Mentorship for a Year

Next week we’re finally opening our latest project Fizzle to the world. We’ll have full details for you about it on Tuesday, including special launch-day pricing you won’t want to miss.

But before Fizzle opens, let’s do something fun…

We’re giving away a full year of mentorship from the Think Traffic team AND lifetime membership in Fizzle to one deserving Think Traffic reader.

We get requests every week for mentorship/coaching/consulting, and I’m always bummed to turn them down. We’ve simply been too focused on Fizzle to work with anyone one-on-one in a coaching role.

In fact, I haven’t full-on actively mentored anyone in nearly a year. One of the last people I worked deeply with was Scott Dinsmore of Live Your Legend, who has since gone on to grow a 26k subscriber blog, a multiple-six-figure business, and has one of the most popular TEDx talks of 2012. Scott is much more than a former client or protégé, he’s now a very close friend and someone I learn from every week.

I take mentorship and coaching very seriously. Ask Jennifer Boykin or Chris Ducker or Sibyl Chavis or Barrie Davenport. I coached each of them within the past two years, and each has done impressive things online recently. Book deals, speaking gigs, business success, you name it. I still talk with each on a regular basis and continue to be committed to their long-term success.

My point is that we want you to succeed and will do everything we can to help make that happen.

If you win this giveaway, we will accept nothing less than you reaching and exceeding your online business goals. You’ll be the only coaching client we will be actively working with, so you’ll get plenty of attention from the Think Traffic team.

Win Mentorship for a Year: Here’s How

As I said, we’ll be giving away a mentorship package to one deserving Think Traffic reader. This package includes:

A Lifetime Deluxe Membership to Fizzle

  • You’ll get full access to the video training library, community support, founder’s stories, office hours and anything else we add to Fizzle… for life
  • Lifetime Fizzle membership value: $1500

Mentorship for a Year

  • Live one-on-one coaching calls with me (Corbett) every two weeks (we’ll develop a strategy for your online business together, and I’ll hold you accountable)
  • A site design strategy session with Chase Reeves (when it’s time to develop or re-develop your site, Chase will create a custom site strategy for you, and will work with your designer to make your site incredible)
  • On-demand support from the Think Traffic team – we’ll be here for you, ready to answer any question you have, to make introductions, to point you in the right direction (or to talk you off the ledge if necessary)

Special Bonus: you’ll also get access to any other course or product we have or will publish. We want you to succeed. Any tool or course we develop is yours on the house (including Traffic School, Start a Blog that Matters, etc.).

This package isn’t for sale, but if it was it would have a total value of $20k or more.

How to Win

We want to give this mentorship + training package to someone who is going to do HUGE things with their online business.

To help us decide if you’re the right candidate, we need you to tell us why you and your business idea should be chosen.

To enter, leave a comment below. We strongly encourage you to include a link to something you create — show us why you should win. Your entry could be a video, a blog post, a poem, an essay, a painting, an audio recording, something else, or simply an epic comment.

Again, to enter, you must leave a comment below. In that comment you may link to something you created that explains why you should win.

Here’s what a sample entry might look like:

Hi guys, thanks for the opportunity! Here’s my entry:

Brevity is encouraged. Don’t create something too short to make your case, but if you create something long, it better have us on the edge of our seats.

Use your best judgement. Get creative. Tell us why you should win.

Your entry needs to be submitted by Sunday, January 13 at Midnight Pacific. We’ll close the comments on this post then, and no more entries will be accepted. We will select the lucky winner from the posted entries.

The winner will be announced on Tuesday, January 15th in a blog post at Think Traffic.

If you have questions about the rules, write us in the comments below and we’ll answer so everyone can see.

We’re so excited about this. Good luck!

Update (7am Pacific, 1/10): just to be clear, you should be creating something specifically for this contest. An entry video, a blog post, create something that tells us specifically why you should win. Simply linking to your website or something you’ve already created won’t be enough. We want you guys to make something for us. Get creative.

Update (Monday, 1/14): entries are officially closed. Thanks to all ~250 (wow!) of you who entered below. The winner will be announced here tomorrow. Cheers!

Update (Tuesday, 1/15): And the winner is…

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

258 thoughts on “Mentorship for a Year”

  1. Corbett,

    This is why I should win. I quit my job last year because I was burnt out and I wanted to find what I really want to do, so I took the worst job you can have—I moved out to Afghanistan and left everyone I loved behind. I’d rather be separate from them here than a shell of a man back home.

    I’d be perfect for your mentoring program—I’m eager and fired up about getting a blog that I’m passionate about up: A blog about forging and finding friendship among men 25-99.

    Here are examples of my work on my Afghanistan blog that would fit the blog:

    I would have loved to made you a video or a podcast, but I’m afraid being in a war-torn country doesn’t really give me that luxury.

    Also, if you pick me, I’ll give Chase Reeves a wedgie anytime you want.


    Ryan McRae
    Bagram Airfield, Afghanistan

  2. Hi guys, here’s my entry:

    I’ve built an online store which sells music and sounds for use in apps and mobile games and am currently populating it with my music as well as that of other composers around the world. I want to built it into the ultimate resource for buying and licensing music and sounds for use in mobile apps and games!



  3. Hey guys, wow, what an opportunity.

    My site is all about becoming a better man and reaching full potential. I’d love the chance to work with you both to ensure I reach mine. Please make that happen for me. – aside from hosting, I’m yet to spend a penny on it. Are you really going to make me pay for your services? 😉

  4. This is the most epic opportunity ever!

    I’m Mike and I run

    Since launching the blog 5 months ago, I’ve seen some great traction, but taking the project to the next level with your help would be absolutely amazing.

    I think I should win because my site falls outside of your usual “self-help” category. It’s a living proof that what you teach can be applied to any blog in any category.

  5. What a Great opportunity, Posts like this really stands from the crowd.

    I am overwhelmed with a lot of commitments, I would love to apply but i think i should leave the chance to others whom are going to get the most of it .

    Thank you Corbett

    1. Sorry . . . I got too excited and didn’t finish reading the rest of your blog.

      I think I should win because I have the discipline and the creativity to pull this off. In June (2012) I didn’t know how to podcast (see link above), I didn’t know how to make a website with a corresponding app, and I didn’t know how to make videos (, but I know have all of these developed and at a fairly high quality.


      Brandon Wall

  6. I run I offer buddhist tools, techniques, ideas and practices to help people survive and thrive in the modern world.

    Everything is currently free. Right now I’m doing a 28-day meditation challenge for my readers and subscribers. I normally post 5 times a week, but for this I’ll be posting EVERY DAY for 28 days. My audience and subscribers are growing every week.

    My commitment to this blog is clear. The benefit to others is clear. I want to be able to do this full time.

    Which means I need to turn it into money, without compromising the integrity of the blog. Which means I need your help!

    The ideas on Think Traffic (and previously on Corbett Barr) regularly offer me fresh perspectives and have helped shape my blog and my strategy. I know that with my commitment and energy, working one to one with Corbett will guarantee I get where I’ve been trying to get for many years – living as a full-time Buddhist teacher and practitioner! Living for the benefit of all beings! How sexy is that???

    Just think of the amount of good karma you’d be piling up in your karma account 😉

  7. Thanks for this great opportunity!

    If you are up for a challenge, I invite you to pick me 😉

    Why? Because I work in another language on the web!

    It would be fun to apply your teaching and see if it works the same way in another market don’t you think?

    Here is my most recent blog I would like to work on with you guys:

    I am ready to WORK WORK WORK !


  8. Hey Corbett, thanks for the opportunity.

    I’m Ram from India. I think I’m the person that needs your mentoring the most. I’ve been trying to make money online since the last 2 years but have made just a few hundred bucks till now. I tried everything I could but never succeeded. But this time I’ve finally made up my mind that whatever happens I’m going to succeed online by blogging in 2013.

    My blog (only 2 months old) :

    I am currently pursuing Bachelors of Engineering and I’m in my last year of college. Just 3 more months and I’ll become an engineer. And you all know what comes next – a 9 to 5 job! But I don’t want to have a job. I want to live free and make my living on the internet, blogging from my laptop, spend more time with my family and help people with their online businesses.

    So, I just have a couple of months left before the college ends. I’m working hard now so that I can start earning from my blog. I may not start earning five or six figures in this short period of time but I just wish that I start earning enough that I don’t need to get a job.

    And I feel I’ll be able to achieve that if I have a mentor like you. I have been following your blog for a long time now and I feel very connected to you (and sorry as I bugged you a lot of times with my silly doubts and problems). I feel I’ll be a great student to you and together we may set up an example.

    Your mentor-ship can save me a lot of time and help me grow my blog. So I think I should win.


  9. Hey Corbett–

    Thanks for this opportunity to be considered for mentoring!

    I write a blog about anxiety, and I would love to learn how to reach more people online, who otherwise are not able, ready or interested in traditional talk therapy as an intervention.

    I copied (hijacked!) your idea on this post:, and the results showed me that there’s a reason why Google search engines are queried for anxiety-related issues over 1/2 million times per month in the U.S., alone.

    We ARE Xanax Nation (46 million prescriptions of Xanax written in 2010, and over 40 million adults diagnosed annually) sadly, and it pains me to see so many people suffering with panic, low self-esteem, lack of focus and productivity, trips to the E.R., and untold stress to family and loved ones.

    I know there’s people out there hungry for non-traditional and more holistic anxiety tips, and I need an expert to help me best reach them.

    Good luck to all the participants, and thank again for the chance!

    1. Update (7am Pacific, 1/11)

      Yesterday I logged on before 7 am. Had to troll the interwebs for the anxiety stats, so I didn’t see the update in time.

      Here’s my specific post created for Corbett, Chase and Caleb (<–b/c I know he's in here, somewhere 😉 ). I stayed up late to finish this last night–the Siberian Huskies had to forgo their evening walk…Aww.


      This has been a fun challenge thus far, and I want to wish everyone the best of luck!

      We're in this together :).


  10. Hi Corbett, I run and

    I’m from El Salvador in Central America, I started my personal blog as a 365 Day Challenge in order to achieve freedom from a third world country, I was unsuccessful about getting total freedom but everything was not lost.

    In that year I was able to enter SABTM course, I won a scholarship in Digital Nomad Academy, I was able to be part of SSM group from Freedom Business Blog and I was able to create an online business that allowed me to take care of my family when my father got fired last year.

    Thanks to all this, I’ve been able to have many successful mentors around the world and improve my business every day, I’ve been hustling contacting possible clients around the world and was able to create a good portfolio and gain a lot of experience.

    Now I’m looking not only to grow my business to the point where I can have absolute freedom and help others do the same.

    Since I live here it’s very difficult for me to find like minded people, so I’m always looking for other mentors, and If I’m able to get this one I will hustle my ass off to make the best of the knowledge you give me.

  11. ooooh, pick me, pick me!!!! (Oh, you already did!)

    Thank you for the lovely mention, Corbett. You are absolutely the BEST in my book. Forever grateful — that’s me and the THOUSANDS of my readers over at

    We’re rebranding women getting older — because Crone-Making is Hot!

    1. I’m so happy we had the chance to work together Jennifer. I love your mission at LAT, and you always make me happy with your enthusiasm and incredible work ethic. Watching you change the way women look at getting older has been fascinating. I can’t wait to watch your message reach the whole world!

  12. Hi Corbett,

    Here’s my entry,

    Why should I win ?

    I am a SW engineer working for a well-known services company(last year an issue about it referred as chop-shop) in India. Since I hated the structure & hierarchy, I was planning for 8 long months to exit that job and do something meaningful with my life.

    After waiting for 8 months, I realized I would never QUIT if not now. So, I quit on July-2012 and have started a technical language training company with my friend & working on training students on technical languages like Java & Android programming.

    My offline business with my friend is doing really well but my plans while quitting has been creating an online business & creating good value to others through them. I have started a blog at and write about Android market, programming and trivia there. I am a long time follower of you @ ThinkTraffic, Scott @ LYL and Pat Flynn @ SPI.

    With your guidance, I believe I can learn to make my online business to work well and achieve my dream of creating a sustainable online business which creates meaning and value for others at the same time.

    I have quit my job so that I will push myself and come out on top when I know that I do not have a safety net to fall back on ( Inspired from latest Batman movie ). After that scene in the movie, I realized the reason for my procrastination and other excuses.

    So, I would make an ideal student who is already motivated and working on online business to make it TICK.

    Here is my submission for candidature. :-).


  13. Hi guys, nice idea!

    I’m a freelance book cover designer starting out at There is a big chance to help ton of self-publishing authors to get great resources for their book covers and marketing efforts and create a place for them to have a community on the blog where they can learn and get value for all of their needs.

    I’m doing it either way but it would be great to have mentorship like TT.

  14. Hey Corbett,

    My name is David, and as someone preparing to get my blog off the ground, I must say that THINK TRAFFIC has already been an amazing guide – for that, I begin my submission by saying (an enthusiastic!) THANK YOU for the guidance you’ve already provided! I can only imagine the fruit my efforts will produce if I were to be mentored and coached by you; so without further adieu, here’s both where I’m at, and my submission:

    My website can be found at To understand the driving force behind my life, and my mission please go to “My Story” (it’s too long, I know, but I had a lot to say and wanted readers to get a sense of my philosophies and humour) and please scroll down to and read”How Game Changer # 2 Changed My Life”. If this holds your interest enough, I’ll ask you to poke around the whole site; if not, then I know the material hasn’t “grabbed” you as a reader.

    Thanks Corbett, and win or lose, I’ll always be a fan of your site. Thanks for everything!

    1. Of course I left out the word “to” in my comment.

      Also, I made the blog post password protected so my regular readership won’t see it.
      The password is: thinktraffic

      I apologize in advance for my sense of humor and satire. 😉

  15. Hey Corbett,

    I am a great proponent of financial freedom and the web being the tool towards getting there.

    What I’ve done:
    I started an online menswear fashion label – with my brother-in-law in the US. We’ve got an excellent product and I’m working remotely on it. We feel it is time to bring it to the next level – and with your help, we can get there. In order to gain greater traction online, we’ve started a fashion blog – as well to talk about things that concern the modern man.

    I’ve recently launched a digital agency – – with a close friend in Singapore, with the aim of helping small businesses get online. Our eventual aim is something like Fizzle’s – to provide all businesses with the tools to easily get online through easy, practical lessons – in this region.

    My aims and submission:
    I intend to be able to work from anywhere in the world and achieve financial freedom in the next 2 years. Here’s an advert I created with friends on a shoestring budget for Hucklebury last year which we never marketed due to our exacting standards but stands as testament to the amount of effort I’m willing to put into doing whatever it takes:

    Do leave me your thoughts!


  16. Hi Corbett and team –

    My wife Daneen and I have been working full-time for the past four years on a feature documentary called “Seventh-Gay Adventists” about three gay and lesbian members of a conservative church who are trying to reconcile their faith and their sexuality.

    The film has been on the film festival circuit this past year and we’ll be releasing it on DVD/online in the next few months.

    We’d love to work with your team to help create a sucessful launch of the film and also to start a blog to help other documentary filmmakers be able to create niche films that can help make the world a better place.

    Thanks for considering us and good luck with the launch of Fizzle!


    Stephen Eyer, Producer
    “Seventh-Gay Adventists”

    1. This is an interesting project. I’m Seventh Day Adventist and had a few gay friends at Southern Adventist University when I was enrolled there. I know some of them were very secretive about it while others were very open.

      Seems like an interesting project. I know some Adventist areas can be more open to some things than others.

  17. Hi Corbett, I’m a big fan and this is a huge opportunity. I’ll keep this concise for you:

    My network is home to the popular design blog which has received 8 million unique visitors. We have a great membership community of hundreds of happy members who we help to learn graphic/web design. We literally change people’s lives and our teaching has been used in universities, colleges and schools all over the world.

    What will mentoring me bring you that mentoring others may not?

    – A million dollar business. We’re already established, and a million dollar business is totally viable in less than 2 years.
    – I’m design/marketing savvy so wouldn’t need hand-holding through all the boring/basic stuff. We could bounce some truly exciting ideas off one another, and I would HUGELY appreciate your expertise.
    – I’m beyond determined. Mentoring me guarantees results, and it’s not something you’ll have to push me with. Give me an idea or suggestion and watch me run away with it.
    – Once my monthly income doubles (immediately doable), I’d like to come out to the states and personally buy you a beer :).

    Thanks for your consideration. Your mentoring would literally change my life, and impact the lives of thousands as a result.


  18. Very cool of you. Anytime an opportunity comes along to work with smart people, I have to give it a go.

    Do you think trust is important online? I do. Big time. That is why I’m currently working on an original research project related to the development of trust in online communications and its impact on consumer’s intent to buy.

    Short-term I’m working to build an audience by continuing to research and share quality information. Long-term I see Get Elevation working with other quality experts and becoming much bigger than myself. You can get a glimpse at my long-term vision here:

  19. Thanks Corbett for this awesome contest!

    I’ve been a regular reader of Think Traffic, I can’t thank you enough for all that you’ve taught me, I almost feel guilty for receiving so much value and not giving anything in return.

