Think Traffic Monthly Report – September 2012

Welcome back to another Think Traffic monthly report.

We have record numbers to share with you again this month and some exciting updates about the new project we launched a couple of weeks ago.

If you’re new here, each month we recap the traffic/growth stats for Think Traffic and share what we’ve done and what we’ve learned (see all the monthly reports here).

This is the report for September, 2012.

September was an exciting month around Think Traffic for a bunch of reasons. We ended up just shy of 68,000 visits for the month and broke last month’s record by 21%.

The surge in traffic over the past couple of months has come mostly due to merging my personal blog into Think Traffic. We carefully planned the merger to make sure most of the link traffic and search traffic would remain intact. September saw the full effect of that merger and we saw traffic increases from every source type including search, social media and referral, as you’ll see below.

Think Traffic turned 2.5 years old last month. Here’s a chart of how the site has grown since we started back in March of 2010:

We’ve grown the site using primarily a content-focused traffic strategy. We don’t believe in chasing traffic fads or looking for loopholes to exploit. Our approach is simple: create great content, make strong connections with readers and other bloggers, give people a reason to come back and challenge ourselves every month (read more about this approach).

Sizzle for Fizzle

Last month we also privately launched our new project called Fizzle.

We’ve been working behind the scenes for months on this new video training platform for online business builders. Our goal is to develop Fizzle into the long-term platform and essential library of training and resources and a community that every online entrepreneur should be a part of.

We decided to open up to a small group of about 150 charter members last month and were blown away by the response. We expected it would take a couple of days to sign up that many members, so we were shocked when the spots sold out in just four hours.

Inside Fizzle we’re working with our charter members to grow and develop the platform into something that’s ready for a bigger audience. The response so far has been fantastic, and we’re all very excited about the future of the platform.

If you’d like to hear more about our progress and get on the list for our next enrollment period, take this quick survey and you’ll be added to our insider’s priority list.

September Analytics for Think Traffic

Now back to the numbers for September. Here are the traffic stats for Think Traffic from Google Analytics for the month:

As you see there, we set a new record of 67,999 visits for the month. Pageviews also set a new record.

We don’t expect to keep growing at this rate over the coming months, but we should settle into a nice new base of 65k+ visits each month.

Here are the 8 posts we published in September:

I was really happy with the quality of and reaction to the four guest posts we ran last month. Thanks Nathan, Tara, Peep and Chris for the contributions.

Top Traffic Sources

As I mentioned before, we’ve gotten a nice boost over the past couple of months from most of our top traffic sources, including search, referral, direct and social media.

It is possible to merge two blogs, or to migrate your blog to a new domain name, without losing much traffic. The boost we’ve gotten here roughly equates to the traffic I was receiving recently to my other blog before the merger with Think Traffic.

Our process was simple: we exported our WordPress content from the old blog and imported into Think Traffic. We didn’t migrate everything, but chose the most popular posts and the ones we thought would fit into Think Traffic.

Then, you simply need to create 301 redirects from your old content’s URLs to the new URLs where the content now lives. The redirects can be manually coded into an .htaccess file, or you could use a WordPress plugin.

Google will get the picture after a while and should start sending search visitors to the new content. Referral (link) traffic will also automatically flow through your redirects.

Top Content

Here are the top 10 pages for the month:

Now Over to You

How was your September? Did your site’s traffic grow? Did you accomplish any important business objectives?

If so, please share. If not, let us know if we can help.

We’re happy to answer any questions about how we merged our two sites, about our new Fizzle project, or anything else you’d like to know.

Cheers and thanks as always for reading Think Traffic.

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

31 thoughts on “Think Traffic Monthly Report – September 2012”

    1. We refer to both visits and uniques, but they tend to vary from stats program to stats program. I like to use visits because it reflects both raw visitors and returning visitors. Returning visitors are important from an engagement standpoint. Plus, it’s usually a slightly more impressive number 😉

    2. I have a laptop, an ipad and an iphone. First I receive Think Traffic’s newsletter on the iphone, and I’ll check the link there, but it’s hard to read in such a small screen, so I may later read it on the ipad/laptop depending on where I’m at.
      That would count as different uniques, even though I’m the same person!

    1. We’re sometimes linked to from ProBlogger articles. Usually the person writing the post is citing something we did or said at Think Traffic. That’s a benefit of writing thoughtful content – people tend to link to it more often.

