The Key Question You Have to Answer to Make Your Blog Stand Out

It’s time for another Million Dollar Blog Project update.

Today we’ll be talking about how to refine your blog’s topic and how to develop a killer unique selling proposition.

I’m also going to share the key question you have to answer to make your blog stand out, in just a moment.

We’ve chosen our topic for the MDBP blog we’ll be creating. Broadly, we’ll be covering “expertise” as a topic. That topic is a little broad and perhaps not unique enough to create a compelling blog around, so we’ll be narrowing things down a bit. I’ll use our blog as an example later on in this post.

If you haven’t already, you should start by choosing a general topic for your blog. That link will point you to several helpful resources and guidelines if you haven’t chosen a topic already.

Consider your audience’s needs and desires

Once you’ve chosen a topic, sit down and think about your potential audience. This might be tough because your audience doesn’t exist yet, but start by imagining the kind of people who might want to read your blog.

Here are some questions you can ask yourself about your audience (as it relates to your chosen topic):

  • What do they need help with?
  • What are they afraid of?
  • Who (and what) do they admire?
  • What dreams do they have that they might be afraid to admit?
  • What do they regret?
  • What have they failed at?
  • What makes them laugh?
  • What else do they read or watch?
  • What conventional wisdom do they subscribe to?
  • What are their current thoughts on your chosen topic?

Feel free to add your own questions to the list above.

The point is to put yourself in your audience’s frame of mind. Get to know their psychology. Figure out what makes them tick.

Then think about how you can best address their needs and desires.

Your audience may not have a direct “problem” per se, it could be that they simply desire to be informed or entertained. Those are valid desires as well, but you have to be prepared to address them in a compelling way.

Next, evaluate existing resources

How is your potential audience being served by existing blogs, books, magazines, TV, etc? Make a list of the top 10 or 20 blogs that are on the same or related topics.

Take some time to evaluate these other blogs. I’m not going to call them “competition” because it’s in your best interest to eventually help out the other blogs in your space (more on that later).

Get to know what the other blogs offer, how they relate to their audiences, what they do best, what they could do better, what content formulas they use and which segment of the market they appeal to.

Consider how you can address the market in a different and better way

Now combine what you know about your audience and how they’re being served today. Start thinking about opportunities.

How could you address your market in a new and compelling way?

You can look for direct evidence of unmet needs. Read blog comments and forums related to your topic. What are people searching for? What are they frustrated by? Which sub-groups aren’t being served well within the overall market?

You can also go with your gut. Maybe you just know that there’s a better way to relate to your target audience. Maybe you’ve always wanted to see your topic handled in a certain way.

Jot down all your ideas about how your blog could be different.

Think about the following:

  1. how could you address just a sub-segment of the overall audience?(segment by gender, age or other self-identifying factors)
  2. how could you address just a smaller piece of the overall topic?(for example, instead of “food” you could address “organic food”)
  3. how could you look at your topic through a new lens? (for example, how Chris Guillebeau used “non-conformity” to look at work, life and travel).

There are lots of ways to make your blog different. You can combine different aspects of differentiation as well.

For example, let’s say your broadly chosen topic is online gambling. One way to narrow that down would be to appeal just to women online gamblers. Another way would be to focus on one specific game, like blackjack. Another way to make your blog different would be to focus on online gambling for fun instead of profit.

There is no perfect answer here, you just want to make sure your blog stands out from the sea of other blogs on similar topics.

There’s also such thing as narrowing too much. You want your site to be different and specific, but you don’t want to narrow your topic so much that your audience becomes too small.

The key question you have to answer

Here’s the key question you have to answer: why should someone read your blog instead of the 100s of other choices that already exist?

Part of the reason people should read your blog should be because you write epic content. But epic content alone can’t be the only reason. Being better is a subjective measurement. You can’t just be better. You also have to be different.

If your blog isn’t different (and better), your potential readers will have no reason to choose you over what already exists.

Figure out exactly how your blog will be different

Now it’s time to take all of your ideas about how your blog could be different and boil it down into a single idea. This idea will inform your brand, tagline, about page and all of the content you create.

