#TTMDBP: Ready, Set, Go! The Million Dollar Blog Project Begins…

Welcome to another Million Dollar Blog Project update!

We have some big news for you regarding our selected topic later on in this post. But up first, let’s talk about a couple of important housekeeping items.

(Special note: we’re also going to ask you to briefly share any progress you’ve made in the comments below, so be sure to read the end of the post and tell us where you’re at.)

Thanks to everyone who has already registered their blog as part of this project. Registration is free and almost 200 of you have already signed up with new blogs. How cool is that?

See the full list of participating blogs in the project here.

If you’re planning to participate in the project by creating your own blog along side us, just head over and register so your site can be listed as a participant.

New Twitter Hashtag: #TTMDBP

We’d like to make it easier for all of us participating in the project to connect on Twitter and share posts about our respective projects with each other.

Some of you have already started using the hashtag #TTMDBP on Twitter, and we’ll be using it as well for project updates going forward.

Just add #TTMDBP to your tweets about your own Million Dollar Blog Project and other people participating in the project will be able to find your updates.

See the latest updates about the project on Twitter.

If you’re new to Twitter hashtags, here’s the gist: whenever you use a hashtag (“#” symbol) in a tweet, anyone who searches for that hashtag can find your tweet. Hashtags are hyperlinked within Twitter as a special kind of search method. Read all about hashtags at the official Twitter site.

When Does The Project Officially Start?

Simple answer: the project starts now!

I realized I may not have been clear about the structure of the MDBP this week after a couple of emails and tweets from confused participants.

The Million Dollar Blog Project isn’t going to be rigorously structured, and there aren’t any specific deadlines or timelines you have to follow. If you’re planning to participate, you can proceed at your own pace.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you’ll start making progress with your own blog. Whether you started last week, you’re planning to start two weeks from now, or if you’re reading this a year from now, we want you to join us.

There is no deadline for participation. Of course, people who start much later will have a hard time competing with all of us who start within the next months, but this isn’t about competition, it’s about supporting each other. Perhaps we’ll run other rounds of the project in the future to let new people start together as a group.

To recap, if you’re joining us, here’s what to expect soon and what you should be doing now:

  1. Read all the posts in the MDBP series to get full participation details and to follow along with us.
  2. When you’re ready with your own blog, head over and register (it’s free) so we can track your progress and other people can find your
  3. Proceed at your own pace creating your blog and building your audience. You can follow along with us by reading new project updates here (sign up for email updates so you don’t miss any). We’ll be publishing new MDBP updates every week or two for at least the next few months, and less frequently after that.
  4. Update your accountability journal on a regular basis (you choose how often). Read all about accountability journals and how to create yours here. You can keep your accountability over at the MDBP registration site, or anywhere else you want to online, as long as they’re publicly available so other participants can read about your progress. Some examples of people who have already started keeping accountability journals: vegan is good, Awesome Your Life, Ramblings of a WAHM (offsite), Digital Nomad Path (offsite).

We have already started our project, which I’ll tell you more about in a minute. “Starting” the project doesn’t necessarily mean you have launched your blog already. As soon as you commit to participating, you’ve begun. Planning, choosing a topic, setting up your site, etc. are all important steps in the process long before launch.

Just make sure that you’re writing about your progress in your accountability journal (like I’m doing here). This is a requirement for participating. Trust me, you’ll want to keep the journal – it will make you 1683% more likely to succeed (not a scientific number). Update your journal regularly, even if there’s nothing to report. Read our full rules for accountability journals to see what you should include in yours.

It may seem at first like we’re taking things slowly, but that’s because we want to do this right, and because the planning and setup of a new blog are two of the most important success factors for later on.

Here are the next steps we’ll be taking for our case study blog, as a rough outline so you know what to expect:

  • Announcing our final topic (done, later in this post)
  • Developing our unique selling proposition (discussed later in this post)
  • Selecting a domain name and brand (TBD, next week)
  • Developing a epic content strategy for the site (when to post, what types of posts, sourcing guest contributors, etc., TBD – will discuss here soon)
  • Building our site with a good looking design (TBD, soon)
  • Developing our launch plan (discussed later in this post)
  • Writing content for launch
  • Networking with other bloggers
  • Launching the site
  • Experimenting with content types
  • Building traffic
  • Building our email list and improving conversions
  • Developing a revenue plan
  • Building a product or implementing other revenue sources
  • Rinse and repeat, with regular progress reports so you can follow along

Don’t worry if this list seems a little daunting. We’ll walk you through all the steps and it will all be clear soon enough.

If you want to skip ahead, that’s fine too. However you want to build your blog for the project is fine with us. Just make sure you’re keeping your journal so we can learn from what’s working for you.

One last thing: we’re working on a “leaderboard” page where you’ll be able to see how many visits, subscribers and revenue each blog has earned, so you can learn from the most successful among us.

That should be available within a couple of weeks, so stay tuned. If you’ve already registered for the project, your site will be included on that leaderboard page as soon as it’s available.

Choosing Our New Topic

A few weeks ago, we asked you to nominate topics for the case study blog the Think Traffic team will be starting for this project. Then we asked you to vote. The results came in and we chose the #1 selection as our topic.

There was just one problem with the nomination/voting process.

Many of the nominated topics came a little too close to violating our self-imposed rule of not choosing a topic related to making money online. Perhaps we should have been clearer, or maybe we should have eliminated any nominations that were too related to making money online before we asked you to vote.

Lots of people expressed dissatisfaction with the chosen topic (blog/web design) because it was too related to Think Traffic’s topic, and therefore wouldn’t be as useful of a case study.

After reading all of your comments and talking with several people for outside advice, we agree and will be selecting a different topic for our blog.

When we went back and revisited the topics everyone voted on, we decided this time to start by eliminating any topic that was related to making money online, entrepreneurship or blogging.

It turns out that about 10 of the top 20 choices could be considered to overlap with those categories. It seems that people were voting based on their interests, not necessarily on what would make the best case study or challenge for the MDBP.

