Hiring: We’re Looking for an Editorial Assistant to Join Our Team

Update: the position has been filled. Thanks everyone who applied! Please keep us in mind for future openings.

Think Traffic has been growing at an astonishing rate over the past year. It’s time to add a rock star editorial assistant to the team to help keep up with the growth and take on new opportunities.

Here’s what I’m looking for:

Creating insanely useful content at Think Traffic and for our other projects is my number one priority. There’s a lot more than just writing that goes into creating great content. Planning, curating, editing, formatting and publishing are all just as important as the creation of content.

I’m looking for someone who: loves curating and creating great content, loves marketing and building online audiences and loves Think Traffic and our other projects.

If you join the team in this role, here are some of the things you will do in a typical week:

  • Build and maintain the editorial calendar for this site and others
  • Help brainstorm content for upcoming posts and products
  • Write a few articles, for this site or others
  • Edit a raw video or screenflow capture
  • Turn a video into an MP3, transcript
  • Post 10 pieces of content to various WordPress sites and other places online
  • Moderate 200 comments
  • Respond to several comments
  • Reply to email support inquiries
  • Work with a virtual assistant to have transcriptions created
  • Schedule, organize and record a live webinar
  • Review 3 guest post submissions, select one and edit it for publication
  • Work with staff writers to create articles

You will be responsible for the quality and flawless delivery of content on several popular websites, as well as for interaction with readers and customers in some situations.

You have: great writing/editing skills, a good understanding of online marketing (specifically the flavor we teach here), a blog of your own, a desire to make a difference, a thirst for learning and a sunny, positive disposition. You are interested in working with me for the foreseeable future, and do not have immediate entrepreneurial plans of your own.

This job will start as a half-time “summer internship” and will transition to full-time work in October of this year if there’s a great mutual fit.

To apply, send us the following:

  • A statement of why you want to work with me, in this particular role, including what you like about Think Traffic and my other work
  • Three ideas for new content for Think Traffic that hasn’t been done here before
  • A link to two pieces of your very best writing online
  • Links to your blog/website and social media profiles
  • Your resume, if you think it’s relevant
  • Your salary requirements for the internship, as well as for the full-time role that would start in October

This is an excellent mentorship and growth opportunity for the right person. I want to build a long-term relationship with a rock star editor. Think about what Sonia Simone has done for Copyblogger and you’ll get the idea. You don’t have to be that established, but you must have the raw talent and desire.

Your physical location doesn’t matter if you’re the perfect fit, although if you’re in the Bay Area it would be a plus.

Email support@thinktraffic.net if you’d like to apply. Start your subject line with [TT Position] so we can easily find the applications (and test your ability to follow directions).

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10 thoughts on “Hiring: We’re Looking for an Editorial Assistant to Join Our Team”

  1. What a fantastic opportunity! I would’ve loved to sign up for this, but right now my own time may be too limited. I wish all applicants the best of luck!

  2. Great that your site and company grows so fast :)

    By the way, I noticed that your new assistant will need to write some transcripts. I think it would be better to outsource this to workers on Fiverr.com. Many of them offer to transcribe 15 minute audio/video for just $5, that’s only $20 for 1 hour.

    1. Hey Matt, actually, the assistant will just be ordering the transcripts. I already outsource them. Great tip, Fiverr is good, as is Elance for that sort of thing. Thanks!

  3. Wow, this is such a great opportunity. If only you had this out a month ago!
    Anyway, I agree with Matt – you shouldn’t burden your Editorial Assistant with “clerical” tasks, instead (s)he should focus on value and skills that are not easily available. All the best to everyone who applies :)

    1. No closing date, but I’ll update this post when someone has been hired. I’ll start doing interviews this week.


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