Win a Year of Fizzle: Why is this Your Time to Shine?

We have something big to tell you about next week. To celebrate, we’re giving away two annual memberships in Fizzle (worth $315 each). Read on to find out how you can win.

Note: the contest is now closed. Click here to skip to the end to see the winners! Thanks everyone who entered, we appreciate you.

Before I tell you about the Fizzle annual membership contest we’re running, mark this date on your calendar: November 19.

Next Tuesday, November 19, we’re unveiling a big change. It involves Think Traffic, and Fizzle, and everything we do.

To celebrate, we’re giving away two Fizzle annual memberships. This contest is open both to new and existing Fizzle members, and participating is simple.

Enter to win one of the annual memberships by leaving a comment below.

Answer this simple question: why is now your time to shine?

Convince us that if you win the complimentary membership, you’ll make more use of it than anyone else. We’re always looking for the next big success story waiting to happen. Tell us why this is your time to shine.

Note: please keep your response to 200 words or less. We don’t want your life story here, just a brief but compelling reason to choose you for one of the two spots. We’re only accepting text this time. We absolutely love you guys and all the creative videos you made last time, but this time it’s text only.

This contest is open to both new and existing Fizzle members. Entries will be accepted until Midnight on Sunday, November 17 at Midnight Pacific.

Then, sign up for email updates so you don’t miss our big announcement, and to find out who wins the two annual Fizzle memberships.

We can’t say more about what’s happening next week yet, so stay tuned.

UPDATE: We’ve picked the winners! Thank you to everyone who entered. We were blown away by the quantity and the quality of all the entries. We actually jumped up to three winners (from two).

Here they are in no specific order. (Click their names to see their winning entries.)

Jeanne Connolly
Hubert Sawyers III
Diandra Asbaty

Thanks again to everyone who entered and for welcoming in our new blog: The Sparkline

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Corbett Barr

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193 thoughts on “Win a Year of Fizzle: Why is this Your Time to Shine?”

  1. It’s time to start kicking ass in business so you can live your life the way it was intended to be. Full of experiences, freedom, flexibility, and abundance. Screw the 9-5 bullshit. You’re making someone else rich while you waste your valuable time. Start producing epic products so you and others can benefit from it!

    1. Yes. Screw that time bound job or work bullshit. Now is my time to shine. No if, no but, it’s just the gut.
      Yes, now is my time to shine, because I have been doing things for over a year now. And, now I know that things are correct and life will only go in the upwards direction.
      Cheers and awaiting your change corbett and chase, caleb.
      Love your podcast and your funny talks. Continue them. (From my heart, not for the mebership)

  2. Hey Corbett,
    Are you kidding me? You said to convince you guys by telling how people are going to make use of it? 😀
    This is the Awesome-Most Giveaway I’ve ever seen in the Blog-O-Sphere.

    I really think my time to shine is near. I was thinking about rolling out my new Online Project and I needed some motivation and power. And I’m pretty sure this will be something more than that.
    I’m out of words and I hope I’ll Win an Year of Fizzle. No idea what else to comment.
    But all I know is that I want it badly :)

    Thanks and Cheers!

  3. I want to create a legacy; make a difference to people’s lives’ instead of being stuck in the routine of the daily rat race. I’m passionate about taking action NOW! Time is precious> I’m ready, with razor-edged focus to create value for all.

  4. I’m self publishing my first book in January (currently in the final editing process), I know there is a lot for me to learn through this process and I love being supported in my growth. It is essential that I get my book to reach as many people as possible because it’s going to change the world. It’s all about moving past self limiting beliefs to achieve success (however you define that), and start living the life of your dreams. It’s about finding inner peace, reclaiming our innate self worth and living a life of passion and purpose no matter what cards life has dealt us.
    I am on a mission to be a global force for personal and planetary change and that alone is a great reason to give me a winning ticket.
    I am so grateful for all you do, and I very much look forward to working with you in the future.
    Many blessings, Juliet

  5. Hello, I’m Dot Houston.
    The one site I have is just part of the Big picture. I am working on it because I know how to design kitchens I also had a custom sewing business for 20 years and interior design for 12.
    My mission is the future of Womankind.30 Years ago I made a promise to myself that I would pursuit this until my death.My legacy will be “Equality, Independence and Leadership” for all women and one in particular, my daughter.
    Having lived through some horrific stuff that I would not want any woman or man to go through I want to build a membership site for women to learn about what is important and how to achieve personal success and happiness. Eventually I would like to travel the world and teach women how to set up their own businesses.
    The URL I have for the new business is
    Good luck to all who enter!

  6. I’m 24 and left University 5 months ago. Besides being hyper aware of the somewhat impractical knowledge I gained there, I have also woken up each and every day with a brilliantly new sense of excitement and potential. This has come from learning about this sphere you are all involved in, and I am SO grateful to have discovered it. Two days ago, I set out a detailed 6month S.M.A.R.T Goal plan – aiming for £100 monthly income by July1st. With or without Fizzle, I know I can do it, but I also know how much BETTER I’d do & how much more I’d enjoy the process having it; mentors, friends, accountability & community. I have the time, and borderline insane amounts of passion..
    I’m your man.

  7. I lost a well paying job 3 yrs ago and have been unsuccessful in generating income to meet my basic needs. I am artistic, enthusiastic, generally pretty positive and have a good head on my shoulders. Encouraging others is easy but navigating my own path is difficult. I need know-how, direction and the down to earth straight talk I see on your postings. I need Fizzle but cannot afford it in my situation.

  8. Wow, I feel like I just got the Golden Ticket! But which one of the Fizzle boys gets to be Willy Wonka? As for me – I want to be Charlie (no, Corbett I don’t want to be a little boy-that’s creepy!), I want to be in the elevator at the end with amazing mentors taking me to places I have only dreamed of. And I want what Charlie wanted – to use love and authenticity to help his family! To be honest, earlier this year I joined another group that cost over $450/month(what was I thinking!). After a few months I realized they weren’t my tribe, no amount of money would allow me to learn from those people – they weren’t me and didn’t get me. When I found Fizzle (via Pat Flynn) I felt like I had found a home. I would pay $450/month for you guys…but getting it free – would be like stepping in the elevator with Willy Wonka!
    Thank you for all you guys do – rock on!

