Say Hello to the New Think Traffic

I am so incredibly excited to share a BIG evolution for Think Traffic with you today.

We’ve completely redesigned the site from the ground-up.

If you’re reading this in email or over a feed reader, come check out the snazzy new site design to see what I’m talking about.

The old design served us well, but it was feeling a little dated.

We’re huge fans of well-designed sites and believe that great design can be an important differentiator and driver of audience growth and engagement.

When someone visits your site, you have to make a strong impression if you expect him to stick around. The first few seconds of a new visit are critical. If your visitor is turned off by your design or can’t find what he’s looking for, say adios.

Design can buy you a few more precious seconds as your new visitor decides if it’s worth sticking around. It can help you build trust and make sure your incredible content gets read or watched.

A new design can also rekindle your love for a project and give you a reason to remind the world about what you’re working on.

Design matters.

We’ll report back on how this new design helps Think Traffic grow and connect with new visitors and re-connect with long-time friends, so stay tuned.

Favorite New Features

Here are some new features and changes you’ll find here:

  1. An entirely new home page (you can view just the latest blog posts on the new articles page)
  2. A totally “responsive” design – this design adapts fluidly to whatever device you’re reading on. Go ahead and see what we mean. Open Think Traffic on a different sized screen, your iPad, your phone, another computer or just resize your browser now and it will seamlessly fit your display.
  3. New content – there’s an all-new start here page featuring hand-picked lists of our best content; there’s a new welcome video on the about page; the traffic toolbox has been rebuilt with fantastic new resources (details below) and much more.

Take a few minutes to explore the new site. You’ll find lots of cool features and effects on virtually every page. Our top secret designer / branding+marketing genius thought of everything.

We’ll introduce our design partner in a couple of weeks with a special feature here. For now you’ll just have to guess who it is :)

A Completely New Subscriber’s Toolkit

We’ve added three totally new resources to the subscriber-only Traffic Toolbox:

  • 6 Ways to Earn $1,000 a Month Online – the first month you earn $1,000 online is such an important milestone. Here are 6 of the best ways to earn money online to get you to $1,000 a month and beyond.
  • 5 Steps to 1000 Visitors a Day – if your blog or website doesn’t attract 1000 visitors a day, this is the perfect blueprint to follow.
  • 3 Compelling Content Types You Can Use Today to Get Loads of Visitors, Shares and Subscribers – these three content types work like magic. If you’ve had trouble creating sharable content that drives traffic and subscribers, start with these proven formulas.

To get these resources plus the Essential Business Plan Template for Bloggers, just enter your email address here:

If you’re already a subscriber, enter your email address and you’ll be directed to your traffic toolbox page. Don’t worry, you won’t be double-subscribed.

Help Us Celebrate

We’d love to hear what you love about the new design. Feel free to give us a shout out or a pat on the back below.

If you find a typo or broken link or any other problem, please reach out via our contact page instead of leaving a comment so it won’t get missed.

We hope you love the new design as much as we do. Thanks for celebrating it with us!

Next week I’ll be speaking at BlogWorld in New York. If you’ll be around NYC or attending the conference, send us a note if you’d like to join us for a Think Traffic meetup.

If you can’t attend BlogWorld in person, check out the Virtual Ticket option. It’s an incredible way to see every BlogWorld presentation (including mine) without having to attend live. That’s an affiliate link above and we of course appreciate your support if you join the virtual ticket.

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

143 thoughts on “Say Hello to the New Think Traffic”

  1. I’ll start off by saying the redesign looks great. The landing page is awesome. I like the soft colors as well. Very unique!

    Well done! Can’t wait to find out more about this super secret designer.

    1. Thanks Benny! We’ll share a lot more behind-the-scenes about the design very soon.

  2. Just going through this right now, and I’ve got to say that I love some of the attention to detail. It’s weird seeing the left sidebar, but that’s probably because I’m used to sidebars on the right.

    I’m excited to learn about how the left sidebar converts, though. That form is almost impossible to miss since it’s so bold.

    I also really love those 2 links under your header. Have you seen the new traffic toolkit, and the next level. I’m curious to see what kind of clickplay those two links get. I suspect it will be high.

