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Update: the contest is now closed after over 120 (!) entries. Thanks so much for all the awesome comments. I’ll be announcing a winner shortly. Check out the free content we’re posting over at the Traffic School site in the mean time.

One week from today I’ll be launching the biggest product I’ve put together in the past two years. I almost can’t wait.

Traffic School is a complete course on building thriving online audiences. The course will teach you how to build an audience of raving fans that will become the foundation of your online business.

The course is built on a robust framework called the Thriving Audience Framework that I put together with the help of 13 ridiculously successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers. Those 13 special guests (I’ll announce who they are shortly) each contributed guest lessons to the course.

The course is chock-full of resources to help you build an audience, including lots of videos, audio files, transcripts, checklists, workbooks and more.

Traffic School is much more than education, and you’ll hear all about the special interactive features and extra traffic-building resources within the course starting tomorrow.

For now, I want to give away a “full-ride scholarship” to Traffic School to one lucky reader. This isn’t a light weight giveaway either; this course will be changing the lives of the limited group of students who enroll next week. If you win, you’ll get full access to the entire program.

To win a copy, all you have to do is leave a comment below and tell me why you should win.

I’m looking for someone who will make the most of the course. You should have a website or blog that needs a much bigger audience, or simply have an idea for a website or blog that you want to launch. In either case, tell me why you and your site should win a spot in Traffic School.

I’ll be reviewing entries between now and tomorrow (Wednesday, February 23rd at 10pm central time). I’ll announce the winner on Thursday.

If you’d like to vote for someone else’s answer in the comments, feel free to do that in lieu of your own entry. If you decide to enter for yourself, please keep your comment as brief as you can while still getting your point across.

Good luck!

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124 thoughts on “Win a Free Copy of Traffic School”

  1. As a new business owner ( I’m just beginning to learn about encouraging traffic! I also have a personal blog ( and am working on a new blog that will be about the dilemmas experienced in daily life ( – very much under construction!). My education is in Watershed Management so I am educating myself through works such as yours! Thank you for the generous offer – I enjoy your blog.

  2. Although my blog, Common Sense Marketing, is young, I think the value that it’s already providing to beginning affiliate marketers is tremendous. Looking forward, I’ve got big plans for the site and I believe that Traffic School would help me to reach a wider audience much faster than I’ll be able to on my own.

    My goals for the site are twofold:

    1. Promote ethical marketing principles to all internet marketers
    2. Help beginning affiliate marketers launch businesses as efficiently and as ethically as possible

    With a larger audience, I could help more people reach their goals of earning income online – a goal that hits closer to home than ever as my state (WI) seeks to cut take home pay of all public employees significantly. I could also reach more people with the message of ethical marketing – an aspect that I believe is seriously missing from today’s internet marketing training resources.

  3. Sounds really cool, Corbett. Thanks for taking the many hours to put it together.

    I’ll drop a short line in hopes of taking home the big prize.

    7 weeks ago I started Passive Panda ( In that short time I have grown the audience to almost 4,000 monthly readers and over 300 subscribers (230+ email). I’m happy considering this is my first major site.

    The topic is all about earning more — but instead of spreading online gimmicks, I offer tips for the “real” world. Based on the feedback and subscriber numbers I have received so far, it’s clear that people enjoy the content and that they want more.

    I have already received three emails from readers telling me about how they have used the information on my site or in my emails to earn more money or negotiate for things. (One person even negotiated out of a car ticket!)

    That said, the only traffic generating strategy I have used thus far has been guest posting — and I haven’t even landed a post on a monster blog yet. Plus, with the exception of the first two weeks, I haven’t even posted that much.

    In short, my content has been working for people and it’s my responsibility to make sure that the information gets out to everyone that can benefit from it. Traffic School would help tremendously with that.

  4. hi Corbett, congratulations!

    sincerely, I’d prefer shorter courses. we’re all tired of mammoth sized DVD packages and info products. We need something that works and takes less time to go through

    I’d want to win your package not because it includes “everything” but because I’m looking for one or two ideas I either didn’t test yet in my blogging/marketing, or didn’t hear by now (I’m not perfect)

    You might want to give away more packs though :)

  5. Does not being able to afford to pay for the course count? =D I kid, but no, seriously, I can’t.
    Most information out there focuses on how to build a blog that is informative, rather than entertaining. I’d be interested to see whether the techniques in the Traffic School content work well for both.
    I try to write epic, funny shit. Self Help for Happy People satirises the whole personal development hokum, and hopefully entertains and encourages people to think for themselves, or at least to think what I’m thinking.
    I think I should win because all my readers are awesome and deserve someone to kick me up the backside and motivate me to keep putting out better posts for their amusement.

  6. I have mostly used my blog as something I try to share good stuff with people when I was not busy working on other projects. I started it about the time you started Free Pursuits, but you focused on yours directly, and the traffic difference is obvious.

    I would like to take it to another level, as I have a lot of good things to share with people looking for ways out of their unhappy lives. While I have plenty to offer and and have a faithful base readership, I am not reaching very many people who could also use what I have to give.

  7. I would like to win that course, because I’m a french blogger :) Isn’t that enough to say that to be the winner :))
    My blog is only 7 month and I ‘d like now to grow it to another extend. In France, I don’t think we have any bloggers teaching others how to get traffic. Following this traffic school course, will enable me grow my audience, and then teach all what I learned to new french speaking bloggers. The topic of my blog is on location independence and becoming a Nomad Digital !
    And if all these good reasons to win are not enough.. May I add that all what I will learn I will also retransmit them to TUNISIAN Bloggers ! So that I can help, with my small possibilities this country (my husband ‘s country) after the big, the first revolution they had the courage to make !

  8. Hi Corbett —

    I’d dig Traffic School b/c a) I write good…no, great shit and it’s crying out for a larger audience and b) I’ve always been an excellent driver and a good girl but I want to go to hang out with the bad kids in Traffic School.

  9. Corbett,
    Over the last year I’ve managed to bring my traffic up to about 11,000 visits a month. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished so far – but it isn’t enough. I need more traffic. Not just to get more eyeballs on affiliate ads (which admittedly is a contributing factor considering I recently moved and am unemployed) but mainly because I need to reach as many people as possible.

    The message mine and other evolutionary health blogs have to share needs to be heard. There are too many people dying and becoming sick for no good reason, all because of ignorance. I wish I could walk up to each of their doors and talk to them personally, but this blog is what I have to work with. I think (hope) it’s possible to change the world with a blog, one just needs to reach enough people, right?

    Thanks! And congrats on beginning a new product launch Corbett. This sounds like an interesting virtual education model.

  10. I am quite new to blogging, and I studied a lot from many websites on how to build high traffic blog, in order to push my blog to the next level and the growth from the pass seems to be quite ordinary.

    If I get the chance to win a free copy of Traffic School, I would definitely give my best to learn, change, utilize all the education inside, as I am so passionate to build my blog to extreme high traffic, Traffic School would definitely help me on this.

    My story in the coming future would be a powerful review for Traffic School that change an ordinary blogger to an A-List blogger.

    From nobody becoming somebody thanks to Corbett Barr, Traffic School.

  11. I thought about this and was trying to come up with some clever idea why I should win the Traffic School course, however the truth of the matter is it would not be for me but rather my business partner who have trusted me to build his business while he works his day job setting tile. I have built 6 ecommerce websites 6 blogs and an edge network of directories/web 2.0 sites etc etc.. we have seen some success but I want to take the business to another level so he can leave that back breaking work for good …how? MORE qualified traffic plain and simple… well at least plain. I would think the most important factor for the winner would be would he/she use Traffic School? I am amazed at how many people purchase products to increase their knowledge and never use them. Good luck to all.

  12. Hi, Corbett.

    I’m a huge fan of Think Traffic and am currently a blogger for the website, Yeah New York ( It’s a site that aspires to provide a perspective of NYC from the point of view of young people.

    We have expert writers on staff as well as a bunch of passionate interns but are struggling to build a solid audience. We have also created videos and are now proceeding to do some original work of ours, in order to build both traffic and a strong foundation of high-quality content for our site.

    I look forward to learning more about traffic building via this program!


  13. Why should I win? Because this course could help me a lot and I have enough free time to learn. I just graduated high school and I work as a freelancer for now. I would like to build an online business and work for myself rather than work for others. I have a few ideas for a blog, but I find it hard to get traffic.

    I hope that you will pick me. :)

  14. Hi, Corbett.

    I’d like to put my name in the hat for the scholarship. I’ve recently started up a new business called Red Willow Digital Press. It operates like a traditional royalty-based publishing company and allows authors to have their work converted into all of the e-book formats, published, and marketed at no cost to them. The key to our success is high levels of quality traffic, something I want to learn from you!

    Chris O’Byrne

  15. I have a new project called The Ephemeral Project It’s seeing me selling everything I own and cycling to New Zealand to start a better life for myself. To live the dream as it where and to do something that I love to do. I.e travel. I would like to use your guide in order to gain the traffic to inspire other people to stop doing shit they don’t like and start living life and do something that they love.

  16. For me, it’s not just about building great traffic – it’s finding the RIGHT type of traffic. I’ve always had difficulties bringing the people I truly want on my blog (action takers) rather than people that want something to read. That’s what I’m hoping the course will cover than the usual “submit to social bookmarking websites”.

    Besides my blog (which I’ve set a goal of reaching 25k visitors by the end of the year), I’m also working on my own PLR Articles business that I want to only send targeted traffic (more action, less bounce).

    Additionally, I have plans for my full business (Okkopus) which offer content marketing strategies and website development. I don’t want to push people down the route of only driving traffic or using advertising; I want them to leave a lasting impact on their audience through remarkable content – content that small businesses and entrepreneurs have but haven’t been able to extend to their audience.

    Am I the right fight? Maybe, maybe not. I certainly understand driving traffic through search engines with SEO and pulling people from SEM but it’s still a blanketed approach. I don’t want just traffic; I want traffic that’s going to take what I have to offer, apply it to their own lives and make major impact in the world.

  17. Whats up Corbett?

    we spoke through email before about choosing a domain for my blog, i am moving fwd with the last one i told you.

    I am currently training a writer and getting the whole identity and front end of the page design.

