Million Dollar Blog Project

In August 2011, Think Traffic launched the Million Dollar Blog Project (#MDBP). With this project we are aiming to do two things.

  1. We’ll be building an authority blog on a topic that we’re excited about. Our aim will be to build a blog that earns a million dollars in revenue over it’s life.
  2. We want this project to spawn a million dollars in total value over the next two years for other people’s blogs that join us on the project.

Ambitious? Absolutely. Impossible? Not at all.

We are documenting every step of the process from turning a brand new site into an authority blog. See below for all posts in this ongoing series.

The blog that we create for the MDBP will be used as a case study for you to learn what works, what doesn’t work, and how to make your blog successful.

Build a Profitable Blog Along With Us

This project isn’t all about our blog though. We want to help you build a thriving audience around your blog and we’d love for you to join us. If you are interested in joining the Million Dollar Blog Project with your own site, you can sign your blog up here. (Remember, it is free.)

To follow along with the MDBP and to receive other free updates from Think Traffic, subscribe via email.

See Which Blogs are Leading the Project

We’ve set up a leaderboard where you can track the progress of all the registered blogs in the project. See which blogs have the most visitors, subscribers and reported revenue.

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