How to Participate in the Million Dollar Blog Project + Share Your New Blog

Last week, Corbett, Sean Ogle, and I described how to decide on a perfect domain name and set up your blog from scratch. Today, it is time for you to share with everyone else what you plan to do for the MDBP.

Corbett and I have put together a website specifically for the Million Dollar Blog Project.  It will be the home to all of your stats, rankings, and accountability journals. It will also be a great place for you to see how other people are coming along with their MDBP websites.

You can head over to the MDBP registration page to sign up (remember, it is 100% free). 

On the welcome page there are also full instructions on how to set up the necessary stat tracking links in your profile (Feedburner, Clicky, revenue, etc.).

For a look at a sample profile, check out the page for Think Traffic.

We are still working on the MDBP rankings page, but it will be coming shortly. In the meantime you can still check out the list of other participating blogs.

That’s it for today. Just wanted to quickly share the new MDBP site with you all and let you spend some time getting your site set-up after purchasing the perfect domain.


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Caleb Wojcik

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43 thoughts on “How to Participate in the Million Dollar Blog Project + Share Your New Blog”

  1. Hey Guys!

    Thank you so much for putting this project together. I am not a newbie and I am not starting a fresh blog BUT I am in a rut. I’m at that stage where you think, “What do I do NOW?”

    I’m more than willing to change things and implement new so I am ready for this!

    I know your project and my participation in it will recharge my blog and my braincells into overdrive!

    Looking forward to following and learning!


  2. I’m having a bit of trouble finding where to make clicky public. It says to click on the edit button, but I don’t see it anywhere. Any advice?

    1. Ah, found it! From the blog dashboard I had to go to preferences in the left menu, then the preferences sub-menu, and there’s a link there for advanced settings that reveals a check box for making the stats public.

  3. Corbett,

    I’m all in. Fired up and ready to go. Have been waiting for something like this to come along for a while now.

    Have even spread the word on twitter and facebook using a hashtag I thought made it easy to identify online in social media: #MDBP.

    In fact, I actually started encouraging other bloggers I’ve met online to participate, as each are working to earn a living from their sites.

    Glad I started reading Think Traffic over a year ago … I’ve been gleaning great advice here ever since and only expect more of the same during this challenge.

    1. Awesome Michael! So glad to have you along. Thanks for being a reader over the past year.

      Great idea with the hashtag as well. I’ll make sure to start using that and explain to everyone how it works.

      #MDBP !

  4. Yay! I am super jazzed about this. I do have one quick question – a week or two ago I asked if it was okay to do this using a blog that’s part of a larger website. You guys said yes so YAY! But what I still wonder is, is it better for my entire website to be the blog, i.e. have be an entire WordPress website itself, or is http://www.sharonknight/blog/ going to be okay? (For SEO, I guess is what I am wondering most).

    Either way I am going for it as is but just wanted to see if you experts had knowledge about which was stronger or if it even matters.

    Registering now!

    1. Hey Sharon,

      I don’t know the perfect SEO answer to whether or not the “/blog” part of it has anything to do with search rankings, but I know a lot of sites use that format and it seems to work just fine.


    2. Thanks Caleb!

      For other users out there, I have already run into one way in which I wish I had done it all through WP, and that is that I have to enter the Clicky code on every single page of my website as well as use the WP plugin for the blog. If it was all a WP site I could just use the WP plugin and be done with it. Note to future self – WP is way more awesome than my website skills will ever be!

  5. I’m itching to get going with the project. Two small problems:

    I’ve registered my blog but I can’t see it in the list?
    Also, I’ve followed the tips in the comments above to make the GetClicky stats public but in Preferences > Preferences I don’t have an Advanced Settings option! Can anyone offer some assistance please.

    1. Sharon,

      Under preferences on the left at the bottom of that list you will see subsections beneath it. The first is Info then another preferences. It is on that page that you will see the ‘advanced settings’ link beneath the daylight settings option drop down. Click that link and it will expand down for the check box you are looking for.

  6. My stats aren’t showing up in Clicky (though I did make them public). I checked in Google Analyitics and I do have some traffic.

    Am I the only one not seeing any activity in Clicky?

  7. Just signed up! Also took a look a lot of the other blogs out there….loving Benjamin Oliver Jenks’ “Adventure Sauce” (, especially the stop motion videos. Looking forward to seeing how this all develops!!


  8. Looks like I’m veeery late to the party, but I’d still love to participate! I hope it’s fine…
    Off to buy my domain name now, then will be back to follow instructions!

  9. I’ve tried to register but it’s telling me I’m not putting in a valid get clicky address I’ve made it public but I don’t know what I am supposed to link to as nothing is working

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