Announcing The Million Dollar Blog Project: Build a Profitable Blog Along With Us

Summer’s almost over and I’m feeling the urge to take on a big ambitious challenge. If you’re feeling up to it, I’d love you to join us too. Let me explain.

This is something I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Here’s how it’s going to work: we’re going to build a profitable blog (on a topic not related to making money online) and show you exactly how we do it, live, from the very beginning.

We’re also going to ask you to help us choose a topic for the blog we create, and even follow along and create your own blog at the same time if you like.

Update: We’ve specifically created a 13-week course for people trying to successfully launch their own blog that uses a proven strategy. How to Start a Blog That Matters can help you create a blog that will change your life and the lives of your readers.

-> Check out the course here to see if it’s a good fit for you.

The Big Idea (why call it the “Million Dollar Blog Project?”)

We’re going to create a blog and show you exactly how we build it, step-by-step, into a profitable site. We also want to inspire you to create your own money-making blog right along with us.

We (the Think Traffic team) will be showing you exactly how we select a topic, develop a brand, build the site, create the content, build the audience, become authorities on the topic and generate income from the site.

Keep in mind that the word “blog” can have many different definitions, depending on who you ask. For our purposes, the blog we create will be interactive with readers, and we will be producing new content on a regular basis. Other than that, we won’t place any restrictions on the format of the site.

There are two “million dollar” goals for this project.

First, the blog that we’ll be building for this project isn’t going to be a standard niche site or just an SEO optimized AdSense play.

Those are fun exercises, but there are two problems with niche sites: 1) they can be a little boring to build, and 2) earning $500 or $1,000 a month isn’t going to let you leave your day job.

We’ll be building an authority blog on a topic that we’re excited about. Our aim will be to build a blog that earns a million dollars in revenue over it’s life.

Does that sound crazy? I hope not. It only takes $100,000 a year for 10 years to earn a million dollars. This site earned over $100k in it’s first year and has earned more than that just six months into year two.

Second, I also want this project to spawn a million dollars in total value over the next two years.

If we help 100 people create blogs that earn $10,000 or more each, that’s a million dollars in value this project will have created. Whether it’s 10 blogs that earn $100,000 or 1,000 blogs that earn $1,000, either way we’ll be happy.

Tracking that second goal will be tricky, but I’ll be asking everyone who participates to share details with us.

Credit Due + Why This isn’t a Niche Site Challenge

Some blogger friends of mine have recently run niche site challenges. Pat Flynn built a successful niche site over the last year, and Chris Ducker is building one himself now. I want to thank those guys for inspiration for this project. Reading about their progress and success has been really fun.

As I mentioned before, this project will be a little different. We’ll be building a profitable blog as opposed to a niche site.

The main difference between making money from a blog and making money from a niche site is that a niche site relies heavily on SEO, and keyword research usually dictates the topics you choose and articles you write.

Niche sites are usually based on topics where an opportunity exists to attract visitors through the search engines and monetize them through Google AdSense or affiliate marketing.

For this project, we won’t be constrained by keyword research in choosing our topic. We’ll hopefully choose something fun, something that we want to write about and have experience with ourselves. We won’t be using pen names, and the team members’ personalities may be part of the content itself.

Also, this project may rely on several different ways to make money and probably won’t focus on Google Adsense. Anything goes: affiliate marketing, advertising, developing products, services, partnerships, etc.

And finally, depending on the topic, we will likely rely on building relationships with the readers of our blog, so they keep coming back over time. With a niche site, often you’re trying to monetize traffic the very first time visitors come to your site.

I have nothing against niche sites at all, I just want to do something different here, and I think the blogging world could use a project like this.

If you’re interested in building a niche site instead, check out my Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course, or the niche site challenges Pat and Chris have put together.

Reporting our Progress

We’re going to share everything we can about the process of building the new site here at Think Traffic.

In the beginning, you’ll be hearing a lot about the project. We may update once a month at the least, and probably much more often as we get started.

For the most part, we’ll be doing all the work on this new blog ourselves. If we use outsourcing to accomplish something, I’ll definitely let you know. Whenever possible, I’ll also suggest resources to use if you can’t do something yourself.

How You Can Participate

There are two ways I’d love you to participate in this project:

    1. Create your own blog with us and follow along.

If you’d like to start your own blog alongside us, we’d love you to join us. You’ll be able to follow along with our updates and learn strategies and tips you can apply to your own site.

And don’t worry, if you started a site within the past couple of months, you can participate as well. You may end up reworking some of your site based on what you learn, but we’d be happy to have you as well. Just mention your situation in the comments below as well.

We’d also like to hear about your progress along the way. All you have to do is document your progress just like we’ll be doing, either through a blog (the one you create, or another one, whichever makes sense), or by setting up a special page somewhere online as an accountability journal.

One special note: I’ve seen this time and time again, in Traffic School, The Hustle Project and elsewhere, people who set up accountability journals and regularly update them do 10 times better than those who don’t. If you’re really serious about making your new blog successful, we highly recommend publicly tracking your progress.

As a special incentive, for those of you who do document your progress, we’ll set up a special page here at Think Traffic where we’ll link to your blog and progress journal. We may even develop some kind of rankings of mini-competition out of this.

Just write us in the comments here if you’re interested in participating.

    1. Help us decide on a topic.

This Thursday, I’ll be asking you to nominate topics that we can choose from to create the million dollar blog around. That’s right, you choose the topic, we build the profitable site.

There is one rule about the topic we will select: it will not be related to “making money online.”

The point of this project is to show you how to pick a non-marketing related topic, something you’re interested in, and build a site around that interest. There are plenty of good sites out there about making money online, and we’ll be talking about that enough at Think Traffic already.

I also want to encourage you to think outside of marketing-related topics for your next project, because there are some incredible opportunities there.

So get ready, on Thursday I’ll be asking for your recommendations.

If you’ll be creating your own blog, you might just find the perfect topic here yourself from the suggestions on Thursday.

A Marathon, Not a Sprint

It takes time and smart decisions to create something with solid long-term value. We fully expect this to be a marathon, not a sprint. In the beginning, we’ll be focused on making the right long-term decisions, especially around selecting the right topic.

I want to set the right expectations before we jump in. If it seems like we’re going slowly, it’s because we want to do this right. I also want to go slowly enough so we can explain clearly how we’re developing this site.

Alright, that’s it for now! I can’t wait to get started on this, I hope you’re looking forward to it too.

Now the important question: who’s in?

Tell us below if you’re thinking about participating or if you have questions about the project.

Also, we’d love to hear which aspect of building a profitable blog you’re most interested in hearing about as the project gets moving.

(click here to leave a comment if you’re reading this over email)

Let’s do this!

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Corbett Barr

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701 thoughts on “Announcing The Million Dollar Blog Project: Build a Profitable Blog Along With Us”

  1. Great initiative,

    I would like to get involved and pick up some blogging tips along the way. I’m from Holland though and would like to keep a blog in Dutch – hope that’s not a problem..?

    Gr. Mark

  2. Wow wow wow, Corbett, what a grreat idea.

    This is going to be a huge undertaking, but I respect the passion and audacity you are willing put in.

    Everyone’s doing niche site, and like you said, it’s all about robotic tweaking.

    I’m curious to see which market you are going to get into – self-help and life-style are over-saturated as well.

    Big thumbs up. And I’ll be watching you guys 😉

  3. Love this idea, Corbett, appeals to me much more than the niche site challenges.

    Personally, I’d love to see you guys build a blog around the topic of learning how to play musical instruments. I know you played several growing up, and I plan on learning some guitar next year myself. I’m not sure what other sites are out there on the topic, but I imagine you folks could provide some great resources and we could all follow along as you experiment with different learning methods. I imagine there would be a lot of monetization options down the line, too. And you might just end up a rock star when it’s all said and done 😉

    As for me, I’m planning on moving my recently-launched $50 blog setup service to its own site next month, complete with a video/screencast blog that gives simple-but-practical tips to non-techies just getting started on WordPress. I’d love to have that site become part of this project.


    1. Hey David. I’m not sure if it’s cool to link directly to my service here, but head on over to my blog and you’ll find it linked in the sidebar. All the details are on that page, but feel free to get in contact if you need any additional info.


    2. This why I love the comment section so much. Need to know what people want? Just read the comment section on blogs.

    3. Actually, I have a website teaching guitar, and I was wondering if I could learn something here to make it grow. It’s unique in the sence that I teach LIVE, so people can interact with me via a chat screen, I have not seen any site like this for guitar lessons.

      The site is pretty new, but have just over 1000 subscribers for all the free videos and tabs, I would like it to grow, and to get more people to subscribe to the $15,99 a month payed subscription.

    4. Morten, you legend! I won’t be starting into learning guitar for a few months yet (waiting until I can fully immerse myself in it), but I’ve signed up for your list and will definitely check out what you’ve got on offer when the time comes. Thanks a mil for the heads up.

    5. Niall – as a relative newcomer to WordPress, I would love to find a site like the one you plan to start. I’ve scoured the internet for video tutorials on the techy aspects of blog building and in my opinion, there aren’t enough! Good luck …

  4. Hi Guys,

    i love this idea. I am a total Blog virgin and very new to the whole monetizing blogs/websites thing. I have been a management consultant for the last 12 years specialising in business models and systems, so i have experience in this side of things but not the online side. I anticipate my learning curve to be vertical on this as i am immersing myself in this style of business now. I myself am on a 12 month life changing course and you have given me a model to work on here. Thank you!

    Please include me in any conversation or correspondence, I intend to be an active and vocal participant.

    Im excited!

    David R. – Australia

    1. Just started my blog – building my freelance translation business around my blog and reporting step-by-step to other translators. Many translators think of their websites as a liability – I will try to show that they might be an asset. Hopefully I will make it happen :) Regards!!

  5. Fantastic idea, I am really excited! I just started two blogs – one of which is a niche site though, oops! -, which at the moment are just side hustles and not designed to make money, I care more about reach and impact at the moment, but this project sounds so exciting! So I am up for the challenge and definitely want to keep the accountability journal as it sounds like it will help a lot in making my blogs much better much faster.

  6. I don’t know if 8 months is too old for what you’re planning, but if not, I’d love to be a part of this with my Common Sense Marketing site.

    As for ideas for your test blog, I think it’d be fun to see something on the nuts and bolts of being self-employed (not making money, but doing things like navigating health insurance, remaining social outside of an office setting, etc). That, or language/musical instrument learning could be fun :)

  7. C

    Thanks so much for the mention here, buddy!

    The site is actually doing really well, despite some first month issues with somebody stealing all my content (over 40 articles!). That’s since stopped and I am on track to better my earnings this coming month.

    Good luck with this project, I’ll be watching it, as I do everything you are involved in.

    Keep rockin’.


    1. Thanks Chris, and likewise, I’m watching every post on your site about the challenge you’ve taken on. Best of luck! Maybe we can swap stories about the differences in the projects sometime soon.

    2. Absolutely…

      Also – I’m gonna be joining this, here, too.

      I just purchased from Dan Andrews and want to turn it into an authority blog for entrepreneurs everywhere, where I will discuss the benefits of outsourcing certain business tasks (or perhaps entire businesses!) to the Philippines.

      I’ll be building it back up pretty much from scratch, with my team… Will be fun to get involved.

      What you think…..?


  8. I realize that political topics tend to trend up and down based on election years but perhaps a blog type site that lends itself to being able to read op-eds or recent news pieces from the Right(Red), Independant (White) and Left (blue), and have that as part of the logo – Red, White and Blue.
    I suspect that you would have a whole wide array of niche content to explore, contentious, long comment threads and plenty of rev-gen opportunities.
    Just a “green hat” idea. I look forward to seeing what you come up with.

  9. What a great idea! I’m in – I’ve got two blogs I purchased domains for, but haven’t yet setup: one reviewing photo editing software, and one on plus sized fashion.

    I think even if I can’t replicate your sucess, seeing the process from beginning to end will help me work on my own projects. (I kept trying to do niche sites, and kept ending up with blogs.)

  10. Fabulous idea.

    I don’t have the time to start another blog but I’ll be following what you do closely and offer whatever support I can.

    And I love that it is not going to be a niche site!

  11. Hi Corbett,

    Wow. Talk about being at the right place at the right time.

    This is an excellent idea/project and I would love to participate in this as I am currently focused on building my website-blog(struggling with WordPress design though-how to inegrate graphics with CSS code).

    Does it have to ‘HAVE TO’ be a niche site could it be a blog about a journey from one industry to another?

    All the best!

    1. Hi Anshul, the blog you described would be a perfect example of what we are looking for on this project. Like Corbett mentioned, we are looking to build authority websites, not relying strictly on search engines for traffic/conversion.

  12. Corbett, I was just about to start a new blog that centers on my passion. I just bought the domain name and now doing the outlines for the posts. To participate, does the topic have to be similar with everyone else’s?

    1. Like Caleb (W) said, any topic can work for this project. We’ll explain what we think makes a good topic in the coming weeks, but really anything is valid.

  13. Hey Corbett, I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a site for a couple of months and may well take the plunge and follow you along.

    I’m still thinking about the angle to take and how narrow to keep the focus. So I’ll definitely take note of your posts during this process. :)

    1. Hey Cindy, nice to see a familiar face here. I have read ALL your blog posts on I particularly like the “What’s New This Week” updates. That is my “go-to” post read on Saturday mornings.

    2. Awesome Cindy, I’d love to have you along, at least for part of the journey. We’ll be taking our time in the beginning because from experience I’ve seen that choosing a topic and refining your brand are two critical steps toward success.

  14. This is a very cool idea. I would like to add my toys to the sandbox! In other words, I’m in! Per your request, I already have a niche video blog started but have not launched.

  15. I’m in… assuming I can find a topic that I can remain passionate about for a long period of time. So far, that would be limited to firearms or photography.