You need to be able to explain the idea in a sentence or two if possible. You’ll want to give people who stop by your new blog a quick and concise idea of whether your blog is for them. Again, your brand and tagline should help convey your differentiation. You can use a few sentences in your sidebar to help further your concept and create a connection.

Once you’ve identified and written out a concise statement of your blog’s purpose and differentiation, you should craft your brand based on your differentiation and most compelling aspects.

How we’re refining our topic for the MDBP

Let’s put this all into some concrete terms.

As I mentioned earlier, the blog topic we chose for our million dollar blog (based on your earlier nominations) is “expertise.”

Expertise on it’s own might be a little broad, it could also be a little boring, depending on how you slice it. To create a compelling and successful blog, we’ll need to refine the topic and figure out how we can best address a problem, need or desire for our target audience.

Here’s what we’ve come up with so far.

We don’t just want to talk about expertise academically, as in how someone can acquire expertise or become recognized as an expert. Those topics will definitely be part of what we cover, but again it might be a little too dry to create a popular blog around.

Instead of just expertology (the study of expertise), we also want to cover specific topics that people might want to gain some skills and knowledge on. That implies that we won’t be pursuing expertise in the absolute sense (as in the world’s greatest expert on “X”), but instead we’ll be talking about how to become expert enough (a relative expert) at a particular skill or on a particular topic to achieve your goal (learning something new, impressing your friends, getting a job, winning arguments, etc.).

We could cover anything from how to take incredible pictures with your cell phone to how to buy art as an investment to how to perform a magic trick to everything you need to know about wine to impress your fancy friends.

I consider myself lucky to have made a handful of close friends in the blogging community over the past couple of years. Last week I spent a few hours drinking way too expensive beers with two of my San Francisco blogger friends you might know: Scott Dinsmore (of Live Your Legend) and Leo Babauta (of Zen Habits).

Scott and Leo were kind enough to help me refine the idea for our new blog on expertise. A lot of great ideas came out of our conversation. More importantly though, Leo came up with the name for the blog that we’re going to run with: Expert Enough.

You can see the beginnings of the new blog over at

Our tentative tagline for Expert Enough is: “Just enough to be dangerous.”

We’ll be taking a fun and experimental look at expertise for people who want to learn new things or even live like a Renaissance Man (or woman).

Thanks to Leo for the brand idea, and thanks to Scott for helping me think through things. Both of those guys also promised me guest posts on some interesting topics, so stay tuned.

I’ll talk more about our content strategy (and how to create one yourself) in an upcoming post. For now, let’s wrap up the discussion on differentiation.

When we think about competition related blogs on the expertise topic, it’s hard to point to specific examples of popular blogs in the “expertise” space (if you know of some, please let us know in the comments).

Some blogs that could be considered related might be: Tim Ferriss’ Four Hour Work Week blog (he likes to write about various experiments and topics), The Art of Manliness (manly skills and knowledge), Zen Habits (Leo writes about all kinds of skills he has learned and practiced). Again, these aren’t direct comparisons, but somewhat related.

Expert Enough will draw on some of the topics those other blogs have written about, and a whole lot more. Expert Enough will be different because it focuses specifically on how to gain new skills and knowledge (both theoretical and concrete) on topics that might take 5 minutes or 5 years to learn.

That’s our point of difference, at least to begin with.

The beauty of the Internet is that you can change your mind fairly easily. We’ll run with this idea for now, and let our audience tell us what works and what doesn’t. We’ll adapt based on what we learn.

What’s up next for our blog and the MDBP?

As Edison pointed out, “genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration.” In other words, our idea will be worthless without smart execution and a lot of hard work.

There’s a lot more to creating a successful blog than simply having a good idea and differentiation.