  9. I need the Fizzle for rizzle!
    I’ve put in over 1,000 hours towards a startup concept, and it is finally coming together. I’ll be raising a little money soon to assist with launch, and I could def use more tools to contribute to a successful launch. I plan for sustainable business practices, like employee bikes, coworking spaces, and more.
    So… do I need the Fizzle for rizzle?
    You bet, Corbett!

  10. Hey Corbett,

    I have 2 relatively simple reasons why I think it’s my time to shine (which for me translates to a specific level of business success in the online world):

    1. I need credible advice from like-minded people and your brand is one of the few I trust and still pay attention to
    2. Though I’m happy with my online business, I have ‘shone’ much more (=had a specific level of business success) offline in the corporate world already and perhaps Fizzle could help me reach the same kind of level online – and if that happens, I think I could also be a great ambassador for your service

    thanks, best wishes & good luck with whatever the big change is you have planned for next week,


  11. Hey Corbett… what an awesome giveaway!

    It’s my time to shine because I FEEL it! After my ecommerce biz fizzled out last year, I’ve been constantly reading books, learning about building a successful online business through blogging and following influencers like yourself but haven’t taken action.

    After just one week of joining Fizzle, I’ve given myself a kick. I’ve identified what’s holding me back thanks to some of the lessons and podcasts, crumpled those feelings and hesitations into a ball and chucked them out the window! I would love a year of Fizzle so I can share what WILL be my upcoming success (and how I did it) with other online ‘treps and keep the motivation cycle going!

    Either way, thanks for creating this great community and powerful resource. It’s what I need right now and what I know will keep pushing me forward!

  12. That’s an awesome thing that you are giving away one year accounts of Fizzle. :)
    I think that it is my time to shine because I have been working hard online for a long time without getting much success in my goals, but still I am trying and getting some results now. So I would say that now that I have an understanding at how things work online, this is the right time for me to shine and stand out from the crowd. :)

  13. I have a series of really bad habits. I am undisciplined. And I feel like I’m in high school all over again. Back in high school I played varsity basketball. My senior year I was benched for stepping on my own feet time and time again. Figuratively. A similar theme has developed 7 years later. I’ve been blowing it recently. That’s why RIGHT NOW, is my time to shine. Breaking BAD HABITS, becoming a DISCIPLINE MACHINE, and being grateful for the resources, tools and gift I have at my disposal is how I am going to shine.

    Thanks for putting this up gentleman. I think I just needed to hear myself say that out loud. Cheers,

  14. I read my old journals entries and now know that there never will be a better time for me to shine than right now. I have to make that decision to shine, to step out and to at least try again. I’m a writer and I paint, so I guess that makes me an artist. I know this and I also know the beguiling luxury of a nine to five regular pay check. Its a thing to be grateful for but it also entraps, you need help to move, even crawl in the right direction, otherwise you can ignore and give up, become bloated on mediocrity and blame all others except yourself. I’m not there yet, I still want to shine, to be the best most creative person that I can become. I feel I need help with that. Of course I have to deliver the commitment and draw up the inevitable sacrifice in whatever form it takes, time? money? Courage? But I also need to be held accountable, and in that accountability to get the help I need to focus and deliver on the promise that I know lies within. To shine now and not let the years slide over the light. To continue to find the right way for me to create and share, to help others and to thrive in that pursuit and I believe that the fizzle membership can give me the help I need and in turn maybe I can give help to others too.

  15. Hi Cs!

    Thanks for putting this contest on!!

    This is my time to shine because after 1.5 years of playing around with an idea I’ve finally (FINALLY) found clarity in my business, much in thanks to what I’ve learned by being a member of Fizzle for the past few months. Now I’m ready to take a relatively boring business idea and make it unique, so that the people I serve become a little bit better because of what I do.

    What started as a freelance endeavor to help business owners with their website copy has transformed into a real strategy. I’ve found new ways to help startups doing great things get the success they deserve online, and I’ve packaged this up into an offering that is more than just some basic, boring content marketing and copywriting company.

    With these new ideas, I’m ready to take the world by storm and create something that can truly make a difference in the life of hard working, enthusiastic business owners not afraid to break the rules a little bit.

  16. Hi Guys,

    Let me just say I’m probably one of the most unlikely customers you might ever have, who can be your guinea pig in Eastern Europe and spread the knowledge about your fantastic products on the other side of the pond. How does that sound?
    I live in Krakow, Poland. I work for the largest low-cost airline in Europe, but want to change my career – here is an example of what I’m up to:
    I have tons of other ideas, I’m only lacking some professional support!

    Thank you for your website and podcasts, take care!


  17. This is my time to shine because I quit my job this month and now I’m fully working on my own :-) Time to take the business to the next step!

    I’m going to help employees smoothly transition from employment to entrepreneurship by building passive income streams on the side.

    Fizzle is a great help for me and I’d love to get one of the annual memberships, since I could re-invest the saved money in my business :-)


  18. I am going to stay for a year (and more) with fizzle if I win or don’t – fizzle is just that worth it.

    Why should I win it?

    I am in the process of creating something called ‘ChangeWork’ -> I am a hypnotist and psychologist and work daily with changing peoples lives by changing their minds and I want to do this as widely as possible – not just confined by the hours in a week to see clients but limited only by the amount of desire I have for it.

    Fizzle has helped me do it, and will still.

    P.S. Coding the theme for the site to launch in January (using Calebs Launch Course) and currently trying to decide between Georgia and FF Tisa Web Pro for the body font. hmm.

  19. Why is it my time to shine? Because if Rhianna can do it, so can I?

    Seriously though, this non-conventional blog community, with the likes of Think Traffic, Live Your Legend, Zen Habits, Good Life Project, and the Art of Non-Conformity, has not only shown the potential, but more importantly the significance of doing work with the intent of helping others. Every day should be focused this way. What can I do to help you?
    My passion revolves around kids; specifically education, empowerment, and foster care/adoption. While the overall picture is still unclear, I am taking steps to bring it better into focus. Whether I win or not, my goal will remain the same. Thanks, Guys!

  20. For the first time in my life (all 32 years) I’m doing the thing that I love, that I’m passionate about and that I want to do. I’ve never understood, until now, that when you do something you love, it doesn’t feel like work. I’m determined to make my blog successful, but it would be pretty great if that could be sooner than later. I really want to share thing I love (healthy, delicious fun food) with everyone, because I think they will love it too!