    I’m in the tea niche. I started the blog in June 2012 and as of this month I’m seeing an average daily 80 unique visitors. My current goal is to take it to 250 uniques per day.

    While most tea blogs talk about tea in general, mine is specialized in Japanese green tea.

    I’ve already been asked for a guest post (will submit this weekend), and a tea company will give me a free sample for a product review! This makes me very happy, I didn’t expect to receive attention to my blog so soon.

    Besides social media, I’m active on two important tea networks: Steepster and Tea Trade.

    Although the blog targets US readers, I live in Colombia. Over here, if I could get $1,500 dollars per month from the blog, I could blog full time and live comfortably. Right now, I’m not getting much income, perhaps because my traffic is too low? That’s one of the things I need help with.

    It’s all been a great journey. First of all, English isn’t my native language, it’s Spanish. Second, I use my third language, Japanese, to research posts and interact with other people in my niche. And Finally, I didn’t have any prior skills relating to the internet, I just learned it all on the go!

    I must admit that when I started, I doubted that I could one day have a popular blog and earn some money on the side while having lots of fun. Now I now it’s absolutely possible.

    I’m not sure if this qualifies for an epic comment, but anyway I want to thank you again for your work, you’ve changed my life.

  20. Hi Corbett,

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    I am a newcomer and looked for any immigrant role models in the mainstream media to learn from , follow their footsteps and most of all, to be able to dream big.
    Couldnt find any, really. So i went ahead and started a website for motivating Newcomers to action. Its called ” The Newcomer” and you can check it out at

    Due to lack of funding, I can’t go and shoot any more videos so thats that for right now but I want to grow this into a huge motivational resource for the brave people who move country’s.



  21. Thanks so much for offering this outstanding opportunity. I am oh-so-SO interested in being considered! The home page for my online education project is – I’ve been learning so much this last year about how to improve my membership site/product. My first year – even though I literally flew by the seat of my pants! – profited $30K. I *know* that with a great mentor I could CRUSH 2013! I’m IN for FIZZLE – cannot wait for Tuesday. Best, Jill

  22. Hi Corbett,
    thanks a lot for the opportunity. I have already created a software product (PhraseExpander – it helps the people that need to do a lot of typing reducing the amount of keystrokes they need to type: currently, the product is used by M.D. (to reduce errors in prescriptions and improve care), bloggers and a lot of people that have disabilities and don’t have full access to the keyboard. So it’s nice to know that you can make a difference for the better (although small) in the life of other people.
    I think I have a lot to learn on how to communicate better online and your mentorship will certainly help.
    Thanks a lot for taking me into consideration.

  23. Thanks for the amazing offer, Corbett.

    Here’s my pitch:

    ‘Women are half the population and still under-represented in key decision making at all levels throughout the world. This needs to change, for the good of the planet. Creating ways of changing this are essential, if the unique voice, ways of solving problems and working together that women offer, are ever to become common place.

    Unlocking the potential of women at an individual level is where this needs to start and is why I have created ‘Pathways To Change’. Unlocking the potential of ‘Pathways To Change’ is my challenge in making this happen!’

    …and is why I need your expertise to help me take this forward.

    Thank you.

  24. Hi Everyone At Think Traffic,

    Here’s my entry:

    Martial arts training + minimalism + homelessness + financially stability + delving into the unknown = original, targeted resources + safety tips, consulting and support + community + stories that push your comfort zone.

    In the process of writing two books – a how to and a memoir to be launched on the site.

    I appreciate this opportunity to apply for mentorship. Thank-you!

  25. I’m on a mission – get people to slow the hell down. To change their lives one rose-smelling moment at a time.

    And because I could never say it like them, in the words of some of my readers is proof that it’s working:

    “I would not be here in this capacity if I had not found your blog. I am sure I would still be just surviving.”

    “You provided such simple advice and it has made such a profound impact on my life.”

    “The whole thing is uplifting, a gentle call to action. I feel inspired to do less and be more involved in the life I have.”

    Choose me or choose someone equally as passionate. Either way, just know that you guys have been instrumental in helping me change lives. So thank you. x

  26. I believe I’m a pretty big deal in the pool industry. Not because of my stunningly good looks (that goes without saying), but because of the truly unique content I create. For example:

    Problem is, this type of “epic” content doesn’t lead to income and I’m not sure how to parlay this into MEGA cash. I make money by linking to affiliate products that I personally recommend. I also sell advertising – and got 3 big companies interested this year – but the traffic is so low that I can’t charge a premium.

    I designed and coded my website from scratch using PHP. I have my own CMS, accounting software (hardly being used), and site statistics all in one convenient dashboard. But none of that really matters unless the traffic is good; and it’s not.

    The site has been around since 2007 and I’ve made improvements every single year. In fact, I use to do a lot of old school SEO tactics, including: mass article distribution and link exchanging. I have since removed myself from that world, however, I have to give credit to those who helped me get the little traffic I have today.

    Since April of 2012, I have had 24 hours a day to work on my site and get it to generate income, and I’m sorry to say that I failed…I think. My deadline for turning this site around is April of 2013, if I can’t do it by then, I will be forced to find a job (ugh!).

    I need a mentor and I hope you choose me. Actually, I could really just use a friend to just talk about my passions with. I live alone with my dog and no one I know shares my enthusiasm for internet marketing.

    Here are some more examples of my “epic” content:

  27. Hello! My name is Om (I was born Henrique and received Om in India from my guru).

    On next 27th i’m going to India to spend 5 months in search of my dharma, spiritual work. I’m quitting my current job to pursue this goal. Recently I invested some money buying a nice macbook and a good Canon in order to set up an online business based in helping people finding their spiritual works. The work the unifies pleasure, satisfaction and prosperity.
    I am a spiritual seeker, with a long experience in meditation, ayahuasca, yoga and tantra. And now I feel ready to share power with other people. I don’t know how, but I have a strong intuition that paths will be open and I’ll manage to do it somehow.
    Here in Brazil people really need this, the inspiration I have is from guys like you, that are in the edge of online entrepreneurship.
    My website is (Meditation and Money in portuguese).

    Thank you for the initiative, that you may receive thousand times what you are offering.

  28. Hi guys,
    Thanks for the opportunity. I would love to be mentored because I have just started the blog website below and I want to turn this into a full time job, because I will be losing my current job in Sept. This is what I know, have a passion for and want to be involved with the rest of my life.
    It is about how I lost 155 lbs and will continue with my lifestyle change.

    My best work so far is the post from January 4th, 2013, but I know I can use so much more help to get it where I want it to go.


  29. Corbett – this is awesome.

    Why I’d love to win: I am really struggling to grow revenue on my site. I have lots of great products (that sell), a list of 850 and people love it. I just need help with strategy, and an effective site redesign and some direction. I’m PASSIONATE about cycling overseas and helping others do the same: here’s my passion ->

    Cheers for the chance,

    PS I’d also apply the skills I learnt to my coffee subscription site – same problems, same level of obsession.

    1. I should have added: my fiancee and I moved from big money in Melbourne (AU) onto a 10 acre farm near Byron for a sea/tree change. We grow our food, run chooks, cows etc and just scrape by. My businesses really help but we want them to be our sole income.

  30. Hey Corbett,

    I graduated from a top 4-year university and started working investment banking. I was making a lot of money, but was not living my ideal life. I didn’t mind the hours, or hard work, it was just that I felt like I was floating throughout life and not living up to my potential.

    After 1.5 years, I quit. It was the hardest decision of my life. I wanted to make a living for myself creating my own company and being in full control of my own hours and independence. I failed so many times…but I learned how to create a website, implement SEO, gain organic traffic, and engage with customers. Using my research skills gained from my previous profession, I was able to learn everything I could that was available on the internet. I’ve learned way more from this experience the last few years, than from my college and work combined. My greatest online achievement was creating an e-commerce site for my parents that does low 4 figures online each month. It’s enough to help ease their bills and makes me feel confident that I can do this.

    I’m not in it for the money. I’m in it to actually create a lasting website that is different than what others have made: how to make money, how to make blogs, how to achieve financial freedom, or how to eat healthy and exercise, etc. I’ve been brainstorming and implementing lots of things and am in the process of doing something great, involving a low-tech industry and pushing it into a high-tech region…basically I’m creating a website with it. It’s not a completely novel idea, but I’ve been using my knowledge and working harder as each day passes to make it a reality. I can’t post a website of it yet, but it’s being developed and will be completed in the next month. I want to share this and also introduce an amazing software idea I have that literally hundreds of thousands of people have been asking for…and no one has done it yet.

    I need a mentor to help me get to the final level and give me that extra push. I’m a young MJ and I need a Phil Jackson. I’m way too passionate to let something like this just slide and am very hungry.


  31. Hey Corbett,

    a mentorship by you sounds like a dream come true! I’d love to apply and hopefully also give something back to you in the process, but let’s start at the beginning shall we?

    I run a (German) blog about sushi at and I really really love it. The problem? I have no idea how to turn this into a full-time thing. Wait let me rephrase this: I know that I should produce a video course (which I already started – more later), release an app (preferably for iPad), run ads, have my own products (for instance starter sets for sushi newbies), and so on. Seems like knowledge isn’t the thing that’s holding me back.

    The real problem: where the hell should I start?

    It feels like I’m chasing my tail with everything I do and can’t really move to where I want my site to be.

    This is where you could help me. I don’t need an action plan or someone to tell me the basics of SEO or how to set up a blog. I work as online marketing guy (SEM) and I’ve been doing this ‘online thing’ it seems like forever (actually 4 years but who’s counting right?).

    The blog itself is aged and I’ve been through all kinds of trouble with it (DDOS, hacks, phishing attackes,….) but kept at it and now have 73 posts and 220 comments and an eBook that has been downloaded hundreds of times in the last year alone (Clicky tells me 504). I feel like it has been worth it for the experience alone. I’ve established myself as an authority already and can say that I’ve enjoyed the road so far (well without all that hacking shit that gave me some tough nights).

    What do I need then? An online buddy who can guide me in certain directions. Someone who says: “Your idea of an online course is brilliant but you should rather concentrate on x first”. Someone that I can bounce ideas of and also just have relaxed talks about business, real life and other stuff. Someone who holds me accountable for all my big plans and also someone who can talk to me if i can help. I don’t expect you to run my business for me and I’m a fast learner.

    What do you get out of mentoring me? On the one hand you are entitled to one extremely large self-made sushi feast made by me. Everybody who has tried mine was disappointed the next time they went into a sushi-bar, no bs. Ever tried sushi with chocolat-coated popcorn? You will if you take me as mentee. That opportunity alone is worth $100!

    You will also have a wonderful place to stay when you come to Munich for let’s say ummm … Oktoberfest maybe? This will save you some serious money as hotels are rare that time of the year and you get a local running around in Lederhosen. How cool is that?

    Also I think I’m a pretty funny guy (my girlfriend doesn’t think so, but she’s got no say in this) and I’m not only good for talking about online business but whatever topic you would like to talk about with a couple of minutes prep time.

    German history? No problem. Why do Amish have those awesome beards and I don’t? That’s a bit personal but alright I’m game. Why rhetorical questions are the best stylistic grammar thing ever? I’m your man.

    On a serious note: it would be a great honor and pleasure to work with you. I’ve been followings your blog(s) for quite some time now and I know that working together with you would substantially increase my chances of earning a steady full income online.

    Thanks for the chance and hope to hear from you.

    Cheers Tim

    P.S. I had to look up what brevity means. Apparently I missed the point here 😉

    P.P.S. Almost forgot. Here’s a video I’ve done myself showing how to cut salmon for sushi

  32. Hi Corbett!!
    I am rather new to online business but not new to hard work!! I have welded in the shipyards of the pacific northwest for 15 years, I am now 30 and my body is pretty shot. Every temp change is felt sharply in my knees and back. I have been soaking up your emails and posts for awhile, and you truly motivate me!!
    My 5 year old son was diagnosed with autism last year, and in March of 2012 he came to live with me when his mother was arrested for armed robbery. I was daunted by the task of raising him alone, but my girlfriend helped a lot, she works with people with disability’s. Within a week my son was potty trained and we started learning sign language. Within 6 months he went from hardly speaking 10 words to over 150 words and now speaks in sentences!!
    In July I was laid off from my job as a welder, and I jumped on the opportunity to start making money online. I started writing articles and making web 2.0 pages to earn some amazon affilate income.
    I started a few months ago, in a attempt to merge selling my own repair/modded systems and services with having a affiliate store for everything amazon offers in my niche, as well as reviews, achievement guides and video walk through’s I posted on youtube.
    I really think this mentor-ship will help me take it to the next level, which is needed badly as I am yet to make any money over $10 on any of my ventures…and my unemployment is running out. I am haunted with the thought of finding (and not to mention the cost) of a special needs daycare for my son if I am forced to go back to work in the shipyards…
    Please help me take this to the next level.

  33. Hi Corbett, thanks so much for presenting this opportunity to your community.

    My goal is to become a world class electronic musician and live performer. As well as to inspire as many people as possible to follow their dreams and to tap into their own creativity as a source to overcome personal struggles. My intended vehicle to push this mission forward, and reason for applying for the mentorship, is to create a blog to spread the message of my music and to grow my personal brand through creative writing, video blogging, and in turn to share my inspiration with as many people as possible.

    I have been pursuing a career as an electronic musician and DJ since 2002, and I truly believe that creating music has saved me and given me a purpose. I have seen various amounts of success over the past 10 years, primarily as a DJ and remixer, and I have also worked behind the scenes in the music industry as a tour manager, freelance publicist, A&R manager, event promoter, audio engineer, and less glamorous positions like selling merchandise, social media manager, and stage technician.

    In addition, its worth mentioning that I have fought a lifelong battle with severe depression. I have chosen to treat it naturally for the past 8 years using exercise, diet, light therapy, and supplements. I found this path after having terrible reactions to antidepressant medications for several years, which resulted in multiple hospitalizations, a nervous breakdown at the age of 23, and ultimately a spiritual breakthrough that finally gave me light at the end of a very dark tunnel.

    So much of the last few years has been spent giving my talents to other people, to grow their brands and their careers. Although I am very grateful for those experiences, and to be able to be in a position of service to others, I have barely been able to keep my head above water and to keep my inner demons at bay. It has been a tremendous struggle to keep my eye on the prize, to stay positive, and to remain committed to my dream. But I have done so, and the past few months I have spent brainstorming and researching successful bloggers, artists, and other musicians that have done amazing jobs of create personal brands via blogging.

    I truly feel like it is time to embrace my creative gifts and step into the light.

    My main goals for the blog are to promote bookings as a DJ and public speaker, provide music production video tutorials to help other to create electronic music, and to share my message through my creative writing ability. In doing so, I hope to build a community built on cultivating a positive mindset and finding inner strength. As an extension of the blog itself, I have a very strong concept for a video blog series to accompany it, which will be an additional way to create traffic, engage my audience, to share my knowledge, to utilize my experience as a actor, and focus my ability to inspire others.

    I believe the world needs to hear what I have to say. I see a huge epidemic of teenagers and 20 somethings growing up in a country where mental illness is a taboo subject, where everyone is misdiagnosed with ADD, with parents that are medicated or abusing a substance, and with no one showing an alternative path through it all. No one is giving these kids a message to inspire them to work through their challenges in a way that serves them. No one is showing them how to look within to find their own determination. I want to be the inspiration for the outcasts and creatives that don’t fit into their local community or schools. I want to give these kids tools to fight depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts, bullying, poor self-esteem, and so many other struggles they face each day. I want to be the example that says “I was struggling just like you, but I followed my dreams and achieved them. Now its my turn to help you find that place inside yourself that will allow you to do the same”

    Without a doubt my destiny is to be a leader for a young generation that desperately needs to hear these words from one of their own, from someone that has walked the path ahead of them, and someone that remembers the innate details of each step. I only need a vehicle and some help to position myself and my personal brand in a way that can reach my audience.

    I am insanely dedicated and an extremely hard worker that is 100% committed to achieving this goal. It would be an honor to be mentored by someone with your knowledge and expertise.

    Examples of my various works are as follows:

    Live video, DJ’ing my latest single (16,000+ views)

    My most popular remix: (36,000+ views)

    Latest collaboration project and latest iTunes release

    Unreleased/Untitled original track that will be on my debut EP

    My Remix for Korn:

    My artist profile on

    A few press releases/Blog posts I have written (as writing examples):

    Thank you so much for your time.

    – Zach Gibson (Ryle)

  34. Hi guys,

    You’re offering a scary but life changing opportunity, I’m all in! Wanna bet I would be the youngest woman you ever coached.
    This is the reason you should pick me:

    You guys were the first ones that inspired my to use the internet to make a real difference (only a few months ago). Either way.. you can take some credit for my future success :)

    Take care!