    I will be focusing heavily on video though, i purchased ridiculous equipment and making awesome video that i will use on the site soon.

    My friends are excited about the concept, so much so that one is moving with me to South Beach to work on the video production.

    I am very much ready to take advantage of a course like yours, i dont want to talk too much about my concept until the site is live, but its great, i really think i found an edge that will have people loving my content. Giving away free content in order to build trust, but on steroids :)

  18. Looking at the above posts- I was almost too intimidated to comment since the above blogs are phenomenal and I’ve added a few RSS subscriptions already! is still in its infancy. I have read blogs for years and in January got the inspiration to start blogging and am taking it very seriously- but often am overwhelmed by the mass amount of information that’s out there and sometimes, conflicting advice. I am hungry to learn, but often don’t know where and how to start- or who to listen to. Pawing through pages and pages of blogs and reading books has been tremendously helpful for someone who started blogging with little more than a whim and a prayer- and a lot of motivation to move beyond whims and prayers. I would truly use this opportunity to the fullest if chosen- I am hungry to learn.

    If anything though, I think these comments speak to the fact that you’ve accomplished a high-caliber collection of dedicated readers- something I am wanting to learn to do as well.

  19. Why I should win:

    I definitely would use the course and all the information to build my audience. I’m a musician who’s been coming to this site and other sites like it while learning how to my artist blog to build my audience. I’ve realized that building a music business that goes beyond just selling CDs and iTunes downloads is the only way I can succeed. This blog has given me a lot of value towards my goal of using my blog and artist platform to help & inspire others to either become an artist or just do whatever they feel led. Traffic School would only continue that.

  20. Hi Corbett–

    Traffic School sounds really cool. Congrats on getting another product out there to help folks out.

    Here’s my brief plea for the big prize:

    I’m launching my first site on March 15th. Catfish Parade ( is a blog about embracing creativity and acting on it to live more awesome lives. As a fiction writer and a teacher, I’ve noticed how often creativity is squelched or even discouraged–in our early years in school, and then later in corporations and advertising. My hope is to encourage and inspire people to think independently in order to find a deeper fulfillment in life.

    For me, creativity has a very broad definition. Sure, artists and writers are creative, but so are solo entrepreneurs like Corbett Barr, Chris Guillebeau, et. al. So are lifehackers and nomads and unconventional business owners, website builders, urban farmers, and vloggers. Anybody who sees “the rules” (usually imaginary social boundaries), and devises their own unique way around these obstacles, is creative in my book. Er, on my blog, I mean.

    I’d love to use Traffic School to help spread this message and inspire as many people as I can to think independently. Like Emerson said, we’re in a society where the virtue in most request is conformity. But the status quo isn’t working any more. It’s a great time for folks to think creatively to save the world.

    Thanks again, Corbett!

  21. Hi Corbett,

    Your Traffic School sounds amazing! I just started a blog of delightful ads for marketers looking for inspiration ( I don’t know how to really get it visible, though, and with a 2 year-old at home, I need an efficient way to learn how. I’d be honored to be chosen. :)

  22. I’ve been doing business online and have yet to “break through” into the top level. I run several websites, which I use to try to educate people about buying a home, getting out of debt, and fixing their back pain – all of which I dealt with personally. I do more than just sell products, I try to share my tips that helped me overcome each of these situations. But that hasn’t been enough to allow me to reach more people.

    So I would gladly use your course to find new ways to reach more people.

  23. First congrats on a new course. That’s always exciting.

    I’d love to win this because I’m at a point where traffic just isn’t growing on my list. I’ve had the site for a little over a year, readership is growing (I’ve found a direct correlation to more frequent posts equals more traffic), and it feels like it’s at a bit of a standstill. I need to learn how to take it to the next level. I also believe learning this will help with some other sites I’m working on. Here’s hoping!

  24. Well, the timing of this post couldn’t be better for me! I literally just went “live” with my website This is a website targeted towards Mechanical Engineers preparing to take the Professional Engineering exam. Here are some reasons why I think I would be a good candidate for this prize!

    1. This site is brand new…with lots of room for improvement. The overall architecture is finished but some of the call to actions and writing could be improved. This would be a great opportunity to really build something up from the ground and show off all of the skills learned in your course.

    2. The nature of this site might make long term traffic difficult. People who study for the Professional Engineer Exam typically only do so for about 6 months. This gives me a small window to attract their attention, convert, and spread the word to their co-workers. This would present some interesting problems on how to retain readers. Some thoughts I have so far are specific, targeted job postings or continuing education opportunities.

    3. This site contains affiliate marketing sales, personal sales (an ebook), and a blog. All of these items combined together allows for more opportunities to create traffic and fine tune things.

    Those are the items I came up with off the top of my head! I hope you get some great entries to this challenge and I’ll be looking forward to reading more about the course!


  25. I would love a scholarship to traffic school because I want to finally grow my blog the right way.

    First assumption would be that I have been around and had enough chances to do what will help my traffic grow. However, that is exactly why I should be given this opportunity. I have “tried” and failed and I want to stop running in circles.

    I understand if I am not chosen, but would love this opportunity.

    Thanks for the offer Corbett

    David Damron

  26. I guess I might as well through my hat in. I’ve really enjoyed all the posts I’ve read by you, Corbett. I’ve especially found your idea of doing a survey really useful, not only for traffic but also for forging relationships with others in my niche.

    I like your ideas as they are very white hat, non-gimmicky and they result in long term, quality traffic as opposed to short term channel-surfing type traffic which isn’t much good to anyone. I also like the design of the PDFs you create!

  27. Some very dull answers here.
    Pick me, because I want to stand in the middle of a cross-roads on a box with a whistle in my mouth…..erm wrong kind of Traffic School?

    1. If there was a Like Button next to this response I reckon I would of clicked it! Funny Response good luck..

      Now what have I got to say or do to win this great offer, to build the traffic.


  28. Corbett,
    Thanks for this opportunity.

    The last couple years I’ve given a lot of thought to how I can help the thousands of people going through what I’ve gone through and am going through — underemployment, bankruptcy, foreclosure and unemployment. I bought a great domain that summarizes the goal — — last summer.

    I’m a writer and a coach. The obvious answer is to write about what I’ve learned during these life-transforming changes. I’ve started a collection of notes on index cards and have a working theme: “letters to my house.”

    My initial intent is to release essays or chapters from the book on the blog, see how they are received and adapt the marketing strategy as I continue writing the book.

    My first blog, Winter Blues Coach, is about a year-and-a-half old. It will be ready for an upgrade this spring. I’ve learned alot since I started it — I’ve taken many of the popular online courses and read the A-listers — but my traffic is nowhere near where it could be given that nearly 25% of the U.S. population suffers from some degree of the winter blues.

    While writing about my experiences will be certainly therapeutic for me, my training as a coach will help me make the material accessible and usable for many, many people. I want to reach as many people as possible with the message that losing your job, losing your financial cushion and losing your home is not the end of the world; it’s a fresh start. Grieving is necessary, but life is waiting.

    I subscribed to your posts because your approach and advice is different and insightful. Winning Traffic School would help me help a lot of people — and give you a great case study, because I definitely intend to put it to use.

    Many thanks to all who read this long comment. Thanks for your consideration, Corbett.


  29. Thanks for offering such an incredible opportunity! I’d love to win and learn how to launch my online presence to reach others more effectively. I use Facebook and Twitter, but need more direction to share my message.

    I’m a cats-only groomer with over 10 years experience. Yes, I groom cats. Combing, bathing, shaving, drying, creative coloring, the whole shebang. While dog care is fairly common knowledge, many people don’t understand the special needs of cats. I want to educate, enlighten, and encourage cat lovers everywhere with my passion for all things feline. The pet industry is huge and I want a bigger piece of the pie. Thanks, again. Think Traffic Rocks!!

  30. Can’t wait for the launch!

    I am leaving my staff job as of this Friday and have an iPad and iPhone app on creativity in the works, along with 2 free ecourses at Creative Guide To Life, and plans to offer consulting to creatives. I’t s a pretty big undertaking, but I’ve already been working on it on the side and am excited to be able to devote my full attention to it.

    There are far too resources out there for Creative professionals, and I’m looking to build the site into a complete resource to launch a creative-minded career or lifestyle. I was self-employed for 8 years, then on staff again for 2 years, and now back to self-employment. This time around my standards for myself and work are much higher and I’d love to have the support and tools to build an audience.

    I also prefer to use Think Traffic, because I see what you’re doing as authentic traffic building and marketing. I’m not interested in driving everyone out there to my site, I’m interested in attracting the right audience that will find value in the resources.


  31. I would love to win this “full-ride scholarship”!

    I’ve been generating some killer content on my blog ( ) for about a year-and-a-half now and I’ve seen some moderate successes in terms of traffic (thanks to blogs like this one), but I’m still not near the goals I had envisioned over a year ago.

    Clearly, I have the potential, skill, and desire to do better. I just need some extra education. You’re course can give me what I need.

    I’d love to be a part of it.

  32. I’m building a community… not just a community of anybody, a community of work at home moms who are ready to thrive and grow online. With the information I gain from the course I will not only be able to build my community but help teach other work at home moms (no matter what their business model) a better way to build their own businesses, and a quicker way to success.

    It’s my mission in life, to help moms learn how to make it work online so they can stay home with their kids. Traffic school would seriously help me cut my learning curve, of this I am sure.

    Thanks Corbett.

  33. Corbett,

    I just found your site a few days ago while reseaching unique websites. I am in the process of starting a website that encompasses my passion for food, travel, art and the Wisconsin state of mind. I freely admit I am not a tech person. Thankfully I am creative and I have a high aptitude to learn new things. If you pick me you will be getting a dedicated individual ready to apply the the knowledge immediately. I know that the type of website I am creating is a dime a dozen, but my content is all original and I am a professional person who gets things done and would make the most of the opportunity.

  34. I’ve finally gone legit and started the business I’ve always wanted to. And, well…traffic couldn’t hurt. Plus, I’ve been known to promote the hell out of stuff I find useful.

    I make a good case study. Win/win? I think so. 😉

  35. I’m not going to feed you a sappy line about how I’m going to find ways to value-add and create information products that cure cancer.

