Think Traffic Monthly Report – August 2012

Each month we recap the traffic/growth stats for Think Traffic and share what we’ve done and what we’ve learned (see all the monthly reports here).

This is the report for August, 2012.

This month saw some major changes to the site, and a big bump in monthly visitors.

As you may have read, I decided to merge my three-and-a-half-year-old personal blog into Think Traffic (read the full details of the decision here). The merger was completed on August 25th, so Think Traffic received a little traffic bump from then on. Next month will be interesting as the first full month after the transition.

So far, we’re very happy with the response and results of the merger. Think Traffic feels fresher and more interesting because of the inclusion of bigger picture + entrepreneurship lifestyle content.

If you missed it, here’s a detailed guide to lifestyle design, location independence and digital nomading, to walk you through some of the most popular posts I published over the years at my other site.

If you’re curious about how a blog merger like that works from a technical perspective, I’ll be writing a post coming up explaining everything. Stay tuned for that.

New Toolbox Video: 6 Steps to 1,000 Visitors a Day

We’ve finally released a new video for the subscriber’s only Traffic Toolbox. If you’ve been waiting for this, I think it was worth the wait. We’d love to hear what you think.

In the video you’ll learn the 6-step formula I’ve used personally and that I teach clients and students to build sites up to 1,000 visitors a day and beyond.

This video turned out really great. You can watch for free by signing up for email updates (you’ll also get access to a bunch of other resources). If you’re already a subscriber, just enter your email address again. You won’t be double-subscribed; you’ll just be taken to the new video.

Join the Traffic Toolbox and get access to 6 Steps to 1,000 Visitors a Day

August Analytics for Think Traffic

Here are the traffic stats from Google Analytics for the month:

Think Traffic - Analytics Aug 2012

We mentioned in last month’s report that we had hit a slight growth plateau. That plateau will be shattered this month and next due to the merger of my other site. We jumped from 41,965 visits in July to 56,358 in August (a 34% increase). Think Traffic also broke through 100,000 pageviews in a month for the first time.

We’re also adding both email and RSS subscribers at a record pace. We gained twice as many total subscribers last month than in any prior month. This is due to a combination of things, mostly because of our big redesign from earlier this year and now the merger of my other blog.

If you’ve become a Think Traffic reader or subscriber recently, thanks for joining us. I hope you’ve been enjoying the content and resources. We have a lot more great stuff coming later this year.

Here are the 10 posts published in August:

Top Traffic Sources

Think Traffic - Sources Aug 2012

No major changes really in the top traffic sources this month. Google sent us 5k+ more search visits, partly from increased rankings and partly from people searching for content that was merged from my other blog.

Top Content

Think Traffic - Content Aug 2012

There are a couple of interesting things to note about the top content above. The new “start here” page we rolled out with the redesign is now the 4th most visited page on the site. Our Traffic Toolbox (resources for email subscribers) is 6th. The resources page is 9th.

These pages were all new or refreshed as part of our design, and they’re doing a much better job of introducing new users to the site, especially as we’ve grown to having over 400 published posts.

Think about your own site and what it looks like to new visitors. Do you offer easy ways to get to know your site and experience the real value of it?

For two examples of sites that do a great job guiding visitors through existing content, check out the general navigation and suggested posts at The Oatmeal as well as the excellent “start here” page Pat Flynn put together at Smart Passive Income.

Now Over to You

Thanks as always for your support and another great month at Think Traffic.

I write these reports each month to help you understand how we’re growing this site and business, so you might learn something to apply to your own site.

What else would you like us to cover at Think Traffic?

If you have any specific questions about growing your site or blog, or about anything we’re up to here, please leave a comment below and let us know.


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27 thoughts on “Think Traffic Monthly Report – August 2012”

  1. Thanks for sharing those with us Corbett.

    I’m always wondering how the big blogs out there really do in terms of traffic.

    Congrats for your success, I wish you even more, and I wish many can get to that kind of success also !

  2. Great job Corbett! Your site has helped me reach the “1,000 visitor per day” status and am extremely grateful for your guidance.

    Would you be open to covering more techniques for become successful with affiliate marketing? It seems like I am exhausting tons of options and still having difficulty driving sales.

