See Which Blogs Are Already Leading the Million Dollar Blog Project

We’re happy to report that over 250 blogs have already registered as part of the Million Dollar Blog Project.

To make it easy for you to track which ones are attracting the most visitors and subscribers (and earning the most revenue), we’ve created a new sortable leaderboard.

View the Million Dollar Blog Project leaderboard now.

Some special notes for participants:

Please look for your blog in the list.

If you see a red “x” in the monthly visitors or subscribers column, it means there was a problem with the address you entered in your profile, or that you haven’t enabled public access to your Clicky stats or Feedburner stats.

If you have a red “x”, read the instructions again about how to register your blog for the project. If you have trouble or questions, feel free to write us in the comments below.

Please also verify that your accountability journal link is correct. If you haven’t started an accountability journal, please start one either offsite, or within your MDBP site profile.

Note that we won’t be reaching out individually to people who’s profiles have not been configured correctly. At some point in the near future we will temporarily disable registrations that are incorrectly configured or that do not have accountability journals set up.

We’d love to hear your feedback about the new leaderboard, whether you’ve registered for the project or not. Just leave a comment below.

Thanks to Nicky from Tumble Design for coding up the leaderboard for us.

Have a great weekend!

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Corbett Barr

Corbett is cofounder of Fizzle, a place for creative entrepreneurs, writers, makers, coders and artists, all working to support themselves doing what they love independently on the Internet. Follow Corbett on on Twitter.

46 thoughts on “See Which Blogs Are Already Leading the Million Dollar Blog Project”

  1. Hey guys!
    Um, my blog isn’t showing up anywhere on the list. Can I do something to fix this?

    Thanks for all the hard work!

    1. Caleb,
      Yeah, there were a few aspects I overlooked…didn’t have my Clicky set to public and also just got around to setting up my Feedburner.

      Hopefully I’m good to go now!


  2. Well, this is interesting! A “practice: site of mine is showing in the leaderboard (with “X”‘s on it, which they should be), and as far as I know, I never submitted that information to be included. I checked all my info on the registration page, and it is correct. My Clicky info is correct. ??? Still it’s not really a problem, because you will be deleting the incorrectly configured links anyway, I hope. The site that is actually showing up on the list is a site where I try to figure out stuff first before I post it on my real blog :-)

    Now here’s the question: is there ANY way to make this list searchable? Wading through 14 pages of blog names is kind of hard. I still haven’t found my real blog, but I haven’t looked at each and every page just yet.

    1. OK, an update. As so often happens, I was wrong. Putting in the wrong blog info was MY mistake, not anything to do with this site’s management or ownership. :-) All is good, and I found my (correct) blog!

  3. I like the leader board set up better than the member directory where it just showed who was most active last. The leader board has multiple ways to sort the list which is really nice.

    I registered my domain on July 18th, so I had a little head start on some people!

  4. I love what you’ve done; it’s easy to see how others are done and it’s already been an eye opener for me.

    My blog had been up for a while but I didn’t start posting seriously until about a month ago. There are some great blogs that have been started and it’s been fun checking them out.

    This is an incredible learning tool as we’ll be able to see which blogs really take off. I love being able to see the data; again this is an amazing opportunity to learn in a real blog “lab”!

  5. My stats are Incorrect. They are both showing up as 0, but my site had a couple hundred views recently. How can i fix this?

    1. In the directions that you linked to, it says to click “edit” next to your website on the homepage. There is no “edit” link anywhere. Either I am missing it, or those directions are outdated (2007).

      Also, it says that it can only show results for the past 31 days unless I upgrade. Has everyone else on here upgraded?

    2. I got it! Just to clear it up in case anyone else got lost by that link that I mentioned – just follow ThinkTraffic directions – (Try going to Preferences > Preferences and check “Allow public access“).
      Thanks for pointing me in the right direction, and now my true score should bump me up pretty nicely!

      My question still stands about upgrading – does that affect our rankings here, if GetClicky is only showing the past 31 days?

  6. Oh of course, there I am and my server has been down all morning! I think this is great to see. I think I’ll make it my goal to get ahead of that guy at the top 😉 Thanks for putting this together!

  7. I am actually surprised with my 222 visits!!! :-)
    One thing I need to figure out is how to generate $$ with the site. I know the basic principles of setting up affiliates, maybe creating an ebook, etc, but I can’t really find good affiliates that are aligned with the type of content my blog has – any suggestions? I will go through the site and see if I can find specific ideas…but any input from my fellow Million Dollar Bloggers would be great.

  8. Wohoo! Page 4! :)

    I don’t feel too bad about it yet…I haven’t really publicized much. I’m still working on some content for the email course I’ve pre-launched, and when that’s done I’ll add a few more articles before really pushing the blog.