    I think that I deserve to win because frankly I will work harder than anyone else you could give it to. When I find something that I want, I pursue it with unmatched ferocity. In this case, I want to build an online audience that is fiercely loyal. I want a pride of digital nomads that I can commune with and bounce ideas off of. I’d rather have 1,000 rabid fans than 100,000 semi-enthusiastic ones.

    I will digest, regurgitate and re-digest your course until it haunts my dreams. I will come up with 50,000 ideas for services and try all of them. I will bleed my bank account dry coming up with clever domain names.

    Corbett, old sport, you should pick me because I will take your offering the farthest.

  36. Here is the website I would like to submit:

    We’ve produce a ton of awesome content on a regular weekly schedule, but we’re having a tough time growing traffic to our site.

    We are in this for the long haul and are determined to build an engaged audience. I think we would be a great case study for Traffic School because we will implement everything you teach. Also, we’re not in the “make money online” or internet marketing niche. We don’t want to teach you how to do social media, we want to teach you how to cook for yourself like a civilized human being!

    Thanks for your consideration.

  37. Corbett, I am a fan of your no-nonsense approach. It is refreshing and it clearly works

    Male eXperience‘ is a site for men who want to grow and discover their true masculinity. It is a site that encourages and challenges them to drop the mask and truly become themselves. Something you advocate in blogging.

    I have been running it for over a year now and it is gaining success and reputation. It is mainly known, however, in its niche. I want to generate a significant increase in traffic to open it up to ordinary men out there, the ones looking for help and support.

    I have also made the commitment that this is my full-time business, there is no plan B. I have plans for a membership site on two levels that will ‘monetise’ the site. It will bring mentoring and personal growth to men.

    The writing is going well, I am good at it and improving it all the time. I do need, however, to develop my marketing and create real, solid traffic that will open to site to the general population.

    I am excited about the prospect of Traffic School and look forward to learning more about it.


  38. Hi Corbett –

    I will work my tail off to make this successful and will become a complete and utter evangelist for your method if it works for me.

    If you want personal details on why this transition in my life is so important to me you can ping me by email, but the above answer is my official submission on why I think I should win.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  39. I would love the chance to follow your ‘Traffic School’ programme. ‘Think Traffic’ has already provided the most efficient, user friendly ways to increase numbers of committed readers of my blog.
    My aim is to provide unique, thought provoking posts that make readers sit up and think about how they can take a Positive Spin on most of what life throws at them.
    I’d like to gain a reputation in the Personal Develpopment niche for writing inspirational, intriguing articles that encourage vibrant, fun discussions.
    ‘Traffic School’ would ensure that I achieve these aims.

  40. Hi Corbett,

    Once again, you’re giving away an amazing prize and promoting an educational experience that I think is going to help a LOT of people pursue their dreams of growing their own successful Internet business. I’ve been trying to grow my online audience for The Emerald Closet ( for about 7 months now. I can’t say I’ve had as amazing of a success as some of the other commenters (who I am jealous of!). That could be attributed to the fact that I work full time and I’ve been really concentrating on creating a consistent flow of good, relevant content in the hours I have to work on it. It could be the fact that this is a fashion blog, and there are ENDLESS numbers of fashion blogs out there. But, what I think the main reason is, is that I read countless other blogs and have so many ideas, that I am a bit overwhelmed! Ideas pull me in hundreds of different directions, which causes me to stop at a standstill rather than move forward. I think Traffic School would really help me put into perspective what actions to take and in what order. I’m a big fan and have followed your guidance since I started my blog, so I would be ecstatic if I won, but if not, I know you are going to really change someone’s life. Congratulations on finally getting your Traffic School up and running and good luck to all the hopeful online professionals.

  41. Hi Corbett.
    I love what you’re doing. My site is just beginning (
    I’m glad I learned to fearlessly write epic shit from the beginning. I’ll be teaching how to find enlightenment, and be a spiritual healer. With unusual healing tips for free, links to some health products, and a new healing method unknown as yet ( there is potential for a positive shift in the world. Your course would help. Thanks.

  42. Why should I win? Because…
    * I have a passion for what I do and want to reach more people.
    * I’ve been following you for a long time and find your work inspiring
    * I don’t often ask for support and to get the right kind of support like this program to expand my reach would be amazing!

    Three’s the magic number, so I’ll leave it there. Excited to throw my hat in the ring!

  43. I am just starting my affiliate business following your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course. We are family in world travel and we want to continue traveling with our affiliate business, this is why we need a lot of traffic to our site and the other sites that we ate planing to create. Because we ate new in this any help will be appreciate, especially bringing traffic to our sites.
    Thank you,
    Tzvika & Haleli

  44. Ever feel like you’re in a soundproof box and all the people who need to hear what you have to say are nonchalantly walking about outside – completely oblivious to the awesomeness they could achieve if only they’d listen? That’s how I feel with my blogs. I’ve got 2 – one is focused on network marketing for beginners ( and the other is focused on my passion of achieving one’s personal best ( I feel so many lead lives of quiet desperation because they just don’t have a clue that life was meant to be better – hell, enjoyable even. I’ve started to completely change my life for the better – won’t bore you with the details (see for the backstory) – but the info on my blogs can’t help anybody if I can’t figure out how to drive interested traffic to it. I’ve taken a short haitus from posting due to some unavoidable personal issues – like a hellacious cross country move for my husband’s job – but am eager to get back out there and figure out how to get traffic to my blogs. I would also love to start a community to help military wives (like me) earn an income with a portable career that meshes with their husband’s career and allows them to care for their kid(s) financially in the event they are widowed (knock on wood). Thanks for the consideration. I’m looking forward to Traffic School.

  45. Later this year I will be heading to Indonesia with my family on a 1 year sabbatical. My goal during the year overseas (besides having a ton of fun and cool experiences) will be to build up a sustainable online business so that at the end of the year I will have the option to decide whether we stay in Indonesia, move back to the US or live somewhere else. My passion has always been photography and that is what I plan to use as a base for my business. I’d love to be a part of this course and make my sabbatical as productive as possible. Thanks Corbett!

  46. Why? Cause you’re annoying in a good way. Yes, you! I’m not the type to sign up to be a subscriber, let alone comment or add to a discussion. So seriously, wtf? Why do I feel drawn to do it for Think Traffic!?

    So I can’t ignore the fact then that there is a little ‘somethin’, ‘somethin’ you have going on here – different and unique then the others. I want answers dammit!

    I want to be an amazing example of what Think Traffic could do to help me expand my ideas and audience. Not only up my traffic but challenge the way I think.

    I don’t want to just write ‘epic shit’ ; ) I want to be ‘epic shit’!

  47. Corbett,

    I should win for 3 three reasons:

    1. I’ve just started a blog and know that I could gain a whole lot out of your course because I already gain a whole lot from your blog.
    2. I’d really like to have access to the content of the course, but I’d also like to see how you do it so that I can learn something for my own products.
    3. I’ll give you a hug. (Optional)

    There you have it!

  48. I believe that my site is unique in that it is mixed with reality and fantasy. A humorous site that is made for the whole family and folks of all ages. It takes you to the lighter side of life away from the stress and strain of everyday living.

  49. Corbett – I love this! I think giving away a free version of your program is a smart way to build up enthusiasm and excitement for what I’m sure is to be a cool product.

    One that I’d like to win.

    I’m a husband and a father of three. I started my blog at the end of April last year in an attempt to figure out how to spend my waking life with my wife and kids, not with a bunch of coworkers who share neighboring cubicles. I’ve watched as others have come into the blogging world since I started, done great, got huge amounts of traffic, and got closer to THEIR dreams.

    I’m still struggling with what I see others doing well. If this keeps up, I fear I’ll end up pulling my hair out and going bald before my children get the chance to make that happen themselves. :)

    The goal of my blog is to inspire people to the intentional pursuit of their best life (myself included). This message was inspired by people I’ve watched in the lifestyle design niche. I’d love to encourage others to wake up and leave their desks behind as I do so myself.

    I’m willing to put in the work. In my first 50 days of blogging I posted EVERY.SINGLE.DAY to build up my archives. I have reduced my sleep schedule to 4-5 hours a night to make time to work each evening after the wife and kids go to bed. I’m willing to bust my ass…but I’d love to know that I’m on the right path and not banging my head against a wall.

    Building more traffic would help me reach my dreams as I seek to inspire those around me with my story. It would help me to get closer to my dream of making a heroic impact on the world that I live in.

    Please change my life and choose me.

  50. Every day of the week, I change people’s lives. I save them thousands of dollars, fix their credit, and help them buy the homes of their dreams. I can do that for many more people through my new blog, Hands on Home Buyer. If I can only reach them.

    Working for a nonprofit, I don’t have lots of cash. I have even less time. So I need to be efficient and smart as well as passionate. And if Traffic School can help me do that, than you, Corbett Barr, can also say that you’ve changed people’s lives. That you’ve contributed to people being smart, and informed, and in finding the home of their dreams.

    Wouldn’t that feel great?

  51. Corbett,

    My site is . I get very little pageviews and I have nothing to offer – besides pretty pictures. Some where along the way i got lost and stopped producing.

    Your product will help get me back on track.

    Luis Navarro

  52. Since April 2009 I have been sitting out in Union Square in New York City with two folding chairs and a table with a sign that reads “Creative Approaches To What You Have Been Thinking About” and a smaller sign that reads “Pay What You Like Or Take What You Need” with a mason jar full of money next to it.

    I sit out there a few days a week for about 12 hours at a stretch with no phone or computer just talking with strangers about any subject that they need a creative approach towards. Subjects have ranged from HR problems, business issues, disputes with neighbors, finding a spirit animal to avoiding getting murdered.

    People pay. People don’t pay and a very fe take money – only nine dollars lost total.

    I blog about my interactions out there at There is no blog out there like it. I have been called the best kept secret in New York.

    I dont want to be a kept secret any longer. Please help me share this blog so that I might be able to move towards making a living from it.

  53. Aimed at helping people follow their passions and lead their dream life my site ( is the kick in the pants people need to live authentically and unconventionally. And even though the site is relatively new I know I will succeed. Why? Because I’m learning as much as possible, working hard and smart, and am truly, fabulously passionate about this endeavor.