  21. I’m so excited about your giveaway AND I’m dying to know what the big announcement will be! This is my time to shine and I would like to win a year of Fizzle because it would be so damn useful! I recently started Yonder Tours, which offers small group travel for women. It is really hard to sell tours when I don’t have any testimonials or momentum from past tours yet. I’ve spent more money than expected. I’ve gotten down about where things are at. I’m on the rollercoaster, but I’m committed. I listen to your podcasts all the time, sometimes more than once if I need a pep talk. I’m right on the brink of success with this company and I could really use Fizzle to help me get there. Thanks, guys!

  22. I’m about to shine alright.

    I threw myself out on the streets 3 years ago with one ultimatum…..

    ….become a digital nomad or die.

    I didn’t even know how direct response marketing worked, let alone how it relates to digital marketing.

    Since then I’ve lived in the back of my truck, in a warehouse growing MMJ
    in Denver, CO, on a rooftop in Albuquerque, NM, and took a bicycle tour from Denver to San Diego, CA.

    During all this time, I’ve learned so much about marketing.

    I have been DOING as well as learning. I wrote and published my first Kindle book at the end of Sep. (2013), and am creating an email course/autoresponder series to promote affiliate products.

    This will be done by Dec.

    The next step is to grow my blog over the next year to a full-time income. This is why I’m so excited by the announcement of this competition.

    It is my time to shine, and shine I will.

    Kinesthetic Tiger

  23. Hello hello!

    I usually never comment on this kind of posts, but being addicted to the Fizzle podcast as I am I had to try :)

    Why is now my time to shine?

    After 9 months traveling the world, posting 2 times per week, creating a burstling community of more than 800 amazing people and touring Spain to meet them in person, it’s time to take things to the next level.

    My country is going through bad times and many people who feel stuck need to hear the message I have for them: that life is a big adventure full of opportunities, that there are alternatives to working for less than 1000 euros per month doing something you hate, that Spain is great but there is much more out there to enjoy and explore.

    Now it’s my time to shine and my mind is full of great ideas to do so. Future plans include creating my first online course, starting a Vivir al Máximo scolarship program and writing a set of books to start from scratch in different countries among others, and I know the yearly Fizzle subscription can help me A LOT with that.

  24. As a stay at home mom, I’m never in the spotlight. Don’t get me wrong, the past six years have been some of the most rewarding (and most challenging!) of my life and I’m not complaining. That being said, at the end of the day, there’s something about staying home with children that can make your confidence falter, make it easier to make excuses, and to believe you’ve lost your path in the world.

    Last month, I decided I had enough wallowing. I’ve been sitting on some great ideas for a long time because I’ve been scared to try (read: scared to fail). The thing is, writing has become my new identity. Blogging gave me a new outlet – for the past few years I’ve built it into a small business that I can cram into my small spaces of “free time.”

    It’s my time to shine, because I don’t give up when I make a real decision to do something. This isn’t the path I wouldn’t have carved for myself 10 or 20 years ago. I would have been a research chemist. Being home with my children has taught me what I value most: helping others, being my own boss, and defining my own work space so I can continue to help my family succeed.


    1. Whoa, Melissa, aside from the contest and all that, I would love to connect with you! Being a former research scientist (in physics) who has been a SAHM for a few years and blogging to save my sanity and reboot my career …

  25. Because I’m standing again after a massive business failure. I lost everything.

    It’s been 3 years. And even if I had a DeLorean time machine I wouldn’t change a thing. I now know I had to go through all of the experiences and failures to be exactly where I am today.

    But, the greatest realization I had was that I couldn’t do this entrepreneur thing alone. I tried to go at it by myself and failed miserably.

    I needed a community. I needed to be around others were doing the exact same thing I was doing. I needed resources and encouragement from others who had climbed a little further up the mountain than I had.

    So I’m ready (and have started) to take another go at it — this time with other people.
    *Thanks for the opportunity Corbett, Caleb, and Chase. All three of you have already been a huge inspiration and resource for what I’m doing. Everything you boys do is gold.

  26. I deserve the opportunity to stop struggling. I started my business with $170 because that’s all the money I had. I had no choice but to do it, because the alternative was misery – the same underpaying job with the same unappreciative coworkers and the same financial struggles I’ve had my entire life.

    After 3 years I’ve built my business into something meaningful that helps other people take the leap to entrepreneurship, but it’s time to build on those successes and take my business beyond the borders of the city where it operates. I believe my business supports the new economy, one where innovation, perseverance and cooperation help entrepreneurs succeed, and every person I can motivate to start a business that matters is a win for the entrepreneur, their community, and my business too. It’s my time to shine!

  27. I have been successfully self-employed for 10 years, and would not have it any other way. However, if success was related in any way to income, ….not so much. It’s been a struggle in every way. After several YEARS of my thoughts and new ideas festering in my head, I finally got two new projects off the ground ( and It is really exciting for me and although I am new to Fizzle, I am glad to have found such an incredible resource to guide my way. There are many resources out there too, but none that seemed to hit home like Fizzle in its sincerity and “realness”.

    I’d be honored to partner with Fizzle and hope in time I can give back as much as I learn.

  28. It’s my time to shine because I finally found what I want to blog about, it’s just a matter of getting people to come to my blog and read my content. I’ve been blogging since January, but I am now ready to take it to the next level.

  29. It’s my time to shine, because I’m finally ready to fight the Resistance. I’m ready to stop delivering excuses, and start delivering real value to the world.

  30. 1) Because the world desperately needs what I can give: business bullshit elimination for passionpreneurs.

    2) I’ve been doing this on the side for 2 years and am about to take the full-time leap. I couldn’t imagine a better support team than the fizzle community.

    3) If you pick me I hereby pledge to share my DIY business bullshit elimination guide with Fizzlers for free.

  31. Hi Guys,

    This is my year to shine. I really need this. I just join an email coaching program on how to build a successful website, and the bugger didn’t bother to visit my site once. I know, with google analytic. He even offer me to download a theme which he knows nothing about. Sigh……… I am done with WSO (Warrior Special Forum) and Scam coaches.

    Your newsletter and blog contain more wisdom than my own coach who supposedly earns big money. I am done, I have passion, no matter what it takes, I will succeed. I believe your course and support in your community can help me achieve that.

    So this is my time, my time to shine.

