”

      Just read that on your manifesto “18 months, 2 blogs, six figures”

      I guess your fantasy fulfilled :)

  2. Congrats on the success you’ve had over the past three years here. I’m excited to see the transition and merging of such useful sites. Keep up the inspiring content!

  3. Hey Corbett,

    Exciting decision! I know you’ve been thinking about this for a long time; you’ve written about it before.

    For me as a reader, I think this is a great move. I think you hit the nail on the head…one thing that’s “missing” from Think Traffic is the “why?”

    Why do we build blogs, build email lists, and build value for our readers? Obviously, traffic is the lifeblood of an online business…why do we become entrepreneurs?

    To me, those questions are just as important and interesting as the nitty-gritty info on guest posting, conversion rates, blog design, etc. I would have kept reading both sites separately, but I think marrying these two sides of the equation is a good move on your part.

    I’m excited to dive into the less technical, more human side of things with the Think Traffic Community. I think it’s going to be great, and I’m happy to be along for the ride. All the best,


    1. Glad you’re on board Jacob, thanks for the detailed feedback. I agree and I’m really excited to get started on the new future at TT.

  4. Great idea. Feels good I bet. I did something similar last year. Was maintaining two separate sites and felt like my message was diluted somehow. Think Traffic is what you’re about and it’s going to be nice to have more of the ‘why’ come through over there. Looking forward to it. Best of luck.

    1. It feels bittersweet at the moment. Running one blog instead of two will be great. Closing the chapter on the past 3.5 years here brings mixed feelings. That’s why I’m so excited to merge the two and focus on the best aspects of both sites.

  5. Corbett, Congratulations on your mad success! It’s so great to have found you at this moment in your work. Looking forward to making full use of your programs and offerings over at ThinkTraffic. Your impact on my perspective and clearly so many others is massive.

    A big thanks for your generosity!

    Cindi Schultz

  6. Corbett, I’ve always been amazed how you manage to keep all the amazing content flowing on these both sites. I seriously think your brains should be frozen and stored for the future generations to enjoy (hopefully much much later when that time comes)! 😉

    On a more serious thought, I think merging these these sites will be a big success. And that artificial separation feeling, I feel you. I think the blogs will merge together beautifully. It deepens the message of your content and overall – brings more to the table when these two start working hand in hand.

    I love the way keep pushing the envelope further with all these site evolutions. I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again: You’ve come a long way since the Freepursuits bud!

    All the best and see you on the ThinkTraffic side!

    1. It’s been a long road, hasn’t it? It’s hard to believe I started blogging here 3.5 years ago (and that I’ve known people like you through blogging for nearly that long). Thanks for the support Juha.

  7. Corbett, best of luck during the transition. You have given me so much inspiration on this site as well as incredible value and how-to’s on Think Traffic. I look forward to the merger and just want to say thanks for being such a huge help to those just beginning like myself.

  8. I was kind of new to the Corbett Barr party having just discovered the site this year. However I think your choice to go all in at think traffic is exciting & I will be surely following !!

    Already signed up over at Think Traffic !!

    1. Thanks Karol! Great to hear from you, it’s been too long. You probably remember me blathering about this idea well over a year ago :)

  9. Love it! I think it’s a great idea to focus on ThinkTraffic, I love everything you’ve produced over there (Trafficschool student :). Good luck in all your new projects, Corbett. You really aer an inspiration!

  10. I read both already so this just means consolidated content for me. However, I think it will really help people who are just finding you, as I definitely had to spend a few minutes sorting out the differences between your sites when I first found you. Think Traffic is my favorite site on blogging and I’m looking forward to seeing what comes of it moving forward. Congratulations!

  11. Definitely looking forward to get the feel of the merge. I can’t help but be curious about what it would be like to have this site as the hub and all new projects spring from there. Was that a consideration? Would love to hear more about your thought process.


    1. I think every combination was considered… in the end we’re going where the momentum is, and where I think I can have the biggest impact. Think Traffic is just on a different trajectory than this site has been. It’s going to be interesting to see what happens with the new editorial direction.