    Corbett, are you going to eventually post on some of your strategies on the new blog to get it up in Google? I’ve got a lot of chaff to wade through in Google searches to get to page 1. Just curious how you’re going to do it in a fairly full niche as well.


  9. Page 2, 276 uniques. Not bad so far. :)

    Question; if we want to start a new website at any time, could we discontinue monitoring the current one and add in the new one, or must we stick with the original?

  10. After one’s traffic is showing in the leaderboard, does it update in real time? If not, how often does it update?

    I can’t wait to start learning how to get more traffic … I did stumble on one thing by writing a snarky post about the banks raising fees and linking it on a message board. A bank exec was a member and it ticked her off. She kept posting on the thread though which kept bumping it to the top and driving traffic to my site.

    My site blew its own records for traffic that day going more than 10 times higher its usual amount.

    Is “pick a fight” rule #1?

    1. Hi Mary,

      That’s awesome. Congratulations on getting that kind of boost from a post.

      I had the same experience when I wrote a post on Goldman Sach’s new found investment opportunities in distress real estate in big city urban neighborhoods.

      Picking the RIGHT fight resonates with the public and can get draw new readers, subscribers.

  11. Hi Corbett and Caleb,

    The leader board is great. Easier to find everyone participating than the member directory.

    Do you think it could also serve as a way for MDBP participants to connect and collaborate on content (i.e. linking, promotions, etc…)?

  12. Does anyone know how to find the feedburner id?

    I cant find mine and it’s not showing up my subscribers.

    Any help would be VERY appreciated, thanks!


  13. *Finally* got my site added (traveling and being out sick has done a number on my to-do list!). So excited to be working with you all, and looking forward to learning more throughout this project!!!

  14. Lucy, go Here: and follow the steps where it tells you to “burn a feed right this instant.” (I think the language could be clearer). Basically, the name of your feed will be the name of your blog, but YOU will tell them what it is when you enter it in that field right there. Follow the steps, and before you know it, you will have a feed. Also check for problems, if you have issues with it after going through the steps – troubleshooting is one of the tabs.

  15. Hey Corbett,

    This is a great idea, I need a bit of accountability to kick me up the butt! Nothing like a bit of friendly competition to help us all push things further.

    Couple of suggestions (some for Nicky with the leaderboard tech design)

    1. No previous getclicky install obviously puts newbies at a little disadvantage, obviously that will level out after a month of install, but maybe a Google Analytics option or too difficult?

    2. Maybe optionally include Facebook / YouTube stats for subscribers? I’ve got very few RSS subscribers, but waaay more list subscribers and over 1100 on YouTube. I can help out with the tech build for both these if you’re interested (pretty easy stats to get via their retrospective API’s).

    Note for folks stuggling with feedburner!

    You need to make sure you make your subscriber count publicaly available for this to work!


    Chris Webb

    1. 1. We went with Clicky as it is easiest make your stats public.

      2. List subscribers would show up on Feedburner if Aweber or Mailchimp are linked to them, so we like that measurement best. we think this is the best single measurement of an audience.

      Thanks for the feedback!

  16. Hi guys– I’m scratching my head a little bit– because the leaderboard shows that I have 0 unique visitors while my own view of the my clicky stats shows me that I get about 50 unique visitors a day….so…. do I have something set up wrong? Please help. 😉

    And if you’re so inclined, come join us over at our Million Dollar Blog Project tribal blog syndication forum:

  17. Can’t seem to get my blog to show up. I clicked the linked, filled out the profile, set the clicky to public, added feedburner…I’m lost.

  18. Corbett, I’ve been working on a site, actually for a couple of years now, but this challenge has motivated me to get off my butt and finish it. It would actually be perfect for this project because it designed to RUN GROUP CHALLENGES! It would help tremendously with some of the wishes that you’re getting her in the comment. It is searchable and sortable and filterable of course, but it is a also data slicer and dicer that produces graphic distributions, time series, and follows improvement over time. Plus it takes care of nagging people to post updates if they haven’t visited for too long, and will kick them out of they’ve gone way stale. The main goal is to keep people engaged in the challenge, and keep them coming back to your content.

    The beta is up right now at I’ve preloaded it with historical stats from the top 40 of the Million Dollar Blog Project leaderboard. I’d love to hear what you think about it, and maybe we can talk over email … I’d be honored to help you run the stats on this project.

    By the way, my wife and I both have blogs on the challenge. Nucleus Learning (my wife, near the top) and Perfecting Parenthood.

    Anyway, hope to hear from you. Big fan! Cheers.

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