    Overall, nice job. The home page works, as does the rest of the design. Now it’s about checking out the results!

    1. Thanks Derek! Yeah, I love the little details as well. This new design is making me want to spend a whole lot more time on the site :)

      And you’re right, the proof is in the pudding as they say. We’re aiming for more: buzz, engagement, conversions and stickiness through the design. Plus it will hopefully further differentiate us in our little corner of the internetz.

      Can’t wait to follow up with some results.

    2. I agree with Derek, the left side-bar does throw me a little, but it’s better to stand out than blend in with the masses, right? :)

      The redesign is super good-looking though and I really enjoyed the new home page and getting started. Great job!

  3. Yeah, thats what I am talking about! Nice design!

    I am a regular reader on think traffic (not a regular commenter though) but just wanted to say congrats on this approvement. With every design change like this, you have to get used to it, but I like it so far!

    Keep us posted with great content!

    Gr. Mitch

    1. Thanks for coming out to comment Mitch! Don’t worry, great content is still our #1 priority :)

  4. Aside from all the future metrics or if this design will convert better all good design converts better in my mind and you don’t need any numbers to tell you that.

    I’m grateful that you’ve taken the approach of being bold and taking a good leap. I believe this will a leap forward. The overall feel of this new look speaks creative and professional in a respectful way. This is good.

    Everything is bold. There are times when you design around what works and then there are times where you don’t even think about any metrics or common practices and just do what you want and see where it gets you.

    I’ll admit that I’m in agreement with the prior design feeling old. But now that I see this, it was more about me wanting it to just look different because I’ve always believed you like to set the bar for good design in the marketing and blogging niche. I’ll certainly be returning to Think Traffic. Good move for both of us.

    Congrats to the Think Traffic team and everyone and anyone responsible for this new design.

    1. I know what you’re saying Derek. I don’t base every decision on metrics or conversions. I think this design will perform very well, but it’s about much more than performance. Having a design that makes you happy and makes the site feel fun is pretty important as well.

      Glad to hear you think we’re setting the bar with this. I hope so.

  5. I love the new design. I think it looks very professional and conveys and air of this is a blog to be taken seriously.

    I flipped around to a couple different pages and I felt like I was discovering new features on each page, as different feature boxes were found in different areas.

    The new design is quite distinctive. It really looks different from everything else that’s out there on the web.

    I also like the feature in the comments allowing you to be notified of all replies, or just replies to my comment. I think that’s a nice option, esp. for blogs that get dozens and dozens of replies. Sometimes you don’t want to receive 80 emails alerting you of comments following yours.

  6. Good Lord!!!! One word comes to mind… BOLD!

    This is not what I expected to see when I clicked the link. I’m not even going to lie… this was a ballsy move and I think it’s going to pay off. As a matter of fact, I think it’s going to influence other designs around the blogosphere.

    On the post page, the optin box is like a magnet. The landing pages are so attractive. Whoever had the genius idea to gray out the header deserves a back rub.

    I love it. That’s really all I can say about it.

  7. This absolutely just blew my mind. You guys took things to a completely different level. Words can’t describe it – seriously. Hat’s off. With how I feel right now, I can’t imagine how fired up you guys are. Let the celebration begin.

    Here’s to raising the bar!

  8. Congrats dude! Just clicking around and scoping things out. I’m really liking the homepage and some of the Calls To Action. Overall, looks really good!

  9. I’ll be the contrarian.
    I don’t like it so much.
    It seems like you’ve made changes similar to what Google has been doing.
    I find the softer colors harder to see. For example, the phrase “leave a comment” is in such a pale blue that it barely shows on my screen.
    Having said that, I still wish you much success with the changes.

  10. I love the design, especially the choice of font and the size it displays at.

    My only complaint is that I wish the side-bar was on the right instead of the left. Maybe it’s just me, but I find my eyes strain to focus on the right-side to actually read everything, or type this comment.

    Not a big deal though. Excellent work.

  11. I’m trying to be positive but I feel like I walked into a bar in New Zealand everything feels backwards (sidebar) and out of focus.

    I do love the responsive design. And this is one site I tend to visit on a normal basis so it will be interesting how I feel about it in a month or so.

    I too will be interested to see how everything converts.

