Coming Next Tuesday, May 24th: The Hustle Project

I promised yesterday that I would share some details about the new project I’m working on with Adam Baker. It’s called the Hustle Project, and it launches next Tuesday, May 24th.

Some of the best projects come out of listening to your audience and responding to unexpected sources of enthusiasm and energy. That’s definitely the case with The Hustle Project.

Here’s how this one came together:

Baker and I ran a free webinar last week about building momentum in your online business. It filled up fast and we had an absolute blast being on a call with so many awesome people asking fantastic questions.

We stayed on until every question was answered (just over two hours), and I think we must have answered 50+ questions about building an online business. The energy was awesome, and no topic was off limits. It was really just a lot of fun.

We were both really happy with how it went and a little tired from talking for two hours, so we packed things up and headed to dinner.

Then something amazing and heartwarming happened.

Dozens of people (probably 30-40) who attended the webinar wrote us on Twitter, over email and on Facebook to say how much the event helped them make a breakthrough or have an “ah-ha” moment about their online businesses. A couple of people even called us to say how great the webinar was.

The feedback was overwhelming and incredibly encouraging.

As we finished dinner and the feedback kept rolling in (Baker and I were delightfully checking our iPhones for tweets and emails occasionally throughout dinner), we started to wonder if we could do these calls on a regular basis.

That night we feverishly sketched out plans for what has become The Hustle Project, and we’ve been working on it nearly full time since. We want to build on the energy and momentum of that first call, so we pushed hard to make the launch possible next week.

I think some of you are really going to like it. In fact, I know some of you are really going to like it, just based on the feedback after last week’s call.

Action + Accountability = Momentum

The basic equation of The Hustle Project is simple: action + accountability = momentum in your online business.

  • We’ll provide “casual conversation and brutal honesty” (as one attendee put it) about building your online business in each webinar we hold, one every two weeks.
  • Each session will be topic based (upcoming topics include traffic, networking, email marketing, product development, product launches, offering services, partnerships and more).
  • Then we’ll leave a lot of room for Q&A (that was by far people’s favorite part of the event last week), where you can ask ANY question you have about our businesses or your own particular situation.

To accomplish the action and accountability components of the equation, we have a couple of unique features planned that will make sure you keep making progress in your own online business in between sessions.

We’ll have full details for you next Tuesday (May 24th) on launch day.

To be notified when we launch, head over to The Hustle Project home page and enter your email address. If you’re interested at all, you’ll want to check out what we have planned for people who join in the first three days.

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8 thoughts on “Coming Next Tuesday, May 24th: The Hustle Project”

  1. Great post. Glad to see you inspiring so many people. Webinars are a great way to enhance your authority and your brand, as well has help others succeed doing what they love. Good luck on the project!

    1. Thanks Patrick! They’re also really fun I’m finding, which is a big factor in how I decide what to work on these days.

  2. Great to hear! Sounds like an awesome project. I just recently became familiar with both you and Baker through the DNA, and I have been devouring both of your sites, so this sounds right up my alley. Good luck and I certainly look forward to the Hustle Project.

  3. I was just looking at The Hustle Project. Action and Accountability: Two Critical Areas for Success. Accountability is what makes Weight Watchers members so successful. It’s the difference between playing on a winning team, or trying to coach yourself. Most people can’t do that. We all need inspiration, motivation, and accountability to stay positive and productive. It looks like The Hustle Project is a great way for anyone to achieve exactly that!
    Jupiter Jim

  4. dear hustle guys,
    this just the site i’ve been hoping to find over the past year. i’m finally ready to retire from practicing dentistry every day for 42 years. i love to write and have been an entreprenuer for years…an unusual quality for a dentist.
    i’m anxious to learn how to create and manage a blog on the subject of dentistry…both for dentists and the general public.
    everything i have read since a good friend sent your blog site to me today has been right on. i just know i can follow your lead and make success of a new blog. it will be named after my web-site or
    thanks and i look forward to knowing you and what you have to offier.
    dr. mike scott

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