    Already I’ve learned a great deal from Think Traffic and appreciate your genuine and valuable work. And since I know that Traffic School will be of the same high quality I would love to win this contest. Most importantly my ability to attract the right audience will equal countless more people living a passion-filled Dream Life, so the ripple effect is never ending.

    Thank you for the opportunity!

  54. I started in late 2008 without much thought as to where I wanted to take it. It started out where I was simply pouring out my thoughts and ideas about fitness, training, and nutrition and about a year later, I slowly started to build an audience.

    I began to take it more seriously by getting a professional design (I’ve since redesigned it twice with the newest design I launched this past Sunday) and have built it up to about 2500+ email subscribers.

    But here’s the cool thing. For the first time in my life, I’ve been able to actually make a difference in others peoples lives. I get emails daily about how my ebook, or how my articles have helped others free themselves of the anxiety and neuroses we often succumb to as fitness enthusiasts.

    My life gets a bit better each and everyday that I interact with my readers and personal clients. It’s the best job in the world and I hope to take my message to tens of thousands of people.

    This is my entry. Carpe Diem.

    oh yea, your ebook was awesome!

    JC Deen

  55. blog, shmogg, Corbett…
    here’s my story…
    I’ve been living THE life, most of my life, “practicing for retirement” I claimed when others raised eyebrows and suggested, “it must be nice” (to live in a palapa that night crawling, howling cats wandered through, to homeschool 2 small kidlets whether they wanted education or not…huh, what???)
    you get the picture, living one’s choice can sometimes be like a salmon swimming upstream, it’s a Must Do, but hardly a Club Med!!!
    Now for the current events section of this scintillating beach tale…
    Practice is over, at this ripe age (and I bet you can guess that number – mas o menos -) it’s time for this “mature” muchacha to work on perfection, give the body a well deserved rest.
    you may still be smarting from my rhyming intro to the rest of the story…
    however, this ain’t no ordinary blog I am imagining, my friend. I’d like to (gulp) take my already thriving small jewelry business online and entwine it with stories of different periods of my life and world. oh yea, forgot to mention, words are my friend and i’ve thought and been told that writing is (at least some part of)my destiny. Choice chapter titles include…
    Ker-Fluffle or not?
    Death without the Casseroles – a humnorous commentary on divorce at dawn
    The Sperm Collection (a phase of my jewelry design)
    and most recently…
    Gramma-Ville – a true life adventure

    okay, hardly 25 words or less, but there’s a punchline…
    I saw Kinsey on the beach this morning and he gave me THE NOD…
    if that’s not a thumbs up and hands down (awkward as that might appear) I don’t know Rey Momo!
    love and laughter

  56. Hi Corbett,
    Winning this scholarship would be a watershed moment for me.
    I’m in the final stages of selling off everything to go backpacking around the world… in the very slow sense of the world… so I can immerse myself in other cultures and share insights and photography about real people… not in big cities… but in rural areas that are sustainable… sharing concepts that would most-likely be “foreign” to most of the people who have internet access.
    Building traffic to my site will ultimately allow me to become self sustaining… and thus be able to spend more time focusing on content… rather than sustaining myself on the journey.
    Thanks in advance for this opportunity.

  57. I’m looking to build my blog’s content first and foremost, but certainly I want to grow the impact on the community. To do so, I know I will need a bigger audience. However, I want to earn my readers, my commenters, my subscribers.

    I’m planning a long term in-definite travel around the world and I’d like to build my website and community as best I can in the meantime. Departure day is post Christmas 2011 so I am ready to get going on this!

  58. Ah, another contest from Think Traffic! I feel like you do these on purpose just to inspire thoughts out of me 😉 Anyway, let’s begin:

    Dear Corbett,

    I have taken the red pill. And I am about to tell you why.

    I think people misunderstand the words ‘passion’ and ‘knowledge’. Let’s look at passion first.

    I looked up how many times the word ‘passion’ was used on this comment thread and each time, everyone describeD their passion in a way that seemed kind of incomplete. Like they’re just saying whatever is their passion is their passion without really knowing what ‘passion’ means.

    One of my mentors from across the web gave me his take on the meaning of passion:

    “Passion is a word commonly misused. Passion does not mean “strong sensation” or “wild feeling”. Passion is an animation of the soul. You can tell someone is ‘passionate’ about something not because they ‘really like it’ but because they become much more animated within it.”

    I don’t point this out to tear down others, but to enlighten them. As proof, I’ll use myself as an example.

    I always told people that I was ‘passionate’ about self help. A typical conversation would go like this:

    Skeptic Bob: Hey John, what’s your passion?
    J: OH THAT’S EASY! Helping people by showing them what’s possible!
    Skeptic Bob: Oh really… why?
    J: ? Because self help can show people what’s possi… hmm… I WANT TO HELP PEOPLE, OKAY!

    You see, I really liked self help. I think we all enjoy the underdog stories, the people who improve themselves and make themselves better by overcoming insecurities. We all LIKE these things, but very few of us are PASSIONATE about them. How did I know that I wasn’t passionate about it? Because it didn’t animate my soul!

    Self help was never my passion… but I’ve secretly been hiding my true passion (learning about sexuality and relationships) all this time, because I thought people would judge me for it.


    There is a crisis going on in America and do you know what that is? It is the fact that the divorce rate is going up and the marriage rate is going down. Do you know why?

    People will say that it’s because of the sexual liberation movement; because women are rising in the workplace and they don’t want to marry anymore, but that is not the case. The truth is that the gender roles are no longer clearly defined.

    In a world where there used to be 2 genders, there are now 5! (homosexual, transsexual, bisexual, in addition to the straight male and female) Why is this a problem? Because no one is teaching young people how to be men and women anymore! Because if we taught this in schools, it would be unfair to the other three.

    In the media, we hear people say, “Be a man!” or “Act like a lady!”, but what does that even mean anymore? For men, it meant work hard and provide for your family. Look strong, don’t cry, and be the rock upon which your family will stand! For women it was be pretty. Be a good mother and find a good man to support you and your family with.

    But now it’s “Ladies, you don’t need a man! You can get it on your own! Woman power, baby!” Girls (in America) are growing up thinking that men are no longer necessary. Boys (in America) are growing up not knowing what it means to be a man.

    They think: does being a man mean getting a good job? Bedding lots-o-chicks? Acting tough?

    Does being a woman mean being independent? Acting tough? Thinking what makes you feminine is synonymous with what makes you weak?

    I’ve digressed enough so I won’t go into anymore detail here (you can check out my new blog, Humane which launches today!), but my point is that I am passionate about this subject. It animates my soul.


    There’s a reason why this blog does so well. It’s not because you recycle old blog posts and ‘try’ to sound sophisticated. It’s because writing about traffic really does excite you! It’s part of the reason you get up in the morning. I know you might say that you like helping people, but the truth is you like telling people about traffic! Helping people is just a symptom of that passion.

    It’s the same as when people say they want to be doctors to help others. These people are focusing on the symptom and not on what animates their soul. Now, if they wanted to be doctors because someone close to them died from a disease a doctor misdiagnosed, they’re more likely to be passionate about that.

    Traffic School is your sweat and blood—there is probably no other product out there at has CORBETT written all over it! You’re giving away your knowledge and this is quite valuable.

    I want to win a free copy of Traffic School because it’s knowledge (knowledge is power ultimate!). But at the same time, I realize that Traffic School, even Think Traffic, will not give me the traffic I seek. No info product is a magic bullet. What will get me the traffic is me. If I do the course. If I do the worksheets. If I write the content.

    No one will come to my blog unless I show them otherwise!

    Many people here will tell you, Corbett, that they need Think Traffic to make their passion worth something. To make it more valuable. But the truth is, if their passion was true, they wouldn’t need Think Traffic. Or even Traffic School!

    TT/TS are not magic bullets. They will not grant any wishes. They are not going to painlessly give you traffic (anyone who tries to sell you an outcome that’s painless is somehow a salesman).

    So here I am on my laptop, telling you why I don’t need Traffic School or the blog. Why am I even entering, you ask? Because more knowledge is better than less knowledge. And I value your knowledge, just like everyone else here.

    But knowledge not applied is no knowledge at all. It is only ego inflation.



    Phew… another long one. I hope this helps people, to be honest. It’s time to embrace the things we’re passionate about, not just the things we think other people will buy.

  59. Hi Corbett,

    Would I want to win this one? Sure! Now what would I do with it. I have an idea for a niche/topic that I want to dive in to head first. I’m convinced there is a need, the only “problem” is getting it out there. And well, this is where Traffic School comes in. Combining this need with proper traffic will change the lives of hundreds, thousands of people for the better. Dare I even say tens of thousands?

    Could I get it out there without Traffic School? I might, but it would take years to build that kind of traffic on my own. Years to change lives

  60. I do not have a website. I have never spent one single second blogging. What a waste of time that would be. I do not have the skills and knowledge to turn such a thing into something that drives enough traffic to be successful.

    That could all change when I win the “scholarship”!

    The website will take written words that in turn inspire music. That music will cycle back around and inspire words. From this marriage there will bloom visual art inspired by the music and words. This newly formed triumvirate will grow like an alien arboretum from which the world can enjoy its sweet or bitter fruits.

    Or not. Depending on if I win.

    music samples if the link works:

  61. Hey Corbett, we met super briefly at Guilebeau’s reading in SF weeks ago.

    See, what I am, I’m a goddamn solo performer. I’ve written/performed my own one-person show, Bi-Poseur, to sold out crowds in San Francisco over the past couple of years. In September I funded out of my own pocket a three night a week/month long run of my show, which was featured in the SF Weekly and SF Chronicle. That ruined me financially.

    I’m also a 24-year old community college drop-out who still lives at home with my family and is working a mindless job that hardly gets my family (helping support my dad, Grandma, and brother) and I through week to week (I’ve been overdrawn nearly every single week since October 2010).

    The office life is bullshit, I know that. But I’ve spent the better part of a year and a life trying ‘lifestyle design’ (the term makes me borderline retch to be honest) to absolutely no results (I guess I’m one of those 9 percenters you mentioned who do nothing but spin wheels with no action). My dad doesn’t believe one can make a living from the internet (he believes in going to college and getting a high-paying job) – I really want to show him up – with the money I’m earning to support my family and I.