When we eliminated the blogging- and marketing-related topics, here’s the new top ten after that:

  1. 30-day Expert Blog: Chose one topic for a month and learn how to be the best at it. (79 votes)
  2. Learning anything rapidly (60 Minute Expert: Using the 80/20 principle) (55 votes)
  3. Simpler Living (a blog that will explore and map a journey from a miserable 6 figure a year traditional way of living back to an often forgotten way of life.) (47 votes)
  4. Become an Expert Slowly (a site devoted to those people who take on worthwhile goals, huge goals, where they face years of failure between them and achieving mastery, skill, or success.) (44 votes)
  5. Self-sustaining lifestyle (grow your own food/ use solar power etc) (40 votes)
  6. Point and Shoot Photography (How to create incredible photographs with whatever camera you have in your pocket) (37 votes)
  7. The Great Recession (A blog based upon a sustainable lifestyle with a smaller footprint.) (34 votes)
  8. The Art of Getting What You Want (How to use confidence and technique to get what you want from life, your relationships and your career) (32 votes)
  9. Eating organic on a tight budget (32 votes)
  10. Home brewing beer (31 votes)

We thoroughly considered each of the choices.

We have personal interest in some of the topics (like point and shoot photography), others wouldn’t be easy for me to tackle because I travel six months per year (home brewing beer). Others we simply don’t have much of an interest in (eating organic on a tight budget).

Of these choices, one particular topic stands out.

3 of the top 4 are all related to gaining expertise, from small endeavors to very large ones (#1, #2 and #4).

I’ve always felt like a generalist myself and have always enjoyed learning and doing new things (recently: acting, sailing, learning languages, surfing, living overseas, writing, home fitness, entrepreneurship).

I’ve been called a jack of all trades by some since I was a teenager, and consider it a compliment. I think a lot of people like the idea of being more of a renaissance person than a specialist.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We’re going to choose those three topics related to expertise and combine them to create a blog about becoming an “expert” in multiple areas and learning new things.

We’ll be talking about how to learn small things quickly (the “60 minute expert” idea), how to learn bigger things (the “30-day expert” idea) and how to become an expert in a bigger field of study (the “become an expert slowly” idea). Any one of these blog ideas individually might be hard to pull off, but combining them should give us enough latitude to make it work.

The blog will not be related to making money online, marketing or blogging. If you were unhappy with our initial topic selection, I hope this one will work better. If not, we’ll gladly offer you a refund on what you paid for this project 😉

The general topic of expertise will present it’s own challenges and opportunities. It’s obviously not as specific as something like “brewing beer.” That will make it harder to pinpoint existing audiences who are interested in our topic. At the same time, it will give us flexibility to write about lots of different things and appeal to a broader audience (potentially creating a much bigger site, which would be fun).

We’ll also have to work out how to monetize the topic, although I’m not too worried about that. We will likely rely on affiliate marketing, writing ebooks, selling courses and advertising, just like most other blogs do.

Our next step is to turn “expertise” as a topic (which might be a loaded term) into something more concrete, and to develop our unique selling proposition. Then we’ll select a domain name/brand and get the site up, just like we showed you how to do in our tutorial recently.

Sound like a plan? If you have ideas about how we can refine the topic and differentiate our blog, we’d love too hear it in the comments.

Quick side note: I’m sorry for anyone who was looking forward to us using the original blog/website design topic. We’ll make it up to you by including more in-depth design tutorials here at Think Traffic. Thanks for understanding and for participating in the project.

Pulse Check: How Much Progress Have You Made Yet?

Aside from your accountability journals, we’ll also occasionally be asking you for a quick status update in the comments on these updates.

Today I’d love to know: have you made any progress yet on your blog for #TTMDBP? Have you chosen your topic, registered your domain, set up your site or anything else?

If not, what’s holding you back? How can we help?

Please share in the comments below.

If you’d like to comment on our topic selection, that’s cool too. Just keep it positive, we’re not going to change topic again 😉

Cheers, until next time,


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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

118 thoughts on “#TTMDBP: Ready, Set, Go! The Million Dollar Blog Project Begins…”

    1. Hey, what is your theme called? It’s beautiful!

      Also, I never thought I’d see pink for a hockey fan site lol Good Job, it looks good.

  1. I’m ok with this topic selection and was ok with the last one too but I understand the change. Looking forward to how you approach it.

    I’m using an existing blog so I’ve already got it setup, hosted, etc. I’m already have traffic due to three years of content already being on the site but the blog itself has been pretty stagnant the last year or so as I haven’t followed any kind of plan in order to grow it. This weekend I’m going to take your list of ‘next steps’ and start formulating a plan.

    One thing I desperately need for my site is a logo. Are there any logo designers participating in the mdbp?

  2. I definitely like the idea of a “becoming an expert” blog as I think that one of the things we’re going to see from the Google algorithm in the future is a heavier weighting towards “authority” sites. Learning how to become an expert in something quickly is going to be a crucial part of that process.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got in store for us!

  3. Wow, this is … kind of coincidental, actually. I just finally decided on my subject within the last two or three days, outlined about 10 posts or so, but have not yet had time to buy the domain and set up the site.

    … And my topic is Finding Life’s Connections. With a specific focus on how people are already experts, and can use their existing skills to learn what they want to learn.

    That’s. Seriously, synchronicity is hitting me hard with this one. Ideally, my USP will be different enough from TT’s that I’ll at least have a chance at suceeding. :)

  4. I am using my existing blog BUT I purposely joined this challenge to be sure I didn’t miss anything at every step and to help me when you do get to the monetization and marketing stages. (Which is where I really need assistance.) I blog about my business blogging journey and try to help others so you are helping me help others find their place on the Internet.


  5. This project is sweet. It’s helping me a lot with the accountability journal and even giving me some traffic.

    Ill be following daily!

    Kenneth Ashley (1000 followers or $100 to charity)

  6. Hi Corbett

    Wow, great topic! I personally would not have minded the first one, but that could work out really awesome as well! I’m a multi-potentialite myself (see puttylike.com) and love to learn new things. I guess you could have different categories, such as sports, technology etc. I’m excited to see what you guys make out of it!!

    In terms of my own blog process: Topic & domain etc all done. Trying to decide on a design right now, which is quite tough! And finally getting from blog idea collection and research to the actual writing!

    Couple of obstacles:
    – Information overload !!! All those resources you get on the web on how to build a blog. Unbelievable. Totally gets you lost (me anyway!). It keeps me from actually CREATING.
    – Good old Perfectionism! Sometimes paralyses me…
    – So does fear of failure. Putting in all these hours, not knowing if it might be worth it at all. But then I have moments where I know it’s gonna work out and that I’m onto something big.

    Anyway one else out there who faces the same problems sometimes?