  35. Hi Corbett,
    I Know you don’t know me also Sorry for not linking my blog post here since my blog haven’t launched yet, I am going to launch it on 15th of this month :-)
    I am writing my entry here itself,
    I have started blogging two year’s back when my college professor tell us about the college blog, before that I haven’t heard the word blog. When I visited college blog, (its a typical college blog hosted on I just saw four words “Make Your Own Blog” and started my blogging form that day, Made my first blog on 19th april 2011 (Yeah… My memory is Awesome), Its a technology blog “Update Yourself” link .
    After That day I started learning about online entrepreneurship and blogging.
    I came to your blog in the start of December of 2012, Subscribe you to just download the Toolbox, after listening to your videos and reading all your content, I just feel overwhelmed and decided to Make A Blog That Matters.
    Now I have setup my blog up for launch and then today you introduced this mentorship, I am not going to put any comment before launching my blog but this is something that if I get I would make a even better project than doing now so I have to comment here.
    I don’t know I will get this mentorship or not but I would like to say thanks to brighten my hopes again when I am thinking of leaving this blogging thing so thanks Corbett for being my virtual teacher in the blogging world.
    Hope this looks like an entry.

  36. Most People Have No Idea How to Begin Talking About Money

    Think back to a time when you were on a first date. You may have asked about your date’s family, religion, political preferences and favorite activities. You may even have talked about sex and a past relationship and partner. But I can almost guarantee neither of you brought a credit report to show the other or discussed your credit card debt.

    If that first date progressed to a second or third and evolved into a long term relationship, you would have made some joint purchases and had more than a little interaction about money. Was the financial intercourse good for you or was it a painful experience?

    Money is very often considered to be a taboo subject. We’re taught from a young age that asking about someone’s income or how much something costs shows poor manners. Money can also symbolize different things to different people: security, power, love, control, freedom, seduction or status, for instance.

    Many of us are fearful that conversations about money will expose our vulnerabilities and insecurities, and shine the light on our ‘shadows’, or the attitudes that we don’t want others to know about because they could reveal impulsiveness, irrationality and a lack of money consciousness.

    Real People: Bart and Roxanne

    When these two decided to get married, they had lived together for several years but, like many couples, didn’t establish effective communication patterns around money. Instead, each individual came into the relationship with false assumptions about the other, based on their upbringing and past, but with little or no discussion. It was Bart’s second marriage and Roxanne’s first.

    Bart came from a family in which both parents worked. Roxanne’s mother stayed at home and cared for the children. Her father was the sole earner. Bart’s first wife had worked full time and returned to work after giving birth to their child. Roxanne expected that Bart would support the family she wanted to have, and became resentful when she realized that scenario was a financial impossibility.

    Bart had mixed success professionally, which put more pressure on Roxanne to contribute financially. She became even more resentful and began to ‘spend her feelings’. Bart began to resent his wife because she would make significant purchases without any prior discussion or agreement.

    Both individuals began to protect and defend themselves instead of working toward what was best for the relationship. Financial infidelity became rampant.

    Unfortunately, neither Bart nor Roxanne could forgive each other, and the damage that was done became toxic to the relationship. The marriage turned into a train wreck.

    When we meet someone we are attracted to, we make both conscious and unconscious decisions about their appearance, compatibility, occupation, status, religious beliefs, parenting ability, earning power, net worth, how s/he would be perceived by our family, whether they reflect and fit our view of the world and their value system.

    What if Bart and Roxanne (whose names have been changed to protect their privacy) had talked effectively about their money values, behavior and history during the courtship and pre-marital phase of their lives?

    No one has a crystal ball, but it’s highly probable they would have gained an understanding of their similarities and differences and uncovered potential issues and challenges which, as it turned out, were significant roadblocks to their relationship success.

    What is the easiest way to broach the subject of finances with a date or someone we are having a relationship with?

    Here are some suggested conversation starters:

    “I work really hard to make sure my bills are paid on time. Good credit is important to me and I enjoy talking about money. I’m curious about your feelings …”

    “I’ve noticed you typically use a credit card when we go out. How would you feel about using cash?”

    “I’ve noticed you usually pay with cash when we go out. How would you feel about using a credit card?”

    “When I was growing up, we/my parents/my family didn’t have/had (fill in the blank) regarding the financial situation. Although I don’t live in the past, that experience had a huge impact on me. As a result, I (fill in the blank) when it comes to money and finances. I’m interested in what it was like in your family/home/childhood. How did that affect you?”

    “It makes me feel (safe/secure/great) when I’m able to save money. What’s your philosophy about putting money aside?”

    “My investments aren’t doing very well this year. How do you choose where to invest?”

    “When we go out, it feels to me like there’s some discomfort around spending money. If you would like to talk, I promise to just listen and not judge …”

    “When we go shopping, it feels to me as if you spend a lot of money. If you would like to talk, I promise to just listen and not judge …”

    “I really enjoy paying for you when we go out. Money is a little tight for me right now. How do you feel about spending time together doing something inexpensive or even free?”

    “I really like you and feel like this relationship has a lot of potential. I’m incredibly comfortable talking with you about almost anything. When it comes to money, I wonder if there’s a way we could make our communication even better?”

    “I’ve created a monthly spending plan which I stick to pretty closely. How do you plan your expenditures?”

    The holidays are coming up and I always stress about how much to spend on my friends and relatives. How do you make decisions like these?”

    “My (ex spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend) and I had a difficult time talking about money and finances. What have your experiences been like?”

    “My (ex spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend) once spent (fill in the blank) on a (fill in the blank). I felt upset because we never discussed/agreed/compromised on the (fill in the blank). Has anything like that ever happened to you? How did it make you feel? How did you resolve things? What, if anything, would you do differently?”

    “My best friend had to declare bankruptcy recently. S/he is an awesome person who made some poor choices causing extreme financial problems. I feel bad for him/her. Have you ever known someone who had to do that? How did you support him/her through the process? How has that changed their life? How did that affect your opinion of that person?”

    You probably already know this, but each of the fifteen suggested money conversation starters you’ve just read follows a distinct pattern. These are verbal blueprints to help you discover your own feelings, as well as those of your date or partner.

    Here are the three structures:

    1. First, say when fill in the blank happens, I feel fill in the blank. Then ask an open-ended question of the other person regarding their own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

    2. First, make a personal statement of fact. Then ask the other person an open-ended question regarding their own experiences, thoughts and feelings.

    3. First, make an observation statement. Then follow up with an offer to listen without judgement.

    As you are thinking about your own situation, you might be saying to yourself, “those suggestions are fine for someone who is just starting out. But I need help talking about money in my marriage or long-term relationship…”

    We’ll take a closer look at some proven ways to do that in the next chapter.

    Corbett and company,

    Disagreements about money and finances are ranked as one of the top reasons why couples argue and split up. My goal is to help people communicate better so they can talk easier and more comfortably about money, set great examples for their kids and live happier and more loving lives.

    Here’s a post from a personal experience:

    Relationships can be a lot more fulfilling and fun when people learn how to talk to and listen to each other.

    (I was one of the ten t shirt winners in Scott Dinsmore’s LYL movement-naming contest)

    Thank you for considering me for the mentoring program.

    Marc Sandor Woolf

  37. I am a student of “How to Start a Blog That Matters”. I am in the process of converting my website to a WordPress site where I plan to blog and offer guest video tutorials on rug hooking. I am writing a book, which will become one of the products I sell. I recently quit my marketing consulting gig to pull this together and hope to be fully launched and running by late winter. I always have lots of questions and could use ongoing mentoring, so please, PICK ME! If you click my website you will get the old version…the new one is still under development.

  38. Hey Corbett,
    Thanks a lot for this awesome contest. Of course, I hope to be the winner, but even if I didn’t win, I wouldn’t be sad that much because you helped me enough that I can do anything just to say thank you.

    However, I hope to be the winner and You can check the following post to know why should I be picked up.

    Check out this post:

    Ahmed Safwan

  39. Hi Corbett and the Think Traffic team!

    I was going to apply for this, but by using a lot of the tactics I’ve read about on this site we’ve done ok at New Stitch a Day. We’ll hit 16,000 email subscribers this month and we already receive more than 100k unique views a month. While a mentorship relationship with you all would help us get to the next level, we still have plenty of tactics from Think Traffic to implement.

    I would like to nominate Matt Giovanisci of for your mentorship. Here’s why:

    1. Clearly he is working hard an taking cues from Think Traffic. The design of his site is based mostly off this site, because you’ve shown that design and layout matter. His take is unique, fresh and doing all the right things. As someone who has built their own site, I can’t imagine hand coding something that cool.

    2. His content is epic. Just the few posts I’ve read are well thought out, detailed, and funny. He’s taken what could be a mundane topic (maintaining a hot tub or pool) and made it entertaining and informative. He’s implementing the content strategies recommended here to a T, which shows that he is someone who will act when given feedback.

    3. He’s got a deadline. Giving up security to work on your dream full-time is probably the 2nd most scary thing one can do. I know after doing it myself. The scariest is having your dream die and be forced to go back to the corporate grind.

    4. His problem is one I know you can solve, which is the need for traffic. I’m positive with a helping hand, he can turn things around and be a success.

    I appreciate you hearing me out and good luck to all the entrants.

    Keep up the great work Matt!

    – Johnny

  40. Hey Corbet!
    I would LOVE the opportunity to be mentored by you and your team for a year!

    For almost 20 years I have been making a steady income online, primarily through affiliate marketing and membership websites. About a year ago I decided to follow in Pat Flynns footsteps and teach others what I do to make money online. Although the website has had some success with affiliate sales and such, I really hope to take it to the next level.

    I am very dedicated and will complete every task that you suggest and do as much to spread the word about Think Traffic and Fizzle at the same time.

    Since deciding to focus on video blogging, I have created 2 public ROKU channels and have an iPhone app and google TV apps coming out soon. You can find my on Roku under : Make Money Online Network and How To Earn Money .TV under special interests.

    Of course I also have a iTunes podcast/vidcast as well as a youtube channel to distribute my content along with my website Since I thought the Your Boss Blows might be offensive to some, I am in the process of completing a new website for

    Since Pat Flynn is a good friend of yours, I thought you might enjoy this video interview I had with him in San Diego:

    Please consider me for mentorship as I am HIGHLY motivated to bring my teachings to the world and help change people lives.

    Thanks again,

    Bryan Knowlton

  41. Being at home with the flu really makes you think about your current life and your future, in between naps of course.

    As I woke up at 1 pm EST today after doing an overnighter with re-writing my entire Blogging Schedule and coughing up phlegm, I checked my email and saw this Mentorship giveaway post. I’m no stranger to mentorship programs. I started one in 2011 with GameMentorOnline because I wanted to learn from an entrepreneur already in the gaming industry and is successful. Belinda Van Sickle, the mentor-ess, taught me well. She is the founder of Gamedocs, Inc. [I went on to become a Community Manager]

    After the success of my last mentorship, I didn’t think I would ever find another one free for that matter until now. This couldn’t come at a better time. I learned of my soul-mate getting offered a store manager position in Miami, Florida. We currently live in Queens, NY. This is a big deal and right in time for the New Year! I realized while being sick that I need to shift my gear double time by launching my business this month so that I can get things done for the big move this year.

    The promise of this mentorship and what I can accomplish with it inspired me to write a poem about indifference. The goals of my business and my blogs is to prevent indifference in not only the professionals of the gaming industry but in everyone. I titled it “Indifference, The #1 Killer”.

    There’s more poetry where that came from and I hope to share my creativity with the masses and Think Traffic!

    Thank you and Happy New Year! -Peace, Love and Video Games!

    ~Q. Annie

  42. Thanks for the opportunity — I would be crazy to not throw my hat in the mix.

    I am an work at home advocate that helps connect and provide information to entrepreneurs who run their businesses from home. I know with your help — could be waaaay more EPIC and serve more small business owners on a much larger scale. You game?

    And…I even had a custom song created all about working from home.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Wishing you great success!

  43. Hey Corbett!

    I’d like to win this because I could use the help turning my (and your) truly massive vision into reality. (Didn’t know where else to post this, sry).

    I have developed a synthesis of two ideas that have come to be viewed as disparate in our times, when in fact (!) they are not: science and religion (aka fact & fiction). Through years of personal study I have found there are no contradictions between the two at all, despite contemporary popular opinion. The implications of this discovery are impossible to overstate.

    Imagine everyone living in a world that was not only conducive to, but actively rewarded people whose actions and behaviors promoted personal, societal, and global well-being (opposite of today’s corporate culture). A world where happiness, healthiness, and freedom was the norm. Basically, the world you and bloggers in your sphere are trying to create. I know – concretely & specifically – how to get there; a step by step guide to take us out of this post-modern cultural malaise (shitty jobs, shitty health, shitty relationships, shitty governments, etc) and into a new age of humanity.

    Usually people who present ideas this massive are the non-action-taking, ivory tower philosophers and theorist types that are not only full of shit, but also boring as fuck to hang out with. I’m not that at all. I’m a 23 year old dude (bro?) that has uncompromisingly followed my own path my entire life. I can keep it real. I’m an athlete & an artist. I like to party. Why is that relevant? I’m probably one of the few people in the world with both the capacity to even see the massive vision above & yet able to keep it real enough to present it in a sexy way that the worlds youth (aka the future) can dig. Ya dig?

    I got hope for a new world story, man. Here’s the beginning:

  44. Thank you for this opportunity! This month I created a complimentary eBook in which the content is from the subscribers of my community. .

    This eBook showcases my purpose (to encourage All to know, create with, and share their voice in connection and creation)
    in words and action. This eBook is one of the few, perhaps the only, in which the bulk of the content came from readers within a community instead of bloggers and authors. My role was to curate, edit, and weave energetic intentions through the material.

    The theme of the eBook is about the source of power and creating through doubt; coinciding with creating for the new year. The opportunity brought a cohesiveness to my community, giving many of the contributors their first platform in which to share their voice and style on a large scale and allowing them the experience of “being the change” that they read about in other forums.

  45. Where. Do. I. Start.

    What a fantastic opportunity Corbett.

    I have currently been online seeking opportunities for 2 years and not had very much success, to be brutally honest. But got wise and stopped chasing shiny objects from so-called gurus.

    Although I have learnt so much and do have HUGE plans. Nothing quite resonated with me until finding the course start a blog that matters.

    I have cried many times but kept moving forward knowing that it CAN be done! I have been persistent and willing to work through the ups and downs. I am currently going through ‘start a blog That Matters’ so this opportunity has come at the right time (taking I win).

    For you at Think Traffic will be another massive success story, for me a passionate successful business I am working towards.

    This is perfect timing…

    My blog is called The Personal Freedom Project and is specially built for the purpose of helping others create a life of freedom (what that means to them) and all things that help people live a life they love! I am so PASSIONATE about this.

    YEAH YEAH… another personal development blog – for now. But the main thing is to provide content that people want. The Epic stuff :)

    Its my BIRTHDAY today and this would make the most AWESOME life changing gift for me and others all around the world :) I plan to help, change their lives.

    Do I sound like I really want this?

    I DO!

    I never entered anything like this. ever!

    Great opportunity, Thanks.

  46. To put it eloquently – I really desire to be someone who is looked upon as an expert when it comes to administrative assistance *and* writing, two huge industries that most people don’t master at the same time. I want to be someone who can excel at two niches at once, and that’s why I deserve to win.

    To put it plainly – I’m broke! I currently am doing everything I possibly can to market my business, but I can’t even afford to get a nice domain and website, both of which kind of suck. :-)

    My website is linked, but here’s my portfolio, primarily filled with stuff I had to write for free. :-)

  47. I”ll be honest, I just came across your site today while trying to find a way to reach the young adults where I currently live. I found your offer interesting and decided to sign up.

    The reason you gave captured for sharing your information caught my attention. You wrote:

    “I wrote this detailed free guide about how my business works because I believe in the power of small businesses to change the economy, our society, and most importantly individual lives.”

    I am currently in the southern part of Brazil and trying to make myself relevant. Obviously, there are many social needs I wish I can meet – one of which is to turn the focus of the young adults out of the streets and off crime and into something useful… to change lives.

    I do not really run a blog myself though I used to do am occasional blog for my community for a year or so. used to have a website that offered some skilled services. Blogging is something that I have been wanting to learn and I hope I get the chance to learn from you.

  48. Hi Corbett,

    This was such a scary post to read. Mostly because I know that if I won this amazing opportunity, that I would have to dive deeper still into my fear of success.

    So I am typing this with knots in my stomach and in my fingers. But I’d be honoured to be mentored and trained by you, Chase and the Think Traffic team.

    I’m in my twenties, and so far I have worked in the New Zealand office for two global NGOs, a marketing agency and a law firm. Last year, I quit my business development role with no idea what would happen. All I knew is that I needed to make every second of my life count… and that that wasn’t happening in my job. I needed to be creative and live my dreams so that I could have even a tiny chance at being true to myself and making someone else’s life better. I needed to dive into my deepest fears… I suspected that if I did that, then I would begin to live a good life.

    Two months later, I was offered a contract to ghostwrite a book. That is my main paid work at the moment. It has been terrifying! Now I am beginning to do what I love and it freaks me out. That aside, I am doing Jeff Goins’s Tribewriters course (that is how I found you!), studying marketing and chewing through books, travelling, and writing a blog about food (now three years old).

    I believe in the power of small – I believe in dreams – I believe in collaboration. I know that if I get to work with you, that it will be scary and wonderful. And that amazing things will happen.

    Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this.

    P.S. Wrote my first e-book recently:

  49. Hi Corbett. Pick me… I need help, inspiration and a wise mentor. I’m floundering out here on my own although you’d think with all the education and workshops I’ve taken over the years I’d be doing a better job… you’d think.