    I’m here because I trust you.

    I’m not trying to start another bullshit lifestyle-design-minalism-bucket-list-live-a-great-life blog; I’m sick of them. All I see are thinly veiled attempts at trying to get suckers to buy their ebook about positive thinking three months down the line. Which I see is double insincere. I’m still trying to get paid doing this though. Let’s be honest here. I’m working on an ebook on how to write your own one-person show, and I’m want to be offering scipt consulting down the line. But I’m gonna need a following.

    What I’m trying to do is harness the medium as a solo performer. When Ashley from The Middle Finger Project featured me late last year, she posted a two year old clip of my show, which got about 1000 hits in mere days. That’s a bullshit number in internet terms, but putting it in a theater context, more people have seen my show on the internet in a week than all the time I spent performing onstage.

    The main problem I see with other creatives/performers in my sphere is the notion of just grinding out show after show, trying to get their ‘big break’. And their idea of using the internet is creating some boring-ass video in the hopes of it ‘going viral.’ Which never does.

    And they wonder why they can’t gain a following. That’s what I’m wanting to get out of Traffic School. A following. I’m not even trying to be an ‘A-List Blogger’ (whatever that means). Hell man, all I’m looking to do is do get people to know about myself and my work and make money. If I can get offers to perform in New Mexico and Philly, and have somebody from Australia say they loved my show from one featured post on TMFP, imagine what can happen when I finally put on my big boy panties and develop into a blog with a following.

    Thanks, Corbett!

  62. My reason for wanting your course is very simple: My 17 year old daughter has just started a blog she’s using to raise money for a trip to Africa where she will help finish working on an orphanage. Not only will this trip be a life changing experience for her but your course will also teach her a skill set that will allow her to never be confined by a “regular” job.

  63. Hi Corbett,

    My Project:
    I am planning to launch a Digg like community site for Microsoft’s most profitable software product called SharePoint which is bringing $4 billion dollar revenue for Microsoft every year. I am so serious about this, I quit my job and building this software and I can say it is ready for the launch. I am going to go live in the second week of March 2011.

    My story:
    I wanted to grow this community site and take this to the next level by the end of 2011. I am looking in terms of million hits per month. I am not bragging here and claiming it is easy but there are more than 13 million community users are out there in this niche and if I do moderately alright then I can grab some of the traffic on a regular basis. I believe it is possible and I am very confident that I can make this happen.

    What’s in it for you and for me?
    If I get a chance to become a student of Traffic school, then I can be the greatest testimonial for this course where I can implement your proven strategies right in to my marketing campaign. At the same time, I can introduce Traffic school to my niche and it can hugely contribute to the Traffic school bottom line (i.e. sales). In my blog that associated with SharePoint Sidekick, I am going to show step by step videos to my niche “How to make money” with just $10(domain + hosting) using open source software (which I wrote, I am giving it away for free to the community as an open source software). In all my videos, I am going to give the credit to the Traffic School as I am going to get benefited using your methodologies and strategies. It is a win-win-win situation for you and me and for the community. That means Traffic school is exposed to SharePoint community through my videos.

    I am passionate and you know nothing beats passion. I am going to ‘Crush It’. I am the best fit for this traffic school course, period.

    Thanks for the opportunity Corbett!

  64. Hi Corbett!

    I just started blogging and building my online business. Currently I’m having 300 visitors per month, but I’m looking forward to increase that amount a lot this year.

    My blog is about personal development for online entrepreneurs and in order to boost the visibility of my emerging business, I think that I would learn a lot from Traffic School.

    In fact, I would like to learn the right way of generating traffic (“less is more”). This means that there would be certain traffic sources that I could focus my efforts to, which in turn would bring the biggest results. So, it’s quality over quantity and that would fit my strategy very well.

  65. Me personally my blog is still getting there. I have learnt so much from this website in learning how to grow my blog traffic and who I want to aim my content at. It has helped me to rethink my strategy. I wanted to use my blog as a marketing tool for the launch of my new haircare line but I was going about it all wrong. Being new to blogging and business I was writing content that did not yield much result. I have decided to plan my blogging approach better and then progress from there to the business. I should win because I can turn my 40+ daily views of absolute traffic to 100+ daily views of targeted traffic for the success of my business.

  66. Hey Corbett. My name is Gio and you must pick me. I am a 18 year old kid who wants to dream big and accomplish great things. Just imagine yourself in my position. If you had the tools and lessons you are about to give in traffic school as an 18 year old, imagine where I could go/create.
    My idea is to rethink the music industry for independent artists. I want to explore the depths of music and creativity and how one can master it and understand it. I also had some thoughts about an ebookling type service for artists. They could put there music up for free and people could buy it and affiliate it. I want to help musicians develop and promote themselves so they can earn a living online and through shows. No more starving artists!

    This would be a great start to my life knowing the inside out world of marketing and traffic. I could be able to bypass the “Traditional” american life and start creating and living a purposeful life from the start.

    -Giordano DeFilippo

  67. i’ve been reading as much about online marketing as i can– library books, rss feeds, websites, webinars, and i’m trying to do as much online (and offline) marketing as possible on a shoestring (more specifically- a nearly spiderweb-thin string) budget. if i could participate in traffic school it’d be an amazing boon to my marketing education and i’d love to share the results with my burgeoning online audience.

    you think i’m not serious about marketing (i understand; you just met me!)
    here’s a short list of what i’ve accomplished marketing-wise in the past 7 days:
    added a facebook like button to my homepage, syndicated my blog to facebook and twitter, sent a newsletter filled with tips and bonus info to both my retail and wholesale customers, designed a sticker for my sales receipts reminding customers to go to my facebook page and join the mailing list, designed a postcard to send as a follow-up to all my customers…[wouldn’t traffic school look SO good in this mix?]

    thanks for the opportunity,

  68. Hey Corbett,
    I’ve been waiting for this moment since I first saw your ads for Traffic School, having enjoyed your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course so much.
    Hey listen, I’m gonna get the course anyway, but I’d like you to consider me as a case study for the scholarship. Here’s why: I’m planning on re-launching my personal blog,, a site that I aim to have acting as a hub for all the other ideas I get for online projects. Some of those projects include affiliate marketing for information and physical products, a charitable childrens book exchange and a couple of e-books I’ve started on.

    What’s the reason I’m so keen to make a success of my online efforts? Well, after 3 years of struggle I’ve finally reached the last stage of my visa application and before long I hope to move from the UK to South Australia. I really want to make this a life-changing move and if I could earn a reasonable living online I could spend more quality time with my beautiful wife and kids and enjoy the fruits of my labour, instead of carrying on the same stressful, full-time career I have now.

    Well, that’s why I want it to work so much. Can’t wait for the launch!
    Cheers, Tim

  69. Hi Corbett,

    I’m a newbie in building audiences for “.com blogs”, but I’m a fast learner. I studied and read hundreds of marketing articles. I have several projects that I want to release this year and I think I can become a great study case for your course. A beginner in the .com area that can blossom into a .com Rockstar.

    You will not give up a free “copy” of your course you will make an investment in me, and I promise you that you will be proud of that investment.

    Congrats for whoever wins the prize (I sure hope it will be me.)

  70. Corbett,

    Thank you for the opportunity to ‘apply’ for a scholarship!

    I have been blogging for 6 months – I am a non-techie and struggle with the technical aspects of running a blog. In my 6 months I have barely any traffic (I think I maxed at 23 visits at one point) – I am struggling at this point.

    Enough about the negative stuff! I have a lot of passion for my subject and I do really enjoy writing – I want to continue blogging and reach a wide audience. I have only recently come across your blog (in the last week) and have been blown away.

    I would love the help of your Traffic School!

  71. I would like to be considered for the scholarship because back in sept I was laid of and after months and months of searching for a NEW JOB i have realized that this wont be the answer to my long-term financial woes. I have always wanted to build a business online that catered to creative people like myself who are stuck in the 9-5 trap that want to break out. I have started working on my WordPress blog and will be up loading it very soon. I have been to your site over and over and have almost purchased your affiliate program but to honest its just not in my budget. I am ready to build my business and do whatever it takes to make it happen, I just need a little help. Even if I am not picked this post will still give me motivation to join at another time. I have heard awesome things about it. So I should win this because to be honest I need this in my life to kick start what i have been dreaming of for the last year. I will be a great student and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen in this course, I just need the opportunity.

  72. Hey Corbett, what’s up brother!

    Since I emailed you a few weeks ago, I’ve continued to evolve what I think is going to be my topics…my original idea evolved into a different project entirely, and it’ll be launching soon!

    I’d love to get my hands on a copy of traffic school! Just the other day, I registered a new domain at

    What’s the plan?

    Well, I want to start building it up right now, as I’m a few weeks away from graduation, and see it become successfull at giving kickass information out to people who want to thrive in this new kind of ‘idea economy.’ The way I see it, in the ‘idea economy’ the biggest factory doesn’t win, the best idea does.

    For some people, like yourself, Think Traffic was an idea, well implemented that makes you an income. Someone else might have an idea for a new widget but doesn’t have a clue how to start. I’d like to lay out a blueprint for people to on how to start kicking ass in the this new ‘idea economy.’ Sure, building web traffic, social media, blog, ect, might be a small part of it, but there’s much more.

    I’ve even started writing an book on it! I was thinking of hitting you up with a brief interview soon! ; )

    Anyways, I’d love a chance to built it all up with a bit of your help

    Later Brotha

  73. [Action]

    After reading through the 62 comments prior to this one there are really only 2 people I see as most deserving of this and they are James Clear and JC Deen. My reasoning is that their comments shone like a very bright light from a very dark tunnel sparked by true passion and enthusiasm for what they are actually doing. Almost everyone else in my opinion had a tone of desperation rather than passion and you will get a lot further with the latter.

    I think you would have 2 brilliant case studies on your hands Corbett if you selected either one of these guys.

    And I know nothing about either of them apart from the short comments I have just read.

    I hope you have great success with the course!

  74. I deserve to win a free copy because I am young. Yes, I want to prove to the world that yes, a kid can create a profitable business before he is even 18. I want to show that yes anyone CAN make money online, you just need drive, focus, and a ton of heart.

