Think Traffic Made the BIGLIST! Welcome Top Rank Readers

Think Traffic on the BIGLIST

And it’s no April Fools joke. Think Traffic was included today in Top Rank Marketing’s BIGLIST of best online marketing blogs on the net. We even made the top of the review (complete with screenshot).

I’d like to welcome readers from Top Rank here, and say that I’m honored to be part of such a great list of marketing blogs. Especially considering Think Traffic is just two weeks old.

I’ve been a fan of the Top Rank blog for the past year or so, ever since Adam Singer joined the company. Adam’s blog The Future Buzz is a must follow, and when he joined Top Rank, I knew I should check it out. If you’re reading this and you aren’t familiar with Top Rank, read the Top Rank blog for social media, digital PR & search engine marketing tips and strategies.

How can you get your site included on a list like this?

Having your site included in an industry list like this is great for the recognition, social validation and extra traffic it can bring. Whatever industry you’re in, there are probably some similar compilations of the best blogs (if not, it might be a good opportunity to start one).

If you’re wondering how to get added to a list like this for your own site, it’s a good question. I was pleasantly surprised to wake up to the inclusion on the BIGLIST this morning. In the review, Lee Odden gave his reason for Think Traffic’s inclusion: “this very new blog offers practical tips and is well designed enough to get our top listing for this week’s review.” I don’t know Lee and nor had I asked about being included on the list. It just happened.

And that’s generally how it works. If ask to be added to lists like these, you’ll probably actually reduce your chances of being included. Don’t worry about making any specific lists. Instead, focus on your fundamentals: great content, excellent design and creative promotion. If you do a good job with these, people will start to notice.

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10 thoughts on “Think Traffic Made the BIGLIST! Welcome Top Rank Readers”

  1. Corbett-

    Wow…congrats to you! I gotta tell you, your blog is exactly what I need to get started my passion rolling! I’m a professional organizer and my blog still has that “new blog smell.” But, I love it and I’m soaking in everything I can from you to make my blog a success. I know it will take a lot of hard work, research, testing, trial and error…all the things you say; but I find motivation in every post you make! Thanks, Corbett! When I start to see my readership rise on I’ll know it’s because I learned so much from Think Traffic! You ROCK!

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I love your enthusiasm! Your blog title is great too. Best of luck getting it off the ground, and I hope to see you around here often.

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