    The blissactivist site was built, with the help of a tutor, and I got it up and running during the fall of 2012… then I realized it’s just not IT. It’s missing the point. I missed the point and went off a tangent, writing something I thought might be appealing… but it’s not… not by a long shot… and the writing did not come naturally.

    Anyway, my other site; is a couple of years old and has never been updated. This site has the kernel of ideas I’d like to focus on… only with more honesty and self-disclosure and less psycho-babble. I want to create something that’s less about therapy and more about life itself… you know the full-blown stuff.

    I have a lot to say… pages and pages of possible blog posts, maybe even a book… but I get overwhelmed with trying to come up with a theme to hold it all. That’s where this contest comes in.

    So here’s the deal, I gave up my contractors job in October and decided to live off my savings… I decided to hold my own feet to the fire and pull the rug of security out from under foot so I would focus on revolutionizing psychotherapy as we know it. Threats of homelessness and starvation should do it… you’d think… but the hoped for focus and direction has not yet arrived.

    I like to think of myself as a rebel, an iconoclast, a lover of paradoxical intention… but truth is, I need structure and step by step plans… but it sounds like you have that up your proverbial sleeve.

    So I’ll just wait for you email?

  50. Greetings to Think Traffic from Michael.

    Why should I receive this mentorship?
    I am a motivated, dedicated and humble student, yes a student. I am a senior in high school at a top ranked high s chool, and would be honored to be your student as well.

    But don’t let my age scary you.

    I am a certified web developer at age 17 (I take night classes at a local college after school in web development). When I was a freshman in high school I created a game server in Java code that went on to have thousands of players from all over the world. I currently run a website that is aimed towards teens to help them with dating and relationships (hope to write an ebook on this topic) as well as designing and creating a website for an international company, my biggest project ever.

    I would be honored to be given such a privilege, to work with experts in their respected fields and to expand my knowledge tenfold. My plan is to run multiple websites to make a living off of. Thankfully I have a couple more years to grow and to make an impact on the world. Something I know is within reach.

    I would love to show young entrepreneurs that age doesn’t matter and prove to my friends and family that hard work will pay off no matter your age. I love to give back to people that have helped me grow, and want to help other kids like me. I want to show other teens like me that success isn’t limited to your age. With the help of an amazing team like yours I know I can begin my journey and watch my dreams unfold.

    Thank you for this amazing opportunity and are awaiting your response, Michael.

  51. Thank you for this great opportunity!

    I have quite different task. I am on my way to PhD in management. My theme is business models in fine arts (since I earn money as photographer, not blogger). I have to do research and for this purpose I want to join blogging with scientific research. The task is to reach particular type of artists, preferably in Europe, but if we could get to the world, I would be more than happy. We just need certain amount of research subjects in every country for comparison.

    The result – thorough research of business in arts done in series. Written PhD thesis which I plan to turn into high quality hand-book for artists. And the business? Via research building audience for the blog, who would be buying the book at the end and most probably you might have great ideas inbetween. And maybe Nobel prize :) will come for the great scientific new age research… I promise to mention you in my award speech…

    Thank you,
    My current blog is

  52. Hi, I’m Lisa of Marketing Creativity ( I write my blog for people who aim to turn their passion and purpose into a full-time, flexible career. My purpose is to help others turn their talents into income, and specifically to help enable one or both parents to work-from-home so that they may nurture their families while building their dreams.

    I’ve successfully built my own work-at-home business, and I teach from experience.

    When I think about what your personalized help could do for my mission, my heart pounds with the possibility of dreams coming true: not just for myself, but for all the people I could reach. I dream of a world fueled by creativity, I would greatly appreciate your help in building it.

    I’m SO ready to do the work, guys! Thanks for your consideration and all the best to you, Lisa

  53. Hi Corbett,
    I happen to be one of the people who begged and begged for a consult until I was Fizzled out. I am a relative newbie to blogging and so the skies the limit with what I could gain from a mentorship with you.

    Help me help wildlife.

    Here’s my submission:
    (proof that I am a newbie: I cant figure out how to make this link live)

    Thanks and best wishes in finding your right mentee match.

  54. This is HUGE!

    I’m about to push the beta version my site live this weekend. The concept is called Strength Inc. and in essence it’s a no nonsense training and nutrition consultancy that will begin as an online community which will materialize into a physical one once our official Strength Inc. training center opens up shop in the coming months.

    I decided to start my business after I entered and placed in the top 10 in a regional business plan competition sponsored by RMIT (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology), where I’m currently studying my MBA.

    Being flown to Melbourne to pitch my idea to a panel of judges at the Ernst & Young office building proved to me that my idea is a good one. But more importantly, the experience gave me insight into the difficulties and barriers that must be overcome in order to make it into the big leagues.

    Currently I live, study and work in Ho Chi Minh City and have witnessed the changes (good bad and ugly) that globalization has brought to this beautiful country: I’m passionate about health, vitality and fitness and I want to perpetuate my message and impact as many people as I possibly can.

    I believe that I’m the right person for the mentorship program because I am relentless in my pursuit of excellence: I’m head strong, dedicated and perhaps a bit overly enthusiastic about the science behind metabolic activation. As stubborn as I can be, I am teacheable. I relish the information and guidance that proficient others offer and am quick to implement tips, advice and general nuggets of truth that are relevant to my undertakings.

    I am fully aware of the fact that in this hyper competitive environment I need to work with the best in order to be the best.

    And frankly, I don’t have a problem with saying that (with the right help) I can eventually become a game changer in the fitness industry.

    Furthermore, the challenge for the Think Traffic team would be to get to know a whole new cultural paradigm in helping me design and market my business in a wildly different geographical context.

    Check out below the example blog entry I wrote for this (sorry, site now’s live quite yet)

    Why do New Year resolutions inevitably fail? – Commitment, motivation and habit creation

    Some days I get out of bed all fired up to drop BOMBS on the rest of my day. I walk down the street feeling like the Incredible Hulk, ready to smash shit into oblivion 

    This is how much of a nerd I am… On those days that I feel like I could bench press Antarctica I even go as far as to recite the scene in 300 where King Leonidas kicks the dude into the well (don’t lie, you know (and love) that scene )

    You know what it’s like: on the days when you feel like you could beat Zeus in an arm wrestling match everything seems achievable: your motivation levels soar and excitement swells up in your heart.

    Unfortunately these days are few and far in between for the majority of us mere mortals: which means that a lot of our New Year resolutions inevitably fade into eternal darkness despite our best intentions.

    For years I struggled to get my life in line with my fitness goals: believe it or not I used to be fat. Not chubby. Not Husky. Not pleasantly plump. FAT. As in the quintessential fat kid that always got picked last in gym class. By the time I was 18 years old I was weighing in at a hefty 230 lbs. and borderline obese.

    I knew I needed to make a change. I knew that my lifestyle was literally killing me. And yet no matter how many times I’d decide to engage in a fitness lifestyle, I’d eventually fall off the wagon.

    Fast-forward years later and I dropped down to 180 lbs at a healthy 12% body fat. I Squat and Deadlift close to 400 lbs and have helped butt tons of people to get into killer shape.

    In my experience, the number one reason why people fail to achieve their fitness and/or life goals is that they never take the time to write down clearly defined, specific and time bound targets.

    As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail.
    Tom Venuto, author of Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle, fat loss expert and all around awesome dude, writes that it is our goals that push us to action.

    When we’re able to charge our goals with emotion and purpose, our habitual patterns of behavior begin to align themselves with said goals.

    One of my clients came to me because he wanted to get back in shape; but unlike the majority of trainees, his focus wasn’t on building powerful pecs or shredding his midsection. His purpose was to improve his health to be in a position to better take care of his children.
    He attached emotion and purpose to his goal which supercharged his motivation and commitment.

    Write down your goals. Be specific about them. Visualize them as already having come to pass.

    It sounds cheesy I know, I avoided this for YEARS until I found out that EVERY single one of my role models in the fitness/strength & conditioning world unanimously preached this simple yet incredibly powerful practice.

    • Arnold Schwarzenegger
    • Hugo Rivera
    • Joel Marion
    • Craig Ballentyne
    • Tom Venuto

    So… Grab a notebook and a pen. Write down your goals. Like, right now. I’m not kidding. Do it. DO IT!! This is probably one of the most important things you can do to jump start the beginning of your fitness journey.

    Write down your short term goals first i.e. the things you would like to achieve in the next 12 weeks.

    For me I want to:

    • Drop to 10% body fat
    • Increase my Deadlift to 400 lbs. for a double
    • Increase my Squat to 400 lbs for 5 reps
    • Run 10 km in under 45 minutes
    • Develop the strength I need to do 5 muscleups

    Put your goals list in a very visible place: on your desk, on your bathroom mirror, on your night stand. Somewhere where you’ll see it again and again and again and again.

    Take the time to read through your goals out loud as many times as possible throughout the day. Begin to visualize your goals as having already been achieved.

    Look for pictures of athletes whose bodies you want to model your own body after and ruminate on those images any time you possibly can. Let your goals linger in your mind and masticate on them any chance you have.

    You know how the saying goes out of sight, out of mind? That’s so true on so many levels. The reason why my motivation is stable is because I have filled my environment with constant reminders of what it is that I want to achieve.

    I’ve subscribed to literally dozens of fitness newsletters, connected with other coaches on facebook and twitter, bought, read and studied countless books and manuals by the industry’s best and most inspirational trainers…

    Jason Ferruggia said it best in one of his tweets: ‘when you spend time with the right people the ideas and energy never stop flowing’.

    Motivation is an everyday thing: it’s up to us to seek out the stimulation and inspiration we need in order to turn our goals into habitual behavioral patterns.

  55. Hi Corbett!

    My name is John, i’m a 20 year old entrepreneur. My website is called . It is a Web TV show which is about helping young people realize what is possible with the internet, especially YouTube. On Outta The Box TV I will interview some of the top guys on YouTube who are making a business/living following their passion and entertaining others whilst doing it; This will range from interviewing YouTubers uploading gameplay of video games, comedians and anyone else doing awesome things on YouTube! I will also be posting a ton of YouTube tutorials on my site so when people watch these interviews they will feel inspired to create something of their own and the tools will be there to show them how. I believe this will be great especially for young people who will see their idols on YouTube being interviewed so they can learn from the very best.

    There is already 1 interview on my website ( plus 3 blogs posts. This year I will be recording much more content to help this generation of entrepreneurs!

  56. Hey Corbett and the Think Traffic Gang thanks for the opportunity. I’ve made this post just for you guys at

    I’m new to blogging and this will be my first public blog post because I’m in week four of How to Start a Blog That Matters so bear with me folks and let’s see how I do.

    My post will explain why I believe I should win the mentoring giveaway and what it will mean to me, those around me and the world. So lets get fired up about living and loving life to the fullest on your own terms.

    Thanks again and have a great day!
    Gregory Henderson

  57. Hi Corbett,

    I hope this message reaches you in good times!
    It’s a beautiful day.

    I want to challenge myself in more ways this year and I would like guidance in creating a platform for small community resource contracts. I have witnessed micro-communities, such as eco-farms and communes, experience serious difficulties with establishing theirselves. I want to facilitate them. I want adjacent communities to establish connections and collaborate with each other to build shared, sustainable resources.

    For more information visit:

    Thank you for your time,

  58. Mega thanks Corbett.
    I would like to develop a speaking, writing, teaching platform on personal leadership. I see skill of leading self is essential to self actualisation. I developed to promote the idea of being a creative free-agent to help people find meaning in the thing that takes up more time than anything else – our work. I need all the help I can get to get this pumping.

    I humbly invite you to take a look:

    Thanks you very much.

  59. Truly awesome opportunity! Thanks so much, guys.

    My mission is to support, facilitate and lead 1000 people in creating a profitable business of their own. With your support, guidance and insights, and my hard work, “1000 Masters” will be a reality. I’ve already cut my hours as a non-nursing health worker to concentrate on my mission.

    I don’t have a blog at present. My strategy to build an audience first, then launch. With your mentoring, I would continue to build this audience, and once launched, cultivate this audience and inspire them to create, and achieve, their own missions.

    Here’s my entry on:
    [you’ll need to scroll down quite a bit:)]

    Thanks for inspiring me. Cheers!


  60. Hi Corbett;

    Quite simply, winning would mean the world to me. I am a 62 year old man who has spent his life living in the Arctic and/or Northern Canada ( just below the Arctic) working with First Nation Communities and walking in the wilderness with wild life. I have worked with Muskox, Caribou and have had encounters with Grizzly bears. But that is not why you should pick me , although the stories I have to tell would interest you and others. I never paid attention to my retirement because, life just happens in the wild. Unfortunately, but for good reasons, I now find myself living in Southern Canada and spending time in Urban areas where I am a fish out of water and am unable to find much work with the skills I developed up north, so I want to try to make money on-line. I’d love to build a Blog that Matters ( and I bought that course) and would love to make money from home to both support my new family and myself in retirement. I believe I have a theme that would “matter” and it is contained in my web site/blog which intends on showing how life can be made to work by following a more mindful path. I chose the teaway as it is an alternative to the fast paced alienating urban world I see around me with a coffee shop on every corner. My website and blog are just beginning so there is not a lot of the story in there yet. In future posts I will write about the experiences of the First Nations, about my experiences living and working with them, about the lessons I learned from walks with Shamans and how I was able to replicate this spiritual path by learning and practicing mindfulness, yoga, qi-gong and now studying healing techniques like Reiki. ( I should mention I have a mild case of Multiple Sclerosis, which is why I left the north and why I am trying to build a healthy lifestyle including eating healthy and eliminating things from my diet that hinder my healing- and I want to add these discoveries in my blog as well.) So why should you pick me? Well, I’m committed to learning from you and believe you are the person who can get me to the next level of personal growth. I have an interesting story and many people would be both fascinated to read about it and could learn from. Readers would discover, that there is another way to live and go about their days. I am a big fan of you and your work. What you have produced is something you can be very proud of and someday I’d like to be able to say that I was a graduate of it and that I am a part of your network, team and a success you can proudly point to; and, if we work together for a year,and you get to know and like me then I would be honoured to be able to tell people that you have also chosen to include me as a friend.


    Bernie Perlman

  61. Hey Think Traffic Team, my business partner Mike Yasieniuk and I run the blog and we would love to win mentorship for a year. Our core business is developing and selling WordPress themes and we have built our audience by designing and giving away free web design resources.

    Your Million Dollar Blog Project helped us launch this blog and we’re doing quite well on the leader board right now (#1), but need some help taking our business to the next level.

    Our goal is to both work full time at our online business. We have built our ship and are now ready to blast off. With some mentoring fuel from pros like you, who have the knowledge and experience of running successful online businesses, I know that our online business will become a huge success.

    I truly appreciate your commitment to helping others, it is one of the reasons I follow your blog so close.

  62. When my 71 year old mother was diagnosed with dementia 6 years ago, I cratered. Over the past 6 years, my journey and that of my family in dealing with this wicked disease has changed me immensely. On a daily basis, I struggle for ways to see humor in the devastation — and there are so many ways! I’ve poured my heart and soul into learning all I can about how to care for my mom, how not only to make her life better – -but also how to better the lives of her family and friends as we struggle to adjust to the new person my mom becomes.

    I want to share what I’ve learned with the vast number of people who struggle as I do — with those who love and care for the estimated 35.6 million people worldwide who currently have dementia. With 7.7 million new diagnoses of dementia annually, there are alot of people who need my help.

    So much information is out there about the more serious aspects of dementia care, and that information is critical. But I’ve been healed by laughter, by the humor I find in the day-to-day dealings with my mother and other dementia patients. There is so much hope, even in the face of an incurable disease. The lessons I’ve learned have changed me forever. For that, I’ll always be grateful to my mom and the others who’ve taught me so much through their humor, courage and grace. That’s what my blog will be about. A place to recount stories and lessons learned, a place to rest and laugh, a place to learn even one new thing that can help get someone through a day dealing with all the changes dementia brings.

    As one of my friends said after I shared one of my stories: “Thanks for making me laugh – I’m tired of crying.” That was the birth of this blog. I’ve been working on my strategy with the help of your online course, and have registered the domain name. I have an appointment next week to get help designing the website. When I saw this opportunity, I knew it was perfect. What better way to launch my blog than by winning this mentorship?

    This is my passion. This is what wakes me up in the morning. This is what keeps me going when I’m so down I want to stop. I can’t wait to make it amazing with your help.

    Thank you for everything,

    Carol Fant

  63. After six thousand years of civilization, we are still struggling with poor leadership, lack of teamwork, miscommunication, etc. – and as a result – ongoing economic and social crisis (poverty, crime, war, etc.)

    Please allow me to ask you one question …

    If there were a path to solve these social illnesses – how important would the construction of this path be within your priorities, if you could participate?

    What is your answer? Would it be among your top priorities?

    Let me explain …

    A high-performing organization delivers outstanding results.

    First example: Apple, GE, Unilever, etc., have very satisfied customers.

