How to Get Massive Traffic from LinkedIn and Webinars (with Lewis Howes)

Three years ago Lewis Howes was an injured professional football player sitting on the sidelines looking for new opportunities. Today Lewis is running an online business with a partner that earns multiple six figures in revenue.

The key to his success is a powerful combination of LinkedIn and live webinars. Little did Lewis know but when he discovered LinkedIn three years ago as a way to network with professionals he also stumbled onto a massive source of leads for his new online business.

In this video, Lewis shares exactly:

  • How he built a list of 40,000 qualified buyers using LinkedIn groups
  • How he uses live webinars to drive impressively high conversion rates

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Massive Traffic from LinkedIn and Webinars (with Lewis Howes)”

  1. What about those of us who have subscribed to your RSS feed? Don’t we get the special lovin?

    I’d be happy to help you integrate the functionality into your feed if you’re interested?

    1. Hi Corbett – what I read is that if you subscribe to the newsletter you get access to free stuff. So what I would suggest doing is adding a footer to your blog posts that only displays in the rss feed. Of course this doesn’t help with building an email list, but for me I prefer RSS which is why I suggested helping (I’m selfish – I want access without getting more emails :))

  2. I am heading over to cough up my email so I can watch the video. Before even watching it, Linked’In is a powerful tool if used correctly. They have also started L’in ads, similar to Adwords and Facebook ads. What’s the charge? A whopping $2 per click. Highly targeted audience that likely has the dough to spend. Not sure how long $2 will be sustainable, or maybe it will?

  3. Hi Corbett, I also sent you an email on this topic as well. I provided my email address here and I was never provided this video. Is there any way you can send it to me?

    I think the chain may be broken.

    Thanks! Jen :)

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