Think Traffic Monthly Report – June 2012

Each month we recap the traffic/growth stats for Think Traffic and share what we’ve done and what we’ve learned (see all the monthly reports here).

This is the report for June, 2012.

If you’re new to Think Traffic, the site is a little over two years old now. We grew to 1,000 subscribers within our first three months and have since grown to a site that attracts over 42,000 visits per month as you’ll see in the report below. Think Traffic is also now a business that supports a team of two full time.

Our approach to growing this site has been fairly straightforward. No tricks, no “secret” tactics, never anything black hat, and no paid advertising.

Here’s our basic recipe for growing an audience online (please tell the social media gurus and SEO salesmen that it really is this simple). Every week we:

  • focus on writing epic contentwhenever possible (we publish about 2x per week)
  • meet and interact with readers (and read and reply to every email we receive)
  • connect with other bloggers and online entrepreneurs (through interviews and over email and Skype) and praise people publiclywhen we love the work they do (this is great for building karma and getting linked back to and shared)
  • give people a clear reason and easy way to subscribe for email updates(and make RSS, Twitter, Facebook and everything else secondary)
  • show up, set goals, work hard, challenge ourselves and try new things

That’s really about it.

Of course, in the beginning you also need to establish a killer foundation by choosing a great topic, making a case for why your site is worth paying attention to, delivering results and developing good looking and functional site.

Once all that is in place, you have to resist the urge to tweak your site every day. Set your site up and refine your topic by listening and interacting with your audience, but then give it some time to work.

We didn’t update our site’s layout and design for over two years. What we had served us well and we knew it was good enough to make our message shine.

Show up, set goals, work hard and challenge yourself.

Focus on producing great content, connecting with bloggers/writers/entrepreneurs and growing your army of supporters.

Don’t overcomplicate things. Don’t listen to anyone who tells things should be complicated. Building a following really is straightforward.

Now let’s get to the growth of Think Traffic over the past month.

June Analytics for Think Traffic

Here are the traffic stats straight outta Google Analytics for the month:

This was a solid month. Not record breaking in terms of visits, but close (2% fewer visits than last month). We did break our record for the number of email subscribers in one month (1,513 added in June). This was a result of our new design which intentionally focuses on driving email subscriptions over other means of connecting with us.

Watch for more details about our new design, including full results and an interview with our designer later this month.

We published 8 blog posts here last month, including 3 guest posts.

We’ve been sticking pretty consistently to publishing two posts per week for months now. This has been a good frequency for us that keeps good content flowing while giving us time to do other important revenue-generating things for the business. We write the majority of content ourselves but mix in occasional guest posts that we think are great.

Here are the posts published in June:

Top Traffic Sources

Top Content

Other Important Goings On

Last month I gave my first big live talk about online marketing to a packed house at BlogWorld in New York. I was really happy with how the talk turned out. I worked with a presentation coach named Mike Pacchione to help put things together and polish the work. Mike did a fantastic job and I know the presentation was 3x better because of our work together.

If you have a presentation to give, I highly recommend working with a coach like Mike. He taught me things about giving great talks I never would have figured out on my own and gave me feedback that turned a mediocre idea into something I’m really proud of.

Over 1,000 Blogs that Matter

Last month we crossed over the 1,000 enrolled students mark in our How to Start a Blog that Matters course. Congrats to everyone in the course who has launched a blog using the course, and thanks for your feedback and rave reviews. We’re so happy for all the results you’ve achieved.

Portland Happy Hour Meetup this Friday

This Friday, July 6 at 4pm we’re hosting a casual happy hour meetup prior to the World Domination Summit. If you’ll be in Portland, stop by for a beer and say hello.

Get the full details and register here (the event is free and beverages will be provided to the first 50 to arrive).

Now Over to You

What did you accomplish last month? Do you review your progress like this each month? Are these reports still helpful?

Please share in the comments below.

If there’s anything we can help answer directly, feel free to ask anytime either with a comment below, or by contacting us over email.