  32. Yesterday was my first Fizzle lesson. I profoundly learned that I am no longer Luke Skywalker. I have been Luke Skywalker since 2007. As we enter into 2014, I am changing characters and becoming Yoda. I am helping the other character Luke Skywalker discover what already exists within him.

    As the former Luke Skywalker, I have been published in 13 magazines, several newspapers, on the news and tons of the best design blogs. In those 7 years, I played the main character but that wasn’t a meaningful enough role. It wasn’t deep enough, it didn’t have enough of that human element of helping others on a bigger journey. Being a green business and recycling materials was enough and it wasn’t servicing anything other than my own creativity.

    I want to continue my journey with Fizzle as yoda, guilding my audience through all the pitfalls and accomplishments of a indie furniture redesigner and sharing my journey and skills to create the next leg of Luke Skywalkers in furniture redesign. I want to inspire other budding creatives and teach them how to create eclectic bohemian style through the reuse of both vintage and recycled materials. I want to teach them how to create sell-able, usable art for the home.

    Pick me, so that the world of redesign can continue to have depth, fizzle and soul!

  33. Hi Corbett,

    I’m already shining, so my interest in Fizzle is not so much to shine a light on me, but to help my clients’ hearts shine.

    I help couples on the verge of divorcing to stop their divorce, fix their troubled relationship and learn to love each other again.

    This year I launched my business and helped save more than 50 relationships. Next year I plan to help 500 couples.

    My clients need me to reach them and help them.

    That’s why I need Fizzle.

    To putting a heart shaped dent in the divorce rate,


  34. It’s my time to shine … period! Time for me to stop wishing and dreaming about making it in the blogosphere and start walking the walk. Getting a Fizzle membership would provide me with the tools and insights to make my time to shine a reality!

  35. Hi Cs!
    Now, is my time to shine because a lot of entrepreneurs want to make multi-six figure business online ignoring the foundation.

    A lot of us ignore it, or don’t know what to do. They’re nervous from all the complicated stuff shared all over the internet.

    They want a simple thing that helps them build the right foundation for their next multi-six figure business online.

    It’s like imagining that you construct a building without setting up the right foundations. You could get the building done but what after that?!

    The building is going to collapse sooner than later.

    Yes, I don’t need to be the first, but I need to be different. Yes, I don’t need to have 100s of thousands of subscribers to do it, but I could be effective and know how to serve my audience best and do it.

    Being part of fizzle is something that helped my shine more. That’s why I would like to continue shining.

    I’m launching my blog soon and having the fizzle community with me is enough to accelerate my growth.

    Keep rocking and waiting for the announcement.

  36. Hey Fizzle Team!

    Within the last few months I have felt the power of creation through several passions of mine. I started an environment restoration and travel blog,, as well as the first South East Asia coworking space network,, to showcase some really incredible places I’ve been to recently. I have even co-founded a new intern to startup networking platform which is set to launch in a few weeks –> Through all this, I now feel that I am going to ramp up and go into next gear very soon. I want to take these platforms to the next level and feel they have a lot of potential to thrive if given the proper attention. With this membership, I believe I can step up to that level.

  37. It is my time to flash and shine. Coming from an Italian American family I learned the value of community and being a resource. Some of my friends call me an ombudswoman. I want to take this talent and create a site to connect people with the resources they may not know are available.

  38. I look forward to hearing what you have on the horizon next week!

    good idea + perfect timing + solid implementation = superstar success!

    In my business all the variables are there to make this equation a reality. I have the idea, passion, drive, and timing to become the go to app and industry standard for treatment professionals and people in recovery for eating disorders. My product has the capacity to help millions of people struggling with eating disorders and other harmful life-sucking addictions. Having the support and resources of Fizzle will help me develop the best strategy to nail my implementation. I will not let you or myself down, this is truly my year to shine.

  39. I am amazed that the topic you guys asked us to write about is the exact tagline I chose for my business (my topic is women’s wellbeing and empowerment. Needless to say that I felt even more compelled to share what I have to say about this
    Hopefully my anwser will be grammatically acceptable…

    Now is my time to shine

    Because the message I carry within is too important.

    Because the pain and frustration of holding back has become way greater than the fear of failure.

    Because I don’t want to live in a world of Photoshop dictatorship, where body image issues and conflicts with food have become the norm amongst women of all shapes, sizes and ages.

    I want to show women that they can heal and go for their dreams. That if I managed to completely transform my relationship with food, my body and myself and as a result find my ideal partner and a community where I feel I truly belong, they can too.

    Because I believe now is the time for a feminine revolution. Not the US-women-againt-THEM-men type but the one that makes it possible to fully embrace our feminine essence so that our relationships with ourselves and others around us flourish.

    Because if I want to serve with authenticity I cannot tell them it is their time to shine if I do not allow myself to get out there and shine too.

    It is my time to shine because it is time for all of us women to do so.

  40. It’s my time to shine because I want to help entrepreneurs and specially small business to grow here in Costa Rica, where a lot of people are looking to leave behind poverty and bad jobs. Few people are doing online business or using web technologies to promote and grow their business, and I think I can help them to learn how they can use what most people in US and Europe are using to have sucessful business.

    I am going to shine with the light of others!!!!

  41. It’s my time to shine because I’ve spent the last nine years on a deeply personal journey overcoming my mother’s suicide, digging deep to figure out what is of real value in life—and asking myself what is it that makes people want to wake each day, ready to experience the world in all it’s complex beauty?

    Throughout that journey I’ve finally figured out what my true purpose is, and how to combine my multitude of passions, creative talents, and experience into a business that will support my family, while impacting the world in a positive way.

    Now is my time. I’m ready to open the doors of a new business as a Design Psychology Coach, utilizing my educational experience as an Interior Architect and my years of studying holistic wellness to help people create positive, inspiring home environments that have the potential to heal mind, body, and soul, strengthen family relationships, and encourage each member of the household to live a happy, successful life. I call my program The Compassionate Home.

    I’ve been a follower of Think Traffic for years, and I’m 100% dedicated to getting this idea off the ground. 2014 is my year to THRIVE.