  12. Wauw! This looks great!

    I’m jealous!

    But I think it’s pretty risky to show content in the right area, compared to left. It’s just uncommon and I think you would be better of by reversing it :)

    Just my 2 cents! – But I reaally like the design in general!

  13. Hi Corbett,

    Glad to see the new design. It looks really great. I love the landing page and updated about page. Everything looks fantastic.

  14. Hi Corbett! I’m viewing your new design on a Blackberry and it still looks great. So super huge pat on the back for a job well done.

    I’ve been seeing this design trend among the big bloggers I follow and now you’ve done it too.

    Was actually wondering how effective this new site layout is in getting and engaging more people especially if you’re a new site.

    Did you have studies or stats to use as basis for your decision to redesign?

    Would love to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. Hey Jayme, great questions. We decided to undergo a redesign mostly because the old site was looking a little amateurish compared to the best sites online. We just felt ready for a change.

      As for the site looking good on your blackberry, that’s because it’s a “responsive” design (meaning it resizes automatically to fit your device). Since we were doing a complete redesign already, our designer felt it was a great time to implement the responsive features as well. We know that 20-30% of our readers are visiting from phones and tablets, so this should be good for engaging them better.

  15. If I’m not wrong, this is my first comment on the blog. Just wanted to say congrats. Also can’t wait for the secret designer to be named. :)

    Responsiveness on the iPad works awesome but the content only takes up about 2/3 of my smartphone (yes, will send email later on with screenshot). And so going to check out all the posts mentioned in the new start here page (am pretty new to tt – about 2 months maybe).

    Nice colours as well. :)

    1. Congrats on your first comment Amanda, we hope it’s the first of many :) Thanks for the feedback as well, we’ll look into it. Please do email with a screenshot if you can.

  16. Hi Corbett,
    Nice redesign, I’m curious to know with which theme the new Think Traffic was build, Canvas ? Thesis ?

    I like the thumbnails on the homepage showcasing your best posts, it’s a very good idea !
    I just dislike one thing, I think that the 3 pages under the popular post in your sidebar (New here, epic ressources and the traffic toolbox) are too much transparent. That’s it :)

    Keep going ! You’re doing a wonderful job πŸ˜‰

    1. Hey Alexandre, the new site is built on Thesis, as was the old site. Thanks for the feedback!

  17. Dude, you guys are amazing. I have to say this is definitely one of the best blog designs I’ve seen in a VERY long time, and it’s making me re-think my own design as well. Kudos to you and your entire team!

    I’m enjoying the new logo as well.

  18. I’m sorry but I don’t like this new design. There’s a lot of little things I don’t like about it but the biggest thing is that I hate that the content is on the right. It’s seriously bugging me out. When I was going to college for web design, my professor had a motto, “Don’t Make Me Think”. This new design makes me think and I think I’ll keep reading your content using a RSS reader.

    On a more positive note, I love that the site automatically re-sizes depending on your screen resolution. I’m going to have to learn how to do that. That is my biggest problem when I design websites (one reason why I don’t offer professional web design services). Most of my websites only look good on a laptop.

  19. Hey Corbett,

    great job – I know what you mean about sites starting to look dated though to be honest I don’t think your old design looked that datd. i thought it was pretty clean & neat.

    That being said, there’s old clean and neat then there’s this. It does look really fresh and easily on a par with the better sites out there.

    I tried to follow the latest trend with the understated buttons livening up with a mouse-over on my site on a couple of pages but I did it myself and did nowhere near the job you have here, not sure if I’ll scratch it, try harder or just get a designer (though I’m maybe too little to justify the latter at this stage).

    It makes a lot of sense to stay at the forefront of the latest design trends and you’ve certainly done that and more – functionality too by the looks of it – congrats!

  20. Corbett


    Yours was one of the first blogs I ever started to follow, you always have amazing, honest and frankly useful information but this new look puts you into a whole different stratosphere.

    Congratulations and looking forward to more great info to come.

    1. Thanks for sticking with us Melanie! Just wait till you see what we have planned for the rest of this year.

  21. Dang Corbett,

    I’m completely speechless and feeling like a kid in a candy store clicking around…

    Everything looks so inviting, really LOVING the looks, great job!