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20 thoughts on “Think Traffic Monthly Report – June 2012”

  1. What I did was – after months of soaking up all your content – I finally purchased Start A Blog That Matters :)

    Really enjoying it Corbett; you’ve done an awesome job compiling and delivering the material in an incredibly easy-to-digest way.

    No wonder you’re getting rave reviews :)

  2. Another strong month, guys…congratulations!

    I like the fact that you’re not constantly publishing content on the site. Limiting it to 2 posts per week on average keeps people waiting and interested in the next post you have coming out and helps ensure you’re putting out high-quality posts.

    This blog has had really impressive growth in only two years…awesome!

  3. Our big accomplishment this month was breaking the 1000 page views in a single day milestone. For some reason it was important to reach that even number.

    But sincec discovering ThinkTraffic only a few weeks ago, I’m now trying to evaluate weather or not building an email list is as important to a niche blog like mine — a diy home improvement blog.

    Corbett, I sure would appreciate your advice if you think an email list could serve my readers well and would be worth the time and effort to cultivate it like you suggest. Thanks a buch!

  4. Congrats guys! I love the movement and example you all are leading with. My work would be no where without it. Inspire on!

  5. Another great month! Definitely agree with your recipe for growing an audience online – exactly what I’m trying to do with my blog! Loving these reports and congrats on the 1000 course members!


  6. I really love how you and other folks share this info each month. It’s SO helpful to others. What a great tradition you all have created.

    I always like seeing that people are re-discovering the importance and power of email. When people try to tell me that email is dead, then I know they’ve lost touch.

  7. Love your monthly reports, guys! It’s great to see the actual numbers behind the site. And congratulations on the effectiveness of the new design in terms of subscriber numbers!

    One question: Have you guys found Twitter an effective use of your time in terms of generating traffic – and more specifically – driving subscriber signups? You obviously get a fair amount of traffic from Twitter, but I’d love to know if the ROI has been worth it, and if those visitors convert into email subscribers at a good rate.

    If so, I’d love to see a post on what techniques you’ve found effective, and which you haven’t. I’m currently trying to decide how much effort to pour into our Twitter strategy vs. other methods such as guest posting and other social media. Thanks!

  8. Hi Corbett,
    Congratulations for this another great month. I loved my favorite post was 8 Great Examples of Personal Domain Names in Action, it helped me to craft my upcoming blog and developp some new intersting ideas. So thanks for that 😉

    All the best

  9. Super happy to have been one of the first 1,000 peeps to take your Start a Blog That Matters Course. It’s been super helpful and my blog is actually growing! You all rock.

  10. Great Job..

    I actually just realised something… I really need implement a blog schedule. Seeing the results you are getting with an average 2 posts per week.

    I need to pick up my game…

  11. Hi! its been great and first of all I wish you guys a bright future in future as well and keep up the great work.

    I like the idea of interviewing other social media bloggers and that’s also gives you the chance to get the healthy content to your site as well as the traffic and If you managed to get that done atleast once a month, that’s great for anyone and I am working in the same.

  12. Love the monthly reports guys.

    Really helpful to see the traffic breakdown and all the sources. Would like to read more about the referral traffic sources and your marketing strategies for each one i.e. Twitter/Facebook etc.

    Made me realise I need to step up my game with the amount of content I publish. Just published a 3500 word epic blog post after reading your inspirational Write Epic Shit post.


  13. Congrats about your traffic stats and email subscribers – amazing!
    I also will share some stats with you.

    For my blog, which is relatively new:
    -amount of traffic – doubled
    -amount of email subscribers – tripled
    -Alexa Rank – below 300k
    I know that base for it was small, but I’m really happy with it

    BR, Chris

    1. Hi Think Traffic Congo for your traffic stats and specially for Email List 😉
      Nice to see that your traffic is increased 2% .
      Hey Chris You also doing good work mate. Soon you will achive 30K Alexa just keep up the hardwork.
      Have a nice day. Cheers.

  14. I think publishing less is something good. i am thinking about publishing less – that is after I publish all the pending posts – something like 3 – 4 times a week.

    And i guess merging some similar posts and updating them would be a great idea too.

    Good luck with ThinkTraffic.

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