    Good affiliate programs are few and far between for firearms, so I’m thinking photography may be where it’s at.

    1. Hey Lyndsy, that’s my problem too! I’m full of passions – for a short period of time.

      If you do go with photography, though, I’d love if you would put the address in a later post/update. I’m an amateur photographer, and if I develop my photo editing blog, there’s a possibility for a little bit of crossover.

    2. Well, my background is in pageant photography, actually – so there may be a bit of cross-pollination here. I would consider my wife an expert in retouching headshots for glitz pageants – perhaps she could guest post for you at some point…

  16. Definitely want to join! I’m very curious about what you will have to say. While I am thinking about setting up a personal blog, I think will be a great candidate. A good friend of mine (21) and I (22) have launched it 8 months ago as a platform on which we can share things that inspire, motivate and challenge us on our path from 20 to 30. At this moment it is mainly read by our existing social circle. But we’re eager to learn more about how to reach more people online. And off course the addition of making it a profitable blog sounds very tempting. We’re eager, we’re motivated and we are going to learn this. So if this project is able to help us then we will fully commit!

  17. I’m interested by this. Now I just need a good subject. I have a site in french about stupid stuff that clients do (either in tech support, retail, restaurants, etc). I started that a month a go, maybe I could adapt it in english.

    1. I love this idea. If it were in English, I’d definitely subscribe. With witty updated content, this could be a great Friday afternoon site.

      I hope it works for you.


  18. Hello,
    It was really fascinating to read about your huge project. I think that’s something I’ve been expecting for a very long time. I’ve started my own blog few weeks ago, but right now it’s not doing so well, as I have problem obtaining unique info, since tech world is quiet competitive and you have to be at the heart of stuff to receive unique info.
    My idea is simply traveling. Because I love it, I wish I had enough time and most importantly enough money to go around all the time. People would be able to vote where the reviewers should go next, and the highest ranked place would be the next stop. There can be challenges like “Survive 5 days in London with 200 Pounds” etc, and it would be very much interesting to read about the journey the writers had. As I said, travel blogs are not niche, but it’s something I love, and I just need a startup push for that, I guess.
    To sum up, I’d be very much delighted to have your support on this project. Thanks

  19. Corbett–this is quite awesome and should be a lot of fun. I’m in.

    I’m going to be starting a second site up about fiction writing and my own fiction, and I recently bought a couple of domains I’m considering. So I think I’ll use this project to set that site up and begin developing it. Thanks for the opportunity here–I’m sure it’ll be tremendous help and motivation.

    Thursday will be exciting as we get some suggestions for the blog topic. I’m glad this site won’t be a niche market; I also agree with Mars that self-help and lifestyle design are kind of saturated. I think travel and digital nomad-type sites are also getting saturated. It might be very interesting if this site was something that doesn’t seem all that lucrative at first glance, to discover ways of making money on most any topic.

    Thanks again, Corbett. Looking forward to the challenge!

  20. Perfect timing! I’m in :-) I was just going to start a “sister” blog for a specific mental strength audience and I’m ready to be part of this challenge.

    I like the concept of a non-niche site and looking forward to participating however I can.

  21. In. So in. I just began to design as my fitness/motivation/YouCanAccomplishAnything blog in an effort to help people break down barriers that prevent them from kicking as much ass as they possibly can in life.

    Timely post. This will also motivate me to finish up the new site! Looking forward to the next update. =)

  22. Thank you!! I LOVE the concept of building a blog that’s not based around marketing, money, or making money. Even blogs about lifestyle design are usually indirectly related to making money. I love writing about my topics of mindfulness, mindset and mind development…all kind of the same thing really.

    Hmmm…I’d say go for something fun and entertaining. I love blogs such as ‘Stuff White People Like.’ Obviously offering products and services off a topic like that is fairly limited.

    Something fitness related could be cool. A blog on running. or a blog on biking…equipment, travel destinations, best biking tours, training, etc.

    I believe you like scotch, correct? A blog on scotch/bourbon/whiskey could be cool as well….history, how it’s made, tours, ratings, forums, etc.

  23. This is a really cool concept.

    I didn’t participate during Pat’s niche site duel, but will definitely be participating this time around. I’m ready to get started.

  24. I’m definitely interested in this. I have a webcomic blog and my game plan still remains sketchy. It would be nice to get some more insight how to build a blog right instead of floundering around like a drowning man.

  25. I’m in too. I’m curious to see te different approach you guys take, which I have no doubt will be unique. So far thiktraffic hasn’t disappointed me one bit.

    I know with your advice it should be hard to fail. Let’s do this!!

  26. I’m definitely interested in following along, and may be interested in participating as well — my case is slightly different though, I started a blog about a year ago and only updated it for about 2 months — so I still think of it as being in its ‘infancy’, despite being a year old. Due to a bunch of life changes, the blog fell by the wayside, but now that I’m backing to cooking and eating healthy again, I’ve been feeling keen to get going with the blog again. (It’s a food / weight loss blog.) So I’ll be interested to see what lessons from this project I may be able to apply to resurrecting a blog. :)

  27. This is coming at a perfect time for me, so I’m definitely in! I have a domain (linked above) that I bought a few months ago but that I haven’t done anything with yet, and I was just about to get started on it.

    I bought it just for me even though it’s probably a saturated niche, because it’s a topic I enjoy and want to blog about even if it doesn’t make me any money – however, if I can turn it into a million dollar blog all the better! :)

  28. Great timing Corbett, I’ve just launched my own authority blog and was planning to do traffic and earnings updates – so I’ll join the Million Dollar Blog Project too so I can build my blog as I follow your advice. I’ve actually written my first new post today so this has come at exactly the right time :-)

  29. Challenge Accepted!!

    I actually already have more blogs than I can handle, so maybe I’ll choose one of the old ones that haven’t seen much love lately and use that for the project.

    As for thoughts on the topic, I like music, cars and hockey, so anything along those lines is good. I think more and more people are watching TV, so maybe something about TV shows, either in general or a speciic genre or even a specific show.

  30. Wow! What a boost for people like me who seriously want to jump on this bandwagon but just can’t get off the ground somehow. I’m already excited and very much interested. Count me in!

  31. A fresh and challenging idea to inspire and help us all. This is the best project I’ve heard about in a long time.
    I’m really looking forward to reading about it.

    I love the fact that the only rule is not to create a money making blog.


  32. Hey Corbett! I’m in too. It seems that I am looking for a topic to write on forever. Every topic that I am passionate about is either very competitive (like how to create information products, photography, …) , or it is so geeky that no one else wants to hear about (robotics, advances in genetics, artificial intelligence,…).

    I am looking foward to see how you choose your topic. Best Luck.

    1. Hey Omid, I totally agree with Kristal. You should check out the open hardware scene, there’s even a budding homebrew biotech movement – some guys raised funding on to make really cheap genetic sequencers or something!

  33. This is a fantastic project!

    I will participate in this challenge. I started my blog about six months ago but it has taken a backseat recently. From October on growing my blog to a profitable, thriving site will be my main priority and your challenge comes at the perfect moment!

    I’m looking forward to it!

  34. Sounds like an awesome project! I’d love to participate, and since I already run several blogs for fun, I’m wondering which to focus on, business-wise. Since you said this isn’t about niche marketing, I’m curious to see where this will go.

  35. This is Great! I just started working on my new website/ blog and it has really nothing to do with making money online! Count me in!!

  36. I’d love to join :) I’ve started a site on my own a month ago on a non-marketing related topic I’m interested in (vegan cooking) and really want to build it up. Can’t wait.

  37. Great idea and I love the transparency. It would be very cool if you took on a topic with not so obvious product options. My main site is probably too old to follow along with, but I’d love to throw my new site on Tokyo Japan into the mix and see what comes out by participating. It’s also a nice kick in the ass to remain accountable :)

    1. After reading all the comments here I think i’ll follow along with my main blog ( I’m about to move it to a new level in terms of money and traffic and it would be great to keep up with everything here in the process. More eyes equals more accountability :)

  38. Corbett,

    great idea, I’ve been thinking about this alot lately while taking the traffic school course, and planning my next venture.

    I’m passionate about helping one group in particular for my next project, Non-profits, and I’d love to be involved in what you’re doing.

    Is Thursday the appropriate time to discuss more of the idea, or right here in the comment section?

  39. I’m in! I have a 2-month old blog on a topic I adore, so the timing is perfect.

    Interestingly enough, I’ve taken your AMFB course and started in on a niche site as well but am finding it hard to direct my energy there vs the authority site. So, maybe this is the better path for me…

  40. Corbett, this is Awesome (with a capital A!)

    I would love to follow along with this project with a blog I registered months ago and didn’t do much of anything with. It is a site about Christian marriage advice, and is definitely a “passion” topic for me.

  41. I’m in!

    I have a shell of a site that I haven’t written anything on yet and have been waiting to pick a topic to write about.

    This challenge has come at the right time, as I have now found a topic I think I’ll make the site into.

    It’d be great to read details upon details through the whole process. Not an overview of what you’re doing along the way, but the nitty gritty. Thanks!

  42. Hi Corbett,
    I’m in!

    I’ve been thinking about my blog and where I want to go with it. Do I start fresh or redefine what I already have? … those are the questions I’ve been asking.

    This project is just what I need right now.

    Melissa Gorzelanczyk

    1. You can redefine what you are currently working on. No need to split your energy onto a new project if you are most passionate about what you already have up and running. :)

  43. Corbett,

    Seriously, WOW – I’m 1000% in & ready to get started. I’m more psyched that we can actually be an online community doing it step by step together. This is a total networking experience as well as a million dollar blog opportunity. You & the Think Traffic team absolutely rock! Niche sites have always been my specialty so this will mos def be a challenge that I am up for.

    My wheels are already turning on blog ideas!


  44. Whoa Corbett, this is awesome!!!!!

    I’ve listened to both your episodes on Pat’s podcast so I’m super stoked to see you start something fresh and allow participation :)

    I’m in and I think I know what I’ll be writing about :) Looking forward to getting started with everyone!

    I missed out on the niche site accountability challenge and was about to start a niche site, but I think this might be up my alley right now :)


  45. I have already started a blog about treating fibromyalgia. From medical advice to prescription and physical tratment to home remedies and keeping your head up….I am trying to help other people with fibromyalgia have a better understanding of this disease and also to have a better life.

    I would really love to follow along beside you using this blog that I have already started. I am not getting the traffic that I want and do not know why. But I definitly want to take your challenge.

    Thankyou for this opportunity to succeed at blogging. This is my first blog and I would hate to give up on it so early. In fact, I won’t give up! I have heard it can sometimes takes a few years and a lot of tweeking to be a successful blogger.

    Valerie …

  46. I’m game! This is exactly the challenge I was looking for but just didn’t realize it. Thanks for initiating the challenge and making it a community effort.


  47. This sounds like a great learning opportunity. My own blog is less than two months old so I look forward to following along and implementing what I learn.



  48. I would love to go along with you on building up a paying website/blog. I would like mine to go along with my interest in fiber/mixed media art – I know this is probably considered a niche but it is the one subject I know a lot about.

    I started 2 blogs which I had hoped to monetize only to stop them as I got tired of all the junk email – Google can never find you but the junk email people can, something I find hard to understand.

    How do we get started with following along with you? Will you be emailing everyone to include them in participating in your project? I would love to be included.

  49. This is a wonderful idea! I am currently in the process of building up my authority site and launching it in the weeks/months to come! I had the opportunity to follow along with Pat Flynn for the niche site creation, and I am now very pleased to learn of this opportunity to work along side you guys for developing the authority site!

    Extremely excited about what the future has in store, and I’m looking forward to working alongside you, every step of the way!

    Best regards,

  50. I’m busy enough with my current blog but I’ll be sure to follow along. What a wonderful idea.

    All the best to everyone who is actively going to participate in this project!

  51. This is an INCREDIBLE idea. I’m so glad you guys decided to do this now.

    I’ve just started my own blog, and trying to follow half-a-dozen websites based on tutorials and blog posts gets pretty daunting. Being able to watch you guys work and participate with you will be great.

    I’m definitely in and can’t wait to see how this idea gets started. My gaming blog should be up and running in no time with your help.


  52. Yes, yes, a million times YES! I’m in. I have yet to launch my blog so this is perfect!

    Damn, Corbett. This post caught me off guard, this is an amazing thing you are doing…You will be helping so many people!

    If there is anything else you would like help on feel free to ask! I am always willing to volunteer my time for a great cause & learning experience!

    My biggest obstacle for my blog particularly is getting the word out after launching with a bang. ( Yes, I read your post on ” launching with a bang” haha).

    What inspired you to start this project? What was going through your mind before you hit publish today?

    As for everyone else…What inspired you want to jump on board? & What projects are you working on?

    1. We really wanted to get an on-going project that all of you could get behind and participate on as well as give away a ton of free advice and guidance for people starting out or stalled in their online endeavors.

    2. You see, That is what I love about you & Corbett…You truly care about your audiences! Yes I read Pocket Changed..(I’m 20 and in college) so your site really helps me financially haha.

      I’m working on the design of my sites now, The Document my pursuit of my dream culinary lifestyle (BTW I am in culinary school) & helping other aspiring chefs make a breakthrough to the “dark side” haha I had to.

      I also never heard of an accountability would I go about starting one?

    3. Hey Chris,

      An accountability journal is really just a journal that holds you “accountable” to completing something. In this case, most likely an online journal where friends, family, or an audience can see what you have committed to and hold you accountable. I did this (not online but in person) when I did a 12-week challenge and when you tell so many people, you really dont wanna fail and humilate yourself so it pushes you.

      If you want to start one online, I recommend just a simple blog platform (WP, Tumblr, blogger) unless you already have a blog you feel comfortable with. Hope this helps!


