How to Find and Do Work You Love

I’m a huge believer in the benefits of doing work you love. Nothing else has the same potential to change our lives, our societies and even the world.

Surveys show that over half of Americans are unhappy with their jobs. I remember being unhappy with my career, and how that negatively impacted every aspect of my life, from fitness to relationships to mental health to decision making and more.

Imagine how much happier and productive the world could be if everyone did something they loved for a living.

But for most people, figuring out what kind of work might make you happy is tough. Harder still is doing what it takes to turn your new career or business idea into reality.

My good friend and career change expert Scott Dinsmore recently gave an incredible TEDx talk on this subject. Scott’s take is energizing and actionable. He’s the most passionate person I’ve ever met on this subject. In Scott’s talk, he lays out a specific plan for finding work you’re passionate about, and how to make it possible.

I would love you to watch Scott’s talk below. I hope it becomes a huge success, because this is a message everyone should hear.

If you have 18 minutes today, please watch this video. If you agree with the message, you can help Scott spread the word by clicking “like” on the video, leaving a comment and sharing the video with your world.

Enjoy the talk! Scott and I would both love to hear what you think about it. Tell us on Twitter: @_scott_dinsmore or @corbettbarr.

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