    Second example: The countries with the most effective governments in terms of organizational health have citizens who enjoy the highest quality of life on earth (Denmark, Finland, New Zealand, Sweden, Singapore, Switzerland, Australia, Norway, and Canada). Nope – the USA is not on this list.

    On the contrary: A low-performing organization delivers devastating results.

    First example: A poorly run company doesn’t last very long in the marketplace – even if it has innovative products.

    Second example: The countries with the most corrupted governments have citizens with the lowest quality of life (Haiti, Iraq, Sudan, North Korea and Somalia just to name a few).

    I work in the area of organizational behavior – I do leadership development.

    My vision is that every single organization on this planet (governments and companies) be managed and lead as top-performing organizations.

    IF you choose me, you will not only help me do HUGE things with my online business – you will also help building a much better world.

    José Luis

  64. Hi Corbett,

    There are few things I wanted to let you know actually. I am from Armenia, where people use their blogs mainly as personal diaries or for spreading their political views. Besides that not many are interested in self development subjects and don’t believe that one can be free to quick stable income job and become successful as online enterpreneurs. I, on the other hand want to prove them wrong and with my own example show that one can reach success living in a small and not well known country, writing in language, which is not their mother tongue and having no money to invest.
    In 2011 I took the challenge and took the first steps:

    1. Gathered all my courage and quit my job about a year ago (in case you have few minutes, the details about my story are at the guest post over here
    2. Enrolled in AList Blogging bootcamps and learnt about blogging from scratch.
    3. With no knowledge about domains, design, etc. I put my blog Life Probabilities up on wordpress and here is how it looks now (
    4. Learnt about self-publishing and made my first self published book of short stories called Emotional Moments on Amazon ( – can provide a free copy if you are interested
    5. Became NaNoWriMo winner and as a result have 50k ready novel, for which I can not aford the editing services yet :)
    6. Had guest post at Tiny Buddah at and at Make it Happen at
    7. Launched a free ebook called A Year in Questions for my blog subscribers, which features a question per day for the whole year. (I am very proud of it and will send you the pdf file by email)

    With my blog I want to help people increase their possibilities of fulfilled, happy and successful life.

    …. but
    only my guest posts go viral
    my own blog traffic is low
    my subscribers and am afraid also readers are very few
    things don’t seem to move much
    I don’t know people, who would be willing to help me out

    So that is why, when I received your e mail about this opportunity I decided to give it a try… If you will choose me than 2013 will become a year of awesome success… if no… then I will have awesome success… but don’t know when exactly :)


    1. I guess I should also mention I came up with the idea + launched Positively Unconventional on Nov 7, 2012, less than a month after I was let go from my 9-5.

      I hustled. I learned. I practiced. I created.

      I cultivated my dream from scratch by putting in the work and time it takes. It’s all about focus and persistence.

      At the moment, I work 40 hours per week doing something I don’t love to pay the bills, but spend all my time before + after work developing and creating for Positively Unconventional.

      It’s the only thing in my life I believe in 110%. (I don’t give a damn how cliche that sounds. It’s true).

      It’s the only thing I never want to escape from.

  65. Hi Corbett,

    Thank you for this opportunity, and I see from LifeAfterTampons (that cracks me up), you don’t mind hanging out with older women, so here I go.

    I’m a photographer with about 30 years of professional experience working for magazines. I’ve shot over 150 portrait assignments for People magazine and I was just recruited by the National Geographic Image Collection, so I’m in the process of starting to work with them.

    Photography and the business of photography has changed dramatically in the last decade and social media has become important. I really need someone to show me the ropes.

    I have a few goals and could really use some direction and advice. We could pick one for mentoring, or maybe you could help me weave them together.

    These are the goals:

    1) We are creating a workshop business that we want to promote. We realize that we have to build a HUGE list to get people on board, and probably have to offer other products.

    2) I have a wonderful idea to encourage more people to experience Wow Moments in their life. I’d really love some input on that one. My portfolio is on

    Why pick me?

    1–You don’t want to hang out with someone wussy, so just so you know, in order to break into the world of magazines, I infiltrated a gang of Neo-Nazi skinheads and took pictures of them. I am not afraid. (smile.) I’ve photographed presidents, Olympic athletes, celebs including Kevin Costner (he’s really hot in person, too!).

    2–I’m pretty tech savvy so we don’t have to spend time on that stuff. I’ve created a couple of websites with wordpress, have aweber set up, some facebook pages set up and can write basic html code. I’ve also produced some tutorials with still photos and images.

    3–I could really, really use the help and focus and would appreciate it very much.

    4–The Wow Moment is the kind of project that could easily go viral, but I realize it takes a solid foundation for that to happen.

    5–I’ll introduce you and thinktraffic to some really cool people.

  66. Boom! Sorry I knock those down but I’m excited at the opportunity to work with cool peps just could not be contained.I am a business consultant I wrote a post about the opportunity

    But let me do you a solid and cut to the chase I am on a mission to help the businesses I interact with reach their 100th anniversary. You might saying how are you going to do that ? Well I have some ideas, but they are wrinkled and I believe this mentorship is just what I need to iron them out. What do say… Oh if picked I’m pretty handy I’ll put the doors back on the comments. New shiny gold reply boxes and chromed out submit buttons you know da works. Here is to a explosive 2013

  67. Wow. Wow. Wow! You guys are are truly awesome – thanks so much for the opp!

    You’ve got loads of entries to wade through so I’ll keep this short and sweet:

    So What’s My Blog About? (
    – My journey to become an online marketer. In it, I share with my readers (mostly rookies themselves) my trials & tribulations as well as all the cool stuff I learn along the way.

    Why Should I Win?
    – I’ve come a long way since starting this blog (my first ever) 4 months ago. I know that with your mentoring, we’ll be able to explode this business to a whole new level.
    – In return I’ll be your advocate for life and without a doubt, provide you with plenty of returns on your investment 😀
    – I’m a fun, outgoing personality – with my head screwed on the right way – and I’d be an excellent ambassador for you.

    Thanks again for this excellent opportunity. Whether I win or not, I’ll always be a big fan of Think Traffic. Looking forward to seeing Fizzle next week!

    Cheers guys!

  68. Hi Corbett,

    What an amazing opportunity this would be. My website is less than six months old, and is a joint project I run with my husband. He is training for the Olympics in weightlifting, a journey that, while the dream, is a nightmare for the wallet. To build an income, we’ve launched this site that will provide income for us, further the sport of weightlifting, and dispel a lot of myths about nutrition and athletics. The community I’ve become a part of is huge, and there is so much potential for where I can take this. Sure, if I don’t win this, I can bootstrap myself and seek out the information I need to bring my vision to life, but winning this coaching would be astounding. Between your knowledge and support, and my determination to succeed, I think we could build something truly meaningful and exceptional.

    Our website was just the #1 topic on Reddit’s fitness forum for almost a day, which drove thousands of hits and lots of positive comments. My husband and I have taken no shortcuts, and put together a site with solid content. Your mentorship would change our life, and allow us to chase our ultimate American dream: making the Olympics and running a successful small business. Thanks!

  69. So why should you guys choose to help me?

    Maybe because I’m a lot like you were at some point.

    Because although I’m caught in the rat race, I am NOT a rat.

    Because while some people like a ride that goes around and around at a high rate of speed but never really goes anywhere, that’s not my idea of fun. I just want off.

    I spend the majority of my time and energy doing work that is not my own, surrounded by people who do not appreciate it.

    I’ve spent the past 22 years in my present career as an air traffic controller, and if I dropped dead tomorrow, my co-workers would forget about me before the end of their next shift. I can be replaced that easily.

    I’ve fallen into the trap of the so-called American Dream.

    I do work that nobody values –
    so I can live in a place that I hate –
    so I can have barely enough energy or time for my wife and kids –
    so I can look forward to the weekend –
    so I can be too tired or busy to enjoy it –
    so I can go do it all over again –

    and again –

    and again –

    every week –

    until I’m forced into retirement –

    where I’ll need another job –

    just so I can afford being retired.

    I’m sometimes a bit slow on the uptake, but I’ve finally realized that this vicious cycle is unhealthy, unfulfilling and unimportant to me.

    I want to focus on what is healthy, fulfilling and important, and for me, that is my family. They love me and need me – and I don’t want to continue investing irreplaceable time and energy away from them for little more than a paycheck.

    My wife and I waited six years to finalize two international adoptions, and we’re in process for a third, which could take another three years. I didn’t spend all those years waiting for my precious children, just to spend five or more days a week separated from them by my work.

    My five-year old son told me the other day that he wanted to bring wood and nails to my job so that he could board up the doors.

    He figured if I couldn’t get in, I could stay home and play with him.

    I know there’s something better out there. I just need help finding it.

    The only problem is, I’m just not the guy who comes up with a dozen successful business ideas before breakfast. I struggle to generate traction on new ideas and where to begin. I need a clearer focus.

    I’m not looking for a magic pill here – I enjoy hard work and being challenged, but I want to work to live – not live to work.

    I love to write, and I have a critical eye for editing – honed by a lifetime of grammatical correction from my staggeringly-literate mom. I need expert help to get my author/editor site off the ground and on its way to being my sole source of income. I want to work from home so I can be around while my kids are growing up. I want to be there so I can speak into their lives – not just to bring home a paycheck.

    I have several works in progress, as well as ideas for others to come.
    I have an old blog… …mostly abandoned now – that had almost no traffic apart from my family.
    I have a very basic website… …again, with almost no traffic.
    I have one client whose novel I’m editing in trade for exposure on his website.

    And I have no idea where to go from here.

    So why should you help me, and not one of the many other incredibly talented people who applied?

    Maybe because I’m so far from where I’d like to be, the only way to go is up – and what better way to get there, than to grab the hand of the guy who’s already on top of the mountain?

    Thanks for the opportunity, guys!


  70. Guys I’m at an impasse. I’m a great writer, but now I want to make money. For the last two years I’ve been stuck making the transition on my blog. I need your coaching and I need it now! This would be the ULTIMATE opportunity for me and I know I would do BIG things :)

    Here’s a post I wrote about the time I spit deer poo in Botswana to win candy. Oh yeah, there’s also a video:

  71. I would love to have mentorship from Corbett… I am an ex-coal miner that turned to blogging after a serious mining accident ended my career.

    What makes my blog important is the ideas that I have towards marketing. I’m no pro, and could definitely use some help, but I succeed because of the relationships I create. The readers that I have on my blog are encouraged to build relationships rather than links.

    I want to build a brand and break out differently in the business with the idea of marketing yourself rather than your blog. Reaching out and actually being “social” on social media sites. Taking the time to make friends with everyone on your Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc accounts.

    A post that I’m proud of is called Ways To Improve Your Social Presence on Facebook which basically reverts to building relationships through various techniques with the main focus on getting to know people.

    I don’t know it all, and I would love to have this opportunity. The lifetime membership would be awesome, but having a relationship with Corbett Barr would be the real prize.

  72. My business is also my mission and my passion.
    I coach and teach individuals and groups to have amazing sex life, meaningful relationships, and to be empowered in their personal and professional life.
    I have seen amazing transformations with my students and clients, and i believe these benefits should be available and accessible to EVERYONE, and can literally make the world a better place – Just think about how you feel about a long loving passionate meaningful time with your partner.
    Help me make this real.

  73. I write this straight from the heart.

    Yep, I could use a mentorship. I’ve been blogging for over a year now and this is a breakdown of how it went:

    First 8 months–> Felt lost like a stray dog, as I did not know anything, but I kept trying anything out so I could learn.

    Next 6 months–> After a coaching session with Danny Iny from FirePole Marketing, I learnt the importance of getting subscribers. I gathered 3,000 on my own through guest posting.

    Following months–> I launched my first product, but it sold badly. I engaged Jason Gracia and he has taught me the importance of having a clear focus.

    Forward to today: My latest blog post on my newly designed blog:

    I wrote of the evolution of my blog and also me.

    It has been a LONG and crazy journey. The highs were high, the lows were low. I remember earning my first $60 from a ClickBank product. I celebrated like mad! And I remember the deadly moments of self-doubt, that I wasn’t cut out for this (and I wouldn’t be able to make it big to help my mom retire earlier).

    I got a dream man…

    Yep I’d admit it, I started the blog because I thought it was super easy to earn money online. Obviously it’s not. It’s my escape from the “normal” world where I can do what I love and make money from it.

    Apart from that, I want to help people. My dad died when I was 20, and I feel for real that life is too short to not pursue your dreams and be happy.

    I want to help people realize that, with my writing. I want to write to inspire with my whole being, a passionate breakdancer who loves to write.

    The problem with me is that I have a bad habit of needing someone to approve of my idea and say, “Okay go ahead” before I actually execute something.

    So yeah, I could use the mentorship to finally take things to the next level. Help me evolve even further man. I’m pretty sure I’ll be a great apprentice. I’m hardworking, passionate and I crack really good puns for you to laugh at.

    Plus, I’m getting broke 😛


  74. Hi Guys,

    I think this is the offer of a lifetime. I’ve read through many of the other posts and what makes me different is that I’m not interested in starting just one website and needing help with it (I have MANY ideas and am OPEN to your ideas as well). I’ve dedicating my life to helping others. The question for you guys is: how large of an impact do you want to have through the person you select? If you want to be part of changing the world then I’m your guy. Right now I’m working to help people get into consulting (and redefining the word) but that’s just one of many ideas I have (for example, I want to enable aspiring writers, and help people in third world countries through the use of technology). So, if you want to have a LARGE impact in GREAT ways, then I’m your guy. You will be the ones who enabled me to quickly help others.

    Thank you!


  75. Dear Corbett

    I have been a Holistic Nutritionist & Organic chef for over 30 years and the one thing that has remained consistent is how severely imbalanced most people are. In light of this about 12 years ago I developed a revolutionary organic protein power meal that immediately addressed and balanced blood sugar, depression, obesity, thyroid, digestive disorders, elimination and so on…

    Please take a moment to read one of my “True Success Stories” whether or not I win this mentorship I would be honored to mail you a one week kit for you to try!
    Thank you so much for this opportunity and a happy healthy new year!

    A True Story
    “Permanent Weight Loss, Vibrant Health and Thyroid Balance Without Dieting”.

    By: Dani-Bramberg-Reyes with intro by Brigitte M. Britton, HHP – January 11th, 2013
    I met Dani a year ago with her boyfriend Kailis in LA at one of the MEGA Way Book Release events. They were both looking for a better way to eat and feel. Hi my name is Brigitte M. Britton; I am a published author, a certified holistic nutritionist and organic chef. I immediately felt for Dani and Kailis so I took a special interest in both of them. Dani was exhausted, over weight with major thyroid issues and depression from the meds she was taking and Kailis was just tired all the time. So I took them both under my wing and within one day Kailis felt vibrant and Dani did as well! This is Dani’s story.

    “My breaking point came when I was told I couldn’t have children because of complications in my body “that just couldn’t sustain life” and as a dance teacher for over 10 years I was no longer able to get through class without feeling winded and severely fatigued. I was 5’6″ and fluctuated between 186-190 lbs and only 27 years old. I shouldn’t have these pains and this weight that wouldn’t come off when I was dancing almost four consecutive hours a day.

    I had doctor after doctor prescribe me medications for my thyroid throughout my life, which in turn made me depressed as a side effect, and was given depression and anxiety medication on top to take care of those symptoms. All in all I was in a vicious cycle of prescription meds, thyroid issues, weight gain and depression. In February of 2012 that all changed when I began The Mega Way Shakes as a staple ORGANIC MEAL REPLACEMENT in my DAILY diet.

    Every morning I would have a shake adding Optimal Nutrition’s liquid vitamins, pack my lunch and head off to work. Almost instantly I felt different; better. After a couple weeks it was clear that my energy level had risen. I hadn’t noticed much in weight loss mostly because I had been so afraid of that horrible scale so I didn’t even own one. But not just energy…I was also sleeping at night, something I had entirely forgotten the feeling of. I was also surprisingly happy.

    There are so many things that went on in the next six months but by September I was off of ALL prescription meds including my synthroid for my thyroid, I was able to grasp life without being sedated all the time, and I had lost over 60 lbs. It wasn’t until I saw old friends and saw their expressions that I saw the outward difference, I was too excited about the inward difference I had achieved.

    Now the end of 2012 I have sustained a healthy and gorgeous weight of 132 and am expecting my first child next July. Take that Dr. (gloom and doom)! I love The Mega Way Program and Shakes because they are so simple and taste better than any other health system out there. But it’s not just a health system, it’s a life system! I was opened up to possibilities in life that I thought were never achievable for me. Thank you Brigitte and The Mega Way for giving me my life back and helping with the life I now have vibrant in me!

  76. Hey Corbett and Team,

    Thank you for the opportunity for all us inspiring entrepreneurs.

    As of may 2013 I will be quitting my job and working on my terms. What I have realized since I have committed to this journey is the mass of people who are “stuck” and feel hopeless living their lives without passion and zest!

    The amount of people who are looking and searching desperately for something else has been staggering and I would like to be able inspire a million people to take action and live the life they deserve during this short spin around the globe!

    To be able to achieve this with your guidance would be a privilege I would not take lightly. I wake up every day not having enough hours in the day to implemented all the ideas that keep flowing my way…..what a great feeling!