    1. I just discovered puttlike.com yesterday, and found out that there really are people like me out there! In fact, it really cemented my idea about my own blog topic. (See upthread – similar idea to both Emilie and Corbett.)

    2. Hey fellow multi-potentialite 😉

      Yeah the discovery of puttylike and Emilie was so calming. I finally put a fullstop to that part of my personality, no more questions asked. Just great, isn’t it, to fiiiiinally meet people who share that something with you and make it look awesome, when all along you always thought you were weird. (at least that’s how I thought)

  7. I am loving this project!

    A core of this project is to get more traffic to your blog. I have been coming here and checking out other blogs after posting on mine. I’ve left comments and have been surprised that no one has returned the favor.

    I’d like to suggest that you visit other blogs here and comment. If someone takes time to comment on your blog, return the favor (or at least find their contact info and send them an email telling them their blog sucks!! We need feedback from each other.) Personally, if I’m not getting feedback here, I’ll invest my time reading, commenting and participating somewhere else (because I am getting results – it baffles me that my sales are growing and people contact me personally with great feedback but not on my blog. I’ll be honest – growing sales is my number 1 goal so if that’s all I get – I’ll shut up and stay happy!! I’m sure I have some work to do on web site design too.)

    Bottom line – if someone takes time to invest a little in your blog, return the favor!! And take time yourself to find a few good blogs on this project (I found some great ones) and leave them a little comment love! It’s such a help to a new blogger to feel like they aren’t talking to the air.

  8. I like the topic choice. I think you made the right decision. I’m good to go and I’m looking forward to this journey. Timing is so perfect. My blog concept is about spirituality and recovery but I see it evolving to something different. I’m not sure what that will be, but I can’t wait to find out. Thank you for this, it’s just what I needed to help keep me motivated.. =)

  9. I’m very happy that you changed your topic, thank you.

    I have made a lot of progress on my new blog. I registered a domain (http://nononsenseinternetmarketing.com) designed it, and have come up with a content plan. The purpose of the blog will be to showcase my core expertise (all-things-internet-marketing) and sell ebooks and eventually 6 and 8 week courses. The community will (hopefully) also serve as potential customer base for my primary business Concept Local (http://conceptlocal.com).

    I want to thank you for setting up this project… I have been thinking about building a site like this for quite some time and you have given me the extra push I needed!

  10. Nice choice! It’s going to be interesting to watch you become ninjas in all possible topics.

    Here is a quick update on my progress!
    After settling down on a topic, the last two weeks has been a huge learning experience for me in using WordPress. This is my first blog so its all fresh to me. I’ve been testing out different plugins and tinkering with the code a bit to see how I can mod it and make it work for me. So far, so good but I’m wondering if there are any absolute must haves and must dos from some of the more experienced users in regards to WordPress out there?

    1. Hi Tomasz,

      I have experience with WordPress. The plugins I tend to use include WordPress SEO by Yoast, WP Security Scan, WordPress Database backup, No Self Pings, Google XML Sitemaps, Tweetmeme Retweet Button, Feedburner Feedsmith Extend, Google Analytics for WordPress and Bad Behaviour. I use Gravity Forms which is a paid contact form plugin (and excellent) but I have also used Contact Form 7 and cforms in the past. A caching plugin may also be worth looking into for quicker loading of the blog.

      Good things to remember: keep to number of plugins to a minimum (I know my list seems like a big one already), and when you are selecting a plugin take a look at how it’s been rated on WordPress by users, whether the developer offers any support, and (most importantly in many cases) how recently it’s been updated. A plugin that isn’t updated for major new versions of WordPress (at least once a year) may be one to think twice about.

  11. I was looking forward to the web design tutorials but I understand the reasoning behind wanting a topic that doesn’t splash over into making money online. That being said, I would love to know how you went about designing Think Traffic because it is what I’m currently struggling with. It seems easier to pay some for a design but I really don’t have that type of money to fork over. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. You are off to a good start – your graphics look snappy and fun!

      I hear you – I think some flaws in my blog design are making the initial view of my website look a bit spammy. I need to redesign it so they land on the blog and then can explore the other content after they get to know and enjoy the regular daily content.

      I’ve started converting lots of sales though. I think this may be one area where an expert’s help may be money well spent.

    2. Hey Brian, design is something everybody has to struggle with in the beginning. We’ll share some tips and alternatives shortly in upcoming posts. Hang in there, it gets easier with time and practice.

  12. I noticed you asked if we would update with our progress. I’m going to do that once a month on MDBP but wanted to mention here that my traffic is growing (GoogleAnalytics reports today it’s up 1,300% over last month I haven’t used Clicky long enough to have a monthly stat yet), my bounce rate is decreasing, remains under 60%, I had an average of 1.5 sales per month but had 24 in September to date and have received emails from happy customers with 0 complaints.

    My traffic is coming primarily from a forum of people who are already in my niche.

    I’d love to learn how to accomplish more and can’t wait to follow how you do that with your own blog. In some ways, this project is flawed as you’ve already built an audience for your new blog. The takeaway from that is we can all learn how to build some hype leading into a project and get some buy-in before we even start.

    If you really want to do this the way most bloggers have to start (and I know you started the same way with your own first blog), don’t tell anyone on MDBP the URL of the new blog. If you truly want transparency, have your accountant certify the growth and earnings of the blog based on the techniques you’ll teach us here!!

    1. Hey Mary, thanks for the status update. Congrats on the progress you’ve made, it sounds like you already had a site built before this project began?

      Regarding your comments on the blog we’re planning to build, we wouldn’t really have a case study without sharing everything about the new blog here. It would all appear theoretical without the real-time examples.

      I already addressed the concerns about our “built in audience” in previous posts, and I understand what you’re saying. Instead of worrying about how realistic our progress will be, I hope you’ll be able to use what you can to help grow your own site. To compensate for any advantages we might have, our goals for the new site will be much grander than the goals an average first-time blogger might have.

      Cheers, thanks for joining us.

    2. I did have a website but had little traffic and even less ideas on how to promote it. I’ve learned a lot here and I appreciate what you are doing!

  13. http://www.GettingOnlineIncome.com

    I have decided that SEO is a luxury of those with content. I’m going to write what I write, do what I do and I can worry about SEO and the small details after I got my content up.





    I paid someone 150 to get me a logo, it sucked. I wish people would be upfront when they dont get a concept or are unable to deliver. SO I had to take matters into my own hands and do it myself, I believe it turned out great! (at least for my first go). I’m thanking my lucky stars I learned photoshop as a teenager.