  42. It’s my time to shine because, finally, the US is realizing single women are diverse. We care about more than the vagina issues.
    It’s my time to shine because my audience is NOT a “college-educated woman between the ages of 34-45″ or having 1/4 life (!) crisis.
    It’s my time to shine because the social pressure to get married is unbearable for women and we spend too much time hating ourselves and waiting for “him” instead of living life.
    It’s my time to shine because Life Waits For No Man. I’m not trying to get people un-single, or even “embrace single.” I’m trying to help women connect with each other, make friends, build support systems, feel less stigmatized, and just have fun!
    It’s my time to shine because I am on the Boomer/GenX borderline, not one or the other but dealing with the consequences of both.
    My 19 word manifesto: Life is the sum of all your experiences. Have as many as possible. Some will suck. Have them anyway.

  43. Now is my time. It’s been too long. I’ve spent years helping 1, 2, 5 at a time and now it is time to help as many people as possible in the world.

    Seems like most everyone has some issues communicating, either 1 to 1, in small groups, or 1 to many from a stage or on video.

    I love to help people get through those fears and then give them tools to be more connected, dynamic and effective.

    Local workshops and personal coaching is great, but now I have found ways to connect with many more at a time and get them through it.

    Help me help them.
    (paraphrasing Jerry McGuire for a new generation)

  44. There are some very deserving people in here. I’m already up and running pretty well, but now need a boost to go from good to GREAT! Who better to share my story with than Fizzle!

  45. I just joined Fizzle and watched one course and it really opened my eyes. For a little while I have been trying to determine my direction (I’m picturing Elmer Fudd right now – which way did he go, George?). But I digress, I am an avid listener to your podcast which has helped me…sometimes you just need someone to point (or push) you in the right direction. When I finished that course, I had my “ah ha” moment. Imagine what will happen with the next course and the next one after that…nothing but gold, buddy! I have found my direction and with that plus a lot of hard work I will shine!! Whether I win or not – thank you.

  46. It’s my time to shine. Why? Because I can beat you all in bowling. Probably blindfolded. Because I was inducted into the World Bowling Hall of Fame at age 25. Because now is my time to teach others what I know, and inspire them to travel the entire world just like I did. To show them they can get a FULL RIDE scholarship to college. The International Art of Bowling started as a fun way to teach others about bowling, and because of, I completely understand now how I can turn something fun into money. Fizzle has inspired me to look at my online marketing in a totally new way. I’m looking forward to seeing where it can go, and how I can implement the strategies to be able to reach the 70 million people that bowl per year.

    I’ve won on the highest level of bowling, and now I am just as determined to change lives through bowling. I would love to have a yearly fizzle membership so that i can keep learning from you guys. Pick me. :) I’ll give you a free bowling lesson.


  47. I’m new to Fizzle- but I’m hooked- and this contest is one reason why:
    You guys practice what you preach!
    In the training video “Service is the Secret Sauce” you teach that serving others with your best stuff is the goal- and here you prove that you stand behind and live out what you are teaching.
    So I say thank you for modeling generosity and great service- and if I am fortunate enough to receive a year of this awesome material, I’m going to do my best to pass it on, pay it forward and do the same in all my endeavors.
    Thanks for putting out such practical, actionable and motivational “content” (oh no- I used that word! I hope it doesn’t affect my chances…)
    Best to you, and I can’t wait for the big announcement!

  48. Well, I’m still a student, that’s means that I still don’t have yet a consistent income online, I have been struggling its been a year now, and It been almost a week since I joined Fizzle and I found it very helpful, has everything I needed, Its been a long time I searched for such as thing.
    I have deep believe in myself that I’m gonna succeed in this Internet Marketing world, because I really want to change my family situation to a better one so we can all travel and get whatever we want.
    I have many ideas that need to be tested, I’m still young so I have time ahead me.
    Basically, I think this year will be my year to shine.

    Thank you all.

  49. S-smart
    N-nomad, nice, and nerdy

    2013 was a year of self-discovery and change; 2014 is all about action. I have consciously and intentionally turned my own life upside down to discover who I truly am, what I truly want, and how I can truly contribute. Now I am an idea factory!! Fizzle will help me channel and focus all this energy – it will buff me out so that my shine comes through!

  50. It’s my time to shine because… Because it is! 😉

    Oh, okay, I guess that may be not enough. In that case: I am student, I have loads of free time, I hate the thing I am studying and I am ready to quit that for something that would HELP people.

    I am already writing a growing blog (it’s in lithuanian, btw) and I want to launch my first actual PRODUCT I could sell.

    It’s my time to shine. Because is there going to be any better time for that? 😉

  51. Its my time to shine, simply, because i found Fizzle. Fizzle is my everyday mentor and a great source of inspiration. I finally feel like I am on the right path. From all the courses I found and bought, Fizzle membership is the only one I never want to quit! Can you help me with that for my first year please? :)

  52. It’s my time to shine because I have “seen the light” as they say. You, me, everyone has one life and it shouldn’t be wasted in tiny boxes doing mindless jobs for others at the expense of your soul. My life should be spent working on things that drive me, making me happy and allow me to go on amazing adventures, exploring the world. I would rather live in a tent than have a big house (mortgage) and a car that works, not new and flashy (car payment) or not even a car at all. After all, I did walk/bike over 5 thousand miles last year. I own few things and I like it that way.

    There is no better time to shine than right now, no matter what the situation is. When is the best time to plant a tree? 20 years ago. What’s the next best time? Today.

    I’m not going to spend time that I can never get back, to work on things I don’t believe in, to pay for things I don’t want.

  53. As you read this, consider a dynamic rhythm;
    As an indie biz owner, I need a support system;
    My friends listen, but my issues they never get ’em;
    I got 99 problems, but my hubris won’t let me list ’em
    All; my gall allows people to think I ball;
    Like an NBA player, who just won a ring, y’all;
    Which works against me, my life is really chintzy;
    Even though, I’m a humble dude who wants the ability to afford a Benz-y;
    I just need guidance, info, to help me keep the tempo;
    Of running an online business, that can keep pushing the envo-
    lope, keeping competitors in check like a Russian missile;
    I’m hungry for it all, from the dark meat to the gristle;
    For shizzle, my frizzles, I need that membership to Fizzle
    Dot co, I got flow, who just needs help be an ace pro
    HubertGAM, the person who you built this place fo’.

  54. I am totally committed to growing my business. I took the blog that converts earlier this year, and my blog has gone through an amazing transformation and I have been able to get more clients, now I want to take it to the next level.

    It would be awesome as I want to launch my first book and online program and I know Fizzle would be an amazing resource to help.