  12. Great idea Corbett, and a smart move to concentrate your efforts. Can’t wait to see what lies ahead.

    When you say it will be no longer available, will you use this site for something else like a personal portfolio, or will it be done away with for good?

    1. The plan is for everything to be redirected over to Think Traffic, and for much of the content to be migrated there.

  13. I guess I’ll be the weirdo and say I’m not happy to see CorbettBarr.com merge with ThinkTraffic.com.

    I’m a reader of both. I’m way more into CorbettBarr.com, though. To me, as you stated, it focuses more on the bigger picture. The posts here are helpful in so many different settings… not just entrepreneurship. A lot of the posts can be applied to many of life’s ventures.

    Though I read Think Traffic, I do so with my business cap on. But when I read this site, I do so with a little vulnerability. I open myself up to growth as a person… not just an entrepreneur.

    I totally respect your decision. As you know, I’ve merged some sites in the past myself. So I know it’s necessary sometimes. And I definitely plan to continue reading Think Traffic.

    Just do me a favor. Please don’t ever forget why you merged the two and convince yourself later down the line that CorbettBarr.com-style posts don’t fit Think Traffic. And if you do, bring CorbettBarr.com back 😛

    Good luck with the merge, my friend. I’ll be along for the ride.


    1. Aww, I figured this wouldn’t sit well with everyone at first. It’s a big change, and a decision I didn’t take lightly.

      I’d love to accept your challenge to never forget the spirit of the merger. Please keep me honest if it doesn’t seem like we’re doing that Sean.

      Thanks for being here, I appreciate the counter-viewpoint.

  14. Congrats on the big move and I dig the strategic direction Corbett. I’m always interested in what you and the Think Traffic team put out into the universe and your next big project is no exception.

    And don’t worry about my RSS feed. I’ve been subscribed to the Think Traffic one for over two years so I’m all set for the change.

  15. Hey Corbett,

    Looking forward to seeing more of your posts over at Think Traffic. I’m looking forward to the “why” we’re doing all of this as well. I’ve got the lifestyle / 4-hour / passive income thing kinda going well and I’m looking for you to help us get to the next level, the “Now What?” level. Now that we have things rolling, what’s next? We’ll all be listening.

    1. That’ll be a great addition to the conversation Bradley. I’ve been thinking a lot about “now what?” I’ll share some of my answer soon. I’ll be interested to hear what other people’s answers are too.

  16. Seen it coming.

    I think it’s a smart move. Concentrate on one thing like Think Traffic and it could eventually become one of the biggest IM blogs on the net.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanks Jamie! Although “IM blog” isn’t what we’ll be going for. It’s time to reinvent the whole category.

  17. Hi Corbett! I think this is a great idea. I have been contemplating that very same thing.

    You see, before I met you, I never “had a blog that mattered” so to speak. I was learning from all the “Guru’s” how to build niche mini sniper sites and never really feeling good about what I was creating.

    Then, you helped me to create Coach Comeback and I have been absolutely thrilled! But I still have quite a few sites I am hanging on to just because they are still profitable. Most are completely unrelated so there is no option to merge for me. I literally just deleted 2 sites after reading this. Did not even want to bother with trying to sell them.

    BRAVO TO YOU for what you have created these past few years and I am sure not a single true fan will even blink an eye at your Think Traffic Merge. We all stand to benefit!

    1. Hey James, congrats on the site, I’m thrilled you’re happy with the direction. Good luck with the big decisions, they’re not easy, especially when money is involved.

      Thanks for the feedback as well, glad to have your support.

  18. Corbett I am very happy for you!

    I sincerely think that this is a move that has been a long time coming. I have noticed your apprehension about having the two sites separate in the past, and I think that this is the direction that you have always intended.

    Don’t second guess yourself. Your intuition has been right so far, and I believe this will only help you grow.

    I will keep reading and following!