    I have decided that I am going to offer the same branding services to people who will list me on their site or maybe for money… still thought of the details yet.

    What I learned:

    – JUST DO IT (Nike chose the awesomest slogan ever).
    – Fix Later.
    – Accountability journals are hard! (I’m keeping my journal as a separate blog and I forget to update it alot) http://www.gettingonlineincome.blogspot.com
    – Content is next!

    1. You’re absolutely right about just doing it and fix it later (but not too much later). Well done on getting started. Also, I noticed that you already have >300 likes on your Facebook page – fantastic! That’s a great audience for a self-confessed newbie.

      Shame about the outsourced logo design. The bind that a lot of bloggers find themselves in is that they don’t have the cash flow to spend tons of money on a logo, but a low-end price like $150 doesn’t leave much (or any) room for revisions if the first attempt isn’t what you were after.

  14. Hi there,

    I am using an existing website but it’s quite new. I love experiments so am in from that aspect and to learn. I don’t so much care about the million dollars as that’s not our primary focus with this particular site, our website is all about enjoying life more for less – so exactly the simpler life idea a lot of people voted for. I personally have done exactly that – given up a 6 figure salary to move to the country and to a simpler life and have even written a book about it (to be published soon on our site and I’m not sure where else yet). That being said, even though it’s not our primary focus, we could do with monetizing the site to some extent. So far we have adsense but I’m not keen on affiliate marketing for some reason (I could be persuaded but everything I’ve seen so far is quite dodgy).

    What we’ve done so far – site, domain, some traffic, clear ideas and strategy.

    I haven’t yet put all of my registration details here as I should I have registered but not completed the get clicky stuff yet. I have started an accountability journal too on lifestoogood.net but haven’t linked that up yet – I’ll get onto these things shortly…

    Finally, thanks for the above mail as I was wondering how things would go with this initiative and this has kind of shown me 😉

    take care all,

    1. Awesome Alan, glad to clear things up for you. Thanks for the status update and congrats on what you’ve done so far.

  15. I like this one better as well. My second site aside from the one I entered into the MDBP is one about this very idea. Learning new things and being a multipotentialite, renaissance soul, jack of all trades, or puttypeep as Emilie from Puttylike likes to call them.

  16. I love this. I’m pursuing deep mastery in software engineering, which touches all three areas of expertise and learning. For example, I needed to be “60 minute expert” on the WordPress rewrite rules, yesterday afternoon. After spending all afternoon sidestepping my problem (“I’ll try this. No, that. Dammit! Nothing works!), I would have been farther ahead (as usual) just learning the damn material in the first place.

  17. Yay! I look forward to each and every one of these posts and I am looking forward to getting more into the nitty gritty of getting traffic. :)

    I was fine with the other topic because I think that the topic doesn’t matter as much as the process but I think this one is even better. I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

    I started my blog only a week before you all started this challenge and I’ve gotten a lot done. Obviously, I had my idea, my domain and all that stuff set up. I’ve been working mostly on adding content that I think people will want to read. I’m trying to do a combination of different kinds of posts – short, long, video, interview, etc. I’m getting between 100 to the high 200’s in visitors each day but that is not uniques. But still not bad for a start. :) I am getting comments and working on building links (mostly through blog commenting but I have outsourced some article writing and social bookmarking). I’ve had a couple small sales and some adsense clicks (not sure if I’m going to leave that on there or not yet) so I’m happy with where it is going.

  18. Haha, I knew this would happen! I’m going head to head with Corbett Barr.

    I thought of my topic about 3 days before Corbett shared the suggested blog topics for voting. I noticed that a few topics were similar to mine (“30 day expert blog”, “learn anything rapidly”, and “become an expert slowly”) which I thought was great market validation.

    Then, when I saw that all three ideas had made it to the top ten I knew I was onto something.

    This will be exciting! :)

    Bring it on!

    1. Don’t worry June, there’s plenty of space in any market. I’m sure our implementations will be quite different. Let’s see how we can help each other. Deal?

  19. Right now I’m working on my existing blog, so I have it all set up and will be working towards increasing traffic and optimizing landing pages and conversion rates. I also want to improve my USP and build a better epic content strategy. I’m excited to see how you guys do it!

  20. Corbett,

    I like the change of your topic. From a “learning something” perspective the blog design was something I would rather read, as I can understand many would, since it seems like a natural outgrowth of this site.

    But…it seems like a natural outgrowth of this site. Even though you will still (as you pointed out while debating this earlier) have a natural advantage in traffic from this site following and being curious about the new site, it is not quite so much of a a case of “instant” follow there.

    Anyhow, looking forward to getting into this contest. I still haven’t officially signed up yet. (I am waiting to publish by first block of content) Right now I have bought the domain, mapped out ideas for monetization, a lead magnet and about 100+ articles and gong into detail for starting writing the first 10.

    Looking forward to fully “joining in”


    1. Glad you agree with the choice, Steve. It’s a tough balance, but hopefully this will be better for the project and everyone involved.

  21. My quick update:

    1. The accountability journal is up (http://www.jayzilla.com/category/million-dollar-blog/),

    2. The site is generally pretty and some content has been created. I added an editorial calendar plugin to start scheduling some ideas and am trying to meet a 2 post per week schedule.

    3. Two of my initial 5 mini-course emails have been written, and I’m researching for the third (in a sense, I’m sort of trying to quickly become an expert at candle making so my site has some authority from the start).

    Are any of you doing a handmade products blog, like making soap or candles? It would be great to start a mastermind group with you, so just hit me up. 😉


    1. A mastermind group would be fantastic! I’m a soap-maker, but I’m hoping to make my blog more about non-toxic living. (I’m not sure how much I could write about making soap, but the people who care about green living will hopefully also want my all-natural skin care!) People keep asking if I’m going to make candle too, but maybe I’ll just refer them to you, instead! :)

    2. Hey, I’m OK with that. :)

      I think you’d be surprised how much you could write about soap. People are searching for it like crazy. Just think back to when you first started and you could easily fill a year up with posts about the questions you had.

      That’s what I’m doing with my candle blog Because we’re just starting, those questions are real to us. So as I find the answers, I write posts. No one else is doing that!