  1. Hi Corbett–

    I’m so happy I started following your blog recently. I want to thank you (and Adam Baker, too) for the idea of the traffic generation post of “21 Quick Actions…” I did this for my industry and the response was great! It’s my most popular post by far and I received 80+ Facebook shares.

    Congratulations on the success of Fizzle :).

  2. Awesome growth over the last couple of months Corbett, looks like merging the blogs was a great idea!!

    My focus has been on turning the blog into a subscriber focused layout this month… I think I have achieved that for now… Next drive traffic like there’s no tomorrow!!

  3. Corbett,

    Thanks for continuing to encourage us all! As for me, I am working tirelessly to generate epic content for my up and coming blog / business that I plan to launch very soon! Thanks again for a wonderful “Start a Blog That Matters” 90 day course! As a student of your course, I learned so many things which I was excited to apply to my blog.

    Congratulations on your continued success!

    All the best,

  4. Hey Guys-
    Thanks for your continued excellence in what you do! I appreciate & respect your approach & have used quite a few of your suggestions to build our site. Question…we have a site that’s 2 months old. Looking at Clicky stats…I’m concerned about spending time to get new visitors vice making sure we resonate & deliver excellence to current visitors. What are your thoughts & what have you learned about your analytics breakdown of New vs Returning customers. We haven’t had a ton of comments for engagement, but people seem to be digging in somewhat. Any suggestions from your experience would be much appreciated…thanks! (ie- our snapshot- for last 28 days- 4520 visitors, 3200 new visitors, 4000 uniques). If we have great content, shouldn’t we be getting more returning visitors??

    1. Hey Steve, great questions about returning visitors. In order to get return visitors, you also need to give people a reason and an easy way to subscribe for updates (over email, RSS, social media, etc.). If people don’t have a connection to your blog, it’s less likely they’ll come back just by typing your domain into the browser.

  5. Hey Corbett,

    I’m so happy for the boost in traffic you’ve got during September. The traffic chart looks amazing and highly motivating. I’m so glad I found your blog since you keep us all motivated!

    Love the practical tips at your blog generally. I think that’s a key point for your traffic (both new visitors and repeat visitors).


  6. Wow, your blog is just inspiring to me. I dream of the day my blog will such heights, most of us do! Congratulations on your growth and success, this is the one blog that I have found recently, and I am loving it. Thanks for the great tips, I always leave inspired.

  7. My monthly stats went down by 186 visits, which is definitely not the direction I want to be going in. Thanks for these updates. It’s always good to know what the pros are doing and how they are doing it.

    All The Best

  8. As usual Corbett, amazing stuff. I have been reading for a good while now and your posts never seize to amaze me.

    I just moved my own blog over to a new domain recently, so I have had to start from scratch again. But your tips are helping me, once again, create an awesome readership!

  9. Hi Corbett,

    It is interesting to see that the visitors that come to you via a referral from a trusted site seem to stay longer.

    I don’t know much about Stumble upon – is there a reason why you get traffic from them?

    I also noticed that a number of your top posts are for the posts that you highlight on your landing page. Does that mean that most of the people clicking on these posts are new readers.

    Very interesting to see how your site works – its something for me to aspire to once I launch in the next month.

    Thanks so much for sharing this info.

  10. I see that you’ve got a huge bounce rate. The average staying time is so low.
    Doesn’t that concern you?

    Well, regarding my blog growth, I’m getting some hits. I believe, what I need to do at the moment is to just do a couple of guest blogs. That’s it! and then BAM! lol

  11. Hi Corbett,

    It’s always nice to learn from your report. Just quick question? Do you still active in blog commenting after having highly traffic blogs?


  12. Hello! Excellent growth and I want to ask you one question.

    Do you favour guest posting or forum posting? which one you will suggest and the reason why?

    I am asking these questions because I wanted to clear some of my confusion.

  13. Very nice report, I just got inspired about some blog post topics you have mentioned and will apply them to my business. My blog started in September 2012 with an incredible first month of over 6000 visits and some blog posts got shared over 150+ times.

    Thanks again, Corbett, for the amazing work you are doing here!

  14. TBH I am surprised your traffic is so low. I write for a site that gets about 300k hits per month, and although there is money to be made, it’s surprisingly less than you would expect. Perhaps we haven’t monetized properly.

    Not saying that content here isn’t incredibly valuable, just surprised the number of visits is so low.

  15. Riding on the back of two great ideas- merging your blog with think tank and fizzle, no wonder you guys recorded so much traffic in one month. Good going and nice content! :)

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