  22. Corbett! You’ve gotten all responsive baby! Eyes love it! Responsive is definitely the future because of its adaptability to all devices. And I love your first paragraph typography. I dig all this stuff.

  23. Really nice new design… agree with previous comments about attention to detail! Didn’t think the last design was bad but this is more on level with your great content.

    Plus, I love how you connected the “already subscribed” link to the toolbox page to make it easy for us subscribers to get the new goodies without going through old emails. Thoughtful and not many people do that.

  24. Looks great, I’ll be interested to see the results. And I’m looking forward to the new 5 Steps video – just what I need!

    I would agree with Alexandre though, that the 3 links in the sidebar are very faint, and could easily be overlooked, although that might not be a problem.

    Good job!

    1. Thanks for the note L’udmila. I suspect that’s related to our font embedding. Which automatic translation service are you using?

  25. Refreshing and cool new design (+resources) – and certainly a serious upgrade from the old thinktraffic site.

    Clean and simple to navigate, and I guess gettting used to the left sidebar is just a matter of training :)

    I’ve noticed you’ve kinda removed or hidden the social icons (except for the likes etc. in the actual blog posts). What’s your reason for this?

    Looking forward to read more about how the site performs and develops.

    Great work!


    1. We do this to focus on email subscribers first and social media following second. Once someone signs up for email updates we re-direct them to a page that has links to all our social media pages.

  26. Very, verryy neat!

    The responsive design is the best feature for sure.

    The ‘look and feel’ is very subtle because of the colors, and the fonts are large. Nice.

    I’d also be interested in seeing how the left sidebar converts.

    But I just loved the graph and the older logo. The new one may be cool and all that, but right now, I am just a bit sad to see the awesome graph, traffic-stats illustration go. :(

    A new design is always a good thing; it gets more followers and reminds the older ones that things are moving ahead.

    I wish you all the best Corbett; this certainly does take it to the ‘next level’ :)

    Rock on…

    1. Thanks Momekh. Sorry you’re missing the old logo. I’ll post it somewhere you can look whenever you’re feeling the need πŸ˜‰

  27. Hi Corbett

    I clicked through from your email earlier this morning on my iPhone and the site looked great on my mobile. I’m now in the office viewing it on my 27 inch iMac screen and it looks totally incredible! Your designer has done a great job in creating a fantastic site that definitely has the ‘wow’ factor. I agree with earlier comments that this could be a much emulated style across the web. You trend-setter!



    1. Thanks Loz, I haven’t seen it on a screen that large yet. I should take a trip to the Apple store :)

  28. One word for you Corbett – fresh! New. Shiny. Easy to use (ok, words and phrases – using one word just doesn’t work for me).

    Everything at one’s fingertips is how I would describe the homepage – hurrah!

    – Razwana

  29. Awesome job! Love that it looks like a business instead of a blog. Sweet opt-in, too. I’m like Derek, thinking this will get more conversions since it’s different. Maybe the right side has become white noise.

    Looking forward to great (as always!) stuff from you, Corbett!


  30. I like the new design. This is the part I am still struggling with on my own site… I love the clean look and color choices. Great job…

  31. As many others are saying, the small changes are so subtle, yet monumental.

    At first I glossed through the design not in a lazy way but to see the whole thing. Once I slowed down and began reading small things started to peak out (i.e. key aspects always aligning above the fold; the smooth roll overs on the main page.)

    As Benny said, look forward to hearing more about the designer and the ‘Why’s’ in regards to your approach to the redesign.

    Great job guys!

    David Damron

  32. Hi Corbett , Superb Design. I love this Design. Specially for responding. With out any Vertical Scroll i can read the all article πŸ˜€
    Landing Pages and About us page is looking superb.

  33. Corbett,
    You have outdone yourself! It is so easy to navigate and so enticing that you want to click on every article and link. I bet people stay on the blog a long time. I love the colors — a nice draw for your female fans, but not too feminine. Very calm and professional looking. I can’t wait to follow the results and impact of this new design. Please keep us posted. Congratulations!!

  34. Hello Corbett

    I think the new design is really great – the colours are excellent and I like the logo very much. It is easy to navigate but I would have to agree with Alexandre B about the 3 buttons being too transparent – it feels almost as if you don’t want people to go there?

