72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price (Plus Our Bonus!)

Only 72: one time, one price, one exclusive bonusOur friends at Only72 have finally released a new bundle of online business courses.

And like all Only72 sales, this bundle is available for 72 hours only, starting now until July 4 at Noon Eastern.

We know you’ll probably hear about this deal elsewhere today. It’s a great deal and lots of people will be talking about it. That’s why we’re throwing in a special bonus (see below).

This bundle has been over a year in the making, and the theme for this one is being everywhere online: blogging, podcasting, Kindle, online video… the works.

There are 6 premium courses included, all for one special bundle price of $197. These courses aren’t all currently available (some will be released later this year), but if you purchased these separately, the courses would cost over $1500 combined.

If you have an idea or even a start, but need help to focus your concept, to move it into other platforms and grow your audience, this bundle was built for you.

Get the bundle here (ends July 4 at Noon EST) »

What’s included in the bundle:

Pat Flynn is contributing a portion of his very first premium course ever produced. It’s called Breakthrough Blogging, and it’s meant to help you get over the “blogging wall” that stops most people from building a successful blog. Pat’s Smart Passive Income blog has become an industry leader, and attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every month.

  • Pat’s course is targeted at bloggers who have started, but hit a plateau or aren’t seeing the results they want. It’s not a “start a blog” course (we already have the most successful new blogger course on the market, and hint, hint, our bonus might just involve it, see below).
  • The course lessons cover growth, time/productivity, mental challenges, skills/knowledge, and people skills.
  • Pat’s course includes comments and interactions on each lesson for the community, as well as an extensive FAQ section for bloggers who are stuck to submit questions and get answers directly from Pat.

Scott Dinsmore has handpicked four of the modules from his $500 How to Connect With Anyone training. Scott is widely considered on of the leaders in helping entrepreneurs build genuine connections with important people, and he does a fantastic job at making a potentially vague topic incredibly tangible with worksheets and extra videos to study.

Scott’s course includes:

  • Creating Your Relationship Road Map, Setting Up Your Tools & Integrating to Daily Life
  • Overcoming Approach Anxiety & Creating Instant Rapport
  • Creating Referrals & Enlisting the Help of Others
  • Creating Genuine Online Connections

Stillmotion is an emmy-award winning production studio that also helps train professional filmmakers on how to tell deeper stories. Adam Baker worked with them to create a series of training modules called Better Web Videos – targeted for the smallest and simplest changes bloggers, authors, and speakers could make to have a huge impact on the videos they produce for their platforms.

  • Content focused on people creating “talking head” videos into camera (80-90% of all videos produced by content creators).
  • Covers everything from webcam/iPhone up to beginning DSLR options for filmmakers. Focuses gear recommendations of strategically saving money (getting the full use out of the $50 option before buying the $500) etc…
  • Modules on Audio, Lighting (with completely demo), Camera, and Content.

Gideon Shalwick is revamping his popular Rapid Video Blogging course – and he’s putting it all inside of this bundle! Why we love this, is because Stillmotion’s contribution only talks about how to make a higher quality video – but Gideon’s focused more on the content and how to get traffic, relationships, and momentum once you place it online.

  • Video Domination Hub, which is a system for taking advantage of the relationships you’ve built and generating leads from them to your videos
  • How to create content that gets people to take action – especially in your videos.
  • Viral videos and theory, including why videos go viral.
  • Monetization strategies for your online videos.

Cathy Presland is the creator of one of the top courses on Udemy (in any niche) – this one happens to be called Publish Your Book on Kindle.We knew we wanted an authority of self-publishing, as so many content creators are shifting to take advantage of that – and right now Kindle is King. (And Cathy is Queen of Kindle publishing).

  • What book you should write – even if you think you already know – so that you reach more people
  • How a book fits into your bigger picture. Whether it’s to promote your business, whether it’s purely for profit, and how you can lever it for new opportunities
  • How to make the writing easy with frameworks to organise the content you already have and productivity tips that mean you WILL finish that book!
  • How to format your book, design the perfect cover, and position your categories and keywords.
  • 98 lectures and over 13 hours of content.

Cliff Ravenscraft’s name is synonymous with podcasting. Cliff = podcasting. So when we wanted to include premium content for those looking for podcasting information, we had only one place to look! Cliff is including a *ridiculously* large bundle of his premium podcasting training!