Here’s what we’ll be working on and talking about here over the next few weeks:

  • Launch planning:we’re aiming to launch this blog in 3-4 weeks. A launch is a great time to gather momentum and set your blog up for success. More on that next week.
  • Content strategy:one of the biggest and most important questions. How will we create content compelling enough to make our idea come alive?
  • Design and implementation of our new blog
  • Writing content for launch
  • Networking with other bloggers
  • Launching the site

Thanks for following along with the MDBP so far. I hope these articles are helpful. If you have any feedback or questions about the project, please let us know.

Now, over to you.

I have two questions for you today. 1) how will your blog be different from what already exists (why should someone read your blog vs. the others on similar topics) and 2) what do you think of our refined topic and the Expert Enough name?

Let’s hear it in the comments.



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62 thoughts on “The Key Question You Have to Answer to Make Your Blog Stand Out”

  1. I like the idea, Corbett. I think most of us, in a way, are doing just that: we’re becoming expert enough to write a blog and form a business around it. We need to become expert enough to develop authority for our blogs.

    To answer your first question simply: because I’m the only one doing it. Before even starting, I did what you mentioned above, the bit about looking for the top blogs in the niche. I didn’t find any – seriously – that had really useful info. There were some tiny nuggets here and there, but they all basically said the same thing and didn’t give me enough info to really do anything about it.

    So I decided to create the blog to provide the useful info I was looking for. Without this little MDB project, though, I’d only be slowly becoming an expert. This project has helped me to really become expert enough to feel comfortable writing with authority and even creating a course on something I didn’t really know much about a month and a half ago. :)


  2. *LOVE* the topic. I think it’s especially relevant in light of all the people struggling to find work right now. The old model of “go to school, get a degree, get a job” just isn’t as reliable as it used to be, but a new paradigm hasn’t yet been established. Learning how to rapidly shift gears and conquer a new skill could be hugely important in helping people change careers or just get more out of their lives.

    As for my site, two things that make me unique are my focus on ethical affiliate marketing and the level of detail I provide about the sites I’m working on. I try to get behind all of the “make millions with web marketing and work while you sit on a beach sipping fruity drinks” BS and show what the life of an internet marketer is really like, and so far, people seem to be responding well to it.

  3. Hey Corbett – Expert Enough is an awesome brand name – catchy, descriptive and it makes me curious to find out more (expert enough to do “what”?…)

    I’m looking forward to the launch planning part as this is something that I am struggling with in my own blog journey…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts and processes – very valuable for beginners like me.

  4. I’m really looking forward to seeing your blog.
    The name and USP sound great.

    Answering to the first question, my blog is different because I’m different. Not better or worse than anybody else. Just different.

    1. It’s true Cristina, your blog will be different because you’re different, but your personality has to be a big part of the blog to make that difference apparent. That can be a tricky goal to achieve while also keeping your readers’ needs and desires in mind.

  5. I can attest that narrowing down your USP and even your “voice” for your blog is huge: I saw my traffic double in a single month once I refined these things with the help of Corbett and other members of Traffic School.

    And I LOVE the topic of your new blog and the name! I am very excited to watch the project unfurl. Thanks!

  6. Great post and I plan to sit down with my pen and notepad tonight to really focus on who my target audience is.

    I do have one question: my blog is on healthy living and specifically weight loss for women. What is the best way to find existing blogs already covering this topic? There must be a lot but I’m not turning up much using Google.

    1. If you can find just one blog that is on the topic, check who comments on the site, writes guest posts, or gets linked to on it.

      Or you could directly contact the site owner and ask them who else is in their network.

    2. Hi Sharon! I think that our two blogs have some similarities and perhaps we could help each other out somehow. I am a personal chef in NJ focusing on organic, healthy eating and the importance of getting the family back around the dinner table.

    3. Hi Fran, thanks so much for getting in touch. I’ve had a read of your blog/site and it looks great – I love the recipe for peanut butter power bites, my husband will love these! It would be great if we could help each other out and I look forward to chatting more as the MDBP progresses.