    Attached is a copy of our upcoming journey:


    Thanks again for this great opportunity and have a great day!!


    (“Surround yourself with great people and you will achieve great things!”)

    1. Hey Caleb,

      Sorry about that……..obvious where my weakness is!

      Here is a link to my website:

      I put a page on the site entitled “Think Traffic” which has everything I wanted to pass on.

      Thanks Caleb and I look forward to hearing from you.

      All the best,


  77. Thanks Guys
    I am a full time OB/GYN hospitalist and have a web site:
    OB/GYN hospitalists make it safer for women in labor. Saving women and babies not only here in America but eventually the world.
    I am profitable now growing from 250 to 1210+ physician members in 3 years and as of 1/1/13 doubled my column ad rates
    Now I plan to add video -figuring anyone I was interested in interviewing would be interesting to many of my 1210+ members too
    If I interview many of the physicians who sent in the 60+ “saves” sent to my website and a few of them published in my recent peer reviewed journal article
    and put together a 2 or 6 or 10 min video of “saves” it would be interesting to a wide audience
    I plan to double again in the next 12 months but with your help I could do 10X and you could help me save lives of women and babies

  78. Hi Corbett, Chase & Caleb,

    I think if I won I would become more effective at teaching others, on my new site, in conversations on fizzle and direct. I would love to be coached on this and observe how you guys go about coaching and use that to lift my game all round.

    I joined fizzle looking to grow my real estate business and find some like minded people to get involved with. Two months later I find myself building a completely new site and heading in a new direction.

    I made it out, for now at least, but I had no idea how to coach others so they could spend more time with their family than their cubicle. The haunted look in their eyes as I walked free still bothers me.

    It was the people at fizzle and your course that helped me find my voice and direction, thank you. I joined fizzle for myself but it’s now all about other people.


  79. Corbett, Chase, Caleb!

    My name is Kerri Lowe and my blog is Get Gumption: A Millennial Guide to the Pursuit of Good Work. I help underemployed Millennials find the initiative to create working lives that look good, feel good and do good.

    Now, brevity is one thing, but choosing someone to work with for a year is a big decision, so I wanted to be thorough.

    1. I made a video for the contest that covers the Get Gumption Mission & Social Context + What I’ve Done So Far + How I Got Here (the tough stuff) + My Sincerest Thank You’s.

    The video link:

    2. I enlisted family, friends, fans and other bloggers to leave comments as a testimonial. Scott Dinsmore and Chris Guillebeau are among the responders showing their support! We’ve got over 100 views and over 20 comments at the moment and a few more should find their way in by midnight.

    3. Scott suggested that I also include a song, which I will link to now:
    You will find several links to it on the Main Video’s Vimeo page. Don’t miss it! I had a great time writing it and I hope you all enjoy!

    Yours in gumption,
    Kerri Lowe

  80. Hi Corbett! This is an exciting and super unbelievable opportunity, thank you!

    So I’m writing about Life Leveling, another taking on lifestyle design. Relating improving yourself to leveling up in the game of life basically… I came from an abusive past, was thrown into the world without any good guidance, and made a lot of mistakes life. A few near death experiences actually altered my world view and forced me to grow.

    My about page:

    And my latest post about *The Most Important First Step to Self-Improvement*

    Best of luck to everyone in this!

  81. Hi Corbett, Chase & Caleb!

    What an amazing opportunity you are giving us a chance to embrace. Thank you for your generosity of spirit.

    I have been in the web design space for 14 years, however my two partners and I have only recently embarked upon a journey into the world of online publishing.

    We are avid students of yours, visionaries, rebels, crazed inventors, ambitious entrepreneurs: people who believe they can change the world…

    Our mission as Vision Architects is to dream up and breathe life into ridiculously ambitious online platforms and mobile apps.

    We want to build, incubate and invest in ideas, products and services in the field of human potential, and turn talented personal growth authors into meaningful mentors by exposing their work to millions. This, we believe, will make a difference in the world.

    We strive to boldly experiment with progressive work culture and disrupt the traditional idea of a ‘job’.

    In the past 6 months two projects have come to fruition.The 1st: is a project that enables the everyday homeowner to leverage his investment and become completely debt-free, and the 2nd: – teaches powerful success principles that harness the power of the mind to achieve your dreams. Both are membership sites.

    This week, we just secured a contract with a well-known author to take her relationship products online, and I want to do it right. I know that your mentorship would make a huge difference in the outcome of the project. It’s a bold undertaking that requires expert guidance.

    Our mission is to touch 500 million lives in the next 10 years.

    There are many worthwhile projects listed here – and whoever you choose will be very fortunate. I hope you will consider us.

    Thank you for this opportunity,

  82. Hey Corbett and the Think Traffic Team!

    First, thanks for the amazing offer – mentoring for a year AND Fizzle is incredible. I’m so grateful for you not only offering this, but for taking the time to read everyone’s entry…that’s so much work.

    Thank you.

    A quick summary: my stuff is a little different than everyone elses stuff on here (for good or bad). It’s not just a straight online blog business looking to create revenue through online products, etc…

    It’s much bigger than that (but not impossible)

    It’s actually the EVOLUTION of publishing (my 3 minute pitch here:

    I’m not sure if it’s something you guys would want to try and coach since it’s a bit different, but I think your online business and traffic converting knowledge is INTEGRAL to making this work (you’ll see after the link)

    Here is my full page pitch – with video…I know – I go overboard…

    Thanks again for the opportunity! Hope to hear from you!

    – Tom (instigator)

  83. Hi guys,

    They say, “Never work with children or animals” and I work with both! I train dogs and teach kids.

    I would love this opportunity because I’m developing a blog about self discovery through dog owning/ training.

    It’s taking a while because I’m a perfectionist and an introvert – so the prospect of putting myself out there terrifies me!!!

    It will be (as soon as I get the techy side sorted)

    Here is an excerpt from a post I’ve written:

    “How dogs are” changes.

    Have you heard the saying “There are no bad dogs, just bad owners” ?

    95% of the time your dog might be entirely delightful to live with, so that’s how you label it – but your sweet dog chases cats (that’s not very sweet!); your gentle dog barks maniacally in the car (that’s not very gentle!).

    You know that YOU aren’t a bad owner, so your dog CAN’T be bad!

    There are those labels again. Seriously, labels can really get in the way sometimes!

    How does it feel when you are struggling with your dog’s behaviour ?

    What are your options?
    1. Pretend there is nothing wrong. (Lie to yourself.)
    2. Make excuses (to yourself and everyone else.)
    3. Keep the deep, dark secret. (Tell yourself the truth, but lie to everyone else.)
    4. Lurch between positivity and total panic.
    5. Seek help and discover everybody is an expert when it comes to dog behaviour. (Return to number 4!)
    6. Try to find a useful book or website and discover there are gazillions to choose from. (Return to number 4!)

    It’s a bit like a game of snakes and ladders isn’t it?

    The good news is that like humans, dogs have a whole range of behaviours and sometimes we don’t like what they do.

    This doesn’t make them bad, sad or mad. It makes them dogs!

  84. In mustering my courage to enter this, I forgot to say many thanks for the opportunity and the great websites you run. So – belatedly, thanks a bunch :).

  85. Am I worthy of a year-long mentorship with Corbett Barr? Yes. And only a bold person can say so. To be honest, my “bold revolution” has been new-founded. Last year I hit a quarter-life crisis living the life of corporate ladder-climbing. I soon realized I was more of a creative, hippy, be-your-own boss kind of gal opposed to an uncomfortable, suit-donning people-pleaser. So this year I’m turning over a new leaf and pursuing my creative aspirations. I recently made my own blog online and bought the domain name, which you can find at I’ve also been posting my creative writing pieces on various blogs/websites including The Conversation with Amanda de Cadenet and HerFuture with Gabrielle Bernstein. I’ve steadily been building a presence online and will be taking the Make Sh*t Happen course with Jenny Blake this month, as well as the BSchool with Marie Forleo in April. It was through Miss Forleo that I came to know of Laura Roeder and LKR Social Media, which ultimately led me to Think Traffic. I wholeheartedly believe in fate and I’m pretty sure that this opportunity came to me for a reason (for more on fate/inspiration/creativity you can follow me on Twitter @wine_peace_love). My hope, goal and deliberate dream this year is to establish my presence, content and networking community online via my blog, writings and soon-to-be life coaching business. This April I will be officially certified to life coach (through CCF, based out of Canada) and kick-off my own online business. By then I will have accumulated a “starter” clientele base online via my social media marketing tactics. By spreading my creative words online, I’ve already started to build a community of “Diane Pauley” believers and hopefully I can continue to build on that. My eventual goal is to combine my coaching tactics with my writing and publish a self-help book (which is currently “in-the-works”). So if you ask me, I think this should make for a pretty exciting mentorship, if I’m so lucky! After all that rambling of mine, I hope you can see just how adamant & determined I am to be “business famous,” a la LKR, and use social media to my advantage to help achieve my goals. And since finding Think Traffic, I would love to win the opportunity to have this amazing mentorship and be under TT’s wing all the way. I hope this comment has made you believe in me and my abilities and I would love for you to embark on this creative journey with me! Cheers…but before I leave you, I’d like to share one personal tidbit about myself that I’m vocalizing especially for this CONTEST. I happen to spit rhymes and I came up with something special, just for you, below. Enjoy!

    Creativity. Intuition. Art.
    Why do we give up
    Before we even start?
    We’re deathly afraid of being
    Wrong, that we won’t even
    Learn how to play our own
    Creative songs.
    I’m putting a stop to that today,
    I want to be able to create
    Business fame
    Or for people to just know my name.
    It’s easy to be liked,
    But it’s so much better
    When those people buy.
    Here’s to being
    Savvy, smart & wise.


  86. Hey Corbett, great opportunity! Thanks!

    Starting a blog that matters for me is about helping people. a year ago I decided I’m moving to China to be an entrepreneur. It’s the new place to be! I live in Beijing. After a couple of months I decided to open Startup Noodle, to help other entrepreneurs arrive here and start their “thing”. I’ve helped people find jobs, and consult about their startups, helping young entrepreneurs find investors and recently have a dedicated calendar for meeting/skype calls for startup help.

    This is why I should win: Startup Noodle is about helping, I believe this is the right path to have a business around. If you do good, it will come back to you.

    This is how I can help people:
    and more about Startup noodle: (with testimonials)

  87. Wow! what an awesome opportunity.
    I had been procrastinating writing here, because I was a bit unsure, but I guess I better go for it before the window of opportunity closes… especially since my goal for 2013 is not to waste opportunities.

    I have a blog that encourages single women.
    I recently moved from the U.S. to Nigeria, and I plan to be in Nigeria for at least the next year and a half.
    I moved because I realized my love for writing, and that I wanted to encourage Nigerian women. A lot of young professional women in my generation are having a challenging time dealing with living in the modern world, while also living in the traditional world, so I hope to help bridge that gap by talking about modern female issues and encouraging us to be AWESOME!
    I wrote a book – Impossible is Stupid ( – in 2011, which most people loved, and I’m working on another book this year (2013).
    I hope to further my goal of serving the Nigerian community of young women through writing and speaking… and then maybe take on the topic of creativity in Nigerian schools… another great passion of mine.

    Thank you once again for the opportunity! Much love and peace in the middle east :-)

  88. Hello Corbett,

    I am thrilled to learn about the opportunity for mentorship with you. This was my first ever YouTube video, so already I’m going out of my comfort zone – something one’s mentor should be doing for them anyways right?

    Below is the link to my video:

    Where the video cuts off this is where I’d like to continue –
    …plane and mundane… there’s a lot more commonality that gay men have with their peers than they realize.

    I want to build a platform online with content for the day-to-day stories of gay men are shared celebrating successes and going through adversities. By doing this my goal is to:

    1) Inspire gay men to look deeper in themselves past their egos as well as thinking beyond their own borders
    2) Have a paradigm shift in their approach to dating/sex/relationships and
    3) Be a source for people in other parts of the world to peer into the lives of gay men in the Pacific Northwest in their twenties and thirties.

    My Boyfriend Wears Flannel is socially conscious, hip, self-actualized and involved with philanthropy and volunteerism/service yet we connect with others through popular culture, fashion, food/dining, sustainability, health, humor and spirituality (not religion). And we’re having a great time while we’re doing it!

    I have a crystal clear vision of where I want to bring my project, but with your help, I can get there sooner!


  89. Hi guys, thanks for this mind blowing opportunity.
    Here is why I’ll be the ideal person for you to mentor

    I have a passion for preparing and eating very flavorful meals. This comes more from the fact that I grew up a picky eater but since food is vital to my well being, I spent much of my adult life making food that I love to eat. I can guarantee you, if I give a meal thumbs up there is no body who is gonna say otherwise unless they had an allergic reaction to something in it :-) . A few comments I always get after someone eats a something I prepared are
    “wow you need to show me how to make this”,
    “this is flavorful”
    “what’s in it?”
    “I see why your kids have such huge appetites”
    What makes my food standout is how I use fresh herbs to make anything common into gourmet. Since you can’t taste my food to validate this and pick me right away, I’ll share some more…

    I have gained the experience of feeding my family (myself, husband, and 3 sons) on $350 a month – this is ingenuity at it’s best and I am proud of myself. When I graduated with a Master’s in Electrical Engineering in 2009 (GO POKES), I could not find a job because the economy really sucked, no one was hiring and also I needed Visa Sponsorship to work (long story). As a newly wed, with a growing family, lots of student loans and consumer debt from our college days, surviving on one income was HARD. We had to make it work and by this my husband simply meant “not growing our debt and cutting back on a lot of spending INCLUDING GROCERIES”. Remember I am a picky eater so originally this was a challenge and just like many of life challenges whether you sink or swim depends on your attitude, determination and work ethics, I started paying attention to prices of food items. I also started paying attention to local grocery store ads and continued making very delicious meals for my family by shopping strategically (so much fun).

    It’s on the basis of my ability to teach families how to cut down on grocery spending while they eat the most healthy flavorful meals possible that I recently started building up my grocery/meal planning business called Cuisine De Ma Mère which I define as food adults savor and kids devour that cost less than a combo meal at Mickey D’s .

    I believe by now you see why I am your ideal candidate… but to bring my entry full cycle, I’ll tell you about a lesson I learned after coming through the darkest period of my life sometime last year and that is to always have empathy and compassion for anyone and everyone. The truth is unless someone tells you their story for sure, you cannot assume their situation from their appearance. To shed some light on this more and understand me better, check out my most recent post by clicking on the link below

    So here you have it guys; a foodie who can serve any income level and has sympathy for any level/size of struggle.

    Please thinktraffic team pick me and guide me on how to use some/all of my passion, experiences and uniqueness I’ve been blessed with to reach the many people who need it and improve their lives.

    Happy 2013 Everyone, Good Luck & God Bless!

  90. Wow you guys! What an amazing opportunity you’ve created.

    As a H2SABTM student, I went from no blog to blog that I love in a few months. My blog (The Attitude Revolution) is less than a year old and every single time I’ve implemented something from that course – my site blows up. BOOM!

    My mission is to help body haters “change their minds about their bodies” so they can have a body and life they love. So they can transform all the energy they spent hating on themselves into energy spent changing the world for the better.

    I know from personal experience (and from the people I connect with daily) that self loathing holds you back. It gets in the way of living your life of awesomeness. It impacts your health, your relationships, your career, your purpose and your potential.

    Our world is in dire need of problem solvers and action heroes, not people questioning their self worth. If I can be a small part of that radical change – then my purpose is fulfilled.

    My blog is growing organically each day and has brought in a few dollars from affiliate sales. I have a couple of ideas in the pipeline of how to grow and am really committed to my message. But after a couple of false starts with online businesses, sometimes I worry that I don’t have “what it takes” to make it…

    Here’s the thing.

    This offer of mentoring is epic. Beyond epic. I wouldn’t even know what to do with myself if I won. I know my blog would take off in unexpected and bodacious ways. I know I would reach many more people around the world and live my dream of having a business that is in the service of others.

    But I feel really safe in the knowledge that if someone else does win (and from the comments, there are so many people who deserve to) that I still win.

    Because the information you guys provide on your blogs and in your courses is so unbelievably helpful and inspiring. You are proof of what is possible. That kindness and business can go hand in hand.

    Thanks again for all that you do. *fistbump*

  91. Hi Corbett,

    Thanks for the opportunity to get your insights – it’s very generous, as can be seen by the amount of people going for it.

    And just like everyone else, I think I deserve it! I’ve written more about why on this page:

    But one of the things I think makes my project stand out is that I’m working in the field of leadership, and in the idea of creating a new and mindful leadership that is capable of taking us all to a better place.

    Please check out the page, watch the video, and hopefully I’ll be learning a lot from you in 2013!


  92. Thank You Corbett and The “Think Traffic” Team!

    I’m much more excited and enthusiastic than the video may show…I was very serious because I want this so bad! It was also my first video lol…still trying to get the hang of this software.

    i blog

    “Juicing our Way to Optimal Health one Veggie at a Time !”