  • Before You Record Your First Episode — This includes audio and PDF content and has only been available to Cliff’s Podcasting A-Z clients.
  • WordPress for Podcasters — Walks you through everything you need to do with your blog in order to host your podcast’s feed.
  • Equipment Options for Every Budget — Regardless of your budget, Cliff walks you through every option to consider when it comes to getting the right equipment to do your podcast.
  • Mixer Basics — Walks you through everything you need to know about a mixer.  How to use it, what each dial/knob/button does and how to set it up.
  • Podcasters Guide to Recording – Co-Hosts, Guests and Telephone Interviews — Goes through the difference between each, how to use each for your show, and the sound quality that’s acceptable for each.
  • Passive Income for Podcasters – strategies and tactics for earning a passive income from your podcast.

Get the bundle here (ends July 4 at Noon EST) »

Our Exclusive Bonus (You Get to Choose)

Like I said, we know you’ll probably hear about this deal elsewhere today. It’s a great deal and lots of people will be talking about it. That’s why we’re throwing in this bonus.

If you buy through us, just email your receipt to support@thinktraffic.net and we’ll give you either a complimentary membership to Start a Blog that Matters (normally $97), OR a 3-month membership to Fizzle (a $105 value), your choice.

This bonus isn’t available anywhere else. To get this bonus, click on one of the links to Only72 on this page and purchase your bundle right away. Then, forward us your receipt and let us know which of the two bonus options you want. We’ll get a little commission for your purchase, and you’ll get a little sumpin’ extra. Win-win.

Get the bundle here (ends July 4 at Noon EST) »

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8 thoughts on “72 Hours, 6 Incredible Online Biz Courses, 1 Special Price (Plus Our Bonus!)”

  1. I was hooked by this great opportunity. Pat Flynn’s course itself is already worth this course. The whole bundle is very useful for any person who works with online business. Thanks for introducing!

  2. So, the affilate direction you are taking now is covering the same subject matter as Fizzle purports to cover? Podcasting, blogging, video training, marketing, daily routine, etc.

    The reason I love your Fizzle is because you were bringing it all in house in a membership model. Giving your spin on all the above with wonderful sense of purpose and humor.

    Now you are fracturing into all the same-ol-same-ol affiliating/bifurcating/complexicating trajectories other IM membership models have been employing – the very models you are an “honest” alternative to.

    Causeed this member to wonder if your Fizzle will last on it’s own, or if it needs external “visible” means of support aka affliate revenue which leverages paying members’ good will.

    We want you guys to up your spin on all of the above. Not point us to the latest shiny object courses of myriads of other better informed experts, who will then detract from your “authority” as they poach off the members you so effortfully gained for Fizzle.

    This happened over at Internet Business Mastery years ago. They started as a great podcast with “real world” examples of IM biz which did not rely on IM biz to generate IM income. Honest stuff.


    Then they started leveraging their membership to win affilate contests – the great deals on other courses were aplenty – and created so many branches out to other sourses of teaching and mentoring that many of us just quit because we (the members) were hit up so many times with affiliate offers (they jumped the shark with Perry Belcher – what a train wreck) which depleted the authority of the original site.

    I sincerely hope you are not going down this road.

    Fizzle, and your personalities, are so amazing. You guys seem to keep it real.
    You guys are great.
    So sorry to see you are going for the affiliate income at our expense. Turns out your membership fee gets us the “right” to purchase courses from others who know more than you can offer.
    I reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaallly hope I am wrong. But honest opinion, and commentary, upon the subjects Only72 is hawking is why I joined Fizzle joined fizzle in the first place.

    Not for it to be a gateway for offers from better IM biz types.

    Perhaps I am naive enough to think you were finally getting it right with non “syndicate” type models of IM biz. I have nothing against guest posting, affilates, etc. But when it serves the same audience Fizzle serves, and FIzzle makes a cut on their member’s good will.

    Been there done that. This is why I join you. Now I am at the “not again!” moment.

    For example, the associations that go with the $X7.00 price point drips with all the internet crap which preceded you. $47, $97, $147, $197.

    Honest Internet Publishing? Why would you take ANY steps toward the Warrior crowd’s hackneyed pricing model when guilt by association is so strong.

    8 years and many many many courses throw my red flag now that you’ve done this.

    Say it isn’t so.

    Give me my content training “Fizzled”. I think of you as a destination, not an intersection w street signs pointing to many other “expert” lands.