  53. Hey Corbett, perfect timing. I have only just had another idea for a blog. Let’s all get brain-storming on Thursday!

    It looks like you can already count on a splendid group of people to help you achieve your goals in this challenge 😉

  54. I’m in! If the response so far is any indication, everyone’s blog will only have to make $100 in its lifetime to meet your second goal. :)

  55. Sounds like an awesome project.

    One of the things I like is that you are focusing on blog instead of niche. This seems more tangible than niche.

    I am going to follow along with your advice and suggestions to help my new site grow into a profitable blog.

    Let the fun begin….

    David Damron
    Life Excursion & Running Somewhere

  56. I’m in. I’m a big fan of functionality so I’d love to see an effective but fundamental topic thoroughly explored. Although there is a goal of a million dollars I think the real value in this is the reality of quality being created out of sincere interest and not just money. I’m anxious to see how this develops. At the end I can see your own brand of Accountability Journals finding its way into the market as well lol. Good luck to all participants =]

  57. I have just set up a new blog so this challenge will be perfect! I don’t have the money to invest in a blogging course so the fact that I will be able to learn from this challenge will be fantastic.

  58. Corbett, this is an amazing idea! So great to see you taking on building a profitable blog as opposed to a niche site.

    Your excitement about this project is contagious. I’ve recently started my blog and would love to be a part of this. With your passion and this amazing community there will be some incredible things coming out of this!

    Looking forward to the “marathon”!


  59. I’ve been writing on for a while but it’s not making any money. That’s the next step I’d like to get into it. I’m sure it could use some help with SEO and everything else as well. Do you think I could join in?

  60. Corbett! Have been following your work and wisdom for about a year now and you are one of the few that I keep coming back to! Thanks for all your pioneering and leadership in the Cloud. I have enjoyed your work because I can count on you to be visionary and on the cutting edge of what’s going on out here in Cyberspace. Would love to be a part of this challenge and have a current blog that I would like to boost and take to the next level. Is there a fee or cost to be involved here?
    Cheers to everyone here!
    Kristi Miceli

    1. Caleb Wojcik August 30, 2011 at 8:47 am

      It won’t cost any money. You can help us decide on a theme for our blog on Thursday and begin following along with your own blog in the coming weeks.

      (From Caleb, himself)

  61. excellent idea a profitable blog as opposed to a niche site blog this will be a huge undertaking I’d love to help in anyway i can. let the blog imagination juices flow…. the best to everyone involved

  62. Thanks so much for doing this project, it’s perfect for me right now. I’ve just begun setting up a site to broaden the topic of my original blog. I’m going slowly because I’m still fuzzy about exactly how broad to make it, so working along with you while you build yours will be great.

    I especially appreciate that you won’t be focusing on making money online – that’s been one of my pet peeves about the help available for building profitable sites – the instructors all run sites about making money.

    So it will be really helpful to see you get down in the trenches with those of us who don’t want to tackle that topic.

    I’m in!


  63. I’m in as well! I’m in the process of launching a blog aimed at getting digital nomads / travel bloggers started with wordpress and making their website a success. The timing of this couldn’t have been better :)

  64. Yes! This sounds perfect! I decided months ago that I wanted to get started with online biz but soon got lost among toooooo much information and torn between too many ideas. And all this “niche” and “microniche” talk was starting to rub me the wrong way…. it’s great to make money and all, but it was missing the fun and value. Reading your plan for this challenge, I actually let out a sigh of relief. This will bring me back on track, to where my head was when I first got the idea and before I got lost among all the niche site gurus. Adding the group momentum and the accountability will be just the kick in the rear that I have needed. THANK YOU!

  65. I’m definitely in. Not sure what my blog will be about, hope to follow along as you choose your topic and use the same process tio course my own…

  66. I think this is a great idea. I will be making my own blog along the way. Can’t wait to get started.

  67. I’m in and looking forward to following and building along with you all. My Hustle Project has stalled and changed/morphed so this will be a great way to bring to live the project’s new form.

  68. I’m all in.

    I’ve had my blog for more than a year, however it’s all over the place subject-wise. It’s been a true two steps forward, one step back learning experience.

    I have a lawyer friend who wants to set up her own legal blog, so I’ll have her sign up too.~~ Cam

  69. I’m just in the planning stages of starting a blog on writing fiction and living the life of the mind. I don’t much want to monetize it, but I do want to form a strong readership (who will then buy my books — once they’re eventually published!) and hopefully be a great community. This sounds like a great opportunity to learn how to go about doing this, so even though I’ll be very busy over the next six weeks and won’t have much time . . . I’m in!

  70. I’m in. I have a graphic design blog with only few posts, and I haven’t touched it since May. This sounds like a nice opportunity to get it up and running again.

  71. What a great idea! I’m in!

    I’m just starting my blog (like literally just this past weekend, hence the utter awfulness of my site at the moment), so this is perfect timing. And fwiw, I don’t even know what a niche site is. I just know that I’d like to sell some ebooks and get more clients to my existing business.

    Thanks for this, Corbett & Caleb.

  72. Hey, this is such a great idea! I’m excited to follow the group blog progress and learn about monetization. I’m glad you will pick a topic that is not related to blogging, making money online, etc. I have a new blog (2 months in). I’ll be using that one even though I’ve wondered other blog topic ideas. The truth is there’s only so much time in the day if you want to create quality content, so I’ll stick with this blog for now.
    I’ve been filling my brain with everything I can possibly learn about blogging – but I still have so far to go. I think I will keep the accountability journal on a separate wordpress-hosted blog. Looking forward to learning lots on this project!

  73. I’m in, I’ve wanted to blog about my involvement in the development sector, both locally in Ireland and overseas.

    Looks like this is my chance to finally get this off the ground, thanks ThinkTraffic, looking forward to it.

  74. Count me in! I am definitely going to follow along. I have had my website up for close to a year. While it is growing a bit and I continue to learn I feel like it is has more potential to make some income.

    My biggest challenge is Traffic. Quality Traffic and repeat traffic.
    I look forward to your next email!

  75. I’d love to participate. I’m just starting out on a journey to gain more freedom in my life and a money-making blog / site is part of the plan. I want to spend time working on something I love, not on tweaking a niche site, so this challenge is perfect.

  76. Finally. someone showing us how to do something other than an IM (make money) blog. I don’t have the chops to do one of those, but I’ll bet I can do one of these! I’m looking forward to seeing what you do, and I’ll be starting my own blog to follow along!


  77. I’d love to participate! Though, I’d want to use my blog I’ve been working on for about a year now. I have next to no reach so it is technically a new blog anyhow.

    If it’s too old to use, I’ll be following along “off the radar” anyhow, for sure!

  78. I believe that doing things together always provides a greater chance of success. I’ve never been able to get over the hump of actually generating income with my sites, so this is going to be the focus this time.

    Also, I’m trying to teach my 14 year old son these same principles. He’s currently setting up his first blog so I’m going to do this together with him.

    Thanks for a great way to be involved.

  79. What a great idea! It will a great addition to what I’ve been learning through the Hustle Project and Traffic School classes. I already have a blog called Life Literacy Labs. It’s mostly about creativity and personal growth.

    But, I’ve been designing a small, simple, new blog this weekend. It’s an aged domain I had but didn’t use. I’m still not sure whether it’s a good idea or whether people would really find it interesting. Maybe I could use it during the million dollar blog project.

    So far I’ve shared the link only with a friend from the Hustle Project. It’s closed to search engines at the moment. It’s just a draft but I jotted down my ideas on the homepage and the other pages and described what has been in my mind. Nettorious is about helping people with finding creative blog topics and fresh content ideas.

    The idea really excites me. I know it’s a lot of work, but I feel I’d love doing it. Only, I’m not sure if other people will find it interesting and useful enough. I’m open to ideas. Maybe I’ll look for a partner to share the work and the income. But everything is in draft mode at the moment :)

    Here is the link:

    Caleb, do you think nettorious would be a good blog to work on as part of this challenge? Would it have potential?

  80. This is excellent as you are focusing on a blog i,e on something we love.
    I just started a blog last month and would love to join in learn and make it successful along with you.

  81. I’m planning to create an useful app for iPhone and create useful information for the topic related to the app. can i participate with that?

    1. I’m not sure yet. I still have to find out how the autority site can be profitable and how it can bring more sales to the app. Any idea?

  82. I’m just getting started creating a blog about parenting. Just haven’t figured out what type of parenting passion I should focus on. I’m generally motivated toward all kinds of natural parenting – from birth to schooling. I’d love to follow along and participate if I can keep up! I’m totally new to blogging.

  83. Yes! I was hoping someone would offer something like this. I have a blog about helping small businesses get online, but I will gladly pick a different topic to follow along with. In the end, I’d love to make both more profitable! Thank you.

  84. I think a blog project is a great idea.
    I’m really interested to know about how you pick a topic and sub-topic if any, create content (the different types of content), and monetize it. I have always wanted to be a tech blogger. started a blog once but never really got it going.
    I really love to participate.


  85. Great stuff Corbett! I’ll be there right along side you with my new blog.

    I’m so sick of MMO blogs or blogs that help you find your passion where the author’s passion is helping people find their passion.

    This is going to give you a lot of street cred!

  86. Yeah!! Fun AND learning! Would love to participate. Now just have to decide which site to focus on. Have two fairly new sites from this summer (including my marketing site) and another I haven’t started on yet. Hmm. Tough decision! Can’t wait to get started and follow along. Thanks!!

  87. Hi Corbett,

    Count me in. I started an education blog a few months back. I look forward to growing it with the help and inspiration of ThinkTraffic.


  88. Ask your higher power and she shall provide.

    Sounds like a lot of fun and an excellent learning experiance.

    Thank You! =)

  89. Hey Corbett, I’m so in!
    I abandoned my independent-filmer blog about half a year ago, and now that it’s only a few months until I soot my biggest project so far, it’s the perfect time to get it started properly!

    You can check it out on
    I’m a bit annoyed about the ads, but I’m also surprised that they got me money in the time the blog was inactive.
    I’m curious for the process :)


  90. Great idea and very good timing for me. I looking at starting a new blog with an aim at building an income stream long term. The idea of documenting my progress on my existing (very new also) blog gives me new content to work with as well as providing a record of my progress.

    I am looking forward to the lessons on offer and will hang-fire for now on starting off with the topic I have in mind until things get going here.


  91. I’d like to participate. I have an older blog, but it’s fallen into inactivity over the last year or so. I’m making nothing, I have a small base to start off from but I’m looking at totally reworking the site and seeing if I can make it into a profitable website.

  92. This is epic! My blog is already underway, but I’m considering going a different direction and maybe even starting a new blog with a new brand, if it makes sense. Either way, I’ll be following along and hopefully joining in, too.

  93. Corbett
    Thanks for a great opportunity. It sounds really exciting and I’d love to join too. I don’t quite know yet what topic I’d choose but am hoping that Thursday will be a perfect opportunity to get inspired.


  94. This is such an excellent idea! Thank you guys so much for doing this. I can’t wait to get started!

  95. OMG! I want to be in! I followed Pat and Tyrone when they built their niche sites, it was so exciting!

    I cannot start from scratch BUT my blog is pretty far down there. I mean I do have regular readers (who I love so much!) and I do now have a PR of 2, so I’m not really new. But other than that, I am growing very slowly.

    I’ll reread this post to be sure I can actually do this and I will definitely be back even I don’t participate to learn.



  96. This is such a great idea and I’m looking forward to seeing what steps are taken.

    Honestly, I can’t believe you guys are not charging money for this type of information.

    Count me in!

  97. I’m in. I’ll be tracking my progress on

    I have 2 websites I’ll be doing it with. It will be interesting to see how the two compare in growth.

    One has no real written content, it’s a website promoting my own originally designed Zazzle products (T-Shirts, Posters, mugs, etc).

    The other is a website I started 2 months ago for a popular indie videogame Minecraft. I’m only making around $5/month with it right now and I’m looking for that to be around 200x that amount.

  98. This is a great idea. I have been messing around with blogs, niche sites, and such for a few years. I like this as a project and am excited to try and follow along. Gonna have to start brainstorming about topics.

  99. Hey everyone!

    I’m also in 100% with my first personal english blog ever.
    I haven’t decided my topic yet either, so it would be great how you guys are going to do that.

    Corbett, still in Europe? :)

  100. Corbett, what an awesome undertaking. As I recently shared with you, I am just setting out to start my own company, a part of which will be migrating my current blog to its own site and shifting the focus, creating a USL, etc. I’d love to participate in this initiative along the way – it couldn’t have come at a more perfect time.

    Looking forward to it!

  101. This is a super idea, and I’m in too.
    I especially like that it provides a step-by-step structure rather than random information, good as that may be.
    I’ve had my blog for about a year but continually revisit decisions I should be well past (what a time and energy sink) so this will be as helpful as if I were just starting; maybe more.
    I’m considering taking your suggestion of an online progress journal. That’s soooo against my nature, so probably exactly what I need . ;-b
    Thank you! And much success to you and everyone with this creative endeavor!

  102. I’m definitely in… this is something I’ve been thinking about doing for a while and I like the idea of building an authority site over a niche site, can’t wait to learn from you all!

    Take care

  103. Well I’ve just spent the holiday weekend here in the UK putting up the first bit of content on my scuba diving / underwater photography blog based around Gozo, Malta. It sounds as if your project could well be the structured approach I will need in the weeks to come. Looking forward to seeing more detail on Thursday.
    Rob (aka Gozodiver)

  104. I’ll definitely be watching, perhaps also participating if I have the time. I have a couple of small niche sites so I’m interested in getting some different ideas. Topics I’m into are natural health, organics and sustainable living.

  105. Fab idea.

    Earlier this year i got back into the ‘own biz’ seat after having a couple of little ones. I had previously built and successfully exited via trade sale a food product biz.