    Thanks for you time!

  75. I have been a pediatrician for 40 years specializing in adolescent medicine. In Sept I published a parenting book, “Messengers in Denim”, written from the eye of teens, based on lessons my teen patients have told me these past years. Due to circumstances beyound my control the publisher missed the pub. date, so the distributor (rightly so) dropped the book from his fall list. Consequently all pre-orders were cancelled, we had many from many book stores; now this book is carried only on-line at amazon, borders, and Barnes and Nobel. It is un-like any other parenting book. At one point we had considered calling it “Essence of parenting” or “Principles of Parenting”. But felt these titles were a bit heavy. It has received only 5 star reviews. It has been called a book which will change parents attitudes and parenting forever. But is going no where. I have been trying to market it on line, but will little success. Is it possible to get this book into the hands of parents? If so, how do I do it?
    I look forward to your traffic school. Parents will appreciate your help!
    Thanks, Par

  76. I am 19 years old and have been building my online business, United iPhone Repair, for the last 8 months. Some notable things my company has already achieved.

    -Featured on national NBC news (google iphone repair kid)
    -Featured as a Success Story in March/April issue of “Home Business Magazine”
    -Featured by Texas Tech news
    -Helped 32 people start and run iPhone Repair Businesses across the world
    – 200 average daily visitors
    – 1st page rank Google for “iPhone Repair” after 3 months of SEO

    Heres what my website does.

    We teach people how to repair iPhones and then teach them how to grow their business. We start them off by marketing for them and then teach them how to grow their online presence. I also import replacement iPhone parts and supply the companies that I help start with quality parts.

    With the enrollment in Traffic School not only will I learn how to grow my own traffic, but I will learn the techniques that you teach people and then be able to apply those in my own company teaching my clients about the iPhone repair business. Right now all of the tutorials and information that is used to get them started and I would really benefit from experiencing how to teach people and what it is like to be taught.

  77. Thank you Corbett for this opportunity.

    The message I want to spread through my site is the following: Your life is your art. What I want to achieve through spreading this message is to make the world more romantic – by ‘romantic’ I mean living a life with senses of hope, possibility, abundance, love, passion, and curiosity.

    I aim to bring readers along to this journey of making the world more romantic, by providing them with questions and perspectives that will help them cultivate a well-focused, passion-driven life.

    I want to bring my site to the next level so I can spread the message to many more people who wouldn’t have realized their potential otherwise.

    If I win, that will be a win for people who want to live a romantic life – who want to live their life as their art.


  78. I’d make a great student. Here’s why.
    1) I love this shit. Gets me up in the morning and gives me purpose.
    2) I can help others kick ass when it comes to online marketing.
    3) I’ll be the best case study to prove thinktraffic school rocks.
    4) I’ll finish the course.
    5) I’ll do my homework.
    6) I’ll contribute to new ideas and hacks.
    7) I’ll give you a whole bunch of feedback which will make TT even more awesome.
    8) I’ll remember you when I’m famous ;p
    9) I’ll be your best affiliate.
    10) I guarantee results!

    Pick me, me me memememememe!!!

  79. I have been in the IT industry for about 14 years now. I have just recently started doing social media consulting after hours to try to free myself from the rat race. It’s been a long hard road learning all the ins and outs of really being a social media expert and especially learning now to drive traffic.

    This morning, my two year old son (number 8 of 9) was sick and crying after spending the night puking and coughing. He looked at me as I got ready to leave for my day job and said “stay with me, Daddy”.

    I’d really like to win this training so I can stay home with my kids. This is what this industry is so good at… offering a freedom from convention and the chance to create a life outside the box.

    Thanks for the opportunity. Cross your fingers for me.

  80. Hey Corbett, I found your blog a few days ago via a recommendation, I like what you’re building here.

    I’m in the process of launching It is scheduled to go live March 15th.

    I think “I.B.E” deserves traffic school for reasons bigger than myself. I think there are an abundance of people with the dream of building a business online, but fear from not seeing the path keeps them from taking action. Entrepreneurship has been one of the most fulfilling experiences of my young life, and I want to share it.

    I see passion as an emotional experience everyone should enjoy, but I don’t think enough people do. If I can put a light on the path to help people start working towards their dream, their experience of life might be better for it.

    Thanks for the consideration!


  81. Hey Corbett,

    I think I should win the free course because I have been working my ass off for the past month and a half building my online empire. (So far I’m on track to quadruple my first months earnings.)

    I’ve put together an infographic business plan you can review at:

    I also went through your Affiliate Marketing For Beginners program and your style of teaching resonated with me, however, I’m looking for something a little more in depth.

  82. We’re not getting any younger and I need to get famous, QUICK. With my copy of Traffic School, I’d like to help all of the bands that I work with who are holed up in their van eating cold noodles. Their music and their videos need to be seen. They need to go to Traffic School! 😉

  83. I’ll throw some dice down.

    I’m a 30yo combat veteran. I was going career military, airborne infantry, when I was hit with an IED over in Afghanistan. This forced a rather abrupt career change. No big deal if it was just me; but I have a young daughter I am also the single parent of.

    I’ve found I’m not too good at much on the outside world. I’m doing the college thing through the GI Bill, but it’s a struggle – the only classes I’m passionate about are those concerning computers, and writing. This ends up being a good thing, as I’m also passionate about a third hobby…

    About a year ago I started trying out this ‘blogging’ thing. Without any knowledge of SEO and organic search and the like, I chose two domain names that do pretty well for themselves – and My third,, is a travel blogging social network that I’ve built to over three hundred subscribers so far. I just started to have a more ‘personal’ outlet for blogging online. Sometimes what I want to talk about just doesn’t fit these niches I keep finding. 😉

    If you choose me, you’ll be choosing someone who will succeed at this with or without your help. But with your help, I’ll complete this personal mission much more efficiently – and my list of those I’ll have to thank for my success will be rather short, to a large enough audience that you’ll never regret having given this stranger a shot at some free, quality training.

    All the best,


  84. My audience is tiny right now, but the responses I’ve gotten have confirmed my belief that I am offering something that can change people’s lives. I empower multi-passionate people to embrace all their interests by providing them with the tools they need to manage everything they’re doing in life. By doing so, I believe that the people I help will use their passions as the foundation for ideas that will change the world. Great ideas emerge from the overlap between unrelated fields, and people with multiple passions have a wealth of fields to combine in new and unexpected ways. My future tribe could be capable of creating technologies to mitigate climate change, innovating new ways to combat infectious diseases, inventing systems to reduce poverty or developing new industries to employ the millions of skilled and educated people who can’t currently find work.

    Yes, it’s audacious. But it needs to be done. We need new ideas and fresh takes on the problems we’re facing, and I believe that multi-passionate people are in the best position to provide those ideas. There is no formula for a great idea, but by empowering my people to embrace their passions and providing a forum for all of their unrelated fields to mix, I believe I can create a fertile environment for great ideas.

    If I’m not chosen for Traffic School, I’ll grow my audience by trial and error and I’ll get there eventually. It will be a lot faster with Traffic School, though. There are very few people whose audience is specifically multi-passionates, so I’m currently growing by guest posting in as many niches as I can in hopes that the multi-passionate people who are reading will click back through to my site. I’m also trying to set up some joint ventures and considering how I might create some sort of niche-wide event like you did at Free Pursuits. Everyone in this niche writes in isolation – there’s next to no cross linking, commenting on other people’s posts, etc. On the one hand, the opportunity to grow is amazing, on the other, it makes it more difficult to get off the ground.

    I would love the opportunity to use Traffic School to get my vision off the ground and start fostering on a large scale the amazing ideas that I know my people are capable of.

    Thanks for offering this opportunity!

    If any multi-passionate people happen to be reading, I invite you to stop by Multiple Passions to check out what we’re doing and join our multi-passionate revolution. :)

  85. Thanks for the opportunity and I promise to keep it short :)

    There are many awesome comments out here and to compete I believe I should just be myself. I have a blog ( which I have been posting on for last 1.5 years. I strongly believe that I am adding value by writing those business posts and have made a small tribe who is regular in providing me feedback. I now want to take this to a all new different level and crush it online. I will be grateful if you provide me this opportunity to learn, implement and experiment with your stuff. I know this contest is for a free entry but would be grateful to return the favor back when required.

    Hope this was precise. Just go ahead and select me, Now 😉

  86. Hey Corbett,
    Greg Freeman and John Anyasor look like great candidates. However, I’m sure you will agree that you will have a tough time picking one out of all the great entries out there.

    On a different note, here are my reasons why I shouldn’t win this..
    1. Again, there are a lot of great candidates who are trying to make an impact in the world and would really benefit from getting the word out to a bigger audience. Not to say that I don’t have anything important to say. However, I’m a true believer of a very well known quote by Zig Ziglar “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help other people get what they want.”

    2. Nowadays, it is more about collaboration, communication, connection, collective wisdom, contributing, content creation, and community. Therefore, if I could help someone out here to be voted as that person that wins this contest, then I’ve truly collaborated, connected, contributed, and hopefully brought some value to the community.

    Best of luck to whoever gets wins this. Keep rockin C.B.!

  87. [This is amazing. OK.]
    I think I should win because I have a very important message to spread to people that really need to listen to me, but who don’t know it yet.

    Because this is the precise moment in which I need to learn to have a raving audience: I’ve been thinking for the entire week that my blog needs to go to the next level because my life has.

    Because I just did a public compromise of writing and living what you call epic shit in order to inspire people to inspire others… with my example.
    Because I’ve deeply understood why someone should write a blog and because it makes me absolutely happy to hear that my readers are grateful for what I write.

    Because my blog would be different from anyone my people knows. I write in spanish because I want to make a difference for MY people (mexican readers who don’t have the slightest idea of the amazingness of blogs and great content blogs). I’m sure my blog would be important in my readers’ lives. It wouldn’t be just another blog. Well, it’s not.

    Because my next readers need me in order to learn to need no one.
    Because me succeeding would not only mean a lot to me, but also to people around me so they can say: “Wow, we as mexicans are not what we believe we are! We can succeed!” And there would be more people succeding, starting from me.

    Because once a commenter told me that reading my blog makes him feel like living. And I think that’s something good to feel.