  22. Corbett,

    The wife and I got our blog setup and ready to go. Even got our first post on there. We’ve been developing an iphone game for about 3 months now. It’s been quite the journey… Our blog takes readers through that journey. Here’s our blog. Nothing fancy right now. Just the basics. We got some good stuff to share: http://www.iphoneappjourney.com

    1. Awesome! I’m looking forward to your updates. I’ve recently changed gears from working at a game company to see if I can do it on my own indie style! There is some overlap between our chosen topic. It will be nice to learn from your experience.

  23. I realize I’m commenting a lot but I just had an epiphany as I was about to leave a second comment on an MDBP blog – sometimes as you finish a comment, you realize you just wrote a great blog post of your own. I cut and pasted that second comment into a draft for a new post of my own! Sometimes you reap what you sow!

    Interacting on other blogs will keep your ear to the ground helping you know what others are discussing. You’ll get ideas to expand on that and enrich your own content.

  24. I’ve been really wavering on whether or not I want to participate. I have a blog I would like to move beyond where it is now. I think. I’m not that great at sticking to a posting schedule nor do I know if I want to add on to my current responsibilities. But I feel like I would passing by a opportunity if I didnt give it a shot. I think I am going do as reccommended and work at my own pace and not feel pressured to do otherwise. (cause I would if I didnt think to not be). I have an idea that would help me ease that burden some, but I’m not sure I can pull it off.

    1. Hey Adrianne, here’s a quick piece of advice (I hope you don’t mind): if you want to build a successful blog, it is 100% possible, but only if you commit to it 110%. You’re on the fence now, which is understandable, but you can’t expect to succeed by going half-in. Your competition is fully invested in what they’re doing, so you have to get there yourself to make it.

      I can’t say whether this project is for you or not. You’ll have to decide that yourself. If you are ready to commit, we’re here to help.

  25. Have I made any progress yet on my blog? The honest answer is no. Which brings up the question, why not? Forgive me for the length of this but I need to get it out.

    The blog I am using for this project is one I launched earlier this year. I have had spurts of motivation for it but have never been able to gain any real momentum.

    I was really excited when I starting reading about the MDBP. Here was something that would help me with my motivation. I would have people holding me accountable and pushing me to do the things I have always said I want to do.

    I immediately started working on getting my blog ready for the project. I installed Clickly and got my RSS setup with Feedburner. I had a domain that wasn’t doing anything so I installed WordPress to use it as my accountability journal. And then when registration opened, I signed up as fast as I could. I wrote my first post on my journal and was really feeling good about things.

    Then it was time to get some real work done on my blog. I made it a goal to get one thing done on the blog every weekday starting on Monday. So Monday came and….


    Tuesday, nothing. Wednesday, nothing. And now it’s Thursday. I have already fallen behind and this thing has just started.

    And it’s not that I didn’t try. I did. I opened up my blogging software several times and stared at the blank screen. But no matter how hard I tried, couldn’t make myself write.

    I’ve started asking myself, why am I stuck? Why can’t I make any progress? And the answer comes down to one thing.


    I have read several places that a good way to overcome your fears is to think of the worse thing that could possibly happen and then realize that the more likely result is not even close to that bad. The likelyhood of someone dying or ending up homeless is extremely thin. The worse things that could happen is either a negative reaction or no reaction at all.

    The thing is, those two possibilities scare me to death! Even writing this comment has been a struggle against that fear. What if people think I’m stupid? Or worse yet, what if no one cares?

    So that’s what’s holding me back. Is there anything you can do to help? I honestly don’t know but would love any help I could get.


    1. 1) People already think you’re stupid, humans are judgers, we judge, its our thing.

      2) Thankfully those people are not your audience. You want the people who think you’re cool and/or can be convinced of your coolness.

      3) No one cares already cuz there is nothing to care about.

      1+2+3 = You have nothing to lose but writing, marketing, and business experience……You’re losing alot more by NOT trying.

      I have learned the most from things I have failed at. The things I’ve been amazing at I already knew the lessons just had to perfect the recipe. LEARN YOUR LESSONS AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Good or bad. You’ll be better off.

      Also, if your blog is about gaming I think it needs to go more (something-ish)…gamers are a picky bunch and they like new flashy things. Like vegas slot machines.
      – Always something to click
      – High energy to keep them entranced

      GOOD LUCK!!

      (also, my tone is very joking, you have to laugh at this or it’s going to get taxing real fast)

    2. Your openness, self-awareness and honesty is already making you more interesting then a lot of the blogs out there. Somebody said it before. Be yourself and Just Do It!

    3. Thanks for the response Lucy!

      My comment and your response definitely prove the importance of the accountability journal. You’re comment is spot on. I know those things. But sometimes we need someone to actually say things like that to remind us that they are true.

      I really appreciate you taking the time to respond. It’s helped me be able to push through some of that fear. I haven’t gotten to do much work on my site because of my day-job but that’s slowing down. I’m working on a plan that will give me something to lean on when that fear comes back.

    4. Another way to get over your fear? Try writing about it. You’re seeing already here how much people identify with fear. It’s a natural human experience. Writing about it will help you connect with people and get over the fear at the same time. Double-win. Nicely done.

  26. I have my blog set up and have posted with another scheduled. I have set up the affilliate/adsense stuff and have thought about other ways to monetize it (e-book, online store). Right now, I think I just want to build on my own passion for the topic and get more personal with the posts – pics about what I am doing to make my own home safer that others might find useful – that sort of thing.

  27. Much prefer the new topic as well.

    As with a few others, I’m using an existing blog but one I’ve done next to nothing with since I bought the domain a year ago. I started working on it earlier this month and the MDBP has come along just at the right time.

    This week I’ve spent some time networking with like minded participants and in return have received some traffic and my first comments! I’m working hard on getting content together and am also thinking about what my eventual monetization plans will be.

    Things I plan to work on next:
    – I’m not 100% happy with the design – I want something more colourful and vibrant that reflects my subject matter.
    – More content & some re-writes on existing content.
    – Further networking with other participants & likeminded bloggers.
    – Build Traffic!
    – Build an email list.
    – Set up Social Networking pages and synchronize updates where applicable.
    – Learn how to take good photos!
    – Start my accountability journal.

  28. Mary– I am so LOVING this project, too!

    I’m absolutely with you on the point that a big part of this project is getting traffic to our blogs. I’m sorry to hear that folks haven’t been reciprocating your efforts to reach out. I just tweeted Corbett about the possibility that we could create a blog syndication tribe for all the folks involved in the Million Dollar Blog Project.

