One Blog Post Formula Proven to Get Traffic and Subscribers Time and Time Again

Welcome to another Think Traffic monthly report!

If you’re new to Think Traffic, each month we detail what has happened with this site and with our case study blog for The Million Dollar Blog Project: Expert Enough.

We like to share these updates hoping you might learn something from what we’ve done to grow our audience here.

Later in this report, we’re going to share with you one blog post formula we’ve used that is proven to get traffic and subscribers time and time again.

But first, a little about our month…

May was a pretty huge month for Think Traffic in a lot ways. The biggest of which was the re-design, which we unveiled last week. Our “mystery designer” will be featured in the upcoming weeks and we’ll discuss why we took our site in a different direction aesthetically than other blogs online.

We’ll have some very interesting stats to share about the new design as well. We’ll give you a hint: Think Traffic added more subscribers last month than any month before.

Another big milestone was that we passed 10,000 comments here on Think Traffic with only 230 posts. That is an average of 43.5 comments a post for over two years. 

Thank you to everyone that gave us feedback on the new design and commented over the past 28 months. We like to think we have one of the most thriving blog audiences and you all continue to amaze us each month by the things you create online.

On to the results for this month…

May Growth Stats for Think Traffic

Think Traffic - Analytics May 2012

We saw 43,495 visits this month (versus 44,703 last month).

If you include traffic from our case study blog of Expert Enough (but not visits to the Start a Blog that Matters or Traffic School site) we had roughly 63,000 visits to our two sites in May.

Also, we passed 10,000 total comments, our new posts were retweeted 689 times (a new high), and we gained 961 subscribers.

8 total posts were published last month (vs. 7 in the prior month), including 2 guest posts:

Thank you Danny and Adam for the guest posts this month.

The Blog Post Formula Proven to Get Traffic and Subscribers Time and Time Again

If you look at the posts we published here from last month, you’ll notice one that attracted more social shares and comments than the rest.

We published 19 Women Who Will Teach You How to Kick Ass Online and knew it would be a big hit before we even hit the publish button.

This type of blog post just works. We’ve used it over and over with great success.

The formula is to profile a list of bloggers or blogs in your field or a field you want to feature. Just come up with a simple list of criteria and then list a series of kick-ass blogs or bloggers.

It’s really easy to put together, and these posts always attract a lot of traffic and subscribers. They’re always a hit on social media, and they’re a great way to get on the radar of some people you admire.

Here’s a list of other successful posts we’ve written in this style over the past few years (both here and over at

Have you written a post like this before? We’d love to hear about your results in the comments below.

If you have questions about how this works, just let us know in the comments.

Back to this month’s stats…

Top Traffic Sources

If you have been following these monthly updates for a while you’ll notice that the organic growth from Google searches is increasing exponentially. As your site gets older, your audience shares your best work, and you continue to publish quality content, you can beat SEO experts without even trying. Epic content is the best SEO.

Top Search Terms:

  • think traffic: 732
  • blog topics: 621
  • unique selling proposition examples: 397
  • unique selling proposition: 241
  • personal introduction: 217
  • thinktraffic: 174
  • what to write about: 128
  • unique selling point examples: 118
  • topics to blog about: 114
  • blogging topics: 104

Top Content

Think Traffic - Content May 2012

That’s it for this month’s stats, but we’d love to challenge you now.

Have you written a round-up post like the type we profiled in this post?

If so, please tell us about your results below and why you think it worked well or didn’t.

If you haven’t written a round-up post of influential blogs or bloggers in your space, try writing one in the next week and report back here about your experience. We think you’ll be pleased.

Cheers until next time!

-Corbett and Caleb

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Caleb Wojcik

Caleb Wojcik is one of the 3 C's at Think Traffic and He writes at and hosts the Cubicle Renegade Podcast. You can follow him on Twitter @CalebWojcik.

39 thoughts on “One Blog Post Formula Proven to Get Traffic and Subscribers Time and Time Again”

  1. Impressive stats as always. As I mentioned I love the new blog design, but I definitely think it will serve you better in the long term, giving you results that you may not see right away in it’s first months online. For example, I would think that your email subscribers will be going through the roof, which of course will result in higher traffic for the future.

    Keep up the great work! I love Think Traffic and these monthly posts are always inspiring.

  2. Hey Corbett and Caleb,

    Well done for your subscribers and the no. of comments! Looking forward to your “mystery designer” revelation, esp the reasoning for the left sidebar.

    I am not blogging right now to look for a new direction & focus for my blog and I am intending to open the blog with a few “viral” formulas like this (except I will be focusing on less popular ones). And a resource list with posts from around the internet with my own thoughts.


    1. I agree with Gabe. The newsletter signup form is so visually attractive that it makes me want to sign up a second time. Well done!

  3. Hey Caleb and Corbett,

    You guys are doing a fantastic job and congratulations on crossing the 10k comments mark. I’m looking forward to know more about your “mystery designer”.

    Regarding round-up posts, I’m working on one for my WordPress Blog. It takes a lot of hard work, but can definitely improve the traffic of the site.