  55. I’ve been immersing myself in the world of online business for a year or two now and started at the begining of this year. A friend recommended the Fizzle Show to me (I can’t type that without singing the jingle!) and I’ve been hooked ever since. I love the honesty and authenticity most and that’s exactly what I want to pass on to the martial arts industry through my site! Fizzle rocks!

  56. This is definitely year to shine!!!!!!! I am doing the start a blog that matters course. I am currently a hairdresser and through the process of watching the videos especially the decide on a topic course and by talking to friends and family course they have convinced me that I am the product. Three years ago I was in poor health, I couldn’t stop drinking, I couldn’t stay out of jail, I smoked cigarettes, my self esteem was so low that I wanted to die…everyday. I was completely penniless and could not feed my children I had hit rock bottom. I asked for help and with the help of a 12 step program, a higher power, and willingness my life looks very different today. I haven’t had a drink since January 30, 2011. I’ve quit smoking and I train in the gym like an athlete. I meditate in the morning and early evening and have a renewed spirit surrounding my job. I wish to start a blog and to share my on going story. I want to call it “The Unexamined Life.” I talk to folks all the time who needlessly suffer because of inaccurate self appraisal. I can help. I want to include some fashion tips and tricks and have a line of affordable yet very fashion forward clothing for hairstylists while behind the chair. I want to write and speak as well. I would love to achieve this through my blog and clothing website.

    Thank you!!!!!!! I love think traffic

  57. He guys!

    For the last 5 years I have been looking for freedom of time and money. I have dragged my family down countless dead ends trying to become the man I need to be. During that time my family and I have become tougher and more determined than ever.

    Freedom is the legacy that I will leave for my kids. I don’t want to just tell my children that they can do anything; I am going to show them that they can.

    Now is my time to shine because I have failed enough over the years to know who I am and what I can do. I have failed enough to know that I can do it!

    The free material on ThinkTraffic and the Fizzle Show is amazing and has already helped me so much. I can’t imagine how awesome being apart of the Fizzle community will be! I am going to become a Fizzler either way, but a free year sure wouldn’t hurt 😉 Thanks again!

  58. This is my time to shine because with Fizzle in my back pocket I can’t possibly fail. Fizzle has changed my life. The community surrounds you in support & encouragement and gives you the shove & accountability you need to get sh*t done. It’s my time to give that help back to anyone who chooses to join me, and there is nothing that shines more brilliant than being given that opportunity to make a difference in someone’s life.

  59. It’s my time to shine because I’ve spent the last three years learning the basics of building an online business. I now have everything in place and need to accelerate my progress by learning how to promote and build the right audience. I learn so much from Think Traffic and Corbett on this site, so I’m sure I’ll learn valuable lessons with Fizzle.

    I have a couple of mentors who are hugely successful in their online businesses helping me and I follow a select few superstars online. Corbett is one of those superstars. His content is amazing and loaded with value. Please consider this my entry into the contest for the free subscription to Fizzle.

  60. I’ve been dreaming about supporting myself and my family through a lifestyle business for a couple years, but now is the time for me to shine. The company that employs me for my day job is in financial turmoil, and I’ve only been paid once in the past 4 months. Faced with sinking with the company or trying to find a new job, this is the perfect opportunity to build something significant. A year of Fizzle would definitely help me do that.

  61. Hey guys!

    So why is this my time to shine? Because I’ve spent the last six months working with my awesome coach,, improving my focus, confidence and knowledge of business (I’m an academic from a family of academics, so I had a lot of catching up to do). But your podcast and email have been an integral part of my journey, and I’d love to join your community and take the next step in my journey.

  62. I believe it’s my time to shine because I had the guts to step out into the unknown and walk away from my corporate well paying job to pursue something fulfilling, that brings people value and creates the lifestyle I want.

    It’s been a tough slog so far but I have turned my back on ever getting another job. This is my time to shine because I have decided so. This is my time to shine because I have given myself no other choice. Off the smell of an oily rag I want to build an online presence that actually reaches and helps people grow both personally and professionally.

    This is my time to shine. I’d love a boost like winning Fizzle for a year to keep me on track

  63. The world (not just the internet) is filled with carbon copies. There is an epidemic. I’d call it a CLONE WAR of sorts. I see it in hip-hop where everyone raps about the same thing, I see it in blogs where 99% of blogs/content just blends in, I even see it in what people wear and SAY. It’s important to shine because authenticity needs a re-awakening. I wanna lead the way for my target audience.

  64. The most important thing anyone can do is help other people realize and execute their potential.

    The information and insight of the past 26 years is something that other people can use to make decisions that will make them great.

    Being able to get that message to young individuals in an easy to understand way will help so many of them achieve success not only for themselves but for everyone around them.

    Most people don’t have blogs or websites but if they come to one that gives them great help and guidance, they can use that knowledge to share with and teach others.

    The faster this goal is accomplished, then the faster more people can be helped.

  65. The “Why”
    or the
    “Why Wouldn’t I?”

    I have lost everything I can imagine losing.
    But I always find I can lose a little more.

    I hear him still. More clear dead than alive.

    “Hope is weakness waiting for an open door.
    Quit dreaming and shut off that computer.
    Honest work is done with sweat and putting your back into it.”

    I got it, Dad. I got it.

    This Is not about me.
    This is not about him either.

    I did not choose this war.
    I just refused to fight it anymore.

    I chose to build and create.

    The “why” is hope despite all proof.
    The “why” is for the ones beat down hard and finding a way to rise for one more round.

    It is still believing in the possibility of good.
    Calibration followed by intentional action in the direction of meaning.

    Making a difference for someone.
    Not for award.
    Not for gold and praise,

    But because it is the right thing to do.
    It is value that can’t be taken away from you.


    Kyle O

  66. I’ve been podcasting and creating content online for a few years now. Mainly for fun and because I love the medium. As a second time Dad ( have an awesome 2 1/2 year old boy ) of two beautiful girls (identical twins) who were born on Nov 5th, I believe now is the time to focus and build something great.

    Love your podcast and the Start A Blog That Matters course. Keep them coming!

  67. It is now time to shine for my family. I have led my family around the nation – and the world. They have faithfully followed me where my career has taken me. My wife of 25 years and my teens are more than ready to settle down and plant roots. We have identified a place to live and even have settled on a lot. The problem is, I can’t find work to sustain us. I have decided to jump in with both feet to make life on the Internet – blogging, podcasting, course development, etc happen. As a husband and father I am committed to make this happen and having your help would be the icing on the cake!