    Now i want to do it again but this time by creating a ‘mobile’ biz working 15 hrs pw by creating and selling a ‘physical’ product online that suits the environment – ie high target market opportunity, impulse purchase, high margin, low shipping costs, l can wrap a lot of content around it . I started the process via an online diary blog where i share my business plan, the steps i take etc. I so believe that this is the next step in online marketing…creating an everyday product/service especially for online world. I just don’t get this niche site stuff….theyy are too prolific.

    Last month whilst creating this new ‘product’ biz i came up with an idea for the Home Boardroom Lunch where like-minded small biz owners meet IRL….a ‘chairperson’ (in the first instance me) hosts a fab ‘formal’ lunch (which i cook and pay for) and invites 8-10 like minded guests (people who follow/they know in the biz startup world) to discuss their biz and issues in a ‘closed’ environment. It is nick named the Table of Fabulousness. Tables could develop all over the world but the blog is the portal to make this happen.

    So this is my idea/s to share …and yes i know it’ not Thursday yet but i don’t work again til next week!!!

  106. I’m in. I will either start a new one or resurrect my current one, which is much in need of a makeover. Fantastic idea, guys! It just does not get much better than this. I love the Internet 😉

  107. I’m in. I’ve seen some real blogging success both from my personal site leading to jobs and blogging for my employer. Now I’m ready to launch a new, bigger site from scratch (more details as we go along) so this seems like the sort of place and people I’d want to hang around to build momentum.

    I’m also part of a group/joint project that’s in the planning stages – I think we’ll have some more relevant insights there, as well.

  108. How could I possibly resist something this ballsy! Count me in. Looking forward to watching the progress of the blogs of all involved. Many thanks!

  109. What a great timing, guys!

    I’m currently enrolled in two training courses but unfortunately both are on the ‘how to make money online’ niche.

    However I have another project on the drawring board which I think would fit perfectly here so I’m willing to stay put on this challenge.

    I added your feed even though I’m already in the ThinkTraffic list.

    Looking forward for Thursday! 😉


  110. Awesome!! I just bought host & domain name just 6 hours ago and now I’m reading this blog post. Coincidence or serendipity? Looking forward to coming on board. 😀 Never thought of keeping a journal progress. Pretty neat idea!

  111. Wow! This is a great idea and an awesome opportunity to learn from the master. I’ll definitely be following along and learning everything I can. Thanks Corbett!

  112. Corbett, great idea! count me in!

    I have been working on my blog about the challenges for IT Managers for 5 months now with great personal satisfaction, but very outward success.

    I am hoping a great challenge like this will help me write epic content for

  113. I just started a video blog, and am stoked that this is happening right now. My subject is making money decidedly off-line, in small businesses. Using the traditional methods of building businesses and hustling, adding in the internet stuff as it’s useful.

    Looking forward to this, my small progress is at

  114. This is an amazing idea and I would love to participate.

    I definitely need a push in creating a profitable site and this is the perfect way to get that push and a network of support to do it!

    Thanks for taking this initiative and I look forward to building a site right along with you!

  115. Count me in too. My side business and blog are centered on cycling and are a few months old. I would love to grow it into something profitable.

  116. I just started up my blog a couple months ago, but lost momentum for a while due to the hectic days before school started for my kids. I would love this opportunity to get a good and profitable blog up and running. This project sounds like a lot of fun! :)

  117. Great idea and I’m in too. I started a blog a few months ago (hyperlinked in my name) but it needs a serious hand around the throat, teeth-rattling shake-up to make it something decent. I can’t wait …

  118. I’m in. I’ve had several domains waiting around for me to get motivated. This qualifies. I’ll pick one and come along for the ride. Thanks.

  119. I’m totally interested. I started a new blog at the end of May and I’ve only started to ramp it up in the past month or so. Been struggling with the theme and message, but I finally have the major stuff worked out. Caught me at the right time!

  120. Absolutely awesome idea Corbett. I am really excited by (a) the level of ambition you’re showing and (b) your clear intention to be absolutely candid about every step you take. Really looking forward to seeing how this takes shape and can’t wait for you to get started!

  121. Sounds great! I’ve been looking for a catalyst to get to work on a project I’ve had in mind for a long time. The domain is registered with WP and Thesis installed and that is where it has been for months while I’ve been working on other projects. I look forward to learning from your process!

  122. Great idea! I have been following Pat’s blog and was always interested in the niche building but I could never bring myself to do something just for the money.

    I’m definitely interested in participating. I’ve been working on a new idea for a few days now and felt like I was headed somewhere great with it and now reading this, it’s like perfect timing.

  123. Hi… I am totally interested in joining in on this… I have the idea for my blog coming from what I have faced over the last 30 years of my life. I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at age 10 and I think a blog – Living with Arthritis (how to thrive and not just survive) may be something that would interest people. So I would like to get in on this.

  124. Wow amazing how many people want to join the challenge. I’m starting a blog right now, so I guess a little extra push will help. I already read a comment with one of the monetizations options that I’m applying at least to get me started. I’m picking a extremely competitive niche, I don’t know if is the best idea. I’m so pumped!

  125. This is a fascinating idea. I will be great to see this taking shape, ESPECIALLY outside of the MMO niche.

    A further resource of actionable advice with examples will be gold and propel Think Traffic ever forward.

    Well done Corbett.

  126. This is just what I was looking for! (without knowing it of course!) I am also busy planning my blog – doing research, working on my writing and this will definitely help me navigate the stormy seas!

    Thank you for doing this!

    looking forward to it!

  127. It’s ok to participate with a personal development blog?

    I know that the market is pretty saturated, but what I want to do is completely different from what the others are doing.

    1. Yes Gabriel, any topic is fine. I just won’t be focusing on Internet marketing for the blog we build, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t use IM or anything else you’re interested in.

    2. I wanted to initiate an old idea of mine, but I never determined myself to do it. I’ve been following your work since you launched this blog and I was impressed overall with your results.

      I really enjoy reading your posts, that’s why when I say your “mastermind group” proposal I said, now it’s the time to take action, because now more than just myself can hold me accountable in some way that I need to invest more time in my ideas.

      Hope this idea will get all those involved lots of good results.

      Take care.

  128. This is very inspiring, I would very much like to participate. I am really impressed by what you have done with this blog.

  129. Indeed, very inspiring! I’m in! Not decided yet if I use my blog I already have. Might be another one (even in a different language) which I build from the scratch.

  130. This is an amazing idea! I would love to join in for the accountability as I believe it is a great motivator. I have a couple of niche websites that could become authority websites (they are still very new) but I also have a website about mobile apps that I think suits this challenge more. The issue is that I have been running that website for a good 4 months now (mainly in the past 2) so is it fair to use that in this challenge? Either way, I would love to get involved one way or another.


  131. I’ll be joining in – not sure if I’m going to follow along with one of my current sites or if I’ll create a new one…but I’ll be on board! Looking forward to starting

    Are there going to be updates/emails when new information comes out? How will we stay up to date on what is happening?



    1. We’ll be having posts on Think Traffic documenting our progress and teaching you everything we do along the way. If you sign up for the newsletter you can help us by voting on what we’ll do for our site.

  132. Hi Corbett,
    I’d really like to take part in this project.
    I’ve recently launched a blog about the gangster movie genre and while it won’t ever make me a fortune, I’d love to learn about the best ways to build it up into somethign special.
    Looking forward to it.

  133. I am definitely going to be joining in on this Corbett. I have a new blog (less than 10 posts to date) that I want to do something with, but will be paying close attention in the beginning to see if I need to redirect to a new topic since I haven’t invested much in the way of content to that particular blog yet. I am struggling. I am excited about the opportunity to help others and to help myself as well, in that order.

    Please keep me on the list!


  134. Hey Corbett! You stole my idea! :))))))

    Two weeks ago I’ve started my own blog –

    My challenge is “to grow it from nothing to 100k monthly visits in only 6 months”! And this is the main focus of my blog! :) I am 100% transparent there and managed to get more than 2k visits in less than 20 days from launch! :)

    Well, your idea is a bit different, as my blog can be considered as “make money online” niche. So I really like the challenge that you’re announcing and I am willing to jump in with my 2-weeks-old BloggerJET and do my best to outperform everyone else :) lol

    I’ve gone through most of the comments and I liked the idea that some people brought in – we need some kind of a community – this may be just a small VIP forum only for people who have joined this challenge. This way we can help each other, exchange tactics and promote each others blogs! What do you think? It takes less than an hour to install a forum :)

    All the best,
    Tim Soulo

    1. hey Tim! I agree with you about having some kind of community. If Corbett is kind enough to setup a forum for his project that all of us can join, that would really help eveybody. I am looking forward to it.

  135. Fantastic, Corbett! I’ll definitely participate and follow along with my site, The Coffee House Wordsmith (, which is only a few months old.


  136. I started a blog a few months ago but have been very remiss in updating it of late. Would love to be a part of your new project.

  137. I came across this website after visiting the showcase and immediately liked what your site is all about. I am looking to re-vamp my blog and this sounds like a perfect time to partner with the Think Traffic community and learn how to do it right. I look forward to participating.

  138. Wow, this couldn’t come at a better time for me!

    I actually started a blog about a year ago, which lasted for about three posts, which I ended up deleting before going back to the drawing board to figure out why I’d lost all my motivation for the project.

    Eventually I bounced back with a passion for something completely different, but very niche and technical. And then I completely geeked out reading around the topic to try and broaden it’s appeal beyond the only other person on the entire internet interested in it, and forgot to write any posts.

    I just got emails reminding me that my hosting and my domain name are due to expire. Even so, I’m in!

  139. I WANT IN!

    I created my first Blog ever two weeks ago! I’m reviewing roulette strategys because I realized there are many niche-sites out there that rip people off, because they show you systems that DON’T work. I’m going to explain to you why they DON’T work in an easy way. You can see – I’m really into roulette. 😉 Check it out:

    There’s really nothing, because I just started.

    But this is a great opportunity to really get started.



  140. Hey Cobertt!

    Thanks for the inspiration :) I’m running my blog about psychedelic art and design for the last 7-8 month and I know it could be much better if I pay more attention to it) So I think knowing that lots of people do something similar simultaneously will give me some extra fuel.

    Good luck everyone! :)

  141. Corbett, you are always raising the “Barr”! Your innovative spirit is awesome to watch in action. I look forward to this project and will be on the edge of my seat watching and participating alongside of you. Thank-you for showing us newbs what it looks like to put yourself out there without fear and nothing to hold you back!

  142. Corbett,

    After having two false-start blogs that have been very self-centered and not reader-centered, I’m just now in the process of working on a “business plan” for a reader-centered blog. (Thanks for changing the name from Mike to Fred in your “Grand Internet Business Idea that Didn’t Succeed” post.)

    I am so in!


  143. Hey Corbett, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea!

    I have a site I’ve let languish for far too long, and posted on it today for the first time in ages. Following along with the rest of the gang here might give me the push I need to be inspired to rekindle the passion. It’s a “how to” website and it’s in dire need of some lovin’, I want to start sharing my knowledge and my tips again. I haven’t built up much of a following, and I’d really like it to become an authority site and way more social.
    Perfect timing indeed! I’d love to learn from you and follow along on the journey and adventure!

  144. Great idea Corbett!

    I am from Spain and I would like to test some of the techniques exposed in my country.


  145. Challenge accepted!

    And the timing is just perfect as I’m already set on building a blog through which I can interact with people and help them.

    I’ll post here again when I have my blog and accountability domains set up.

    Super excited about this!

    Keep rocking!

  146. Hey Corbett

    This is a really fantastic (and helpful) idea – my compliments to you.
    The reaction above speaks for itself.
    My blog at is work centric and I would be delighted to pick up some help to improve that.
    However, I love Vintage Cars (don’t own one sadly) and love photographing them. I don’t know if this is too narrow a topic but I am happy to work along side you with this topic and see where it goes.
    Thank you again !


  147. Sounds super interesting. And since curiosity drives me, I’m going to have to sign up. I’ve been planning to start up a new site anyway in connection with a book I’m writing on curiosity.

    Thanks for a method to help me launch.

    1. Hah, I have to admit the way you’ve slyly used the word curiosity twice in your sentence has got me pretty curious about you and your book.

      I too consider myself a curious person, and I’d definitely subscribe to a site that focuses on it!

  148. I’m in!

    i just set up a blog 2 days ago. I pretty much have an idea on how i wan’t things to go in the next few months though. I also think this challenge will give me more motivation to push myself in the right direction. Is it ok if i document my progress on a blog? I don’t want to post on my new website.


  149. Hi!

    I’d love to join!

    Two quick questions for you guys:

    1. I started a blog about 3 months ago to market/support my holistic weight loss & health coaching business. Would that be a good fit?

    2. I’m traveling with limited internet access the next three weeks. When would this be kicking off?

    Thanks so much!

    1. 1: That would be a perfect fit!
      2: We’ll be kicking this off in the next few weeks, but you can always catch up with the content and lessons we’ll provide. :)

  150. SWEET PROJECT… I read about this in the newsletter yesterday… then I thought… WHY am I NOT submitting a site to this…

    Just like you mentioned, “the people who record a journal and stick to it have better results”.

    So, to hold myself accountable I would love to be apart of this so I can learn from and help others with their sites.

    Also, I originally thought about this as a “niche” site… but its really just a “niche” blog… and I think it has great sustainability potential to it.

    Here it is, I just launched a few short weeks ago.

    Its for people who want to put on muscle FAST with less workout time… So in a few weeks I will be personally documenting my transformation there along with providing resources for others…

    I have been working for months in developing an innovative fitness product around this workout… [not yet ready to say, but you could probably guess it :-) ]

    Really looking forward to this community.

    I am guessing I’ll get more notice on this in the Newsletter?

    Surfs up,

  151. This is a fantastic idea. Insanely ambitious and educational at the same time!

    I’m a part time freelance writer, but I’d like to transition into writing full time and have been laying the groundwork for an authority site for some time now (It’s been live for about a week, but at this point it’s pretty much a skeleton site).