  7. i think the title has the components it needs to go viral. i like it and i think it can quickly amass a group of like minded individuals just through word of mouth.

    on the the question: i believe a blog on a generic topic, one which has a fair amount of competition, can be different solely based on the author’s unique voice. the facts seldom change, it’s the personal stories and anecdotes a blogger writes with that provides a different perspective into the material. readers who can related subscribe and follow the blogger. while USPs and what not are all theoretically great, from a practical perspective a unique voice in itself works just as well. That said, a unique voice + a USP is a killer combo.

  8. Great post, especially very useful because you talk about the ‘theory’ first and than apply it directly to your blog idea. Perfect way to learn for everyone.

    My blog is going to be at the intersection of Chris Guillebeau and Ev Bogue: I am going to recruit revolutionaries that are willing to look beyond conventions and mainstream ways of doing things and start living their life on their own terms – My blog is going to help them live a different, simple, more-passionate, unique life, make money with the work they enjoy and help them become world citizens through alternative ways of travelling. In essence, I want to help people become free-thinkers in their own free world.

    Why MY blog is different from what already exists:
    – Not just about creating a social movement, but by promoting the simple life
    – I’m a woman from Germany, who has lived, worked and studied all around the world in several unconventional ways since the age of 15 (I feel stateless/without a nationality) –> my personal voice & experience
    – not (just) about entrepreneurism, but also ‘tangible’ jobs around the world / while travelling etc.
    – promoting anti-mainstream and -mediocrity

    My tagline is: Rock the World, Travel the World & Be High on Life. (Open for suggestions and criticism)

    Loving your niche and name. How could I not?! Hard to add to his, as you guys thought this well through (come on, Leo, Scott and you at the same table??)

  9. I refined the blog as
    Spanish->Words->Cultural Words.
    That’s how I am trying to differentiate the blog from the others. It’s not yet clear from the look it has at the moment ’cause I have only a few posts. Let’s see if it will really work in the long run.

    1. Some people have all the luck 😉

      Actually, we went through 100+ name ideas for this blog. Less than half had free .com names. This was one of the better choices and we were lucky the domain wasn’t taken.

  10. Some great idea’s Corbett. I am getting ready to launch my entry into the MBP as we speak. Working on that 99% perspiration now and finishing up the set-up and the first 10-12 posts before i go live.

    Gotta say I love the name “Expert Enough” and your views on it being close to Ferriss and Balbuta sounds pretty darn good since i have like both of those guys for a few years.


  11. I really like the change of topic and think the branding so far is awesome. Great name… Alliteration again – Nice. The graphics are nice too. Did you do it yourself?

    (ps The favicon is awesome too!)

    1. Thanks David! I threw together the logo graphics, they’re probably still a work in progress. We’ll talk about logos and design in an upcoming post.

  12. Corbett:
    Normally I enjoy your posts,however, when I read your title (3 times):
    The Key Question YOUR Have to Answer to Make Your Blog Stand Out, your fourth word really stands out. I could not get past the error in the title and did not read. But I did bookmark for a later date.
    Not trying to be critical . Like I said I usually enjoy your posts. Have a great day.

    1. Yup, we all make mistakes. It’s true. Sorry to offend 😉

      Luckily Caleb caught the error just a little while after it was published. Too bad I didn’t finish the post in time for him to read it before publication.

  13. Hi Corbett –

    Thanks for this most excellent post! Most of us know these things on a basic level but you really brought it home how to get in there and think about the details, which of course makes all the difference and also illustrates nicely the point you make in the post – that you can discuss a topic that’s already widely covered (USP, target market etc.) and take it further and therefore make it fresh and useful. I’ve read tons of stuff on identifying and wooing my market and I still found the particular questions you asked about the psychology of our “right people” really helpful and new information. In short – you rock.

    And the name and tagline for the Expertise blog is great! And likely to be useful for those of us building our own bogs as we need to learn to be experts in our fields. Good choice, and I am very grateful that you are doing this.

  14. As for why someone should read my blog – my blog is a creative living blog which is common enough, except that it is tailored to the romantic and poetically inclined. And it is written from the perspective of a professional musician who travels a lot and meets a lot of quirky people. My “brand”, stye statement, musical description is “Neofolk Romantique” – A new expression of folk music celebrating a love of antiquity, a life filled with romance, beauty, and poetry, and the idea that every day can be an epic adventure. This blog is about living the worldview that comes out of this music.