  19. What kind of blogger can only do one blog at a time? Multitask, buddy!
    But seriously, congrats on taking the big leap, and now the pressure will be on for you to be even better than ever at Think Traffic. :)

    1. You’ve definitely set the bar when it comes to running multiple blogs at once! Thanks for reminding me about the pressure, as if I wasn’t feeling it already 😉

  20. i figured it was just a matter of time before you merged the two. i think it’s a good decision, your focus won’t be split between two different blogs. I look forward to even more epic shit coming our way!

  21. Congrats on going all in. I know the decision will be a right one. I definitely have enjoyed all the content you’ve put here since I’ve started blogging. I think you and Pat Flynn were two of the people I really started following. I know I went through your whole archive early on. Reading your stuff here has given me lots of inspiration and education.

    But I know you’re still going to be around and putting out epic you know what.

    1. Hey Benny, thanks for that. It’s been awesome to see you evolve over the past year or so. Thanks for being here.

  22. You always have good stuff no matter the blog :) Will you also post personal type posts on TF? Something I always questioned too.

  23. Best of luck to you Corbett! As someone with a personal blog who is about to launch a blog for my business, I’m kind of moving the opposite direction as you. (And with any luck I’ll find a little bit of the success you’ve had to give me this problem down the road.)

    Staying tuned for good things to come!

  24. I love and applaud this, Corbett — good for you.

    Starting A Blog That Matters has a lot of “Why” punch to it, just in the title alone. I’m so psyched for this evolution, even though I’ve only swung by ThinkTraffic once or twice.

    “Start With Why” – Simon Sinek… and me 😀

    Keep ryzin’.

  25. It totally makes sense to combine the websites, but I’ll give my two cents as a current subscriber to corbettbarr.com and a former subscriber of thinktraffic.net.

    I deleted my thinktraffic RSS feed because the guest posts started to seem forced and they weren’t always very interesting or useful. On the other hand, just about every post on corbettbarr.com is interesting and insightful. You’ve given us real insight into your life and how you’ve changed it. You’re a talented and inspiring writer, but the guest posts on thinktraffic.net just seem to add noise to your flow.

    Hopefully, that wasn’t too negative, because I wish you all the best and I’ll be giving thinktraffic.net another go. Cheers.

    1. Hey Kevin, I’m really glad you shared this constructive criticism. It’s exactly the kind of thing we need to hear, and it’s another reason why this merger is happening. We’ll be working to win you back over there.

  26. Must’ve been a tough decision to go all-in, but I think this move would actually save you a lot of time from the multitasking. There’s definitely an emotional appeal as to why one would go into entrepreneurship.

    Let me know if there’s anything I can be of help.

  27. Wow, that’s a big change, Corbett! Good for you. I have had this conversation with myself and others many, many times about my own sites. As I get more clear on how I most want to help people and where I want to devote my energy, I have a hunch I might end up doing the same. Thanks for leading the way! :)

  28. I think this is definitely the right move for you. I think the majority of the people who read one site would appreciate your other site’s content as well (if they don’t already read it). Plus, you can now focus on branding ThinkTraffic even more since you don’t have to “compete” with your own site :)


  29. Hi Corbett!

    Great idea of doing merging the the two sites. I am wondering how you could do that in respect of technically point of view and if you do that don’t you think the seo will disturb by doing that of both the themes.

    I am asking this question just to get some wealthy information about this.

    1. Hi Ayaz, great questions.

      Here’s how I performed the migration:

      1) Choose the posts you want to migrate to the new site, assign them to a new category or tag in WordPress.
      2) Export the posts using the wordpress import/export function. Select your new category or tag in the export process.
      3) Import the posts into your other blog using the wordpress import function.
      4) Set up a 301 redirect for each page/post that was migrated in your .htaccess file.
      5) Inform Google of the change using Webmaster tools

      The SEO will probably take a slight dip for a while, but eventually should pretty much recover to where it was.

      I’ll report on the results of the migration in an upcoming post as well.

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