    A blog syndication tribe is just a group that regularly offers links to their recent posts in one place (like a forum thread) and members agree that for each post of their own that they offer, they will promote two other posts from other members’ blogs to their social networks on Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, etc. I’ve had some exciting results doing this with the Goddess Circle private forum— and I think we could all get very exciting results doing it together here, since we’re clearly a group of committed bloggers.

    As for updating my progress so far– Awesome Your Life keeps evolving! Just today it hit me like a ton of bricks that my site isn’t really just about creativity or dreaming– its about making life and community great (through creativity and dreaming and gifting) in the midst of this Great Recession. So I have a lot of thinking and working to do about aligning everything with that realization– but I’m excited to have seen that because now I think I understand my USP and target audience better.

    Keeping the accountability journal (I just realized that by double-checking the instructions for it I haven’t been doing it properly yet– we’re supposed to write what we did, what we learned, and what we plan to do– I’ve just mostly been writing what I did) is already helping me greatly in terms of staying focused and feeling accomplished.

    So much so that I’ve decided to apply the same principles to my diet journal over on Love Leaf Nutritarian, and to my dream journal on Awesome Your Life. Basically, I just freakin’ love journaling.

    So far my traffic hasn’t increased all that much (I average about 50 visitors a day) but my bounce rate has decreased over the past week from 50% to 33%, and I have 50 subscribers to my mailing list.

    My main goal for the coming weeks is to do guest posting and other writing “off my blog.” Which is so hard for me because I love doing the writing ON my blog because then it feels like MINE all MINE…. since I’m a major proponent of gift culture, I should really consider the root of this selfishness. 😉

    To sum up, I’m delighted by this project and I send out my heartiest thanks to Corbett for organizing it!


    1. Carolyn, your idea about syndication is excellent and reminded me that I can use my Triberr tribe for this!

      For those of you who don’t know, Triberr is a system by which you are in a tribe with 6 others, and when you post something new to your blog, your tribemates automatically tweet your post.

      In one of my tribes, we share with each other strategies we’re using, new blog posts we find, thinks like that.

      If anyone wants to be a part of one, let me know! I have 5 slots left. Or email me for more info.


  29. I like the new idea. I actually started a blog once called “The Dabbler” because I feel like I learn about so many things, but never very in-depth. I’ve always felt like this was a bad thing, so I’ll be interested to see where you go with this blog. (Never actually posted on ‘The Dabbler’ – guess i was just dabbling with blogging back then.)

    Anyway I’ve joined the challenge with my existing blog Wellness The Natural Way, which is pretty new. I am excited about following along with this challenge because all I’ve managed to do is get the blog up and running and be on a regular posting schedule. I haven’t much of an idea of how to monetize it and am just figuring out how to check traffic. This will be very motivating.

    I created a separate accountability journal at http://wellnessblogjournal.wordpress.com/

    Looking forward to some more accountability and to working with you all.

  30. Love love love the new topic! It will be interesting to see how you monetize, and may even help us with becoming better ‘experts’ in our respective topics.

    I’m using my existing site where I plan to sell my handmade all-natural soaps, and I hope to use the blog to drive traffic. Instead of writing about soaps, though, my blog is about reducing toxin exposure and green living (hence the all-natural skin care). My unique perspective is that I’m a chemist in the pharmaceutical industry, which gives me a good knowledge base to pull from in terms of how environmental toxins affect us.

    Do you think it’s best to have my blog on the same site as my business? Is it okay if the blog isn’t the front page? (I’d like people to see my products first, and not be turned away when they see that it’s “only” a blog…)

  31. Hey all,

    My site is set up, and has been for about two months. I’ve written a few posts, but mostly continue to tweak the design and other technical bits.

    I spent the past two days writing several posts and planning my editorial calendar for the rest of the year. I intend to start an accountability journal on Tumblr this weekend, I hope.

    Meantime, my October goals are to publish two posts per week, continue to improve my writing, and finish my free e-book that readers receive for signing up for my list. (It’s 80% written, just needs formatting and uploading <<–all of which I'm still figuring out how to do.)

    I'm a tax accountant, so I'd like to publicly "launch" my site on Twitter, Facebook, etc sometime before U.S. tax season starts in January — my goal and strong intent is to launch by the end of October. I'd hoped to have a paid product available by the end of 2011, but that seems unlikely at this point.

    I very much look forward to this project and working with everyone! Cheers!

  32. Bravo Corbett and Caleb – when I voted for topic I noted how many were related to learning, so that’s obviously a hot button for a lot of people.

    And with this topic you get the added benefit of not having to abandon the first topic you chose – you can include learning blog design and web design as one of the things you discuss! I usually avoid the term “win-win” but it sure seems to apply here.

  33. I can’t wait to see how this one plays out, might jump in with a new blog as well.

    I’ve been wanting to create a place about learning guitar tricks and shortcuts to better playing but for some reason I’m too scared of recording myself on camera LOL

    I really look forward to get out of my comfort zone and see what happens. 😉

    ~ Sergio

  34. Oh man, I hope our ideas don’t overlap too much. Our site is focused on changing your life within a year, whether that be to learn how to swing dance in a month or to completely reform your health and nutrition in 3 months.

    Great idea, but I’m really worried our site is going to take some heat as being a junior varsity “copy” of yours. Hmmm.

  35. I’m a blogging virgin. So, I’m really starting from zero here. I’ve chosen my topic/brand, registered my domain name, tweaked my WordPress settings, downloaded Thesis, written several blog posts and brainstormed several other post ideas. My plan this week is to: (1) install Plug-ins, (2) add an About page and my FIRST-ever! post, (3) set-up a contact page, (4) register w/ Think Traffic, and (5) begin my accountability journal. Phewww! This blogging thing is a lot of work. 😉

  36. My blog is set up and I have written a few articles. I’m slowly putting together a product I want to sell but what I need to do is put together a blogging plan and STICK TO IT! I’m very good at putting things off until tomorrow so if I can set out a realistic plan it will keep me more focussed. Really looking forward to this project!

  37. I’ve chosen the topic, registered a domain name, and have a basic site up. Not really any content yet. I see that I need to go back and do some planning before I actually start writing (I have it in my head, but I need to write it down). Excited to be part of this challenge!

  38. I’ve got my site setup (bought the domain, got social media accounts set up, set up WordPress + customized a theme). I also posted the first video & daily update so I’m on my way. No monetary gains yet (haven’t put ads or anything on the site yet) but it’s started and I’m happy about that.