  88. Hi Corbett,

    My business is helping busy professionals share their fantastic message (when they don’t have the time or technical know-how to share their message themselves). One of my current challenges is to spread and preserve the work and insight of a great veterinarian who will be retiring soon, and I think this project could be amazing with the help of Traffic School.

    This veterinarian pioneered the approach of holistic medicine with animals and even participated in the first acupuncture studies at UCLA in the 70s (back when most academics actually thought that acupuncture could only be effective on people of Asian descent)! He has made significant contributions to the field, yet the majority of pet owners have never heard of him or his methods.

    I want to better help people leave a legacy, and I think Traffic School would enable me to do so. I would love to win the scholarship to Traffic School and see how far I can take this project! Thanks for your consideration! :)

    -Amber M.

  89. Hi Corbett.
    Thanks for the entry into the competition. I would love to win of course.
    New on the blogging scene, have great ideas for articles and books, still a lot of work needed to make it happen and to stand out from the crowd.
    Life is full of opportunities and I’ve decided it’s time to start to taking them.
    The areas I write about:
    * how to make personal changes to find freedom in more time and space
    * the best ways to sort through the clutter of everyday life and find happiness in simplicity
    * how to embrace opportunities and improve your productivity
    * learning new skills for reducing stress and regaining control of your direction in daily life

    I would love to find a financial balance in life that allows me to spend less time at my current full time employment so that I can dedicate my time to inspiring others through my blog- LIsten Feel Breathe.

  90. When I woke up this morning before going to work, I thought “If I had a profitable business, I wouldn’t have to wake up that early…” ! I am about to start my new business, and Traffic School will make me succeed.

  91. C,
    I’m tired of working my balls off for other people trying to find the right fit. I know the projects I want to work my balls off for and they are my own. Its a range of things I enjoy with some killer focal points. I’ve got some experience, I’ve got the almighty B.S., shit I’m even a wizard (ok that part isn’t true). Bottom line- I’m hungry and going to make this happen for me and my family.


  92. Hello Corbett,

    Found out I LOVE blogging; but would LOVE to know how to make it work as a platform for my business!! My first blogging experience ever was the winning entry in a blogging contest.

    I just started my own blog on my website in January and it so needs some loving care!! I think my audience number is currently: zero! When I grow my audience I want to provide content to them that is EPIC and USEFUL to them – to find out what they need and provide a solution.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated. :) Thank you for the opportunity.


  93. Hey :)
    I have to win a full access to Traffic School because I want to increase my online presence with the following websites: – shop + blog about health, sport and fitness, age: 4 months – brandnew! A great opportunity to combine this site with Traffic School 😉

    I am 21 years old student in germany and I am fascinated by the web!
    I belive that a full access to the Traffic School will help me to reach my first milestone in the web.

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge!!!
    You rock! :)

  94. I have been writing for a year now and have “funny, inspirational and thoughts to ponder” to offer to women, mothers, nurses, etc in their life’s journey. I have no website yet, so would be an “open book”, a clean slate eagerly ready with a piece of chalk.

  95. Oy! How to stand out among all the other worthy applicants who are vying to win this exciting new product of yours. I’m working with my web designer and app designer to launch within 7 weeks. I have unique fun service that I will be providing that includes cool photography and personalized messages. I have done large surveys to find out a out the interest in my service and the response is great. Once the site is up – (this is my baby!) – I will be working feverishly to get the traffic to the site! Having this product would help make that possible…I need to do everything in my power to get the largest audience to my site! You won’t regret choosing me! Thanks for all your advice and for the opportunity to win this incredibly helpful too! All the best to all of us, Evon Biondi :)

  96. Yikes! You’re brave. I’ve just read through all the great ideas, proposals and comments before mine. I think we could all use some of your expertise, insight and advice.
    I’m a self-published middle-grade author. Self-publishing still has a negative tag attached to it and I find myself blocked in accessing the routes available to the conventional publishing industry (libraries, big book review sites, stores, etc). The book is currently in a Grade 6 class which should allow me to work my way into more schools (I’m collecting the kid’s reviews as positive press). I’m really looking at how the internet, through educational, parenting and book review sites can help me spread the word.
    The target age for my book is 10-12 years old and I don’t know how to reach them on the internet. I don’t want to “use” kids to buy the book. I’d like to attract them with an educational or fun experience. So far I have started a kid-friendy environmental blog (my book has an environmental message) in the name of the 11-year-old main character. In my class visits a lot of kids have expressed an interest in have their stories and drawings online, so maybe a site for them to do just that…
    I feel like I’m scrambling and grasping at ideas and really need a comprehensive plan with a focused direction.
    Hoping you can help,

  97. Seems like everybody agrees that Love is the answer.

    Being Loving, however, poses quite the challenge. How many people do you know who fall madly in love only to run straight into the same old patterns that have been dragging them down over and over?

    Last fall, my partner and I began a site at dedicated to learning and sharing cutting edge relationship and communication skills. Because if we can’t figure out how to create peace in our bedrooms, what chance do we have of creating peace in the world?

    It’s been a wonderful journey thus far, but we have a long way to go to figure out how to attract the audience that will absolutely benefit from what we’re sharing.

    It would be wonderful to be able to dive headlong into the strategies you’re offering in Traffic School in order to bring our message of the nuts and bolts of how to love and be loved to as many people as possible.

  98. As a full-time staff volunteer at Gospel for Asia (I had to raise all my own support to work here… kinda crazy), I work to communicate the needs of the poor and impoverished people of South Asia to the western world.

    After supporting the organization from 2001 to 2007, I decided to take the plunge, sell my company and move my wife and newborn to the organization’s offices in Dallas, Texas. Now, three years later, I gobble up as much info as I can to help me tell the story of those in need.

    I would like to join your class to learn how I can better tell others about some of the most broken places in the world.


  99. Good Morning Corbett
    Thank you for the opportunity to apply for a full scholarship to Traffic School. My name is Lisa Randolph and I am The founder of Segue Business Solutions. Our company produces “The Bodyworkers Bizplanner” which is a business management tool for massage therapists. The book is not only for appointment setting, but so much more. It includes many business planning and daily operation tools which are useful to veteran therapists and definitely new therapists.

    I also teach workshops and coach therapists on the following subjects:
    * Goal Setting
    * Time Management
    * Mission Statement Planning
    * Marketing

    I am a huge believer in an integrated marketing strategy and this is what I teach to my students in my workshops. However, the piece of the puzzle I’m lacking is how to effectively drive traffic to a website, which is why I need to take your class. Corbett, I would be honored to win the scholarship you are offering. I will take the information you and your guests will be providing and pay-it-forward. I’m blessed to have a marketing background, but a lot of massage therapists are not, this subject is not covered nearly enough in school. I believe that your class will be another important tool I can recommend to people in this profession.

    As you view my site, you will see that our product is specific to massage therapists, and is something that can jump start success for all therapists, that is if they only knew it existed. I’ve done well with direct mailers and trade shows. However, the internet presence has been a challenge. I have also used my coaching site to cross market and reference the Biz Planner. I am also using the following as ways to spread the word:

    Facebook at

    As you can see the pieces of the puzzle are there but not put in harmony. Corbett with your help and support, I can take the Biz Planner site to the next level and get this important product, and many of the others I have in my business plan (getting ready to launch an online version of the planner), in the hands of massage therapists everywhere. I had a therapist tell me “This planner has everything I need to manage my massage business. I call it the Massage Bible Planner.” What a testimonial, her statement made me even more passionate about my company’s mission of helping therapist not only succeed in the treatment room, but as organized self-assured business professionals.

    Corbett, thank you for time and allowing me to share with you why I believe I deserve the free spot you are offering in your class.

    Have an outstanding day and Carpe Diem!

  100. Hey Corbett. This contest is going to be amazing for whoever wins it! (I hope it’s me!) My site is and I just recently flipped the script on it. It was going to be used to showcase my graphic/web design & photography portfolio, but now I’m addicted to SEO, Internet Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing. I am using the site to keep track of my journey from a zero to a hero, which will include all of my failures and success stories. Of course there will be some randomness on there, that’s just who I am.

    I’ve been slowly seeing my subscriber rate increase, my visitors increase, and my referral sites increase. But again, very slowly. I know I need to add a lot more epic shit (aka brilliant/entertaining content), and I’m getting to it. But I also need to extremely ramp up my incoming traffic. I think my site is the perfect candidate.

    On a side note, my girlfriend and I will be creating a healthy-based website very soon. That site too would be great for the Traffic School (and this contest). It would be very interesting to implement your course into this site starting from the beginning since the site is not created yet.

    Either way, I look forward to seeing you unveil this course next week. From everything I’ve seen you produce, it’s just plain sick! And I think I’m going to just have to sign up for your Affiliate Marketing for Beginners course just because more epic education never hurt anybody, and I trust the information you publish.

    Keep on rockin Corbett! Cheers!

  101. Hi Corbett,
    This sounds like a truly awesome program and there are so many great entries. My story is that I’m not exactly a new blogger. I blogged for 1.5 years in another industry, but have very recently started a blog for my freelance company. Although the site is brand new, launching just 2 weeks ago….I’m so excited about it. It’s an expression of my most authentic self.

    My specialty is slightly unconventional in the fact that I’m a business strategist + personal empowerment coach for entrepreneurs. I haven’t seen a lot of people combine the two. But over the years I’ve come to realize, what holds many back from their highest potential are their thoughts. I help entrepreneurs crank up their spotlights – both inner and outer, and my blog is a reflection of this. Because my unique combination of specialties doesn’t exactly fit into any of the existing categories, I’ve struggled with driving traffic.

    I enjoy helping people. And working with entrepreneurs is what I was born to do. I think so many could benefit from my unique approach, and I know that driving traffic is the first step. I’d love to be the poster child for what Traffic School can really do! Please check out my website:
    Thanks so much for your consideration!
    ~Piper Larson

  102. Hello,

    I’m launching a new website in May. It ties in beautifully with the digital nomad crowd, budget travellers, volunteers, and people who are reengineering their careers and lifestyles.