  15. Ack forgot to add, upon a first pass I haven’t seen any other creative living blogs like mine. There is Leonie Dawson at Goddess Guidebook, but she is much more rainbow-hippie than I am. I’m a bit grittier I think.
    There’s Marked By The Muse, but she seems specifically focused on making a living with your art. I’ll keep researching and refining – for now I think I’ve taken more than enough space on your blog! But so far I seem to have a pretty unique angle on creative living – that of building enchantment into your life.

  16. I like it! The name is great and I think will tap into what a lot of busy people are living everyday. I think most people have areas where they just need to be good enough to cross things off their list of to-do’s and move on. Know I do!

    Regarding differentiating my blog, my focus will be on actionable content that is practical and immediately applicable. Most of the writing targeting real estate agents appears to be theoretical fluff trying to sound smart or a pretty bold-faced product shill attempt. I’m a little uneasy with just how little competition there appears to be… I may be tilting at a windmill of uninterested people!

  17. Thanks for the questions helping getting under target audience skin 😉

    So far my differentiation is going to be: within my blog I’m going to explain why doing art is important and how it can make one happy. Most of art blogs and tutorials blogs tell people “what” to do but not “why”.

    The other thing I’ll do is having a range of personalized products and services that don’t cost a lot.

    I like the topic you’ve chosen and the tagline is awesome!

  18. My blog has one simple idea, USP, and message: ‘Black Women, Think RICH.’
    This is also the domain name, so I think that says it all. It’s straight and to the point, as will be the content. Wealth building informaiton for women of color, in easily digestible chunks.

    I love the USP for the new blog, I think it’s a great idea and can’t wait to see it take off!

  19. I think Expert Enough is genius…and has many different avenues it could take to make an excellent income, even after the first 6 months or so. The name itself is nice and short, memorable and conveys what the site is about: just enough information to make you a relative expert!

    For myself, my uniqueness comes from others in my niche and their prices. College admission “consultants” charge an arm and a leg these days…but what parents and students don’t know is that they are GROSSLY overpriced as 99% of college admission has to do with the student and how he/she prepared themselves while in high school.

    You can, and should be doing the leg work yourself…while in high school! I am offering very affordable, sound and relavant advice on how to properly prepare yourself to get admitted to the college of your choice.

    Anyway, sorry for the plug…love your ideas and cannot wait to get deeper into MDBP…


  20. I like the name “Expert Enough” and the tagline! Defining my USP has been difficult for me since I started but hopefully I am getting closer. My blog focuses on healthy, organic eating and encourages readers to make small, sustainable changes in their diet. It also emphasizes the importance of eating together as a family, making dinnertime fun and includes the basics needed to get out of the restaurant and back in your kitchen. If anyone has any thoughts on how to tighten up the focus, I am all ears!

  21. Thanks for the great advice. I chose the same topic as you. Even the blog name is Khojy – Become An Expert Slowly. Healthy Competition. :)

    I have shortlisted my audience to people who are serious about growing themselves to their fullest potential and contributing their greatest to the world.

    Your name “Expert Enough” is great. Waiting to see the launch. :)

  22. Most blogs don’t last longer than 90 days. It takes more than content, design and distinction to be successful- you need to be able to sustain your effort. If you can’t do that and you don’t love what you are doing you probably won’t last long.

    This is work, but it is a lot of fun.

  23. Hey Corbett,

    My wife and I started this challenge with you guys over here at Think Traffic and are soooo excited!

    Our site is a little similar, but is focused on helping people revolutionize their lives in less than a year. Our first “technical” post is up. If it goes well, I’d love to send traffic your way somehow. Let me know (when you think of it) how we can help in any way.

    Talk to you soon!

    – David

  24. My blog, Small Bright Pebbles, is different because it brings together trivia and storytelling. Or, if you like, it’s trivia with a backstory.