    Other than that It looks terrific – best of luck and I hope it brings you a lot more traffic.

    best wishes


    1. Sidebars these days are usually huge distractions. We like to think of the sidebar as being there if you are interested, but out of the way if you aren’t. :)

  35. I especially like the large font and generous white space. Makes it easier for 70 year old eyes. I’d like it even better if the font was blacker and the background was a cream color. The dim faded look isn’t appealing to me.

  36. I love it! It’s taking me a few minutes to get used to it but I’m liking the colors and softer feel. I think it’s a more appealing design but still keeps the focus on the content. It’s great!

  37. I love it…attention to detail is great – and the one thing that really gets me lately is the responsive design. Love that you have that feature on Think Traffic now. Great job!

  38. Tremendous job Corbett and team! The bolder, more responsive design is very engaging. Love the more prominent colors. And the active elements in the sidebar are great.

    Kudos all around. ThinkTraffic just set a new standard :)


  39. Awesome new design Corbett!

    I was just about to nod off on my iPad last night until I discovered the new site and design! Much bolder design, yet simplistic all at the same time.

    Can’t wait to hear how these new designs boost your traffic.


  40. Your use of white space and line-height is really fantastic. One small complaint is that Proxima Nova isn’t so legible at really small sizes (the navigation).

    Using opacity is a nice little trick to add some motion and interest without a lot of work or relying on javascript etc. The sidebar buttons might be a little faded too faded out it still works.

    The best part is it is a far departure from the heavy use of gradients and layer styles that has been so common in blog design for the last 4ish years.

    I didn’t play around with it too much and see how it did at each viewport but 360pixels 480 and the big brower versions all look pretty clean and usable.

    1. Sounds like you know what you’re talking about Tyler. We appreciate the feedback.

  41. Stunning!

    Somebody mentioned how “inviting” the design was above me, I think that’s the perfect word for it.

    And that homepage is going to crush it conversion wise.

    Definitely some great details to think about when moving forward with my own design.

    Is this built off of Thesis still?

    Is Matterful your own company?

  42. Cool!
    First of all I can’t help but notice the brilliant rebranding work that has been done here, and the logo is fantastic! including the animation.

    My honest opinion however is that I do not like it as much as the previous design, which is an obvious comparison. Form a newcomer perspective I wouldn’t have anything bad to say, of that i’m sure; But I am not one, and the old design felt much more warming and inviting. I always felt like even though no doubt you are a blogging expert, you are still ‘one of us’ at least it felt more of this way. Now it’s all more proffesional looking and sadly a little colder.

    It also feel a bit empty… the new home page is great but the rest feel a tad too spacious.

    Still, knowing the top notch content this site has provided till today, all in the kindest approach, it’s only a manner time until a newcomer will fall in love with this blog.

    BTW, I first read this post on my cell phone and the responsive design is great!
    I also noticed that toolbox is brand new… Weren’t there more stuff? sadly I only saved the email I got after subscribing and not the files themselves… Any way I can still get those?

    Keep the good work!

    1. Hey Moses, thanks for the feedback. We appreciate the perspective. Time will tell if this design is as “inviting” as the last. I feel like it’s giving us a much better package to present our content within.

      Regarding the Traffic Toolbox, email us and we’ll send you links to the old stuff.

    2. Absolutely. Time will tell.
      Actually I guess it all came from my more conservative view probably…you definetly have some gutts.
      As I said before, as long as it converts? the content will do the job.

      Thanks, I’ll be sending you an email shortly.

  43. Corbett,

    Great job with the design. The two links under your header I’m very excited to see how they perform and the simplicity is very great. I know that this blog will now convert even more now with the changes that you’ve done.

  44. I like the left sidebar.

    It’s kind of different, but that’s a good thing. I can’t remember where, but I recently read a book that studied eye movements on the screen and found that if you were under a certain age that side of the screen was almost blind to that demographic.

    Your sign-up certainly won’t be missed here.

  45. WoW! Excellent Design.

    I am pretty interested in numbers like ctr, visit time, and so on…

    Looking forward to an article how you made this design and what elements you paid special attention to!