  68. It is my time to shine because I have finally decided to find out why I am here. Not what I want to do and not how I am going to do that. That is a piece of cake. It is about time I realize why I have been born in this world and serve the people I am meant to serve.

    p.s.: you really rock! you really REALLY rock! Not only you give a priceless membership site to people looking to do work that matters for a ridiculously low price, a podcast stating the truth so that not only we can be held accountable and we can be motivated but so that we REALLY know what it takes to get there, now you are giving the whole package for FREE so that you can garantee that two motivated people ARE GOING TO CRUSH IT! wow….

    p.s.2: the p.s is just me showing some love… the constest part is the first paragraph… so that you know that you three and your team have a lifetime fan 😉

  69. Roses are red. Violets are blue.
    Why should I win? Well, let me tell you.
    My plan for a blog could help people near and far.
    But I’ll help more of them sooner with the advice of Corbett Barr.
    My design skills don’t puke. Maybe a couple small heaves.
    But they could be so much better with the help of Chase Reeves.
    On the podcast, Caleb Wojcik is often the one who speaks least.
    But when he does it’s such genius, I could learn lots from that bald beast.
    If this movie was the first Rocky, then I’m the underdog Stallone.
    And Fizzle could be my Mickey. I can’t do this alone.
    Come on church! Come on church! I made my pitch rhyme.
    I’ll be your success poster child, promise.
    Pick me.
    It’s my time.

  70. Reading through some of the comments above there are a lot of people who would deserve the free Fizzle membership more than me.
    I still have my day job, which I like, doing okay financially and just experimenting with a lot of different side income projects in 2013. In other words, life is good, but could always be better.
    Would love to take advantage of the Fizzle membership to take my USA Blog to the next level.

  71. Long version:
    It’s time for me to shine because I want to prove to everyone that it is never too late to start a successful online business. I really don’t need this free year because I can pay using Paypal, but you don’t accept Paypal yet. Anyway, I’m giving this contest a shot.

    Give a guy from the “third world” a chance. I’m going to be a great case study of how effective the Fizzle program is.

    Short version:
    Hey guys! It’s time for me to shine because Money. You know what I mean?

  72. It’s not my time to shine- it’s my time to help others shine. The business world is currently undergoing a paradigm shift, from large and impersonal to small and individualized.

    And the business owners who don’t know how to provide the relationship, service, authenticity and value that customers are demanding will be left behind.

    I have a plan and a heart for helping small business owners learn how to provide those things to their customers.

    But I need help- the best plan in the world is useless if it isn’t in the hands of those who need it. And that’s where Fizzle comes in. I need your help to get my plan into the hands of those who it will benefit most. Let’s change the world together!

  73. This is my time to shine and actually, right now I’m shining. This week my first ever paper book is released in the Netherlsands (man, I’m proud!) and still I’m struggeling to make ends meet.

    The problem is I’m not a business man, and any help to get to the next level is more then welcome. Hopefully I’ll win the contest and Fizzle let’s me take the step to do what I love to do most: sinderely helping people, inspire, be there for my family and earn a decent living.

  74. After 1,5 years of blogging I’ve finally decided to take the leap to become a freelancer. As a side gig, for now, but I’m determined to make it work. I’m from Belgium and I have the feeling entrepreneurship isn’t really supported or applauded here. Incredible taxes, complicated administrative taxes… But I want to show the world that even in Belgium you can set up a decent online business. And it would be great if I could do that with fizzle.

  75. Now is my time shine because I’m done with mediocre. I’m done with 9-5 (actually way more than that in my job!!). I’m done with having my life dictated to me by others. I’m done with settling. I’m done with having no time to spend with my wife and baby boy, and to do the things we love. I’ve been learning about how to free myself from my job for a while now, and while I have taken some action and had some success, now is the time for a MAJOR change. It’s GOING to happen. I am GOING to change things, to make things better.

    Just you watch… :)

  76. Art of Adventure.Net was an idea born of an epiphany that occurred while reading the following quote by Wilferd A. Peterson.

    ” A man practices the Art of Adventure when he breaks the chain of routine and renews his life through reading new books, traveling to new places, making new friends, taking up new hobbies and adopting new viewpoints.” Wilferd Peterson
    I was blow away with the idea of living “the adventurous life”. I wondered, “How can I help myself and others practice the Art of Adventure”?

    And so with the help and guidance of Think Traffic and the book Serious Traffic: Grow Your Income by Growing Your Audience by Caleb Wojcik & Corbett Barr, I began my journey by exploring blogging as a means to learn about and spread the philosophy of living “the adventurous life.”

    And while the journey thus far has been more difficult than I thought it might be, it was made much easier with those two guides.

    Can I make it to my own “Everest” without Fizzle? Probably. Can Fizzle make my climb to the top easier? I hope to find out. If so you will hear me shout it from the mountain tops.

  77. Hey guys!

    I’m already a Fizzle member and can’t thank you enough for the amazing resources you offer and the incredible support too.

    Now is my time to shine because I’m supported, I’ve spent plenty of time learning and I’m in a situation where there is no alternative. The more I explore entrepreneurship, the more hooked I am. It’s me, it fits, it feels awesome and I’ve never felt more inspired or capable of changing the world than I do now.

    I’ve been blogging for a year, I’ve just started freelancing too and I’m in the early stages of putting together my first product – Helping wannabe new mum’s get their body/mind right for that first baby – (even more inspired to do so after last week’s Fizzle Show).

    No biggie if I don’t win, I’m a paid up and proud Fizzle member anyway and I’m doing my thing.


  78. It’s my time to shine because I’ve been saying “yes” to an a**hole for 20 years as a software developer. That’s two freakin’ decades! It’s time to start saying Yes to myself.

  79. Why is this my “shiny” time, let me count the ways Corbett.

    1. I just launched my first blog a few hours before finding out about this contest (coincidence, I think not).

    2. I finished my first product of a line of products in a niche I’m passionate about and have thoroughly researched a few weeks ago.