    It’s different from other blogs in the same niche (not that there are many) in the following ways:

    * It provides background detail, i.e. more than just throwaway lines like “Did you know: there are no bridges crossing the Amazon River!!!” (which is true) and more than just a quirky photos with a caption like some trivia blogs.

    * It’s not featuring simply the next new curious thing. The subjects I focus on can be hundreds of years old. Or millions. Or it could be something that happened this year.

    * The target audience is people who love trivia and enjoy knowledge for its own sake.

  25. I really like this topic and the name of that new blog : ExpertEnough … I think it brings enough attraction. It get a sort of mystery in itself… Really I like it…
    But wouah… Between two beers Leo Babuta itself is giving you ideas … Hum, maybe the first expertise topic you can work on, for me, is how to create relationship with other great bloggers :)
    Thanks for all this Corbett… i am a great fan of all what you do…
    So just quickly and two answer your questions, i am doing differentiation with my own new blog, because I am against the common sense, at least in France, that taking a personal teacher for a child who has academic difficulties, is the best choice to help him. I am simply showing before, to parents, that they might have themselves to look on how they educate their children before. Which values of the school, do they gave before to him, etc… Only 5 articles for now, but already some protests :) That’s sound good. I like this challenge :)

  26. This was a really, really good post for me. I spend to much on my time thinkning about what I like and what I want. Putting myself in my readers shoes, my old and current shoes actually, is a spot on approach. Thanks for helping me get focused.

  27. Expert Enough. Just Enough To be dangerous.

    One thing I like about this is it will clearly turn off a large segment of readers. There’s a quote I remember Dan Kennedy used in one of his books from one of those hobbit movies where the scaredy cat says, “Adventures make you late for dinner.”

    I feel like the name and the tag line will be enough to send the meek running for the hills. Wimps with itty bitty balls need not apply. This is good because if you’re an inspiration for people who want to share their expertise and you’re selling services and products related to this, the meek people who never do shit will be the first ones to refund and complain the most. Best get rid of them before they can even come into the tent.

    Be interesting to see how this concept unpacks with the help of all the strategies and tactics you’re set to deploy.

  28. I love the idea (and the title) of the new blog. It sounds a little like Lifehacker to me and I’m looking forward to seeing it go live.

    I’ve thought a good deal about the questions you raised for our own blogs. My readers don’t comment and that concerns me. I’m pretty sure they are women (at least from what I can tell by the email addresses on the subscriber list and the customer list). I’ve been told as I talk and interact with people that I see the world of personal finance with a fresh eye and a huge amount of enthusiasm. I need to work hard to make sure that comes through in the writing.

    To me it’s hard to make it about them, when I can’t get them to talk. I think my challenge is to engage them! One way I’m getting a clue is by hanging out on a message board related to my niche and trying to listen to what people are discussing and asking for.

  29. Hi Corbett!

    I LOVE Expert Enough. I think blog names that have two letters the same really stand out – like Think Traffic. My blog is called Goal :)

    Having studied personal development and goal achievement for some years, I have developed my own unique goal achievement system (goal gliding) along with a strong mindset for manifestation that has really transformed my life over the last couple of years. I want to share the skills and strategies and mindset shifts on my blog, and also share my current goal gliding adventures!

    I am excited and truly hope that I can create something new and exciting that will inspire people to live the life of their dreams and feel it is possible with the system I have created!

  30. Great site name for the expert blog! I can’t wait for you to set it up because I’m looking forward to reading it.

    I’m starting to think I’m the only one who’s blog name is a made up word that has nothing to do with anything….

  31. Indeed it takes a lot of smart choices and skills to be able to create a great blog. But nothing can be more genuine that being yourself and loving what you are doing. Also, being friendly is a plus because making a lot of friends means more friends to come and more visitors to your blog. Amazing write up. A lot can really learn from this post.

  32. I just found out about the MDBP a couple of days ago. I’ve been an internet marketer for some time now and went full-time last month, (Sept 2011). I’ll share my thoughts about how I selected my topic for what blog to develop for this challenge.