    Love you guys. Keep it Fizzled.

    Today, in my book, your brand took a hit.

    1. Wow, Joe. I’m blown away by your candid response and grateful for it.

      We talked a lot about whether or not to promote Only 72. It was a hard answer to find based on exactly the reason you mention.

      But in the end we decided to promote it for 2 reasons: 1). we love and trust the people involved in this project, and 2). we believe it’s a great set of training for those people who don’t want a monthly, community-based option.

      And I should be clear: a vast majority of ThinkTraffic viewers *are not* members of Fizzle. For many of these people the point of view, rawness and community we built Fizzle on is not the best fit. So we feel it’s fair to offer them another option that may fit them better.

      I *love* your point of view on this, Joe. I love that you resonate so hard with what Fizzle represents that you push into us about it. That’s incredible and makes me proud.

      For the reasons mentioned above we decided to help Baker and friends with this launch once again, but your point of view may just tip us the other way next time. I’m more than grateful you shared your thoughts… I’m pumped up!

    2. Hey Joe,

      Like how Chase responded to your comment on Think Traffic, we really appreciate the feedback and detailed comments.

      Our audience at TT is different and separate from Fizzle, but yes, there is some overlap.

      Those courses could do a ton of good for people that take them seriously. (And they aren’t for people that already have the knowledge and should just be doing instead.)

      I understand your point of view and this is definitely a way for us to differentiate going forward from “traditional IM”.

      We debated about whether or not we should suggest Only72 and if it went against our “honest online business” mantra, and here is what helped us decide.

        – We mentioned it one time. No lead up, no hype, no scheduled tweets, etc.
        – What is offered in the sale is mostly from mostly close friends, each doing honest to goodness courses that can make a difference to people.
        – I even personally worked with Pat Flynn on his course, on outlining, scripting, and shooting the videos, which are entirely different than Fizzle or anything we’ve made.

      Just wanted to give you some background on our thought process on this, Joe and others.

      Thanks everyone for the feedback and discussion around this. We love to hear what you think.

    3. Something very curious is happening at the moment.

      I was reading the comments on the Only72 lauch post on Smart Passive Income and there was some backlash there as well. Some people felt that Pat was moving away from being honest as well.

      Then here I see something very similar where people feel a little unclean when they saw this post.

      I suppose this brings up an interesting question. Where do you draw the line between what you believe in and what you stand for?

      For example, the guys here believe that Only72 is a good product, but people feel that it’s not what they stand for.

      I just think it’s interesting that there has been more controversy around this particular topic.

      Just some thoughts

  3. I was wondering how much the affiliate payout is? If you would prefer not to say I totally understand!

  4. “We love to hear what you think.”

    Great. This is what I think.

    Within 12 hours of receiving Pats email the posts start to appear from the network of ‘friends’. It’s like the blogging equivalent of nepotism. The so called ‘influencers’ promoting each others stuff for what, at times, seems like no other reason than to increase each others exposure and income streams.

    Cynical? Maybe. But that’s the impression I’m left with when I look around at some of the top bloggers within this niche.

    Wouldn’t it be refreshing, just for once, for those at the top of their game to help out those who need a little help not because there’s something in it for them, but because they can. How much would that be worth compared to a brief spike in affiliate earnings care of their ‘friends’?

    1. Interesting responses, here.

      I have no skin in this particular game, as I’m not associated with either ThinkTraffic or Fizzle or Only72.

      The way I see it, these guys do actually spend a lot of time helping people for free. I’m writing this comment on a blog with how many posts? I honestly don’t know, but probably hundreds, right? All here for anyone to make use of, completely for free.
      Someone has invested a significant chunk of their lives into creating this stuff. At no charge.

      Now, I’m not a regular reader, but I’ll assume (for this example) that the content on this site isn’t rubbish. Could someone come to this site, learn and implement and get a real-life business value out of it, while skipping any and every promotion (Fizzle, this one, any affiliate links or recommended services)?

      If the answer yes: isn’t it fair that the people responsible also offer some premium stuff and get paid, from time to time?

      If the answer is no: what the heck are you doing, still visiting this site?

      I do understand the concern: “I’m already paying for Fizzle, now you want me to pay for this”. That’s fair enough.

      I don’t see how the guys here can be accused of selling out, because of this, though. Am I missing something?

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