    Too many people see travel as something you purchase and enjoy for a week out of the year, so I’d really like to build a resource to help convince people that sustained travel is achievable without having millions of dollars.

    Every time I tell someone about an upcoming trip I’m planning, I hear, “I envy you.” Or, “I wish I could do something like that.” There are a lot of people who want to try independent travel but simply don’t know where to begin or what choices they have to make for it to be possible.

    Yeah, I know there are a lot of travel blogs out there, but I think I can differentiate myself enough to add some value to the market. I’ll probably touch on freelance, passive income, and marketing from time to time, because those are ways to sustain long-term travel, but the site will by no means be focused on those things.

    I see it more as a nuts-and-bolts guide to traveling long-term, independent, and on a budget. So yeah, count me in, Corbett!

  152. This sounds like a great idea, I’m in the process of creating a subscription based blog and could use all the help I can get on how to market, get people to subscribe and remain subscribers. How do we go about signing up for this and where?

  153. I’m definitely following this! I just recently finished Corbett’s Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course (amazing) and made a niche site. In the middle of making that site, I realized that I could do so much more with it and have decided to turn it into an authority blog so I recently started redesigning it. The ideas just kept flowing on how to expand it because I picked a topic and did the keyword research for something I’ve been passionate about for years. I feel like I’m all over the place now with so many ideas and don’t know what to focus on first! You guys are awesome mentors – thanks so much for all you do.

  154. Fantastic idea. This is just what I needed so I’m IN!!

    I’ve just started a personal development blog in French, and I’m looking forward to making it awesome.

  155. I’m definitely in!! This is going to an amazing real-life, real time learning experience, and is groundbreaking. To may people there is a dark cloud encompassing the question of how to really make money online, or more precisely, through a “blog.” I will throw my 2 cents in tomorrow with some concepts!

  156. Hey Corbett,

    you’re just in time! I registered my domain a few days ago and at this moment I started watching the second module of Traffic School … how did you know?

    I’ll be definitely part of the show!

    Thanks … Jan

  157. Wow!

    You have me so hyped right now. I have never blogged or started an online business before, but I have a couple of ideas that I have been pondering for a long time.

    This sounds like a great opportunity to stop brain storming and start acting on my ideas.

    Thanks Corbett

  158. I’m somewhat skeptical but in nonetheless… been meaning to start a blog and this challenge has, at the very least, got me thinking about what excites me enough to blog about.


  159. This is a spectacular idea! I recently gutted my blog & am on the verge of rebuilding it, but having a lot of trouble finding a focus & figuring out the best way to make it profitable.

  160. I’m in!! When do we start?? *cracks knuckles*

    …No really. I’m interested to know when you’re kicking this off? :)

  161. I just started a website a couple months ago, and am interested in joining the competition. It’s a salsa dancing site for the SF Bay Area. We haven’t begun monetizing it yet, that’s something we hope to figure out soon!

  162. I’m about to create a new blog for my new business so I am definitely stoked about this fantastic opportunity! How do we sign up to join the project?

  163. Hey, guys! I have one site that is doing well and I am working on conversions and traffic. I have a couple of ideas so I am going to keep an open mind for my two options. I am looking forward to this marathon. Thanks, Mathea

  164. Wow this is going to be incredible! I can only imagine what the topic is going to be decided on and am interested to see how you handle it, assuming that it is something you didn’t previously have a passion for.

    I have been reading your stuff since the days of before think traffic and I must say you have done a terrific job. I am in the process of updating some things on my current companies blog ( and think this will be the perfect opportunity to have a fresh start with it and actually have it bring in traffic this time!

    IM IN!

  165. I’m absolutely in!
    You guys have such a way of igniting a fire and getting people to not only jump, but dive in with you into any project you put out there! And I’m one of those divers :)
    Can’t wait to be a part of this!

  166. I’m in! I’m excited for the opportunity to learn how to create a blog. My goal would be to start information resource blog for the Spanish speaking community in San Francisco.

  167. Hey Corbett,

    After all these years (3 to be exact) I think I finally found my personal passion aside from my work work (business). I enjoy writing, exploring life, and sharing my thoughts especially related to tech, design, and just really sidewalk rants. I’m always curious and stubborn. I like to think of new ideas but a perfectionist and planner. This is where I’m introducing “Love Curiosity” into this project of yours and Think Traffic.

    I might add some interesting concepts into the gameplay as Ill be using Facebook to update, Tumblr for headlines and discovery, and then TinyLetter (by MailChimp) for the monetization and main source of delivering information.

    For this project I’m curious to know how staying updated on all of us participants is going to work smoothly? And of course how I’m doing the project might be different than prolly most others in this project. I’m so game!

    Let’s do this everyone!


    1. Awesome Derek, it will be great to have you along for the ride! Regarding tracking details, we’re still working some of it out, but have some ideas. We’ll send full details shortly.


  168. Hum very exciting.
    I am just starting a new project. I totally recall myself in the description that you made of Fred, in your other Blog Corbett :)
    I ‘d like to join you all :)

  169. Hi Corbett,
    Been a fan for a while. I have been thinking of starting
    a blog for about two months, this will be perfect. I will get my domain and hosting set up. Can’t wait to get the blog party started. Thanks for
    doing this and love the accountability.

  170. Hey Corbett,

    Been reading your blog for a long time and have yet to post a comment I was so absorbed in what you have going on.

    I will follow along and hopefully contribute with my own site once you post more info.

    Keep up the good work,

  171. Corbett,
    I am very interested in joining this project. I look forward to hearing more about how we all are going to interact and share with each other.
    My online business has been making me enough money for ‘mad money’ ($5K/yr) but I want to increase this income to pay off bills and then change my working life. Hopefully you and the group will be able to push me over the roadblock that is holding me back and I am there to help in return.

  172. Just set up hosting for my wordpress blog and definitely excited about following the project. Another great example of you adding value and walking the talk! Have a great day and looking forward to the adventure!

  173. I had a blog designed for me but have no idea how to use it :( I look forward to following you and learning all that I can. Thanks so much for your help :)

  174. Like i wrote higher up, I’m really interested by this.

    I just don’t know what to write about :(
    I work in IT Security, but I don’t want to write about that.

    My day to day interests are:
    1. Cardio-free weight loss ( 25lbs so far, destination wedding in 3.5 months! yay)
    2. TV Shows
    3. Fantasy Books
    4. Criticizing stupid stuff that people do

    I think #4 would be entertaining.

  175. I definitely want to be in on this. My site has been slow getting off the ground because I haven’t really had the motivation to work on it like I should.

    My topic is PC games. I’ve been a gamer most of my life. I wanted to have a site that would let me talk about that passion as well as hopefully pay for it.

    Also, I have a domain name I have been sitting on for a while that I have decided to use as a journal like you mentioned. I have read a ton about creating a blog/online business but have never put any of it into practice. Hopefully writing about the process there will help me gain some momentum.

  176. I’m in for this project. I’m looking forward to building my own site following the steps that you guys take!

  177. I think it is really going to be difficult to choose a topic to blog on that isn’t niche related. Most of the top blog earners seem to be people who are talking about how to make money blogging, or how to make money some other way. Or, and I was surprised when I Googled to find out which blogs made the most money, news type blogs! Tutorial blogs of any kind are always popular. Should your aim not only be to make money with your blog but to blog about something you are good at and interested in, wouldn’t there be more chance of making money if you are an authority in whatever it is you do? But then that makes it a niche!

    I will stick with my fiber/mixed media art blog and even if I don’t make a million but make something I will be ecstatic! Is this maybe nicheless? I will blog on all sorts of things in fiber art dyeing, sewing, beading, even maybe knitting – or does the fiber art part make it a niche?

    I am having a real hard time trying to decide what is nicheless. With regards to choosing something for you to blog about. There are so many people losing their jobs these days maybe “Day to Day Life of a Stay At Home Dad”. Or have each of the participants write for your blog choosing their own topic so you would have over a 1000 different topics on the blog and you wouldn’t have to do any work at all !!

    Good luck, and I am really looking forward to joining everyone in this journey, it is going to be so much fun. By the way where should we set up our journals?

  178. Brilliant! I’m so stoked Corbett! I read a lot of blog building ideas that seem to center around having a niche-site type setup. My site is very much not in this category, and I’m extremely passionate about it.

    Can’t wait to see your expertise applied to a site like mine. I’m definitely going to follow along and set up the accountability journal!

  179. Corbett – I think I discovered your site at just the right time. I’m in!

    I have a couple of ideas I need to refine and choose from: one is around gastronomy in Asia today (I am based in Singapore) and another is around learning about food visually (types of sushi, types of herbs, etc). I am a digital marketer by profession and as you can probably guess, I love food. There’s also a third idea about curated travel experiences, also for Asia, which I think may have a readily available affiliate marketing option. I love to travel too and have been all over the region.

    While I enjoy my day job, I am looking to build something of my own.

    So, very excited and looking forward to this!

  180. I’m in. For years I have been employed in firms of various sizes and have held a number of management positons. On the whole, most organisations and managers I have seen could use improvement. I have wanted to start a web site to help foster better leadership and organisational change.

    To get my feet wet with all the technical things, I just started my blog pleasetreadlightly,com – which is meant as a personal, fun place for me to practice and keep in touch with friends.

    As a topic I would love to see something in the vein of better leadership.

  181. I love this idea and am ready to roll. Maybe the kick in the rear that I need to make my blog a reality. Got a lot of ideas – now to implement them.

  182. Corbett,

    Okay, this idea is awesome! I know I want to play along…now I just need to choose which of the ideas that I have might be suitable. That might be niche enough to work.

    Thanks for being awesome!


  183. I’d love to participate in this with you and share my progress! I have a blog I started recently, but haven’t gotten very far with it. This is just the thing I need to get going full force and working on it consistently.

  184. Great project. This is coming at the right time! I would like to participate. Have been doing a lot of research concerning my own (not yet existing blog) and am stuck on how to find a suitable theme for it. So I am hoping to get some inspiration and support from this project. Looking forward to it :-)

  185. I ‘m a tech enthusiast and would like to participate in the challenge. Haven’t been able to challenge myself yet, hence, I guess a group challenge would be fun to work with :-)

  186. I had written here that I would work on my new blog Nettorious but I’ve changed my mind. I’m in for the challenge with a much personal blog now. I desire to document my own journey in search of wellness and well-being as a woman who has turned 40. So I created a new blog today called Blissary. I want to make it a thriving place for mindful 40+ women.
    I really look forward to participating in the blog challenge :)

  187. This is awesome. So glad that you are placing the restraint that the blog cannot be about “making money online”. There are sooo many blogs about that and it wouldn’t provide nearly as much useful information. Can’t wait to follow along.

  188. I’d like to use this as an opportunity to see how blogging can be leveraged for my business. I’ve just launched a new program and have a blog set up on my site, but so far I haven’t paid near enough attention to it.

    My main interest, and one I’d like to see is something to do with personal transformation, especially around physical. I.e. going from obese to ripped (doesn’t have to be that extreme) even with a crazy busy life filled with work, family, kids, etc. I’m also interested in anything that includes physical and mental feats. For example, I’m nearing 40, have never really had abs that show but am aiming for having a six pack by 40 as well as be able to walk on my hands.

  189. I’m currently in the process of developing a plugin for WordPress that will convert a blog into a full blown business. I had been toying with the idea of setting up a case study blog, developing an audience and then implementing the plugin to show how a blog which is not inherently a business can be easily turned into a profitable one.

    If I can come up with a good non marketing topic to blog about that will also fit with this plugin’s purpose then I’m in. *puts thinking cap on!*

  190. This is just the motivation I have been waiting for! I have held off on starting a blog for too long, mainly because I have too broad a list of ideas and can’t seem to settle on a single one. It will be helpful to follow you guys on the process of selecting a topic to focus on. I know that if I don’t choose something that I’m really passionate about it will be hard to stay motivated, hopefully this challange can keep me accountable. Looking forward to the journey!

  191. Hi,
    I’ve always been fascinated about magic and illusion – it took me a while to master some skills and I can do some fancy shows, mainly for my friends. I think a blog about that would be a great idea – i can imagine creating podcasts, video-courses, pdf guides and so much more… Moreover, there aren’t actually many blogs on that topic, plus I’ve never found a really good one (like Think Trafiic is in its niche). How about that?

  192. Can’t wait to join in and get some new ideas. I have a personal blog but really want to start something new where I can actually serve others.

    Thanks for this awesome opportunity!

  193. Count me in. Just set up this site not too long ago and have a couple of posts.

    I’ve really want to put some time and effort into this site too, so this will be a good motivating factor.

    Thanks and great idea!

  194. Okay, Corbett. I’m in! We’ve been planning to launch a side project on our blog that could easily be turned into its own blog, so we’re taking your challenge as the spark to do it.

    1. I hear everything is better with a little Betsy and Warren involved. I’m so happy you’ll be joining us!

  195. This is a great idea Corbett, I am absolutely in. I only started blogging recently, and am getting very modest traffic numbers still – so we’ll see how this might help!

  196. I just started my blog last month, this sounds like the perfect thing to keep me focused and on track during that critical first year. Thanks for all of the great content, looking forward to getting started. Cheers, Gary

  197. this is just what we needed!! we built a site about 4 months back, it took off, and now it has kind of leveled out. obviously the summer music festival season is winding down but we know we can keep traffic up year round with the right approach. we already have tons of ideas and cannot wait to see how they work with what we learn here!

    thanks for this! for real!

  198. Our site is only about 5 months old or so and we are very excited about participating in this project. Things are going well but I am anxious to kick it into gear by making smart choices and learning how to properly monetize. Let the games begin!