  3. Great report! and I too greatly anticipate the next month’s one.

    On a side note,
    I really like to watch how this site developed over time. The first time I heard about Think Traffic was from Glen’s blog, ViperChill. There was one commenter who said he had gone through EVERY post on Think Traffic AND on Viper Chill (that must took him a bit of time). At the time I knew Glen’s blog was great, but that comment got me thinking “What is this Think Traffic thing?”

    I’ve seen the progress on this site and it is truly inspiring! And the new video in the traffic-toolbox? A must see! More polished than ever before.

    If you read this comment and you are not a subscriber yer (somehow), I really urge you to do that, thank me later.


    1. Great to have you here Moses, glad you found us.

      Thanks so much for the feedback on the toolbox video. I’m really happy with how it turned out. Glad you enjoyed it as well.

  4. My current challenge converting visitors into customers. I’m at about 400 visits a day (and rising), and I’ve heard the stat that only about 1% of visitors buy something – but I’m nowhere near 4 purchases a day!

    E-mail list sign-ups are good, but it’s that conversion to paying customer that’s tough. I tend to be shy about asking for a sale too often… but on the other hand, I don’t want everyone to get too used to “only the free stuff” either.

    I’d love to see posts on 1) how much to e-mail your list; and 2) how frequently, within those regular e-mails, to do sales e-mails.


    1. I must say I like your site. as a non native english speaker I finds it pretty usefull, and built right.

      If it was my opinion you are asking for, I would recommend you to work on the overall feel of your site. I’m talking about design and graphics.
      When I come across great content that’s packaged in a so-so package, my hesitancy senses start to work. If I got to that point, chances I will eventually buy something on that site are pretty much gone extinct.

      Hope it helped,

    2. Thanks so much for sharing Shayna. I think the 1% stat you’re referring to actually applies to sales pages, not to your entire site. If you have a page with something specifically for sale (like a landing page), 1% is a very rough ballpark. It can obviously vary quite a bit one way or the other though.

      Thanks for the article ideas. I’ll add those to the list as well.

  5. I really like the updated version of the traffic toolbox. You know I didn’t think it lived up to the general level of quality you usually deliver. And I’m happy to say that I think it does now. The new video is perhaps the best overview description of what it takes to succeed as a blogger I’ve seen.

    I’m also glad to see the numbers backing up my feeling that you took TT to the next level traffic-wise. And I’ll be curious to follow the development going forward.

  6. Wow! 34% Increase on the traffic, pretty amazing from 42K to 56K traffic.
    I personally aiming for 20K for my blog this month, currently at 15K monthly traffic. Will make it happen. :)

  7. Getting a lot of traffic is awesome, but it’s the conversion rate to subscribers and sales that matter most to me.

    I would rather send 1,000 visitors to my squeeze page than 5,000 to my blog. Why?

    My squeeze page would put 300-400 subscribers on my list with 1,000 visitors, whereas my blog would only put on around the same amount (probably less) with 5,000 visitors.

    Maybe my blog needs some work. It’s undergoing constant testing, tracking, and improvement measures, so I’m sure those numbers will go up over time. Then again, so will my squeeze page conversion :)

    The fact that you share these numbers is great though! It shows what can come of consistent epic content!


    1. Hey Marcin,

      I think the merger will have a compound going forward. More visits via search will lead into more subscribers, which will lead to more recurring visits. We were also already 20 days into the month when the merger happened, so next month should be even bigger.

  8. Corbett – thanks for posting your stats. Though my site is no where close to yours in terms of traffic yet, it very comforting to know that even at only about 30K uniques a month, as you talk about in your ebook, that you talk about, you can make a decent living online, when converted properly and to products and services that are high value and really make a difference for people (even more important).


  9. That’s a great traffic you get there Corbett and that’s what really bring huge earning for you this month. i also hope to develop my traffic level to that extent for a better earning. thanks for sharing

  10. So awesome! I just see that my website is ranking #17 in Top Traffic Sources this month. 😉

    That’s pretty neat for a website from the (small) Netherlands between all those big guys. Up to another good month Corbett & team.

    Take care!

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