  39. Hey Corbett, I think this is a FANTASTIC choice. And I love how you always listen to your readers and respond while still keeping a firm position. Much respect for that.

    I think this 30-day expert idea has great potential for an entire NETWORK of sites. If you think of 30-day expert more as a brand (like the For Dummies brand), then this idea has some serious legs. Easily a multi-million dollar idea you’ve stumbled on here.

  40. Okay my Think Traffic friends –

    I have entered my first accountability journal on the MDBP site –

    I have two questions – first, is there a way to get line breaks in these journals? Mine looks like a giant wall of text and so did the other one I looked at. Hard to imagine anyone wanting to read them.

    Also – I don’t quite get what we do with Feedburner. Now that I am set up with a link, do I need to link it to one of those spiffy RSS graphics folks have on their blogs? Or what?

    Thanks, and this is a blast already!

    1. Hey Sharon, that’s exactly what you’ll do! On my blog, my spiffy RSS button also has facebook, twitter, youtube, and more and is a widget plugin that you tell it your feedburner URL and that’s where it ends up going. It’s called Social Profiles Widget if you want to check it out.

      You could also find yourself some buttons yourself (google “free social icons”), if you want more variety, and build the link yourself.

      For the folks starting out and not sure about plugins, I wrote this article about the several plugins I always install on new blogs: http://fmfblogger.hubpages.com/hub/top-free-wordpress-plugins
      I hope you find it useful!


    2. Sharon,

      I agree with you about the wall of text, my wall also randomly turns text into links for some reason.

      With your RSS feed, you’ll want to find a good plugin (Jason recommended one) and also turn on your email subscriptions. This will allow people to enter their email address to sign up for site updates that way because a lot of people don’t use RSS feeds.

  41. Hey Corbett

    Nice choice on the topic! Always fun to cheer from the sidelines as you watch someone grow a new skill!

    As for progress on my own MDBP blog, I’ve been jotting down my goals for October and will be sharing this in my accountability journal this weekend. I’ve decided to set monthly goals with weekly checkpoints to see if I’m on track.

    In the meantime, here’s a sneak peek or small step towards accomplishing my goals for October…


  42. Not a huge fan of the new topic (a bit too Tim Ferriss-like) but from my point of view, that’s ok because the worse the topic the harder it is to make money from it, so I look forward to seeing how you pull it off. Would really appreciate the in-depth sessions on web-design that you mention because that will be very helpful for everyone.

    I have purchased my domain and set up my website http://www.highflyingladies.com, installed the plug-ins, (seem to have a problem with Feedburner though, not sure how it works) and have created lots of content already. I have taken some content from my previous blog, but have created lots of new content and have been spreading the word on twitter. I have also started communicating with some bloggers/writers with similar websites (women in business/career advice for women).

    One issue I encounter is that most women in business websites are American (about 95% of them) while I am doing a global site. While this is great news, I need to do much more research on how to spread the word in Asia/Africa/Europe as there aren’t many obvious platforms/blogs. I have connected with a lot of female entrepreneurs in Singapore via twitter and hope to establish more contacts that way.

    can’t wait to move forward with the project and start creating something together. This project is great, yesterday I tweeted a new blog post on finding your dream job and another MDBP member was so kind as to retweet it to his 1,600 followers, I am so grateful. Huge thanks to Wilson Usman!!!

    Look forward to hearing how everyone is doing!

  43. Hi Corbett,
    What a great idea to bring together people with common interests and willingness to act. I’m sure in the end many wonderful things will come up from the project.

  44. Hi everybody!

    My new blog http://www.yaelkadesign.com is set (a wordpress and a theme), of course, there’s still a lot to do. Now I’m working on the mailing list form.
    I already have a plan for the first pieces of content.
    I actually liked the original topic, but the new one also sounds interesting.
    Good Luck to all the participants!

  45. Hey Corbett and co.

    Just wanted to say: what a great idea for a blog! (in fact, my father and I have had the idea of a series of infoproducts teaching you how to become an expert for a while now…but you beat us to it!) I’m excited to see what your project turns into – and happy to contribute down the line too.

    Meanwhile, I’ve created the ‘About’ page for my blog, and thought of a preliminary elevator pitch (Happier relationships – starting from today!) Don’t know if it’s what I’ll end up with, but I think an elevator pitch/USP is so useful for keeping you focused on your topic at all times. Like a guiding beacon, of sorts………

    Anyway, l’ll stop there. Good luck everybody!


  46. Thank you for setting this project up. I’ve been planning and planning and planning over the last couple years around how to take my violin teaching expertise online. And the MDBP is, I hope, the swift kick in the butt I really need to actually start taking action and implementing my now overly grandiose plan of creating 7 violin-related sites a reality. And it all starts with the blog. I’ve registered, got my domain, installed WP and Thesis, I’m ready to go.

    2 questions:
    1. Is it alright if I eschew using Feedburner and sign up for Aweber instead for building my list right from the start?
    2. For revenue, if I attract students to my teaching studio for private lessons through this blog, is that considered part of the revenue generation? Or does it have to be purely passive income through products offered, not services?


    1. 1. You can connect your aweber #’s to your feedburner account so it will count both your mailing list and rss subscribers into one total.
      2. Services would also be included.

  47. Hello everyone!

    I’ve got an existing blog that I started on August 20th: http://selfhelpphotographer.com

    It’s just over a month old. To date I have a url, a design and four posts on my site (I post once a week).

    I just started a video tutorial series for email subscribers, and as of right now I have 11 subscribers. I’m all registered for MDBP. Right now my accountability journal is part of my MDBP profile but I’m going to move it to my own site to make it a little easier for me.

    I’m looking forward to working with everyone and learning with everyone in this!

  48. Hi guys!

    I’m finally all set up and I went to update my profile with my FeedBurner URI and then update my accountability journal but, I can’t seem to? Clicking ‘edit profile’ is getting me no where.

    Can someone help me please?


  49. Hi everyone,

    Here is a quick update on my site. My domain was registered on July 18, so I’m a little over two months into my blog. Chose a WordPress theme and began adding content within days of that date.

    The topic of my site kind of changed itself, and it’s doing ok now. Traffic is 400-800 per day by getclicky standards, or 400-665 per day by Google analytics, for the past few days anyways.

    I have no way of knowing if this is good traffic for a two month old site or not, but I’m happy with my progress thus far.