  199. Awesome!
    I am looking forward to being a part of this project!
    I am a guitar teacher, and recently started a blog on my site, which is not currently getting any real traffic. I blog about guitar tips. The site itself is still under development, but I would like to see it become a successful blog with a lot of subscribers.

  200. I think my big hurdle is the “authority” piece of this. I’m sort of a “jack of all trades, master of none.” I know web analytics, technical writing, design, customer experience, usability, but I can easily identify people that are the recognized authorities in those fields. So I’m having a tough time wrapping my mind around selling myself as an authority in any of those areas. Maybe this is what I need to overcome my mental hurdle.

  201. I’m in for sure! Being part of a collective goal group is just the push I need to actually do something like this. Not to sure what to do yet, but I’m joining. No questions about that.

  202. So glad I saw this post. I’m in. I have 2 ideas:
    A blog about entrepreneurship for non-techy designers and craftspeople who want to manufacture locally, collaborate with the artisans, make high-end products and sell them online. It’s about learning to think like an business person, attitudes towards money and “selling out”, fine honing your interests and creating “mini-brands” so your website doesn’t look like a garage sale. I am wanting to share what I’ve learnt on my own journey, document my trajectory, and help other creatives who are excited yet overwhelmed with the possibilities.

    2) CULTURAL MIXOLOGY. A blog where I re-discover my Spanish (my father’s side) and Caribbean (my mother’s side) roots. There is a rich history there of adventures, exotic foods, personalities and dramas.

  203. We’re in! What a fantastic idea. We’ve been looking for something to help motivate us and this sounds like it will be perfect. One would think the potential of location independence would be enough, but not so! We started our blog a little over a month ago and have been working on creating content before we officially launch it. Your project is perfect timing. Looking forward to the adventure. Thanks!

  204. Mike, there is a book called Eating the Big Fish; it has a chapter and exercises that gets you to look at the characteristics of the market and market leader and what the reverse of them would be. You then get to choose which characteristics you won’t to stay the same as them with and which you want to be opposite to them on.

    This can help ground where you want to specialise.

  205. I was just recently thinking about creating a blog on the things I encounter in my every day personal and professional life.

    After reading this blog entry, I am even more motivated to start a blog.

  206. Wow, this is an impressive project, but I can’t wait to see if you will come through or not :). I’m not skeptical, just curious.

    As for me? I just started my blog 5 months ago, and I haven’t promoted it that much, so I might as well get in on this & participate. Great stuff Corbett!

  207. Hi – I’m really enthused by this idea. I have a personal blog that I’m really keen to move forward with, and I’ve toyed with the idea of opening separate blogs to cover different themes.

    I’ll be joining in to see where this might take me.

  208. I recently committed to running a successful blog about something I finally realized I loved. This idea is great and I can’t wait to see what topic you end up choosing. Ive tried in the past to create a money making blog but never got anywhere with traffic or attention, so this time I’m excited to see it take off. Thanks for this!

  209. Just came across this post (and site for that matter) and am very interested in how this project progresses. I have an existing blog that’s been around a while – not nearly as successful as I would like it to be, so I’ll be following along to see what tips and techniques I can use.

    I already see one, the accountability journal, that’s going on my action list for tomorrow.

  210. I’m with you guys! My social media marketing blog is a few years old but only recently have I been paying some attention to it. This project would hopefully elevate my blog to a whole new level! I’m already following with great interest how Tim is doing with his BloggerJet, so this will another great project hang out with. Great stuff!

    Cheers, Kris!/krisolin

  211. I have been sharing the DIY projects I do around my house for a couple of years, and have been coming up with a different concept using my passion for designing and building things.

    This is perfect! I’ve learned from do it yourself projects is it always takes longer than you think and keeping on track with a large project can be hard. I love the accountability with the journal.

  212. Hi Corbett,

    I started my site ( about 7 months ago. I’d love to join & learn how to grow the site into a profitable venture. My site is all about kid-friendly things to do & safe restaurants/snacks for kids with food allergies.

    May I suggest a website about going gluten free? It’s the fastest growing segment in the food industry. 1 in 100 have gluten issues. Just a thought!

    1. Hey Susan! We must have been posting at the same time! Since our websites are similar (bet different geographically LOL) maybe we could help each other out! One benefit for you, I know lots of people from Manitoba head to Florida for vacations, so I can point them in your direction too!

    2. Hey Christina!
      That is great. I’ll check out your site tonight. Thanks! I’m all for helping other bloggers out whenever possible. :)

  213. Count me in! My site has been up for a while, but I haven’t been consistant and I need to change that! My site tag line is “helping you find family friendly fun” and the url ( is a play on our provincial license plates (they say “friendly Manitoba” on them).

    Looking forward to the challenge!!

  214. Count me in too :) Funny enough just a few days before the post I’ve started working on a new site to see if my first site’s success was just luck or if I can replicate it again 😉 Will be joining with “VA Recipes” site (coming soon) – tutorials and task sheets for virtual assistants :)

  215. I am so in if it’s not too late! I have been brainstorming a new blog (not a niche site) for a while now and just need some guidance like this to help me hone it in. So excited for this project and can’t wait!

  216. Yeah great idea Corbett. I just got started with my blog a few weeks ago, blogging about my IM journey as I couldn’t think of any passions of mine apart from that!! I mean, I can’t really monetize a blog blogging about hanging with my family…I’d love to follow along and learn as much as I can.

  217. i’m going to resurrect my blog that i’ve neglected for the last 6 months to use as my accountability journal!

    i have 2-3 ideas i’ve been kicking around. now to figure out which one to use. will we be getting some help/ideas on that in the next few posts? also, will there be discussion on choosing URLs or is that more for niche/affiliate sites?

  218. Hi Caleb and Corbett:

    Since both of you have a background on web design and development, I’ll suggest a CSS for Dummies type of blog. I know there’s a lot of DIY blogs out there focusing on this subject, but you can provide a different twist, highlighting that it could be for the Mommy Blogger who wants to take her blog’s look to the next level or for a teacher who wants to engage with his students in a different platform.

    CSS has also been a debacle for many aspiring internet marketers as well, so from this blog, you can categorize certain posts – for marketers/business people, students, aspiring web professionals, etc.

    Just my two cents!

  219. Wow am I glad I found out about this in time. I am in 100% and so excited to be a part of this. I’m making enough now from web2 efforts to be at home working full time, but with 2 daughters in University – starting this year – this is very timely for me.

    So just in case I did not make myself clear :) – please count me in. Lead the way I am so ready.

    Thanks ever so much for this opportunity.

  220. Hi Corbett – Glad I came across your site! I’m working on a brand new blog right now and I’d love to participate in this project… I look forward to hearing the next steps! Cheers!

  221. I’m so excited about this! I’ve been a lurker over here for a while now, and I’m thrilled to finally be getting in on the action! Count me in!

  222. Now this is something I’m interested in. I’ve tried niche blogs in the past and for the most part they are so narrow in focus that I end up getting bored and nothing really happens with them.

    After I participated in the JobMob contest (still in first place, only a few more entries to go up!) I got this itch to do something – really meaningful. I wanted a blog that I could really build up and create something awesome with. I wanted a blog that would truly become an authority. Everything was so saturated though that I had trouble finding a topic.

    Then it hit me – one of the most searched for terms on my freelance writing blog is “live without a salary” because I once wrote about a book called, “How to Live Without a Salary” and I get lots of traffic from that. So, I JUST started a blog this week on how to live without a job. I think it will be great because there are so many different things you can write about.

    I’ve even got an interview planned for the future for a certain Irishman who takes pride in not having a job! :)

    I’ll be participating and I’ll blog it, too – just haven’t decided where yet. Maybe on the LiveWithoutAJob blog?

  223. Corbett,

    Definitely interested! I was already in the planning stages to do a niche blog in the non MMO, blogging etc. list and follow the progress and building steps on my blog.

    This challenge just adds impetus to the project.

    Really I cold not have asked for a better challenge. Thanks for creating such a great idea and wonderful opportunity.

    I see my blog post on this subject was even logged in with the trackbacks before I commented. How awesome!

    Thanks man!

    Looking forward to seeing your topic after this thrusday.

  224. Corbett,

    I love the idea and I have two authority sites that I am creating right now. One feeds into the other one, so that is not as bad as it sounds. Thanks for doing this as I have never done an authority site before.

  225. Pingback: Are You Twitter?
  226. I’m so in!!

    I’ve been toying with my new blog for about a month. I’m doing it on a topic that I’ve always wanted to act on but I’m struggling to get my excitement out on print. I still don’t have an audience, which is good in a way, but I want one. Please teach me how to gain followers & keep them. I can’t wait for your step by step directions, I’m super excited.

  227. I love this idea and would be very interested in joining along. My website was inching very slowly upward from the time I started it in Sept. 2010 until I was hacked in April. While the site is running, it is still corrupted and has dropped me way down in the Google search results. It has taken me all this time to figure out how to fix things but I am nearly done with my new site design and will be ready to jump aboard when the project starts. What a great way to get things rolling again.

  228. Hey guys…I simply love this idea. I just recently launched my website Fun In The Fastlane a couple of weeks ago to keep me publicly accountable for my projects. This is exactly what I was looking for. Would love to get included into this public accountability project.



    GetClicky, signed up for it the other day. Will be happy to provide public access to stats for Fun In The Fastlane.


  229. Love the idea–I’ve been slowly gaining traction with my blog for the last 6 months, but would love to take it to the next level and could sure use some accountability to get me there!

  230. Well I am completly new to this. I started a web site with the vauge idea of making money from it at the end of July.By following your blogs I think the term is a “boot-strap” enterprise where I was going to show people how I realise my potential with the hope that they can learn from my experience. They idea of posting my goals and results will give me the “Kick up the arse” to get things done! Love your positivity.

  231. Hi Corbett,

    Another brain blowing experiment that deserves participation.

    I feel pretty awful for not following through on the Masermind accountability journal, and my main problem was that I had to attend 10 weddings in 10 weeks over the summer. And Indian weddings are not small… most last 3+ days each. They were all really close cousins (I have 52 first cousins!) so it kind of left me hanging for time.

    Those are not the sort of things you can say ‘no’ to, but now I’m back.



    1. We’ll explain how that works in a week or two when the registration process is ready. It’s pretty simple.

  232. I have a blog that’s earned $75 in affiliate income and $45 in advertising. The blog is 8 months old. Is it a candidate? You did say NO REVENUE but it’s really pennies compared to the time and money I’ve dumped in it so far! thoughts?

  233. I have a WordPress site that I am serious about but only gets traffic I drive to it thru Twitter…and that ain’t much…
    Put me in coach on the new project, I’ll drag my wordpress site into the mix if that OK…I have the domain of and will use that

  234. Great idea!
    I am in!
    I am interested in actually doing two blogs: 1 professionally driven and one hobby driven. So let’s get rollin’

  235. I’m in. I have been kicking around a niche blog site idea for a while now and this is just the inspiration and motivation I needed.

  236. I’ve finished two posts on my blog, Framework4Life. It explores how to create a framework around your everyday activities to help keep your body, mind and soul together for life. I developed and continue refining my own Framework4Life. Now I am working with some of my seven children and seven grandchildren to help them create their Framework4Life. It helps them decide how to invest their energy, time and money so they life a joyful and satisfying life of their own design. They deserve all good things, as we all do.

    I am looking forward to being a fully invested member of this project because I have a lot to learn and do!

  237. I’m also in, I have a blog that’s been languishing for some time, I have no idea what I want to write about or even what I want to do when I grow (I’m 37 …). I’m hoping this will help focus me and figure a few things out.

  238. I’m def in. Be interesting to do this while I spend the next 11 months traveling. I already have 5 websites going with some money but I’ll come up with a new one for this.

    I just started a new side business building simple WP sites for customers as well as not-as-simple WP sites for small businesses… maybe this will work for that..

    We shall see.

    Nice to see all the interest…This will be fuuuuun


  239. I would love the help and would love to join. Two months ago I started health website and blog. I am having a lot of fun with it and learning new things every day, but would still benefit from a lot of guideance. THanks!

  240. Hi Corbett, I’ve been following along on this new idea and I’m keen, I just read the latest post about public accountability and you mentioned we can either follow along with a current blog (provided it’s earned nothing) or create a new one. I know it’s my decision but would appreciate your opinion. I have which is about my IM journey…haven’t made a dime through this site. I’m tossing up whether to use this or start a new one. Branding myself as an expert using thelatestarter is kinda hard no doubt, yet the “goal” is…to earn a full time living from home, being location independent and I just LOVE this topic…working from home and creating a lifestyle design type business…wondering how to brand as an expert when I’m actually not living the dream yet….(Now THIS is public accountability!)

  241. Oh…where do i send details about the blog? also would love you guys to set up an accountability journal.

  242. Hi, Corbett. I am so excited about this project! I just installed WordPress for a new blog that I want to start and then heard about this project. Completely perfect timing! My blog is called the Naked Blog Project. The tagline is “Baring it all in pursuit of an absurdly fun, location-independent, perpetual-income business.” I want to show people step by step, how I build an online business and provide them with resources and consulting to help them do the same. It sort of mirrors this project, but I’m hoping to make it more personal and about the overall journey of building a business, not just the technical and marketing aspects.

    Can’t wait to get started!

    1. So, after a lot of thought this week, I’ve decided to change up my blog project. I feel like my first project idea too closely mirrors The Million Dollar Blog Project. So, I’ve decided to do the second project that I’ve been considering. It’s a financial blog directed at people who feel burned out by thinking about their finances. It’s called Can’t wait to get started!

  243. I’m super-IN! I’ve got so many ideas floating around in my head, it’s time to get them out!
    This project is brilliant, thanks so much!

  244. Exactly what I needed. Have a couple of great ideas that I have been sitting on and this project is what I need to get them off the ground and grow them into something that is profitable.

  245. Hi, I’m a Spanish man and I would like to start a blog about weight loss, in Spanish, of course … and I hope that with your project easier.

