How to Convert Traffic into Buyers with Dave Navarro

Dave Navarro - The Launch CoachDave Navarro of The Launch Coach and Rock Your Day is an expert on product launches. He’s worked with some big names to produce 5-figure product launches and has built a booming business for himself based around his blogs along the way.

In this interview, Dave shares his insider tips for converting traffic into buyers. He also details how he was able to leave his day job this year to focus entirely on his online business.

Dave also has some awesome tips on how to cover a hot topic in a way that’ll bring you a load of traffic.

Don’t miss this one if you have any interest in building and launching products online, or in monetizing your blog.

Here’s the audio interview (click the play arrow):

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And here’s the complete *raw* transcript:

Dave Navarro on Converting Traffic into Buyers

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23 thoughts on “How to Convert Traffic into Buyers with Dave Navarro”

  1. This is super cool,

    This interview will be awesome since Dave Navarro knows his stuff!

    I will be downloading and reading the transcrip right away (I can’t watch videos at my side).

  2. Thanks for including the transcript of this interview. Months ago, I became sick and tired of the incessant launches/ cross promotions, so I unsubscribed from ALL of the lists Dave mentioned! I also had an INCREDIBLY disappointing (expensive, rushed, bland) “consultation” with one of the marketers Dave adores. After reading this post, however, I realize that what I should do is visit some of the sites, some of the time.

    1. It’s the worst when you have a bad experience with someone you admire. Sorry to hear that, Angela. I’ve found myself unsubscribing from a lot of lists recently as well.

  3. Awesome interview man.. I really got a lot out of it..

    There’s a ton of useful info inside that anyone can put to good use right now – actually I’m going to soon.

  4. Hey Corbett,

    Great interview. It was good to hear that you and Dave touched on the importance of segmenting your email lists. It seems that is a really good way to increase your conversions.

    From my experience it also seems most people don’t do that.

    I also like how Dave mentioned to set up a separate “discount” landing page to create a list that is more eager to buy. Really good idea.

    Oh, yeah…

    good discussion on all the launches that have taken place the past few months. Interesting to hear Dave’s point of view on that.

    1. Hey Erik, glad you liked the interview. I’ve definitely had a lot of luck with segmented lists. Hope you’re able to put some of Dave’s tips to use. Cheers.

  5. Amazing interview, agree 100% help other people and they will help you drive traffic. Building network with other bloggers its much more effective then social media such as twitter, facebook etc Quality visitors are the ones you want to attract to your blog because they will bring more value in a long run.


  6. Very interesting interview with Dave Navarro! Besides great tips, he also makes some great points about money and lifestyle that comes with it. It all boils down to what you REALLY believe in and if you are able to communicate your convictions to your audience, your product and blog will be successful. Polarity is a really scary thing to do. It takes time to build your followers and I can’t imagine loosing some of them… I do understand that your end result are your true followers, but how many people can take this risk?

  7. I’m listening to this for the second time now – Dave is always worth listening to, so a great choice of interviewee, Corbett. Very interesting stuff and you did a good job of asking the right questions and just letting Dave run with it. Thanks buddy!


  8. Hey Corbett, thank you so much for this great interview, Dave really does rock!

    Prompted me to set off in a new direction – wrote my first post this morning for my new project, very excited :)

    Also the part about too many people promoting the same affiliate product launch in pretty much the same way really resonated with me and Dave’s guidelines are so useful.

    Awesome job!

  9. A book based on using value to get attention is de Bono and Lyons Marketing Without Money. Based on interviews with entrepreneurs, it’s great I think.

    I don’t think I know where my audience hangs out and I’m not really sure who out of the big bloggers have my audience. Which may mean that I’ll never make money, but I hope that’s not the case.

  10. This is one of my favorite interviews you’ve done, Corbett. One thing I learned when building my consulting company was that if I helped “the right people”, I’d never have to make a sales effort–my phone would just ring with new clients on the line. The “right people” tend to know and talk to other “right people”. That’s true in the real world, but I think even more true online.


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