    Nice work Corbett! Gratulation and greetings from Germany!


  46. Dude, I love it. I think it’s one of the best blog designs I’ve seen in a while. I think Derek’s comment of “lets see how it converts” is interesting and would love to hear your thoughts after running with it for a month or two.


  47. Hey Corbett,

    I only tend to comment on blogs these days when something really grabs my attention. Your new design certain has! I am seriously loving this.

    The only minor criticism I have is that the buttons in the sidebar are a little *too* light until you hover over them. But I’m nitpicking – the site looks epic.

    Well done!


  48. Fantastic! This site rocks now. The “Start Here” page is a great idea. Way to stay progressive. Inspires me to always improve what I’m doing with our blog.

  49. Corbett,

    I would use the following words to describe the new design: “fresh” “contemporary”, “modern” “clean” even “flowery”.

    However, I don’t think the design has creates emotional connection towards your goal, it feels to me that it would convert less. I think the colors are too soft – your content is VERY persuasive. But the new design doesn’t bring a similar conviction.

  50. *Great looking* new design! Lots of small little touches that really make it stand out. Was it you or Caleb who designed this?

    One thing to consider is maybe to implement paginated comments. I had to scroll forever to get to this comment form πŸ˜€

    1. We had a LOT of help on this one. Caleb and I were just involved in direction. Our designer did most of the work.

    2. My reaction:

      When Google+ came out, I read a lot of “you need a design degree to appreciate how beautiful this thing is.” “It’ll make facebook look like myspace.”

      That πŸ˜‰

  51. Loving the new Think Traffic design! A little bit weird seeing the sidebar on the left though IMO but I guess that’s just me. Favorite part for me is that it looks GREAT on my iPod! Great job!


  52. Wow, design makes SUCH a huge difference. SUCH a sexy site. LOVE IT. Signed up for the newsletter and learned a lot in those videos too!

  53. Love it! My favorite element is the driver boxes in the (surprise) left side bar that go from pastel to a juicy pop of color when you hover over them. The goodies inside the new toolkit are pretty hot too! Well done. I’ll be coming back :)

  54. Great new look!! Congrats!!

    Responsive design is the way to go!!!

    The left sidebar is a little strange for me too, but since the sidebar has mostly offers, I wonder if the conversion is better with a left sidebar than a right one?!?

  55. Corbett, I’ve always admired your site redesigns but this time… You blow the roof off man! You’ve come a long way from those first freepursuits designs (although, those were great too)!

    I share the “weird feeling” some of your readers have with the left sidebar, but at the same time, I really think that the world of blogging needs more ballsy designs like this one. Best of success with the revamped site. I’m sure this is (once again) a start of something even more epic..

    I wonder.. is Shane R behind this design (your footer seem to suggest so ;)?

  56. Oh wow.. I want my website to be when it grows up. You said it, Corbett – design matters. And yours is fresh, clean, beautiful.. and most of all – ENGAGING. I’ve been on your site many times, and I still can’t wait to explore some more. Thanks for doing what you do.. it’s inspiring.

  57. I LOVE it! Even the border (light rose) around this comment box is beautiful – the design is strong, straight to the point and no crud while staying elegant.
    Great choices – extremely ahead of its time.

  58. WOW, love it Corbett and Caleb. Very clear with this redesign what you guys are aiming for. Bold and really well done. Look forward to seeing the results of some of the testing!

  59. Whoa, on second glance, I now see the graph on the home page! At first, I thought, “Nice shapes.” But after someone above mentioned they missed the graphs (in the logo), I found them on the home page in the large shapes. Excellent job (your design, not me (finally) finding the graph). :-). Bit like the FedEx logo and how only later do you notice the arrow built from the “E” to the “x.”

    The faded thumbnails and links are faded, but the effect is growing on me and they’re out of my way if that’s not what I’m focusing on at that moment.

    You warned us last night (at Chris’s SF book launch event) that a big was coming and you didn’t disappoint. Congrats, Corbett.