  93. Digital Golden Girl with no intention of slowing down…

    My entry is here:

    I expect you’ll be inundated with bright young things with wild and crazy ideas to be the next Zuckerberg…

    Well my angle is different. All over the world there are tiny, one person businesses who collectively make a valuable contribution to the global economy. Some will be online businesses – but many won’t.

    My venture is called Brightspark Solo. It aims to provide a support system to all those brave souls who take the plunge and give up the day job to set up their own tiny business.

    You’ll love it I’m sure and I’d make you proud you picked to mentor my business.

    Fingers crossed

  94. Hey guys, thanks for the chance of winning.

    Here are 3 good reasons to mentor me:

    The foundation is already there – you know my work ethics from going through Traffic School :-)

    There are over 6 million people worldwide that are currently suffering from an undiagnosed health problem that I had myself and have overcome – I’m now passing this knowledge on for free through my blog.

    If you could help me reach more of these people then I can make a bigger impact.

    To help even just a few more people would be AMAZING and life changing.

    My FB Page:
    My blog:

    P.S.: Do I want to have Chase Reeves give me some design pointers? Hell yeah, he’s a dude 😉

  95. Hi Corbett!

    How exciting! Thank you guys for such a life-changing opportunity! Please click the link below to access the audio file: Fizzle entry. I attached the audio link to a blog post I created that explains my new project, but my website is not complete as yet.

    All the best!


  96. Saving the fate of entire families, epic tales from warn-torn countries, curing “social illnesses,” basically saving-the-planet level goodness. Damn Shazam. It’s commendable, it’s the real deal, it’s life-altering transformation. Wow. I just want people to buy a blender.

    Did he just say blender?

    There’s been quite a bit of talk above of Big Change. But I’m actually more compelled by Bite-Size Change. Big change is important and necessary, but it’s hard. I fear it’s the marathon you’ll never run, the novel you’ll never write, the 50 pounds you’ll never lose. What’s truly difficult to comprehend (and then act on) is that the marathon is made up of single steps, the novel of individual pages and the 50 pounds of little solitary ounces.

    I kinda ridiculously enjoy helping people with that bite-size change. I help get that first page written or first block run, provide twists on how to lose that first ounce (hint: you’ll need that blender), and focus on the small stuff. The Big Change will come, but in the meantime, clear out your nag list, strengthen your memory, stop to appreciate a snowflake, stay in a villa in France for free, give little gifts, make a kale cocktail (bonus: healthy and a party!). Enjoy “the meantime.”

    I just heard you whisper, “Bradley, this is comment #149, it all sounds peachy. How can we help?”

    I know how to get there, I’m just not sure where I’m going.

    I’m stuck in Bite-Size Change. I need to get it to Big Change. Oh, it’ll be big, it’ll be huge even. I even know how to get there. I even know I will get there–eventually. Trouble is, I’m not exactly sure where “there” is. I’m living the “dilemma” of the Mexican Fisherman (many might not see it as a dilemma, but dilemmas are subjective). I’m a smashing success in my world. I’m a lifestyle design poster boy, but it’s time to move out of the village. We’re not just packing up the car, not even the RV, it’s time to make the move. I know how to drive, even long distances, I even have a map. I need a guide. I need a mentor. Corbett, I need you.

  97. Corbett, Caleb & Team:

    I made a short video for the entry here:

    In a nutshell, my path was very similar to Corbett’s:

    #1 I failed bigtime on my first blog (

    #2 I then found & followed Thinktraffic (& Live Your Legend) for over a year before relaunching my new business based on a strong need: — using all of Thinktraffic’s advice, based on all the mistakes I made, treating it as a BUSINESS and not a blog.

    #3 This new one is taking off — and will resonate with a lot of your readers going from the “failed blogger” to “actually living off my online business.” I’m your prime demographic and it will serve as a huge inspiration for your readers.

    Thanks guys —

  98. Hi Corbett and Think Traffic Team-

    To apply for this amazing opportunity I used what I learned so far from your Start a Blog that Matters course and created a website for my entry:

    Thank you so much! I really appreciate this contest. Not only is it a chance of a lifetime, but it also helped me to dive in and get more familiar with WordPress.

    Stacy Taubman

  99. What’s up Corbett, Chase & Cale

    When we at The Phat Startup heard that Think Traffic was offering a year of mentorship, an immediate sense of urgency hit us. We were always fans of Think Traffic and have always used it’s contents to educate ourselves and push ourselves in ways most would run away from.

    A year of mentorship with the team at Think Traffic would help us spread our message to more people in a more cohesive way. Instead of helping one person build a internet business, you have the opportunity to help us change a generation of people in the Hip Hop culture.

    Lil Wayne once stated “”Don’t call me sir, call me survivor!” Coming from both the Newark area and The South Bronx we have survived what many deemed a trap. We took it upon ourselves to hustle as hard as possible to give us the life described in the Hip Hop music we love. It is our turn to make sure others like us learn, create and live the life they always wanted to.

    Will you help us make sure our movement continues to move and change the lives of people in a great culture? We welcome the challenge and know you will also!

    Check out our video entry here:

  100. Hey Think Traffic,

    Me and my partner James Lopez are excited and eager to begin our mentorship with you! We combine hip hop culture and startup culture together to make a combination that no one has seen before. We inspire entrepreneurs to keep going and even create entrepreneurs out of people who didn’t think they had a shot. Take a look at our entry page made specially for you:

    See you guys on monday!

  101. Hi Corbett and Think Traffic Team-

    I am a physician, scientist, writer, and educator that has managed to to turn my professional skills into a really nice virtual income. I found your blog in the last several weeks and have recently taken action to start a diabetes blog hoping that I can help people better manage a very difficult disease. In the process, I hope to further take more of my life virtual and not be tied down to one clinic or city.

    As you may know diabetes is a difficult to control, complicated disease. Patients need to understand a number of complicated concepts and then take action in order to be successful. One of the problems with medical education today, is that we do not tell patients just what they need to know and what they need to do. Rather, we provide so much info that the need to know and need to do is lost in the shuffle- frustrating both patients and their doctors.

    The goals for my site are to deliver high quality information based on the need to know and need to do model– everything else is fluff. Unfortunately, a large number of patients with diabetes may never know or figure this out because they think highly of their professional doctors are doing the best thing for them and providing the nest information. I believe, however, there are many small things individual patients can do to improve their diabetes if they just get better information and then take action.

    At some point I hope to be able to monetize by providing the need to know and need to do in a more personal way either through courses or coaching. This mentoring opportunity would provide me an incredible opportunity to improve diabetes education and aid my ‘virtual career development’ as I expand what I do online.

  102. Dear Corbett, Caleb and team,
    What an amazing opportunity for one of your readers and thank you! May the best (wo)man win!
    Here is a link to my entry:
    It is a pdf with an embedded mp4. Please make sure you open the pdf in Acrobat so that the video plays. The pdf has expanded info.
    If for whatever reason the video doesn’t play there here is a link for Youtube:
    Unfortunately there are one or two glitchy sound bits, please listen with earphones.
    Looking forward to hearing who the winner is.

  103. Hey Gang!
    I have a newer start-up that helps towing companies run their business. Web based software that saves time, money, and keeps their customers happy.

    Why should I win. I wouldn’t be the only one to win. The information that I would attain would not only help me. I would pay it forward to an organization that I strongly believe in: Organization that grants the wishes of children with life threatening medical conditions.

    Thanks again for the chance to win. Short-Sweet-to the point.

  104. G’Day Corbett, Chase & Cale from Sydney, Australia

    I only found your website 2 days ago after watching an awesome interview with you Corbett and Derek Halpern.

    So I was lying in bed last night, getting deeper into all the goodies you provide on Think Traffic and came across your out of this world offer – Mentorship For A Year! WOW, awesome opportunity of course I’m going to apply!

    A bit about me…

    Hi, I’m Clint Salter. A 27 year old serial entrepreneur and coach from the land down under (Sydney, Australia) who is passionate and experienced in leading an extraordinary life! Ok, that sounds slightly arrogant so let me clarify what leading an extraordinary life means to me.

    Definition of Leading An Extraordinary Life – The Dictionary of Clint (published in the 90’s when I was about 9 years old after my mum told me that she only had one wish for me as her son and that was for me to be happy – GO MUM!).

    To lead an extraordinary life means to take continual action in the pursuit of understanding YOU, so that you can find your souls purpose and live it everyday. Action steps during this journey may result in but are not limited to the following: fighting with someone you love, putting on weight, landing your dream job to realise you have never felt more unfulfilled, falling in love with (at the time) the one, having your heart broken, losing money, selling a business or two, whitewater rafting in the Amazon, losing your second parent to cancer, having multiple hangovers, dancing on a table in NYC with a guy who calls himself Glitterman, eating disco fries (not with Glitterman), Having your appendix burst in a foreign country and falling off a treadmill.

    In case you’re wondering… all of the above examples are from personal experience. At this stage you may be thinking that it doesn’t sound too extraordinary but please hear me out.

    It’s how we grow from our decisions/experiences and then apply ourselves from the learnings that get us on the track to leading an extraordinary life. I’ve been experimenting on myself now for the past 6 years to better understand how to gain the most value from my life’s experiences but more importantly the steps needed to achieve my souls purpose on a daily basis.

    So after creating and selling two businesses (one was a dance studio that I started when I was 16 the other an online platform for dancers and performers called DanceLife) I’m finally about to launch a project that it totally hitting the nail on the head in regards to living my souls purpose. The project is Make The World Move (MTWM) and together I reckon we can make this friggin kick some butt!

    Make The World Move (MTWM) celebrates all aspects of life and inspires people from across the globe to lead extraordinary lives. With the launch of the site being just around the corner, my objective is to make MTWM become the leading resource in the areas of happiness, inspiration, personal growth, relationships, spirituality and well-being.

    I’ve assembled 55 (so far and growing daily) Inspiration Gurus from across the US, the UK, Australia and beyond. Each month, these experts will bring their wisdom and advice to the community through blogs and videos on various personal growth topics. I personally will also be blogging each week on the website.

    This is where you come in. Two or Four heads are always better than one and although I’ve only been aware of you for the last two days I’ve seen all the phenomenal work you have achieved on the blogging sphere. I have one massive blog with the potential for huge audience numbers but there can always been room for more exciting, engaging and MTWM loving people to get access to our great material! I have a plan in place for products, a social media strategy and more but would LOVE you to mentor me through this very exciting process.

    Here is a link to my last business DanceLife

    I don’t have anything to show you for MTWM as the website is not live yet but I hope my long comment has shared enough about me and my vision to get you equally excited to venture down under and pick an Aussie. Even better than that pick an Aussie who has the courage and strength to create the world’s next biggest value giving machine!

    BRANDING alert – you can see the logo for MTWM

    I can see that I’m in a mosh pit of people all with their hands up saying “pick me, pick me” but seriously pick me because together we can make a positive impact on the people in this world so that they can start leading an extraordinary life!

    Thanks for reading Team C.


  105. Hi guys, Thank you for offering this opportunity. I feel an obligation to help the world with their finances. I have an amazing vision but am having a hard time with the details. I know I can do it, and with your help it will be amazing. Hey, maybe you can even convince me to get my blog out of the closet.

    My entry, which is clickable.

  106. Hey Corbett and assorted guru’s,


    After reading all of the above submissions I though, God they are good !!!, this is a tough competition, however I WANT THIS, I NEED THIS epic chance to surround myself with passionate business leaders and changers.

    I am going to try to be brief and to the point, the elevator speech I hope.

    How did you get here Gary ?

    I have been on the brink of this for over a year, even went to NYC, BlogWorld to meet and mingle with the great and good, and yes they were there, bottom line in one word it was INSPIRATIONAL.

    What have you done since then ?

    Got Benny Hsu to sponsor me on the $100 change programme with Natalie Sission, 100 days of pure EPIC inspiration. I told Benny “I promise I will work hard and try to win one of the coveted sponsorships at the end of the 100 days”. And guess what I DID. I have a specific project and I NEED YOUR HELP TO BRING IT TO LIFE.

    Whats your project and how can we help ?

    The project is to become the airbnb of the pet world in Europe. To create an online market place for connecting dog owners going on holidays with dog minders with time to care for a pet.

    I have a full project plan on how this site will work and how it can be monitised and will gladly provide much more detail offline.

    I need your mentoring help, with all aspects of getting this possibility to a reality.

    What have you created Gary ?

    Bluntly nothing of substance YET !!!, This is my chance.

    What are you prepared to do Gary ?

    Simply whatever it takes to get this up and running, I will give 110% time, effort, devotion, and sweat equity.


    So I am now on my knees pleading, like donkey in Shrek says…… Pick Me ! Pick Me !

    Thank you all for taking the time to consider my entry and this fantastic opportunity, I really hope to be working with you !



  107. Hi Corbett, Chase & Caleb,

    Awesome competition guys!

    Here is my video –

    I felt the need to add a little introduction about myself because I feel that it is a story that will keep you on the edge of your seat. :-)

    I hope you watch it all however if you need the elevator pitch – start at 4.13 mark

    Stay tuned to the end for something a little special at the end.

    Thanks Guys,


  108. Hi Corbett and Think Traffic Team,

    This sounds like a fantastic opportunity and the odds of winning are WAY better than powerball!

    I think I deserve your mentoring because I vow to make this my #1 priority in a unique niche prime for its first market leader.

    My new website is called:

    Monarch Butterfly Garden
    “Bring Home The Magic of Monarchs”

    My goal is to help others experience monarchs (and other popular butterflies) through the popular hobbies of butterfly gardening and raising butterflies.

    This is a very visual topic and I have taken hundreds of original unique photographs that can be used in a variety of ways to get traffic.

    Here’s a recent page with a couple of my photos:

    Thanks for your consideration, Tony

  109. Heard
    Listen to your favorite blogs — on the go!
    We narrate blogs, and publish them as audio podcasts.

    Well guys it was a crazy all nighter … but Heard finally has a landing page!

    The deadline really gave me a ton of motivation — so thank you :-)

    30 minutes to smash out what’s in my head….. (p.s. I owe you a video!)

    10 Reasons Why you Want to Mentor Chris Jacob & Join the Heard.

    1 )
    All night Alpha Stubble … it’s far from being a Beta Beard … and a long way from being a Gump Beard ( … But it’s honest, hardworking, facial hair.

    Dedication … I have sacrificed more then I like to admit to be where I am today. I graduate UNI (B. Multimedia) with High Distinction – when I set my mind to something I make it happen. Setbacks won’t stop me moving forward. Oh yeah, I quit my job for this.

    Sincerity … From the small interactions we’ve had on Twitter and Fizzle I hope you have a sense of my sincerity. I’m doing this for my family. I’m doing this to serve others.

    A business that Matters … I genuinely feel this service can significantly impact the lives of millions. If you’ve ever read through Pat Flynn’s Podcast reviews you’ll see just how important LISTENING is to a huge demographic of people. The words connect with them. They can consume the content within their busy schedules. They are more focused and more motived.

    A REAL Challenge – Not a Blog … I KNOW you can take any blog and turn it into a success. But how about a platform? How about a new form of media? How about changing peoples perceptions? How about changing people habits? How about starting a movement? … I KNOW you enjoy a challenge. There is so much NEW stuff for you to sink your teeth into here! So much you can bring back to the ThinkTraffic community.

    Growth Potential … Delivering Blogs as Audio has ridiculous potential. There are hundreds of top tier blogs, each with cross-linked communities. Once one user gets on board the power of weak ties will start to bring in more and more of the other members. Habits will form…. soon the Heard audience will feel a sense of disappointment if they discover a new blog and it’s not on the platform. They will demand it. If this goes mainstream (as Audiobooks for Books has) the value is insane. Just look at – they are Crushing it 40% growth year on year.

    Fun … All work and no play makes Chris a dull boy … lets have some fun while we change the world!

    This will be an open, transparent and honest business.

    Genuine passive income for bloggers… without selling out to advertising. Focus back on the craft of writing.

    This project is still a baby (2 month old) … I don’t need my held (I’ve changed many dirty nappies as a Freelance Web Developer) … But you can have a real IMPACT here.

    Times up!

    PICK ME!

  110. Corbett, Chase:

    Decided to go all out on this one and build a website specifically for this. It’s Called Mentorship With a Fizzle.

    Last year was my year of travel. This is my year of hustle. Perfect timing.

    I’ve been learning from you since Free Pursuits and it was awesome to meet at the first WDS. Think Traffic is amazing and you’ve been a huge inspiration over the years.

    Would be a dream to work with you and make an impact on the world.

    Looking forward to kick-starting the High Life Creative! Woop Woop!


  111. Corbett, Caleb & Chase,

    If you could harness the energy, ideas, and passion from the almost 200 entrepreneurs above, it could power a battleship. It’s a venture capitalist’s dream waiting room, a think tank, a group of gung-ho go-getters who can’t wait for 2013.

    It’s been fun, inspiring and surprising to follow–but I know we’re all just getting started. You have started 2013 with a bang and I just wanted to thank you first for offering up your challenge as a prize, but secondly for the side benefits: we all wrote out a business plan of sorts early in 2013. It’s an important step to get that plan out there, especially out of our own heads and down on paper.

    We’re all a step ahead for accepting your challenge. It’s going to be a huge year. Thanks for getting it rolling.