    A “full-ride scholarship” to Traffic School would go a long way to making the launch a huge success.
    Thanks for this opportunity – fingers crossed!! – Adele

  103. Corbett,

    I just want to know what love-drug you sprinkle on your words to produce paragraphs of such genuine, compelling advice.

    If traffic school provides the chemical equation, I’d love to take part in it.

    We’re huge fans of your work, we hope you know how much we appreciate it; REsheets is alive because of you.


  104. Wow, I can’t believe I found Traffic School! Thank you for such a wonderful resource. Okay, why I know I’m going to win: :)
    I have just started blogging a couple of months ago. I haven’t announced my website to the public yet, yet I’ve gotten comments all ready! That’s why I know my idea is going to be big. My idea: Making a difference through art. I am disabled. I know what it’s like to go through hard times. I’m the only person in my family that got a college degree. I studied art and psych. I worked in human services for years and incorporated art with it. Now I want to give more. I want to offer a website space where people can go and feel comfortable expressing themselves. Share their art, their stories. I’d like to share my talent and contribute the profits to charities. I want to give of myself and I’m looking for nothing in return except to brighten someone’s day. That’s where it’s at. Spreading kindness. Pick me to help make a difference! :)

  105. Wow Corbett, it’s going to be a big job choosing a winner out of all these fantastic entries. I can’t come up with any clever way to give me the upperhand in winning, so here is me…

    I have followed your work for the past six months that I have been studying online marketing and blogging. One of the most impactful things I received from you was the video of your place where you are wintering down in Mexico this year. I played it several times and was simply…inspired. That dream that you are living is one that I deeply desire to live out too!

    I am in search of a better way of life than the cookie-cutter one we’ve been raised to believe is the only way. Being born, school, college, paycheck to paycheck while feeling like throwing ourselves out a window from the pure insanity of it all.

    Then, at the end of last year, I laid off from my job and went home to wonder…what now? I can’t stand working a 9-5 job, I desperately long for freedom to work and live as I choose and I made a mental and emotional decision that somehow…I was going to Harness the Beast (the internet) in order to create a reality for myself and my family that I was crazy passionate about and could share with others as well.

    That’s why I need to win this scholarship…

    I am one of the many many people who are learning quietly and persistently behind the scenes, how to escape the 20th century slave labor mentality and enter into a Bright New World, where each person can, with hard work and passion, design their own life and live life fully awake and engaged everyday! This is my dream.

    Traffic School would help make those dreams come true. So, I am asking you to consider me, because an investment in me is in an investment in this amazing movement of people that refuses the status-quo and are going after a new way to live. Discovering this movement is transforming my life and am so excited about where this crazy, scary wave of technology will take us and I’m in for the long haul!

    I have a blog I started in 2010 and two under construction with some amazing, creative and edgy ideas, but don’t have technical background and am struggling to absorb in a piece meal way, everything there is to know to be successful. So a solid, quality course like this one would catapult me in the next six months far beyond what I can do on my own. I need some strong shoulders to stand on!

    Warmest Regards,
    Kristi J Miceli

  106. Hi Corbett,
    thanks so much for your daily blog and offering a scholarship.
    I run an online photography magazine and I would like to win the scholarship, so I can increase the online presence.
    I have been featuring photographers for the last 14 month and think they deserve a bigger audience. I do not make any money from this and the website + magazine runs on love and my spare time at the moment.
    Best wishes,

  107. Hola Corbett! Many thanks for this wonderful gift you’re choosing to give. That’s well nice of you.

    And just so you know, it’s going to be well worked through and appreciated by me AND the kickass community of inspired change agents this will help create so we can all live our lives OUR way, purposefully, passionately, adventurously and joyous(ly?) for the rest of our days! This is probably the longest sentence on this site so that would well be worth the prize, ha 😉

    I mean – please, pick me, thank you!

    I’m getting there in spurts and bursts and am ready for momentum to get the word out. I’ll absorb, learn and act on this course to help launch fireworks all over the world (think Katy Perry’s Fireworks video!).

    I’m thinking leading the way AND co-creating with a bigger audience, a transformative tipping point of wildly inspired people living and breathing amazingness!

    What bigger gift than to help me spread the message of “Your Life YOUR Way – Find it, Own it, Live it” to the hundreds of thousands who so need to hear this? Check it out at

    Thanks again mate, :) Have a fantastic week!!

  108. Ciao Corbett,
    Traffic School is going to do a lot for you and others as well. A huge congratulations on the win win!

    I am the ecstatic new blogger on the scene and loving my new project. It is a realization after 1.5 years of research, learning, reading and deciding my direction. I have been quietly beavering away on my site for 2 months now, starting from scratch without even knowing what an FTP client was! Ouch!! I also have not told a soul about my project;waiting until it was beautiful enough to show everyone -until now. This contest waits for no one!

    My site is:
    My concept is to showcase Italy – helpful to travelers and office cubicle dreamers . People who need an Italian Fix will find articles in an image rich site that highlights the creative people, amazing homes and design, best itineraries, and food that inspire millions of tourists a year to travel there. It is a hybrid design/travel site that has an incredibly voracious audience but didn’t exist. Until now.

    Why the hell am I so passionate about a bunch of Italians? Because I lived there for 2 years . Nine out of ten people I say this to get dreamy stars in their eyes. It seems EVERYONE wants to visit Italy. I read somewhere, “do something that would be hard for others to do but easy for you.” I currently live in Canada but still have an incredible wealth of information valuable to others who have a passion for Italy. I learned to speak and read Italian so I am capable of also highlighting content gleaned from Italian language sources as well.

    My goals for Italian Fix are these:
    1) a go-to destination for stylish advice and inspiration on Italy
    2) to offer personal itinerary planning
    3) to offer week long tours in the area I lived, hosted by me and available to my readers
    4) to sell itineraries with coupon books I am working on with Italian businesses to save people those pricey euros!

    My unflagging inspiration to focus on this online business are my daughter and husband. I think about my new project constantly and am writing ideas in a second notebook because the first one is full already. I have always done extraordinary things in my life and have been very blessed with some fantastic opportunities. I am an absolute late bloomer online and just learned how to re-size a photo. But just like anything in life, if you don’t know how to do something- ask someone who does. That is why I come to visit your sites. I know I would make the most of the course, be a real keener and most importantly bring traffic to my site by being a model student. Then I can give back too. Because online- that’s what it’s all about!!

    Thanks very much for all the great information you’ve shared with readers so far. Loving your no BS stance as well. Traffic school will be more of the same awesomeness. Very clever giveaway!
    All the best,

  109. Good day Corbett. I am so glad I have the opportunity to tell you how much I would benefit from your course.
    The #1 reason I need to learn how to attract good people to my current two month old baby blog and another I have in mind is to “Make the web a more wonderful place”, just like Nicole Dean stated in Pat’s podcast #9. The #2 reason I really need this excellent opportunity is that I don’t know anything about what I am doing and I desperately need help.
    The #3 reason is that without any source of income, I would not be able to afford this school. About a year ago I left my home and job as a civil engineer in Southern California to take care of my wife who started suffering from what I call a rare depressive-anxiety disorder. I do not wish anybody that kind of suffering.
    I really love your job behind Matt Gartland’s web pages!
    From the Sonoran Deserts in Mexico,

  110. Corbett,
    In spite of my best efforts, after 11 months of blogging, I’m still only attracting about 1,000 visitors a month. Clearly, I’m doing something wrong and could benefit from attending “Traffic School”.

    I have slowly been building as an authority site and have been driving traffic mainly through social networking. 42% of my traffic is referral traffic with 51% of that coming from Twitter. My second source of referral traffic is from LinkedIn and my 3rd source is from Facebook.

    Like most entrepreneurs, I operate on a shoestring budget and try to garner information from reading sites such as yours and hopefully most of the “13 ridiculously successful online entrepreneurs and bloggers” who contributed lessons.

    Should I be fortunate enough to be the recipient of your full-ride scholarship, I can assure you that I would take full advantage of it and in return promote and give credit to you and your fellow collaborators.

    Naturally, promoting you and your fellow collaborators is not contingent upon my being the recipient. :) So far, social networking, collaborating and helping others is what I do best, it’s for everything else I need help!

    As always, best wishes to you and thank you for your consideration.

  111. Corbett,
    I just found your site today. I am a Special Education teacher without students this year. My husband and I started a small natural pet food store. I have taken several classes on using webpages, blogs and tweets for education and I have also started using these for my business. I feel like I need more information to grow our business to the level that we hope to grow.
    I feel that Traffic School would be a great help in drawing customers to our store and also build a business online. One of our major goals is to educate pet owners on how to feed and care for their pets. What a great way to achieve this goal with a website and the use of technology!

  112. Because I crave traffic like a fat kid craves cheesecake :)

    I don’t have the growing audiences that others have. Not ONE subscriber yet to my name, brand new blog. And I want to reach people and tell them that hard work can pay off big. I’ve done it in the “real” world, I can do it in the “cyber” world.

    I’d make for an excellent study of going from zero to hero.


  113. Hi Corbett,

    What a kind offer of you.

    I am a young boy from a poor asiatic country, Nepal.(If you don’t believe, you can check out my facebook profile) Corbett, I tried many times to make money online in the internet with different methods. Firstly, I tried my luck with affiliate marketing, but sadly neither Paypal or Clickbank or eJunkie had an option of receiving money in Nepal. You may not know, but just to get a international credit card here, you have to overcome a tedious legal formalities which I can’t even understand. But when I got one, I couldn’t use it anywhere except for buying domain and hosting.

    I currently run no website, but I have tons of ideas for them. And I am really passionate man in blogging. I have been in the internet marketing sector since 5 years and I believe in myself that if i get the resources, then I can do anything.

    So I think traffic school would help me for making my dream come true. If I got that opportunity, I would really be helped.

  114. I’m squeezing this in at the last minute – hope I make the cut.

    My blog, Four Sides, is not receiving a lot of traffic or comments right now, but I still stand on the quality of content I’m writing on it currently. I am working on a few things to help increase traffic, but being apart of the Traffic School would really help me out sooner rather than later. I’ve been trying to incorporate some of the tips you have been providing on your blog (and other big name blogs). The more information at my disposal, the better, in my opinion.

    My blog is tackling some of the larger ideas found online, and will be tracking my progress as an entrepreneur in the very near future.

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