This Thursday: Join Us for a Live Class on “Incredible Blog Design”

This Thursday, November 10th, I’m hosting a live class called “Designing an Incredible Looking Blog without a Designer”. If you’ve been trying to design your site by yourself without the help of a designer, this class will teach you how to develop the best design you can on your own.

If you’re looking to redesign your site, this class will help you save time and effort by starting out on the right foot. If you’re looking to just make slight (but important) changes to your site to give it a much needed boost, this class will show you where to start.

If you’re interested in joining us, sign up here:

“Designing an Incredible Looking Blog without a Designer” class

(Note, for those of you following along with the Million Dollar Blog Project, this class is the perfect compliment for building your own blog.)

One of the most important steps you can take to set up your website for success is to have a strong design. A great design can be the difference between whether or not someone stays on your site longer than five seconds or five minutes. Epic content presented with a crummy design can get lost in the noise.

In this special one-time class, we’ll help you answer these questions:

  • How to select a blog theme that is easy to update, flexible and a good long-term choice
  • The essential design principles you need to follow to make your site great
  • How to research blog design ideas and develop your own
  • Where to position critical elements on your blog to increase return readers
  • How to easily implement your design without needing a designer or tech person
  • How to make big design changes to your existing blog without screwing things up or disrupting your existing readers

This class will contain about an hour of prepared content, and we’ll hold a Q&A session afterward where you can ask your own blog design questions.

Join us on Thursday for just $29 and you’ll get a recording after the call if you can’t attend live:

“Designing an Incredible Looking Blog without a Designer” class

Spaces are limited, and this class may sell out. Make sure to reserve your spot now if you’re interested.

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