    I’ve got a method of making an income online and was putting up a blog to help teach others. Although I was already in the process of setting that blog up, I found this challenge to be exciting and also as a way of learning/expanding. My site is in it’s infancy. I got excited about the challenge because one of the elements of what I am doing with my site is developing partnerships through coaching or mentoring. I would share my progress online so others could follow along and do what I do in order to learn how to make money online. But with a unique twists of course.

    However, when reading the challenge rules, I decided to agree with those terms and go with a site that relates to a subject/hobby that I love. I’ve been homebrewing my own beer for 11 years now and I LOVE it! So I thought it was funny that ‘brewing’ made it to the final top 10 picks for the primary site for this challenge. I decided to throw my hat into the mix and follow along while building the site I’ve dreamed of for some time now. It’s my hope to develop a place where other homebrewers can share their thoughts, experiences and recipes. I haven’t thought up my uniqueness for this site yet.

    It’s up on the web, but I’ve added NOTHING to it yet. It’s there for placement at this point but I’m going to be fleshing it out…. design, content, etc. I’ve picked the url: so I guess we’ll see what happens. Very exciting challenge.

    I will also be working on the ‘money making’ site I was already developing, but I’m not going to share the link here out of respect for the challenge rules. So that’s two sites I’m going to be working on in addition to my regular IM work that I’m making money doing.

    Thanks for a great challenge guys!!! It sure will be interesting!

    1. That’s awesome Rick, thanks so much for joining in. I can’t wait to see how Case of Brew turns out.

      By the way, the challenge rules don’t prevent participants such as yourself from pursuing a “make money online” topic for your site. It’s just the Think Traffic team who is prevented from doing so. Any topic you’d like to enter is fine, and you can enter more than one site if you like.


    2. Thanks Corbett, I’m pretty excited about getting the brew site together. A bit nervous about it since I’ve never put a blog together that wasn’t targeting a specific niche ‘product’. But I’m excited about taking the ride and sharing my brewing experienced with others.

      As for the IM site, I wasn’t aware that I could use that one through the challenge. I’ll have to consider that as well…. I might just enter that one too. We’ll see.

      Thank you so much for the encouragement and I’m glad to be on the journey with everyone!

  33. I think the Expert Enough idea is fantastic. There is a lot to be said for figuring out the fastest way to get to an “expert” skill level. I think a lot of people still think that it takes a degree or long process to learn something.

    As for my blog…I want to bridge the gap between motivational blogs and technical blogs in the area of making money by doing what you love. If you read a motivational blog, you are left wondering exactly how to do something like upload an online video. On a technical blog, sometimes they don’t make the instructions easy enough for the average person and you sometimes wonder why it is important to learn it.

    I want to be able to take ANY topic that someone may be passionate about and create a functional roadmap and tutorials for turning that into income as quickly as possible.

    I’m still struggling with the theme and concept though. What you wrote in this post was very helpful in that I think I need to talk it over with some people and get their input. Thanks.

  34. There has been much discussion on writing epic content but being a aggregator site, it does not apply to me. Would appreciate a section where experts can share their knowledge on non-traditional blogs like mine.


  35. Wow, this was an epic read. It’s also given me lots to think about as I start to manage blogs for other people. As I start to become responsible for creating copy for corporate blogs I’ve been finding difficult to answer these questions as myself, as I see myself as the writer and not the business owner. You have given me a ton of questions I now need to start asking my clients

  36. Great post. The most valuable part is the discussion/comments. We focus on helping people learning sustainable health behaviors from founders of health start-ups. We’re quickly becoming a voice for digital health.

    We teach people about the clear benefits of digital health and we discuss the most cutting-edge concepts of technology and medicine.

    I found my USP by looking at my own background. I drew from my strengths

    Its important to have confidence in your approach. Each of us are unique and that’s what makes up the fabric of the internet. Don’t be afraid to be your authentic self.

    I have learned a lot from your course over at Think Traffic.

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