  60. Corbett, wow it’s fantastic, love it all. Great redesign. Would love to meet up at Blogworld. Really no BS it is great. Especially like the resource section. Also love the subtle greys blended look. Gary from Ireland

  61. Hi Corbett
    Love the new design! I really like the colors and how it looks clean and modern. I love the layout of the home page as well. Lots has been said about the left sidebar but I like it and I’m sure people will get used to it in record time. The one thing I did notice is that I agree with Tom on the sidebar boxes. I love the hover and pop idea but they do seem a tad too light prior to the hover. I am sure they will get lots of hits though (I’ve already been in and had a look). I will be at BlogWorld NY next week so really hoping I get a chance to meet you in person.

  62. I read this perfectly sized page on my android phone. Love love love the new design. The content is epic, the colors are beautiful, it’s clean and uncluttered, and a joy to behold. Congrats Corbett & Caleb!

  63. Hi Corbett

    your new design is nice, and it shows me that the new trend is to make eveything look “big” (your new design as well as WPMU’s new design),

    that’s interesting :)

    have a nice day

  64. Certainly a great design and I love this the site but I also want to know about the result getting from the left sidebar and centralised content as I have experienced the top bloggers using right sidebar with centralised the content.

    Does your left side bar works well?

    Please share your experience. Thanks !

  65. Hello Corbett,
    Congrats on getting the new design up! I like it because it’s got a retro (1950s) feel to it due to the font and colours. My only concern is the nav bar above the heading logo: Some people might miss that as the heading takes eyes away from it first glance. I really like the box ads for your big blog posts. Gives a fresh, clean feel to the whole site: Just in time for summer!
    Big cheers!

  66. Corbett,

    I love the new design. I was a little shocked when I first got to your site but after looking through it I see how much better it is. Great job and keep up the good work.


  67. congratulations on the great new look and feel for ThinkTraffic.

    I’m an avid visitor and reader and think the new navigation, font size and layout make it easier to focus on the content you guys deliver already extremely well.

    All this means from now on is that I’ll have a better experience that what I already had here.

    Looking forward to meeting you and the team at Blogworld this june in NYC.

  68. I’m a new visitor but love the new site look – very open and clean. But I have to confess that I just discovered you a few days ago. Late to the party but glad to be here. And I just signed up for your blogging course!! After this comment, I’m back to the first lessons. I want to relaunch my current blog and start a new one using your strategy. Are you still answering questions in the member area?

    1. Hey Karen,

      With over a thousand people in the course, we don’t have the capacity to answer everyone’s questions in the comments. That being said, if are stuck in the course and you have a quick question you can always reach out to us via email.


  69. Love the new design. Actually made me rethink my blogs design. Easy to navigate. Might actually come back for design advice when I start up a new blog I’m working on.


  70. Congratulations for your new design.
    This is most amazing blog design I have ever seen in my life. It’s completely different than the old Thinktraffic design. Many people will rethink about their designs, this is just simple and awesome.

    I look forward to seeing news posts

    Kelvon Yeezy

  71. Hey Corbett,

    This is exceptional – a slick design that knocks it out of the park! Congrats.

    Looking forward to learning about the impact of the change on subscriber numbers and all that good stuff.



  72. I really like the new design Corbett, it’s clean, elegant (in a way) and sleek. Navigation seems to make sense. The only comments I would have that might be slightly negative are these (and it’s minor and could be my screen)

    1 – the font on the About page seemed really large. Could be my browser setting but it was bigger than on the home page and seemed sorta in my face, almost like it was yelling at me.

    2 – I like the logos new look but wish it stayed in the blue/green colours all the time without having to mouse over it. It just seems to get kinda dull looking all in grey. The links I can see but I’d like to see the logo more prominent at all times.

    I’m registered for your optional session at WDS, can’t wait!

  73. Wow! Sweet redesign Corbett and Caleb :)

    The homepage in particular is awesome – it seems to strike the perfect balance of (1) establishing your uniqueness, (2) showcasing awesome content and (3) getting subscribers. Someone should do a case study on your site…seriously.

  74. 5 Steps to 1000 Visitors a Day
    (this video is coming very soon, check back shortly)

    The promise of this video has been on for months and months. When are we going to see it?
    Why saying it is in the toolbox when it is not?


  75. Hi Corbett,

    This is a very cool Design.

    I love it.

    I Looking forward to learning about the impact of the change on subscriber numbers and all that good stuff.


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