  246. I have been wrestling with this topic for sometime now I would love to build a blog along side of you I just do not know what to call the dagga gone thing.. and because of this simple thing I sit here with all these ideas and thoughts in my head. I started recording my thoughts so I don’t forget them.

  247. I’m definitely interested. I launched my blog, WebAppolution, back in April but haven’t done much in terms of growing it. I think this is a great challenge. I’m comfortable with the technical stuff, but the execution in growing and staying consistent can be a challenge. I look forward to participating.

    Great idea Corbett.

  248. Was doing some home[page] renovations last night and being me, this sounded great. I’m in Corbett and if you need any help, let me know!
    nothing like an online spring clean to get the traffic flowing :)

  249. This is exactly what I’ve been looking for to participate in and guide my efforts with a member site I’m working on right now.

    Looking forward to building and developing alongside the Million Dollar Blog Project.

  250. Hey Corbett – excellent idea! I am in. I started a blog last fall and was posting regularly for a while, but have gotten distracted with other things the past four months. I have been getting the itch to rejuvenate it in the past few weeks, so this is just the kick I needed!

  251. This is too good of an idea to pass up -I’m signing up with my blog, Married Food. I started this in May of this year during my third trimester. Now that my daughter is here, it’s time for me to get back into the swing of things and get focused.

    Here’s my info to get started:

    Blog & Url: Married Food (
    Name: Elle Martinez
    Monthly visitors 791 in August
    Subscribers : 44
    Total revenue: $0

  252. I’ve started a new blog a few months back. It’s a lottery blog so I’m not sure if it qualifies but I have been keeping updates on my WassupBlog to keep my readers informed on how things are going.

  253. Perfect timing. I’ve been making a living for a long time selling equipment online. Just started a blog about how I do it. It’ll be fun all see how this all turns out. Glad I liked you guys on FB or I would have missed this. I’ll be reading the rest of the posts in this series now and get set up.

  254. I know I’m getting in on this a little late, but I fully plan on following along. I NEED an accountability journal, though…too tempting to get lazy otherwise. I feel I’ve got a fairly nice topic picked out and I look forward to following along with you.

  255. Wow. Awesome idea. I have been thinking seriously about creating an authentic interesting and fun blog for many months now and this is the spark I need to make a move. Count me in!

  256. I’m in!

    Seems like every blogger in my country (Singapore) only earns money blogging through ads. I want to see if it can be done otherwise. Anyway, my blog lacks a proper focus and you inspired me to get that rectified.

    Blog & Url: Offbeat Girl (
    Name: Sueann
    Monthly visitors: 1585 in the past month.
    Subscribers : 10
    Total revenue: $0

  257. Hi,
    I also think it’s a great idea! It might be just what I need – I have many ideas for blogs/projects but I can’t stick to one idea, always jumping from one thing to another.
    My blog will be in Hebrew, I’m in!

  258. Hi, I’m interested in doing this, just wondering if my blog qualifies or not. I started it in mid July and I’ve made ten or fifteen bucks off of it total with adsense and an affiliate. I see the rules say the site can not have made any revenue in order to qualify. Have I made too much revenue to qualify for the $1 MBP?

  259. I’d like to participate. It would be the perfect excuse to focus on something I care about while honing my writing skills. Writing about something fun would feel like a vacation too!

  260. Ok. I keep telling myself I don’t have the time to launch this idea/blog, but I do much better when I have some accountability and can see others making progress around me toward a common goal. And I can use some clarity and guidance on how to make this idea work.

    In the broad sense, will be about personal development and lifestyle design. More specifically, it will be about how one person emerged from job loss(es), foreclosure and economic grief to a new sense of meaning.

    Thanks for the kick in the backside, Corbett.

  261. I’m a little late to the party, but count me in! I started a blog about a month ago but haven’t done much with it yet (bought the domain and have a few posts). I definitely see potential in it, so I want to use it for this project.

    While looking for other blogs in that area, I literally didn’t find ANY that do what I want, but people are looking for the info. I think that’s a good sign.

    The blog is linked above.

    It’ll be fun to get to know you guys over the course of this project!


  262. I’d love to do this but I’ve already been blogging for a year! I haven’t made any money yet, though, because I’m just finishing a whole slew of products to release.

    Can I still join?

    I have a suggestion about the accountability side of things: why not have forum threads set up according to the goal set? For instance, one would be “making a product” another could be “building your list,” etc.

    I think it would be easier to put accountability in there. I don’t know if anyone would get to read much of other people’s journals, considering how much time that would take.

  263. Love it!

    I’m in. I’m launching my blog on Monday (with a lot of help from Traffic School).

    My topic choice is: Break Dancing.

    I want to see your moves. :)

  264. I saw this and realized that this is my time time to jump on the bandwagon, create a blog for both fun and profit, and realize my creative potential in the blog world.

    That said, getting past the fear of what to write about and realizing the idea is to just start and let the process be one of growth driven by the goal of just starting was huge.

    I plan on starting my first real blog for this project and I can’t wait to see where this will all lead.

  265. Hey Corbette,

    And holy crap! Did this one set a comment record for you?

    I’m in with my new (as of July) blog about traveling the Upper Peninsula of Michigan (

    The focus of this blog isn’t to make a lot of money for myself, but to encourage people to visit the Upper Peninsula, thus supporting local businesses via tourism. It’s meant to become an authority site on Upper Peninsula travel.

  266. I’d like to join, too!

    I have several ideas, and have already written a lot of content for one topic in particular; unfortunately, the topic for that one falls under the “lifestyles” category that someone above said was already over-saturated. Because it’s a topic that I am passionate about, though, I want to use this challenge to see if/how I can make it profitable.

    Looking forward to it!


  267. I can’t remember if I already left a comment here announcing my participation (I think I did??) – but I am here! Very excited!

  268. Count me in, this is a great project! I left a comment at the very beginning under the name “sixfigureladies” but have just changed my website name, so you can delete that comment posted on August 30, 2011 at 6:10 am and just leave this one here.

    Really looking forward to this, I need some external pressure to move forward quickly and the accountability journal and leader board are a great incentive.

  269. I just had an idea for a site I was going to work on. This is perfect timing! I’m in and looking forward to being accountable as well as seeing some best practices for getting my site off the ground.

  270. I couldn’t have stumbled upon this at a better time. I’ve been itching to develop an idea for a new site, but know there is a steep learning curve ahead of me. I’m in! And I can’t wait to followbyour progress. I tend to be impatient and want to rush everything. I’m hoping this challenge will help me take this project of mine one step at a time.

  271. I’m finishing a book at the moment and have a blog that’s young. I purposely haven’t tried to monetize it yet as I’ve been more interested in getting some useful content up and gaining some trust. I’d love to use this blog to participate. I should have a video up soon explaining why I’m doing all this. Meanwhile this sounds like a great way to make sure I actually help all the folks I think could use a hand.

  272. How do we participate? I am setting up a niche site/blog aimed at connecting with other minestrone souls through colouring-in : )

    Also, with a very talented colleague, am about to start a blog/learning place from scratch to do with authenticity in business in NZ, so very targeted.

  273. I just read this post today and realized that this is exactly what my new site needs! I’ve had the domain for a month or two now, and have a few posts up, but I’m about to move and the blog has been pushed to the back burner. I’d love to have others to follow along with for inspiration when I get stuck or need a push! My topic does have to do with marketing, though, at least partly, but my audience is Etsyians & crafters and the angle is to sell more handmade stuff/make a living from your art, not simply “make money online,” so the general idea is at least slightly different. 😉

    I will now go devour all the other relevant posts & sign up. Thanks so much for doing this…it’s going to fun to watch your site grow, and hopefully everyone else’s too, right along with it. :)

  274. Hi Corbett, count me in (if you get this far down the comments). I’ve got an authority blog/site and would love to take part in the challenge to see if I can get to the next level. I know it will be fun and we’ll all learn a lot from each other. Thanks.

  275. I’ve been reading through some of the web sites of the participants to the Million Dollar Blog Project and I’m feeling like the dunce sitting in the corner, they all seem to have very business-like web sites, while mine is still a jumble and I have no idea where to go with it. It is not even finished off correctly. I was thinking that what I would be learning would be getting the website set out correctly, I feel like I am missing a whole chunk of information that I need to get before participating. Hope I am not out of my depth and I will be able to follow along.

    1. I felt the same way not very long ago. Take heart – it get’s easier. If you feel you have something to say, some value to add, and want to use a blog as the vehicle for that expression, just get started and keep going. You’ll build your site as you go along.

      My site is still very much in its infancy, both in terms of design and content, but I have huge confidence in my purpose. I work on my business every day and every day it gets easier.

    2. Thank you for the encouragement Ben, I love your website and will definitely be following your progress, along with the #MDBP. Let’s both become millionaires, vegetarians and play less computer games !

  276. It looks like I’m not too late to join the party!
    My question is will there be a central area to keep the accountability journals?

  277. Please disregard the previous question……I found the link to the site dedicated to the project. It looks perfect!

  278. Hi Corbett,
    It sounds like a brilliant, and I’m sure an original idea. I would like the opportunity to participate in the project.

  279. I just stumbled across this challenge, and considering I was just at the very beginning of starting a new site, I think it’s perfect timing! I’m going to head over to the registration page and work on getting caught up. Looking forward to reading more!

  280. Hi Corbett,

    just bought a domain name tonight and am considering jumping in if it’s not too late. I’m super busy (getting married in three weeks) and have a couple of day-jobs I would dearly love to reduce time in. I am passionate about communication (have been teaching it at the college level for years) and want to blog all about how to communicate better in all areas of life. I’ll think on signing up a bit, but look forward to following this exciting process!

  281. Hi Corbett,

    I’m thinking to make a blog about health. I’m just wondering what would be the best approach for such saturated field.

  282. I was just introduced to this project yesterday and today I’m spending all day so far reading through lots of your posts and references.

    I’m in! 😉

  283. Well, that didn’t take long! What didn’t take long, you say? Oh, I decided I didn’t like the blogname, the format or the topic I had started, so I thought for a while, and then I started a different one!

    All is not lost, though, since I went through a learning curve in getting clicky and feedburner up and running the first time. The second time around, it was MUCH easier! So, now that I’ve changed and expanded my topic, I’m rarin’ to go!

  284. I thought I registered my new blog already, but it is nowhere to be found? In the interim I also got stopped in my track, because the blog’s name is Make Money from your Kitchen and I understand that making money was ruled out? I did not know that making money is a dirty word? Actually, illion dollar is a lot of money. Moreover, the site intends to help people, particularly, moms that either lost their job or decided to stay home with their children, but still has to generate some income

    1. Hi Georgette,

      I didn’t think our names were restricted…I thought it was the lead project (the one we were all helping to choose) that couldn’t be about making money on-line. I think you are okay with your topic…am I correct everyone?
      PS…is there a book or a website somewhere that is akin to wordpress for dummies? I seem to be having more technical difficulties than others and I can’t make my site do the things I want it to do. Ideas???

    2. Agreed, Jenn. I don’t see anything that restricts the content of the blogs of the MDBP *participants*. It might be a good idea to stay away from “how to make money as a blogger” because that’s a song that’s played over and over. “How to make money from your kitchen” is a different enough topic and targets a different group of people (market). You might be on to something. I say “go for it”, Georgette!

      (Georgette: hit me up with a link to your site, too. I love cooking and wouldn’t mind some ideas for cash-flow generation with food at the center.)

  285. I don’t know if I may advertise someone else’s website on here, but if I can, has some very good tutorials on how to get up and working with WordPress.

    It’s really tough getting going it has been an unbelievably difficult learning curve for me too. You are welcome to email me as well, if I can help I will. Good Luck.

    1. Thank-you Judy! I will check out her site and hopefully make some more progress. I appreciate your offer of help too. I think once I figure out how this is supposed to work, I’ll be ok (I teach stuff on-line through Moodle with my dayjob…and that has been an easy learning curve…but THIS for some reason is not.)

      Thanks again,

  286. Got a question. Is it possible to register before you get a blog? I already have a couple blogs plus a website, but want to start a new one under this project. However, I won’t have the domain name and URL until Oct. 10, when I can pay for them. I’ve already checked that the domain name I want is available. Can I fill out the rest of the form now and plug in the other information when I get it next week? Or should I just wait till the blog is all set up with WordPress, Clicky, et al.? I’m only in a hurry because I want to start the Accountability Journal on here.

    1. Hey Mary, go ahead and register whenever you like. If you want to start your accountability journal now before your blog is up, that’s totally fine.

  287. Hi all – just came across this today and I’m so up for the challenge! I have been blogging for three months and am just starting to get my footing. Really need some guidance to take this to the next level including branding, domain and customization. My hope is to use it to launch a book next spring. Looking forward to learning.

  288. I was just planning and about to launch my website by the end of this month. Count me in! Please let us know what we have to do to participate.


  289. I recently found the MDBP as a result of info about your Expert Enough launch. I have the basic structure of my site established yet would love to have the accountability and support of the MDBP experience to help me move my blog from skeleton to authority site.

  290. Hi,

    Great I got your link from Tyrone Shum and I like to join you in your challenge. I run my a one man show swimschool and I am kind of washout with no passion. I wish to challenge myself to do concurrently 2 things at one time. To trade forex full time and blog about how I will be able to accomplish that. Hope I am not late in this challenge.

    Wish me luck

  291. could not remeber if i siad i wanted to join or was joining sory if this is a second post i know i have done it now ive also set my clicky confiuration up so i am getting there slowly

  292. I have been encouraged by others to give blogging a go. It seems they like the way I write and the images I use. This sounds like fun, but I know absolutely nothing. Can you take me along on this journey?

  293. Hey. I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years, but never really fleshed out a long term plan. I’d love to join in and do this properly.

    I’ll read the rest of the posts, and see if I can catch up.