  112. Hi Corbett, Chase & Caleb!

    To say “Thank You” for this kind of opportunity is an understatement.
    I want to express my deepest gratitude just for this kind of gift you offer in a way of a contest. What you do at all your different projects and businesses is the greatest benefit to all who are involved in online business.
    I am currently a Fizzler, Think Traffic reader and student at Start a Blog That Matters.
    All of these projects had given me an entirely new view into online business and tons of precious insights, practical help and new ideas.
    I am forever grateful for everything that you guys do and the impact you have on so many online businesses and people’s lives. I consider myself fortunate to have known you for the past 6 month and looking forward to many years of world-changing cooperation and collaboration.

    Here is my entry:

    Warmest wishes,
    Timur Shakirov

  113. Hi Guys,

    My partner Maryellen and I, haven’t launched our site yet, but we have been busy researching common problems that many small businesses have and writing epic content by bringing them solutions! We love Think Traffic, and have already gained insight and inspiration, so thank you. And thank you for this opportunity.

    Here is an example:

    – Kerry

  114. Wow, you guys are awesome!

    Your posts are great!

    I have no idea how to do this online thing.

    I have a website and not sure what to do with it.

    My plans are to make life better for Seniors, single moms or dads and their children.

    I am developing a program with my team, to work with remarkable seniors that want to maintain or improve their mental, physical, spiritual and relational areas of their lives and are willing to put in the effort with coaching along the way.

    My website and blog will be where Seniors or single moms and dads and their families can go to find answers and connect with others. Along with products and books. We will have online courses to teach others how to start a similar program.

    My reasons for pursuing this is I am single Mom of 5 ( three still at home) after 22 years of marriage, I am helping to take care of my Dad,and my in laws. I home schooled for 20 years and have not worked outside the home for 18 years after retiring from being a Flight Attendant.

  115. Every since you announced this giveaway on Thursday I have been racking my mind for something creative, witty, funny, and most of all, memorable. I’ve been so consumed by this that I have literally lost sleep. Unfortunately, I’m not an overly creative guy.

    I have learned in life that if you wait to have all your ducks in line, you might get hit with a car, so just cross the road. With that said, I’ve decided “screw it, what do I have to lose!”, so here’s my submission.

    I am a car guy to the bone and have dreamed for years of ways to create an income in the auto industry. The problem is that since I’m not creative (as stated above) I have no future in auto design, I’m not mechanically inclined, and I’m not nearly sleazy enough to be a car salesman. I know, not all car salesmen are sleazy losers, but what comes to mind for most people when they think of a car salesman? My dream is to help people buy cars through an experience that is enjoyable and without stress. Never heard of an enjoyable and stress-free car purchase before? Sounds like an opportunity to me!

    I’ve been working to create my auto purchase advocate business site at Please keep in mind I have no web design experience and the site is still under construction. As much as I love to help people buy cars and am looking forward to growing my business, I need some guidance in web design and creating my online presence.

    I would be forever grateful to win the Mentorship for a Year allowing me to pursue what excites me in life and could afford me the freedom to break free from cubicle land working as a project manager.

    Thanks for your consideration!
    Alan Mason

  116. Good morning from Hong Kong!

    Here is my under 3-mins video entry that I made for a year of mentorship with Corbett Barr. Enjoy!

    Here I outline what stage is business is at, my readers and their problems that I can solve in 2013 through creating products and where I need help from Corbett.

    Plus my reassurance that I will become his next coaching success story. :)

    I also have another facet on my site I didn’t mention in the video: As a journalist that recognises certain stories are being ignored my the media, I also put the stories that need coverage in the hands of an audience that cares: women who travel, women who care.

    Thanks so much for this opportunity!


  117. Similar to an interview for any job, my hope is to be the last comment you receive for this contest! Worst case – it’s been a great motivator for me and for many others, thank you.

    And congratulations to everyone who has created something new in response – the work is the reward, be proud of what you’ve accomplished.

    Good luck!

  118. Misinterpreted the deadline on this one… Sunday, February 13th at midnight means that the contest would have been closed for submission for the entire day of Sunday because Sunday starts at midnight. I’m assuming you meant that the contest closes at 11:59pm on Sunday, February 13th…

  119. Hey Think Traffic Team,

    I would be honored to spend a year working with you. I already have learned so much from what you share, and know that the experience would be incredible. Please click on this link to see my video entry:

    Very Best,


  120. I created a video specifically for this contest to tell the team about my project. Here’s the link:

    A few years ago, I started a blog, The Ben Franklin Follies, to talk about topics that reflect the philosophy of Ben Franklin: Personal development, entrepreneurship, public relations/marketing, journalism, financial independence, food, science and technology.

    I’m now in Phase I of turning The Ben Franklin Follies into a multimedia project and it would be super-smashing if I had the opportunity to be mentored by Corbett Barr and the Think Traffic team.

    You can also find out lots more at my website


  121. Hey Think Traffic team,

    I wasn’t going to enter the contest, as the timing caught me right in the middle of a huge teaching project and I knew I’d have no time before the deadline to create anything more than “just words”. But as the thought of the opportunity kept floating back into my mind, I realized that there’s no reason my words shouldn’t be enough to convey how important this coaching and accountability package would be to me and to the people I’m meant to be helping.

    I know exactly what I want to do, what my purpose is, and it is truly epic. My personal mission statement is “To use the arts to foster understanding and betterment of self and others, and by so doing create a deeper level of connection between us all.” I plan to first revolutionize the theatre industry from the inside out: 1) Working first with actors to remove the distractions (both tangible and intangible) that prevent them from creating their most important and world changing work, 2) Moving next to theatre companies and teaching them to create profitable, sustainable models that support their creatives with true living wages, and 3) Finally expanding out to the general public, and using the arts to teach them to understand and appreciate themselves and others, and connect on truer, deeper, and more authentic and meaningful levels.

    In short I don’t plan for much; just to change the world. 😉

    I have come so far already – coming up with the perfect parent company (Artistic Conspiracy) and the perfect first arm of the company to start my work with actors (Beyond Starving Artist), journaling extensively to create the mission statement and a framework for a branding strategy, creating pages and pages and pages of brainstorms and project ideas and strategies to execute.

    And I have so much confirmation that this is what I’m supposed to be doing. Literally every week – in fact, sometimes every DAY – something happens, be it a conversation I have or a news article that crosses my desk or a Facebook status posted by a friend, to remind me, like a gentle whisper from God, that my destiny and my purpose are waiting. That people NEED me to be doing this work.

    So what holds me back? The overwhelming nature of what I’m setting out to do. The feeling of being just a tiny voice. Have you ever been to Niagara Falls? On the US side you can go on the Hurricane Walk, a boardwalk that takes you right down to the base of the falls. You can stand there with the unimaginable tons of water pouring down just a few feet in front of you, and you can scream into it and your voice is enveloped in the power almost before you even finish the thought to yell.

    That’s the feeling I have when I try to move into the final phases of actually launching my life’s work. I know, KNOW in my bones that not only can I do this, but that it MUST BE DONE AND MUST BE DONE BY ME. The arts have real power to change the world and bring back a very necessary level of connection that technology has in many ways taken from us. I have a very unique set of skills, aptitudes, and experiences that make me the right person to bring about radical change in the industry, so that that industry can go on to change the world.

    But I need to know I’m not alone. I need someone to be invested along with me, someone who is dedicated to making it happen but emotionally removed so that they can keep me going when my own emotions make me want to bury my head in the sand. I need you!

    I’m grateful for you making this opportunity available, and I humbly submit myself and my work for your consideration. I would be honored to be selected – and I commit that if selected, I will be the model of hard work and dedication to working past my blocks and making my goals into reality.

    The world is counting on it.

  122. This is Me Against Fear. I procrastinated, in fear, to send this for this past week. It is 10pm Pacific, and I am going to go for it, because that is what my blog, and the revolution I have already started is all about. Overcoming fear in the name of being great, and supporting others who also need a leg up to achieve greatness. Pretty amazing sh*t can happen when you combine passion with a gang of cheerleaders and experts. That is what I want Me Against Fear to be about. I kicked it off a week ago on facebook with a post that went viral – and a video at I am not going to lie. I have a ton of fear, but I am going to kick it in the teeth and become great. I really need your help. My gang needs your help.

  123. 90% of people who search “get cut” are looking for a real website that doesn’t sell “scammy” exercise products or workouts that miraculously make you ripped in 2 weeks.

    I want to provide real reviews on popular exercise software, such as insanity, p90x, etc. and catalogue my journey from day 1 through day whatever-it-takes-to-get-cut. I want to provide real-time results that people can see and follow. The site will also include unique nutrition, paleo diet tips, asian foods you can eat (along with other food groups), and psychological motivators that enhance your mentality (which is a big reason why people don’t get results when working out).

    This new-age website is being developed and is 70% complete:

  124. Hi Think Traffic Team!

    My name is Anna Adair. I am a Broadcaster & Entertainment Correspondent in Louisiana. We are currently ranked 2nd in the U.S. for film production & therefore have plenty to report on! The concept for the blog came from wanting to share the “good stuff” that I get out of talking with people, whether in an interview or just chatting in a conversation (in the south, you wouldn’t believe what people share! :) …BOTH; however, with the mics off.
    The name of my blog is “Anna Adair: Off Air” Tagline: On the Record. Off the Air.
    I have teamed up with a web designer and we have been working on the launch for months…hoping to debut in February.
    Here is a clip I prepared for you guys. Hopefully this gives you a better idea of what I am about, as well as the direction of the blog.

    In addition, here are two links for recent pieces as Entertainment Correspondent.



    Thanks for your time!

  125. Hey Corbett, Caleb and Team : )
    I’ve put together a little video/ppt presentation as my entry.  I hope to win this absolutely invaluable and amazing opportunity to have you guys as a personal mentor.

    My Amazing & Award Winning (Hopefully : ) Entry

    Cheers & Happy Blogging Everyone!


    PS.  The site referenced by my signature is my brick&mortar business.  My proposal is on an entirely new, yet somewhat related, exciting new project.

  126. Hey ya’ll, here is my application.

    FYI, it’s a really great F-ing application, and I hope ya’ll read it.

    TL;DR – I already run a successful online business, but my weaknesses align very well with the ThinkTraffic strengths. And, I’ve been actively looking for a mentor for a while, but trust few, and don’t want to another Chris G. type of site (although, I was written about in one of his books.)

    regardless, very cool project/experiment/contest/sumpin’


  127. 2012 has been an exciting year. My first child was born (boy), I bought my first house, and got my first comic book funded through Kickstarter. My dream is to create comic books that tackle hard topics, promote discussion of important questions, and stories that touch people on an emotional level.

    2012 has brought me to the door of fulfilling this dream. In 2013 I hope to step through and make my dreams a reality. Your mentorship program would help me take a giant leap forward.

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Jason Love

  128. I’m thrilled to participate in your mentorship contest and have my contest proposal ready for your viewing. My proposed blog is called:

    Rethinking Family Values…because what’s Right is wrong and what’s normal ain’t.

    As you’ll see, it’s well developed conceptually and strategically. However, since I don’t have a formal site up and running, I set up a hosting site with Go daddy today so I could provide you with a link. Unfortunately, the upload keeps stalling out on me. In lieu of providing a link here, I hope you’ll accept an emailed version of my contest creation. I would love for you to read it with consideration. Many thanks.

  129. Hi Corbett & team:

    Saw the post a couple hours after it went up and have spent the last 4 days crafting something super-special for ‘ya.

    I’m really proud of the project I’m developing and would love the opportunity to work with your team to make it the best it can be. Over the years, and especially in the time before the creation of The Making It Project, I’ve spent a lot of time researching the lives and lessons of aspiring and successful musicians. In that time it became crystal clear that no other blog takes the perspective I’m going for, and I felt truly compelled to develop the blog myself.

    It’s exciting to know that what I’m doing really IS purely unique. It’s so rare these days…

    Anyway, keeping it short and sweet, here’s the link to my pitch video. Hope you like it. Thanks a million times over for the opportunity to work together.

    -JJ Gomez

  130. To cover all my bases, I’ve decided to paste it here as well (see earlier comment above.)

    Culture War 2.0
    Rethinking “family values”…because what’s Right is wrong, and what’s normal, ain’t

    January 13, 2013

    Are You Game for the Good Fight?

    While they haven’t given up, the “culture warriors” in America are losing their swagger. The last election cycle saw Ken-doll Romney and his socially conservative ilk fall by the wayside due to being “out of touch,” and having little relevance for today’s populace. Just like the recent demise of our iconic Hostess Twinkies, the “traditional family values” model has reached its end. We as a country are craving something better, more real, just, inclusive, and dare I say, spiritual as opposed to dogmatic.

    Yes, this is a new generation. A new civil rights movement is upon us, with battles for gay marriage rights springing up left, right, and center. Yes, the old model doesn’t work any longer. We need something in its place. And yes, we need someone to lead the way. I aim to be that person. Move over Dr. Laura. You, too, have become a relic.

    I’ve been a Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in Human Development and Family Relations for the last 25 years. I’ve also been married for 21 years and have a teenage daughter. My blog will offer fresh, bold, and radical insights on American family life, culture and society. I would love to benefit from your expertise as I take on this exciting and controversial mission. Are you game for helping me fight the good fight? I hope so.

    Factors that make this blog a potential knockout:

    • Unique…Not just another parenting site. It will go deeper and broader, yet within a specific niche. My audience will include liberals, humanists, cultural creatives, unconventional families and family forms, and a new category now called the “nones” –those who do not affiliate with any particular religion, yet consider themselves spiritual. And lastly on the uniqueness front, no one has fought the “culture war” from the left. Ever!

    • Controversial…the media loves controversy, and this blog is controversial by nature, turning conventional wisdom on its head. Also, anything to do with “culture wars” is always hungrily lapped up by the media. They can’t seem to get enough. Lastly, when I outrage some of the more flamboyant and outspoken “culture warriors” (i.e. Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, et. al.), they will come after me. Now, that’s good for business ☺!

    • Speaking of media, I’ve been told I’m mediagenic. I know. It sounds like a nasty contagious disease, but I’ll take it for the cause.

    • Diverse affiliations with organizations of parents tackling conventional norms such as “The Race to Nowhere” community, as well as gay family rights organizations.

    • In addition to spreading a my message, the blog will be used for building a platform and launching my book-in-progress, “Beyond the White Picket Fence.” I expect each will feed the other.

    • For monetization, I plan to have a members only site with a low annual fee opening it up for a greater number of subscribers. The open blog will have general commentary and the members only area will have access to other content. For instance, a section called “Domestic Dung” will be a Q/A where people can share their family crap and I will provide personalized commentary to a selection each week. Another area will be called “Fly on the Wall” where I air video clips of daily observances “on the street” that are just….wrong…even though they may appear very normal by society’s standards. I expect these options will be enticing; everybody likes a little eavesdropping now and then.

    • Lastly, I’ve accrued a lengthy list of large corporations who are gay friendly that I intend to approach for possible sponsorships using Brendon Burchard’s model. This could open up a lot of opportunity for exposure on corporate websites with access to their PR teams and other resources.

    Woohoo….this will be fun!!

  131. What an amazing opportunity — thank you! I don’t envy you the task of choosing, though — so many people doing such great things.

    Here’s my entry: the latest post on my blog, sharing 7 wishes for my readers in 2013:

    My “Working Well Blog” is aimed at the nonprofit clients I serve in my consulting and coaching work. It’s a largely female population with a tendency to burn themselves out being kinder to others than they are to themselves. I started the blog so I could reach more of these folks, many of whom can’t afford to pay for consulting and coaching. My long-term goal is to develop low cost resources they can purchase online to support them in better caring for themselves while doing the important work they do.

    Thanks for considering me, guys! And thanks for the amazing resources you keep putting out there!

  132. As a qualified careers adviser and lifestyle coach I’m particularly passionate about helping people find their dream job and the perfect work-life balance. I have a good understanding of the barriers that people face in what are very challenging times and I would love to be able to reach out to more people via my website, The Careers and Lifestyle Journal.

    I’m bursting with creativity (my Partner says too much some times) and I have always been entrepreneurial and an extremely driven person, however, I find that having an on-line ‘shop window’ and trying to attract passersby is proving to be quite difficult with my fairly limited technical knowledge.

    I’ve been following Think Traffic for a couple of years now and have learned so much from Corbett and his team. I feel that Corbett is the kind of person I would really enjoy working with; it would be like having the best coach/mentor ever on board and I know that would make all the difference that I need to grow a successful on-line business that could benefit thousands of people – which would be my dream.

    I already spend a reasonable amount of time on the look of my site too, but having introduced so many changes recently I have begun to feel that my message may have been lost somewhat and that my site needs to be simplified, thereby creating a stronger message that new visitors would instantly be able to understand. Having seen the great new look (and impressive results) of theThinkTraffic site I’m confident and exited by the prospect of having Chase work with me on this.

    Most of my time and energy goes into producing great content for my visitors – this is one of my most popular articles written as part of my series on How to make Life Changing Decisions by becoming more self-aware

    Thanks so much for this great opportunity and if I am selected you can rest assured that I will do my utmost to make my business the success that it can be with your help. Jan

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