    Thanks for sharing the monthly report, guys.

  4. Very nice! I’m glad to see that the new design is working well for you! I definitely think list posts are a great way to “move up” in your niche as not only are they more likely to be shared by readers, but also by the people you are featuring as well (will be especially great if they are well-known).

    Congrats on another great month!


  5. Hi Corbett & Caleb,
    Great information and very inspiring stuff! How fabulous it would be to have over 40K visitors each month.
    I have a question re: the one blog post that garners the most attention. I’ve successfully used this strategy in the past. What I haven’t done however, is link to people in my “so called” area of expertise.

    I write about intuition. I believe that our intuition evolved from our preservation instincts and that it is there to guide us to making the right choices and decisions in life to ensure that we survive and thrive. I come from a finance background and I’m very grounded and practical. To me learning to trust your intuitive promptings is a success skill that you can develop and put in your “tool box” of skills to build a better life.

    I find that linking to other writers in my so called field puts me in a box I don’t want to be in. I don’t write about fortune telling, predicting the future, angels, or teams of spirit guides, etc. so, I guess what I’m asking for is a suggestion around this – if you have one.

    1. Hmm, interesting situation Angela. Are there people in your “field” who lean towards your point of view? Have you struck a nerve with your readers about your point of view yet?

      I could see you writing a post with a title like “7 Grounded Bloggers Who Write About Intuition but Don’t Believe in Hocus Pocus” or “7 Great Reads About Intuition Without the Spiritual Mumbo Jumbo” or something like that. Make a statement about what you stand for and identify other people who believe the same things.

  6. Sounds like a great month – and I appreciate and will be taking the challenge on my personal blog!

    Here’s my question: Do you contact your “10 people” before AND after you post? One or the other – and if so, which? Would be curious to know your thoughts on the best practice.

    1. We don’t usually contact them at all actually, unless we are seeking a specific quote. People will find out through the grapevine or trackbacks usually.

  7. This is clutch. I am going to make a “top 10 healthy food bloggers” to follow I think- maybe something to do with gluten free and dairy free. I have been following your blog for a couple weeks now, and watched your interview with Leo Babauta. You are such a wealth of knowledge. Keep up the great work!

  8. Great job. I think I will be doing more list posts very soon. I have been getting more shares on my blog as of late, now i just need to step up my game.


  9. The 10K comments mark is a great achievement. I’m so curious about the changes in traffic after your re-design; I mean, not the initial spike, but bit of a long term effect. You are doing a great job indeed guys!

  10. Epic content is the best SEO – I can’t agree less.

    Since you brought about the ‘Epic Shit’ its been a different ball game. I’ve seen most bloggers go into the epic shit arena, writing long detailed e-books as blog posts same as me too.


  11. I thought the post 19 Women Who Will Teach You How to Kick Ass Online was really inspiring and it is something that I will look to emulate in the future.
    Congratulations and Thank You!!

  12. | impressive stats and I have published a post like this and its gave me a great boost of traffic to my site and certainly producing such post enhances your blog to get more and targeted traffic comes to your site from the guru’s in your niche.

    That’s was a certainly a experience and I think its really important to produce such kind a post that’s not only creates your online authority but its also helps your readers to find the solution against their problems.

  13. The only thing that i see here is that the title takes over my whole screen which i really do not like. Hey, i doubt if elderly people are viewing this site, its we so tryna bring the font of the post title down a lil bit.


  14. Think Traffic, you are my hero 😉
    I wanted to thank you for the idea on doing a blogger profile list for a post. It worked beautifully! My post on “The [Top] 12 Uber Fab Up-and-Coming Influential Women Bloggers You Should Know” has received the most shares, comments, and likes out of any of my posts.
    Thanks a bunch for that much needed pop of traffic.

  15. Hi Corbett & Caleb,

    Thanks for letting me guest post here on Think Traffic. Judging by the time on site it seems people enjoyed the post 😉

    And I can definitely vouch for this type of post. The most popular post thus far on TravelBloggerAcademy is a roundup of ten top travel bloggers, each linking to a 30 minute interview.

    It got some traction in social because the interviewees (mostly) promoted it themselves.

    Highly recommend this strategy.



  16. Big fan of the round-up post, and I have you two to thank for that. I launched my website with a round-up post and I had a Blast getting in touch with those I admired and really learned from what they had to say. I just launched my second round-up post this month, featuring 16 people that have rocked my world in 2012 that I didn’t even know existed in 2011! ( Of course you, Corbett and Caleb had to be on that list :) I wrote it when I realized I have come into contact with some amazing people this year, but I never expected the spike in traffic. My two round up posts are my most read and shared content to date, so I am a believer. Thanks for rocking my world and congrats on a great month last month! Onward and Upward!! xoxo

  17. Hey Corbett and Caleb,
    You guys are doing fantastic job.
    First of all i am impressed with your new Desg. And i think the landing page help you to get 900+ Subscriber in 1 Month. Congo for getting 10,000 comments. Its really huge number.

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