  294. Hi,

    Your project hits me at the right time! Was just thinking of refocussing my current website. I will read the other posts and see if can still join!


  295. Hi, I just discovered Corbett, TT and Blogging this week, have started to set up my first blog called canicreatesuccess on wordpress, but learning so much already from here I may have to rethink and start over. Hope to tag along for the ride with you all


  296. Hope it’s not too late to join. I just set up a blog in the last week and feel overwhelmed already! I am so glad I found this :)

  297. Has this started yet? Is it this thurs. that you’re picking the topic or am I way late? I am extremely interested if I can still get in.

  298. Hello Corbett, this is Godsent! I have been reading up zillions of articles on WordPress and promising myself I’ll start “tomorrow”. I would love to join if I may. The domain I registered is and my blog is all about “How to Start and Grow your business” – is that area overflogged?? What do U think?? I am a Goldman Sachs Scholar from Nigeria and I am soooooo excited!

    I also belive in the accountability journal and U can even make us appoint accountability partners to give us a kick once in a while – iron sharpeneth iron!!

  299. I’ve only just discovered you, but wish that I had found a few months ago. I have been working on a blog aimed at insomniacs and the sleep challenged for the last couple of months. I’d really appreciate a few pointers on how to catch up.

  300. I just found out about this and am very interested in participating. I currently have a couple of existing blogs but have an idea for one I’ve been passionate about creating for some time now. This will be perfect to get me going on it and the timing is finally right.

    I’ll read up on what I’ve missed since this project started and jump in if it’s not too late.
    Thank you!

  301. Just wanted to pop my head back here and say that the Million Dollar Blog project has been a huge encouragement to get my site in order.

    Now I know people are actually watching and competing, my blog design has got better (in my opinion anyway), the content has got better and i’ve attracted some very smart guest posters.

    Thanks for starting this !!!

    1. Awesome Chris, that’s really awesome to hear. Thanks for reaching out and for participating. I’m really happy this has been useful. Keep up the great work!

  302. I am completely new to the concept of blogging but have taken on a role to assist Fair Go Finance with their SEO focus. I feel too much of a novice to start a blog immediately but would greatly appreciate to follow your million dollar blog project. Are people like me ok to subscribe and learn from you or would you prefer me to look elsewhere for guidance? I feel very much like a fish out of water! Thanks in advance, Rachel

  303. A month late or so, but screw it, I’m in. I have my blog, I’ve made a few posts… I have absolutely no idea how to get money from it, and don’t expect to make much, but if I use all your suggestions and my traffic grows, I’ll be happy with that.

    Money is, at this point, a nice little bonus.

  304. Late but I’m in, too. Topic and domain name are taken care of. Basic blog is set up and now I’m planning some epic shit to post. Took 35 years of experience, and 6 years of fiddling around online to get to this point. And the stupid little doubter is STILL whispering in my ear. Sigh, where’s my gun? Doubter is in season, right?

  305. Thank you! This challenge sounds really fun with great benefits too, of course. Looking forward to it. Count me in. I will go to past posts and catch up. It’s actually why I am up so early. :o) I have never blogged before in my life (wrote my first entry two days ago). What blog site do you use (or should I use)? Thanks!

  306. I would love to join in! Discovered this after writing my first short article heralding the new year!

  307. Hello everyone!
    I’m late to get started, but have this site of mine, so better late than never I hope! I think this is an awesome idea!

  308. I think this is going to be exactly what I have been waiting for. I currently have a blog set up with Empower Network, but I didn’t have any part of setting it up and would like to create my own self hosted blog site. But my knowledge of blog construction is, to say the least, very limited. I would love to go through this step by step process to learn the proper way to create a profitable blogging system. Count me in please. Thanks, and looking forward to learning a great deal from this opportunity.

  309. Hi there, I came across your Blog just before Christmas (and I must say I’m quite enjoying it :-P) and I was very excited when I read this post on your new project. I’m quite new to blogging and only started my own blog at the end of last year.

    I’m in search of finding my passion and I’m looking at taking a new direction in my life, so I started writing about this journey. What I’ve come to realise is I really like writing a blog, and am now thinking about possible topic choices for a new blog to follow along. I’ve started my accountability journal at my other blog and one of my tasks for this fortnight is to sign up for the project….so this is the start!

  310. Hello

    This looks like a great project

    I have been involved in blog projects but they were for adult industry and making bucks in adult is very hard these days

    So I would like to join in on this project, have I missed out on any required reading since this is the first post I am reading on this blog?

    Has the project already started? Can I still join?

    Where are all the people hangin out on this blog for this project, is there are special section for this? Whats the latest on the project?


  311. Hi there! I hope it is not too late for joining to this challenge!
    I want to learn a lot and I guess seeing some cash meanwhile can be really fulfilling

  312. Hi all, I’ve just found out about this and as I’ve recently started this blog I would like to join in too – I have heaps to learn and definitely need some public accountability to keep me going! Hope I’m not too late.

  313. Hello Corbett,
    I hope I’m not too late, but I would like the opportunity to participate in this project. I believe it could help me take my blogging initiatives to the next level.

  314. Hi Corbett, I have actually registered with my existing WP blog, which I need to take to heights. Hope that’s OK.

    I’m in. A bit too late? Anyway, let me try & catch up

  315. Well, Im definitely a straggler. But to me its very new! I just found this site and the competition and Id love to do it. As someone else mentioned, I am also a complete novice. Im going to check out your 13 week course right now and see what thats about, maybe that will help me catch up! I think you mentioned in your post you wanted us to mention what we liked best about it.
    1. That you didnt shy away from the million dollar mark.
    2. That you are encouraging us to write something that is of interest to us (versus solely chasing the next money maker).
    3. That it wont depend on adsense, Id really like to stay away from that and come up with content and product that people are excited about. Anyway, hopefully you guys are still out there and Im not too late, if so Ill be doing it with you all in spirit!

  316. Blogging has always caught my eye, especially when I see blogs like yours and when I come across the real good ones. This articles kind of gets me a little more interested in actually taking a shot at it…

  317. Hi Corbett,

    I just found your blog recent and was very excited to learn about the Million Dollar Blog Project. I’d love to participate and hope it’s not too late. I’ll read through all the bog posts on the MDBP series to keep myself up to date!

    I have started a blog four months ago and also interested in your 13-week course (start a blog that matters).

    I’m hoping to learn the necessary strategies from this project to improve my blog traffic and profitability.

  318. Hello Corbett,

    your blog is really brilliant! But you probably already know this. I found you 3 days ago and I’m rwally impressed and hoocked up on everything that you’re doing. I’D love to take part in the project because I love writing and I’ve been struggling for almost 8 months now with figuring out how to make some kind of money on the Internet. It’s really hopeless if you’re alone. So this project is exactly what I was looking for and what I need!!!

    The small problem is that I’m not sure I’ll have the time for this in the next 2-3 months. I have to write my Bachelor thesis and this is going to eat my time. Do you think I could still make it, does it make sence at all to start a blog now or should I wait?

    Keep up the good work! You’re my inspiration and the living proof that you can live off of a blog which is a dream of mine!

  319. I’m very excited to have found this!

    I am redesigning and relaunching my blog from the ground up, and I really want to make it not only a source of fun, but a source of income for me. I’m in!

  320. I may be a bit late in joining this party. I am certainly interested in participating.

  321. Came across your information this morning (4/3/12) and although I’m about eight months behind, I’m going to follow along with my new blog. The first post was 4/1/12 and I’m very excited because the plan for the blog is in line with your plans of not making money by specifically selling anything.

    I’m going to follow your steps as though they have just been posted. Thank you for all the information you provide. Now that my site is active, I need to create my accountability page on the site rather than in my computer.

    Thank you,

  322. Hey Corbett and the team at –

    I am very late to the party here but I would LOVE to take part in this project. Building a “kick-ass” blog is always something I have wanted to do and being able to do it with your team’s guidance, and this communities support is exactly what I need to get started. Thank you for launching. Please let me know what I can do to join the project.


  323. Hi Corbett, I have just found out about this project through your interview with Pat Flynn. I brought a domain about a year ago and done very little with it. Over the last few weeks I have started to take it seriously and wha started as a niche project, I would now like to make into an authority site. I have also set up an accountability journal to chart my progress.

    I would love to be part of this project :)

  324. I would love to be part of this project as well. Just found your website – I’ve been floating around it for a couple of days now. Awesome content! :)

  325. I just found your blog today after reading Pat’s blog. I like the idea of this challenge and think that I would like to take you up on this challenge. I am going to poke around a little more and see what else you have to offer.

  326. I LOVE this website! So far, great authenticity and amazing advice. I’m not into a specific topic and do Mom Blogging. Would LOVE to participate here and already applying methodologies, but am wondering because I don’t have a specific ‘topic’ if that limits me?

  327. Awesome! Just found out about this and it’s perfect… I have lots of ideas to start a blog about natural healing. A community to start it with would be so helpful.

  328. I read that it wasn’t too late to join you on this venture and so I’m tagging along too! I am excited to see where you take this project.

  329. At Other Posts in the Million Dollar Blog Project Series should be at least 13 entries but there are only 5.

    I’m curious where I can find rest.

  330. I am keen as! After reading a lot of these comments, I am very interested to see how it has come along and how I can join.


  331. Is there place to join? I already have a blog and have just enrolled into SABTM. I am really enjoying the course and want to be part of the million dollar blog project. Its been my dream of 5 years to make money blogging and lead a life where I can work anywhere and make money. I blog on divinizing one’s life. Let me know how I can be in?

  332. I have registered and done the Clicky thing and Feedburner. I looked at my stats on the project and it says I haven’t gotten any subscribers but 11 were added to my list this week. Why do they not show up? Have I set it up wrong somehow?

  333. Hey Corbett,

    it is a such great idea I have been thinking about taking my blog to the next level after running it for few months. So I am interested and I want to participate

  334. Corbett, I love the idea and am anxiously awaiting the start of your project. I just started my own blog about two months ago and know that I will learn a lot by following along. Count me in!

  335. I’m a little late to the game (being at the bottom of hte comments section), but better late than never. My personal blog has been dwindling, but I have a lot of good ideas and good content, and want to resurrect it now. I’m happy to be a part of the community here.

  336. I’m so excited to be joining in- even at this late date. I am so inspired. I found you from a link on Jeff Goins’ site. I started a life-style blog about two years ago. It was a great way to get into the whole blogging world, it helped me find my voice and my focus. In the last few weeks I’ve been putting together new ideas and bringing it into focus to begin a new blog. The timing is perfect! So excited to be here. Thank you so much for this challenge.

  337. Perfect timing Corbett. I’m in for the challenge with a personal lifestyle site I’ve contemplated for a while now. The challenge is enough of a push to get me to give it some much needed attention and focus.

  338. Hi Corbett,

    I have been reading you posts for a few days now and I love them all. They are super informative, funny, and honest. I would like to be part of the project too. I would like to build a successful blogging business doing what I love to do – teach young people how to get into college and once in college how to have the best college experience. It has been a little intimidating to begin the process.

  339. Hey Corbett, great idea man.

    I’m coming in a little late on this but the timing is perfect.

    I’m setting up a blog right now that I have set in my plans to launch January 2013.

    I’d certainly love to participate along this journey.


  340. I have a blog that is established coupon/deal site but is not really bringing in the revenue that it should so while it isn’t new I would love to participate. I run my site a little different than the big sites and not sure what to do next to get it bringing in money without losing some of my unique approach. I am all in!

  341. Hi Corbett,
    Thanks for your post. I’m a newbie in the world of blogging and would like to join in.

  342. Hey! What a great idea! I’ve wanted to start a blog for a long time and this is the perfect avenue for me. What can I do to join? I am totally down for this!


  343. Excellent project guys! The niche site info is extremely helpful, and I am certain that your creative juices will only add decadent flavor to this stew.

    I would like to create a killer travel blog of my past and future travels.

    Let’s do it!

  344. I just found this website and the content is great. I love this blog project. I’ve just recently started blogging about my travels and it’s like a whole new world and can be overwhelming. I’m glad I found this site to help me figure out the blogging world a little bit and how to keep myself motivated to keep updating.

  345. Awesome Corbett, sounds great. I’ve been going through your Start A Blog That Matters program for awhile now… it’s great stuff. Also been promoting it quite a bit too. I’m going to have to read your blog posts more often though!

  346. Not sure if it’s too late to get involved but there’s some great advice in the comment. We recent just outsourced some of our writing ourselves and it’s freed up a lot of time to focus on building our traffic and promoting ourselves rather than just pumping out content. It also helps if you can find a good writer.

    Wishing everyone the best in their million dollar ventures!

  347. Oh my god! hahaha… I just read all through the article, down through the comments, got all excited, thought of the worlds best idea for a blog based, sorry not based on monetization… one that would really reallllly change the world… and then I noticed the date… :(
    But… at the same time this isn’t going to stop me from taking my idea to the next level, in fact, I’m going to pretend that this is fresh content and go along with you guys as if it were live! That’s the most powerful thing with the internet and great content… there never really is a sell by date, great content always stays fresh. So although I’m the only person reading this right now, I’m still going to follow the already finished experiment I guess and become a Rock Star helping others. Don’t usually write on any blogs as I’ve always been tied down by the working world breaking my b*lls 14 hours a day. 4 weeks ago it hit me like a rock, it became so clear clear as what to do (I’ve been planning for 4 years now) and how easy it is, and I’m not talking about raking in heaps of cash but rather how I can help as many people as possible, then monetize but still help solve everyone’s problems for free.
    So now I’m interested to see what happened with this website that you guys made…

  348. By building authority sites (blogs), we are building real business assets that grow in value. When built properly, these high value websites stand the test of time. Because of their higher quality traits, these sites have much more potential to earn backlinks, maintain a high search engine ranking and earn more money.

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