    I have some good ideas on targeting traffic with Google+ in my accountability journal, so look me up here if you’re interested in that!

    Also, on the new topic for the MDBP, I’m glad you guys listened to feedback and changed it, gotta give you props for that. Definitely looking forward to seeing your progress!

    1. You’re getting 400 visits PER DAY and your blog is only 2 months old?! Mine is 9 months old and I get 200 on a good day. :) Well done on your publicity then! Where does most of your traffic come from?


  50. Hi Jason,

    Yes it’s per day, for the last few days anyways. I recently hit a big jump in visitors, so I don’t know how long it will stick. Before that I was around 200 per day.

    The majority of my traffic is coming from Google searches actually. My getclicky analytics page is public and linked in my profile here on the MDBP. Feel free to check it out, dig through it and see exactly where all the traffic comes from.

    One note on the Getclicky traffic stats though, it does not show Google+ as a referrer for some reason. I get some traffic from there also.

  51. Hi everybody!

    So I talked to Corbett about setting up a forum for Tribal Blog Syndication for all us Million Dollar Blog Projecteers…… he said it sounded good and to go ahead and invite ya’ll. So here it is:


    And here I wrote a little post about the virtues of Tribal Blog Syndication:


  52. Hi everyone,

    I like the new blog topic Corbett, I did like web design too though! But this new topic is great.

    My topic is goal achievement. I am going to write about how to set and achieve goals both in the theory and also in my own endeavours. I have been achieving so many goals in my personal and business life in the last couple of years that I really feel I have a lot to offer people who are struggling with their goals.

    I have a woo theme and some draft blog posts written. I am looking forward to getting stuck in.

    Julz :)

  53. Hey Corbett and Caleb,

    I think the choice in blog topic you’ve changed to is awesome and look forward to seeing the blog hit the web (and the #MDBP hashtag is helping the participants stay connected on twitter).

    I’ve already been hard at work on my blog relaunch by:

    1. Defining My Market
    2. Refining my Blog Topic
    3. Developed my Unique Selling Proposition

    (which I’m adding to the accountability journal here as links to my Tumblr public accountability journal)

    But I do have a question;

    Would my revised blog topic become the Home Page Site Description?

    (sorry If I’m getting ahead of the pace with the above question, just been super stoked about participating and anxious to get My Brooklyn Report re-launched)

  54. I’ve chosen my topic and registered my domain. Setting up the design of my blog has been a huge learning curve though. I started on blogger so I know a bit of CSS, but designing this blog on wordpress has been so time consuming.

    I’ve found Amy’s website helpful for newbies to wordpress: http://bloggingwithamy.com/categories/

    For now I struggle with finding a balance between working on this project and the most important thing to me which is being a wife and mom. I love working on this project so it has interfered with my home life.

    My new blog goes hand in hand with my current blog. I think a lot of my current readers will subscribe/read my new blog.

    I’m not sure how to track how many new readers I have (versus current readers) once I get my new blog up and running.

  55. So, I’ve got a tropic and domain name and set up my very first blog. My next step will be writing content and customizing my site. It may be a steep learning curve for me, but I’m always up for a challenge.

  56. I have an existing trivia blog which went live about six weeks ago, so that’s what I’m using for MDBP.

    Three years ago I started a different blog which has had some success because I concentrated on the content and building relationships within that niche. The niche itself was a hugely popular one – graphic design – so it has been easy to find and engage with that community online.

    I’m not finding it at all easy to develop relationships in the same way this time, because trivia as a niche in blogging doesn’t appear to be well developed at this stage.

    I see myself having two significant challenges this time around:

    1. Finding readers for my blog (which so often comes with building relationships and engaging with a community around the blog’s niche)

    2. Monetizing (I have no previous experience in this at all)

    Steps to achieving both of those are what I expect will take up most of my Accountability Journal. I’m looking forward to getting started.

  57. I messed up my site this week! I removed the dates from all my posts and the URL links since I’m trying to make the information more static. Then I did a google search for something related to my site and got a 404 error when I clicked the link.

    I’ve been looking more closely at my keywords and trying to figure out how people are finding me. They aren’t finding my home page but they are searching for a specific activity and one of my pages comes up close to the top in google. (which is a good thing!)

    I going to continue working on cleaning up my old posts, figuring out my categories and tags. I am also going to upgrade my theme from a free one to one with support. I’ve been wasting way too much time trying to figure out the small changes.

  58. Hey! I’ve been posting here and participating. My own blog is going well but I kept noticing my comments aren’t showing up on some blogs here. I googled and now think I’ve been blacklisted by Akismet. The blogs using GASP are taking my comments.

    If you want more comments, consider using GASP (I’m not affiliated with it and it’s free).

  59. Hi everyone, I’ve been browsing through the MDBP participating blogs list, and there are some really great sites out there!

    I noticed a common trend in the member profiles- half of the GetClicky links do not work, and it’s not your fault. The directions given on their site are just a frustrating mess.

    The biggest thing I noticed is that a lot of the GetClicky URL’s are wrong.To get your GetClicky link to work properly, just copy this URL and replace the numbers at the end with your own site ID # (after enabling public view)


    I hope this helps some of you!

  60. Domain and site are up, a couple of posts are in, but still need a bit of work. Honestly, I had planned to be farther down the road than this at this point.

    My biggest problem seems to be the urgent getting in the way of the important, and the self doubt that keeps creeping in. I know there is tremendous monetization potential with this site, but it is so daunting to think of all the time that will be required to get it to that point, doubt creeps in, and the urgent items take my time, and I think ‘next week’ I’ll get back on track.

    Got to press on!

  61. Hi everyone, I am complete newbie in blogging and online business. I setup my blog: http://irinabelska.com/blog and wrote 2 articles for now. Has a lot of issues with techie stuff, but finally blog is running.
    Because I have 1,5 year daughter in my hands I have a very limited time, but I will do my best.
    Glad about all who already have a traffic and even some income. Good luck for all in this journey.

  62. I have come across your Million Dollar Blog Project and have decided to register our new blog, http://www.bestpsdfreebies.com. This is my first attempt at a make-money blog and am enjoying the advice of professionals like yourself.

    One disappointing thing about this project though is that if you search for the hash tag #TTMDBP on twitter there are no results. Is there a way to better communicate with other participants in this project? As i am late to game, I was hoping to discuss with some of the other what has worked for them so far and discuss what has worked for us.

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