    3. I’ve got a list of blogs to offer posts to and I’m almost finished with my first 2 epic guest posts.

    4. I’m committed to posting “epic shit” at least 3 times a week on my blog and 3-10 guests post a week.

    5. I have a clear vision of the shower of blessings I’ll be unleashing on my audience.

    6. A legend platform for branding and content creation .

    7. I devoured everything in your and Dinsmore’s tool-kits and I’ve been applying everything that’s applicable.

    8. I’ve got at least a mustard seed of faith if I don’t have a whole damn field.

    Well, I’ve got more but I’ll end it on that.

    Thanks for the great resources, and for this contest, even if I don’t win I enjoyed exercising my “epic shit writing” muscles.

  80. Two years ago my wife and I left everything and everyone we knew to follow a dream of traveling. I worked at a blue color job and knew very little about how to make a website let alone making money. Since then I’ve learned that traveling and working on my site have not only saved me from a disappointing life, but probably saved my marriage as well. It’s amazing to look back and see how far we’ve come and where we would have been had we not taken that huge leap.

    I have put countless 12-hour days into learning HTML, code, APIs, etc. In one of your podcasts you mentioned you guys always thought you would be the loner doing this by yourself. That’s me. Everything I’ve done and learned has been through self teaching, several programming books, lots of podcasts. I’m tired of doing it alone. I’m tired of working my tail off for almost two years and not getting any traffic. I’m embarrassed my wife has so much confidence in me and what it means if I can’t deliver. I got my head just above the water and my hand held out.

  81. My wife and I sold everything we owned to travel the world. We are chasing our dreams with wild abandon. We work hard and we play hard and every moment of every day tastes better and is better because we followed our passion. We’ve been creating an online business with our travel blog and definitely need help to get things to the next level.

    Thanks for the chance to grow.

  82. If you want to add another notch to your success story belt, I’m your girl! I’ve been laid off my job and this is the best time for me to switch career paths. From supporting software users to starting a blog that matters with the help of my trusted think traffic friends. I’m excited, determined, motivated, and committed to making a difference right NOW!

    Fizzle would give me the necessary tools to reach my goals; it would be like having the ease and confidence my best friend (think traffic) holding my hand through the process. Since I don’t have I have the chains of a 9 – 5 holding me back, I have the freedom to delve into Fizzle full time.
    There’s no better time like the present for me to shine!

  83. This time last year I was wedged into a seat of a Boieng 767 on a 10 hour flight home after visiting a sick relative.

    It was at this point that I recognised “the shift”. The shift had been slowly revealing itself over the course of the preceding 6 months, but at that moment it hit me with the force of a thousand Mack trucks.

    I had been a lawyer for the last 12 years, my fight for justice only being superseded by my fight to keep law and order between my staff.

    At that very moment it became clear that I never wanted to be a lawyer again!! I wanted to start living for me! I wanted to start creating businesses that were going to thrive on people’s happiness. Services to those who want rather than need.

    The last 10 months have been filled with searching, but not long ago I had my Aha moment. I now have all the ideas and just need support to get it altogether.

    My light is finally shining, and with Fizzle it will blast off.

  84. It’s MY TIME TO SHINE because–

    I work part-time (as an AP Economics teacher– woohoo!) so I can be there for my little kids (4 and 20 mos…awwww) while having a career that I LOVE. However, I need another pathway to CASH– who-duh-thunk that teaching barely helps you pay the bills?! Darn.

    I want to do something that I have a passion for– I have an awesome idea and I would LOVE to experience your BRILLIANCE!

    It’s my time NOW. And if it ain’t my time, I’m going to do my best to MAKE IT MY TIME.
    I listen to you guys, Pat Flynn, and Derek Halpern at the gym. I’m HOOKED. You guys are awesome to listen to– both TOTALLY entertaining and TOTALLY informative.

    Keep the good stuff a comin’.

  85. Why is it my time to shine? Why not? I have worked hard at crafting my message and brand. I have taken the Fizzle courses, read the necessary books I needed to educate myself until my eye have bled (exaggeration), payed (and still paying) the cost up front so I can shine on the back end, shipped more this past year than the past five years combined, and have finally let myself embrace the idea of being successful as a viable option. Who am I to shine? Who am I not to shine?

    Paschal said, “Chance favors the prepared mind”.

    If this is true, and I believe it is, then I have prepared myself to shine and shine I shall.

  86. Shine time.

    Beginning something new can be one of the most frustrating parts of life. There is a thrill when you decide to take a leap and be the new you. Then you realize, you know so much less than you originally thought and this venture will be long and tedious. It will be reflection of how far you can push yourself.

    It’s like eating Sushi. Chopsticks look so easy to maneuver, until you put them in your hand for the first time. They are awkward and you think this is a ridiculous way to eat food. Give me a fork.

    But you step back and decide to respect the utensil. With practice, laughter, and humiliation you can tackle any roll or sashimi put on your plate. But with concentration, the proper instructor, and determination, you can catch a fly mid-air.

    I am still at the beginning of my journey to develop my online presence, but I am at the edge of being in the middle and I just need that push.

    I am asking you to be the Mr. Miyagi to this Karate Kid.

  87. Last year I was laid off. It takes time to work out what to do after this type of event and for me it was life changing. My wife and I are positioning ourselves to give up 9-5, and have started major planning for growing timetalkin – a business that helps people learn more effectively. In Jan 2014, we choose to travel around Australia for 6 months while we build new relationships and a learning community. And I just got accepted to join The Foundation – I plan to build a SaaS business.

    1. I wanted to add that I listen to the Fizzle podcast every week and while yet to take any of the courses, I know that one of my first tasks is to build traffic and reach out to others to share the value we offer at timetalkin. Any guidance that helps me improve my writing and expression will helps me head in the right direction.

  88. The timing is great for me to shine (and don’t worry, I’ll be shining whether I win or not). I am about to launch my rebranded business, I am motivated, full of ideas, willing to try things out, constantly seeking inspiration and (as “samey” as it must sound in this context) I am passionate about empowering people to change their lives for the better.

    I’m on a mission to get young radsters to give a shit about their wellbeing and take some responsibility for themselves rather than just being victims of circumstance and waiting until they’re overrun with unpleasant symptoms and unhelpful habits before they become motivated to do something about it.

    I’ve had my fair share of hardship but I wouldn’t want the sympathy vote. And hey, my 1 year old daughter loves listening to podcasts and watching videos with me so maybe she’s ready to shine too.

    On a side note, I’m very grateful for this opportunity and also for everything I’ve already learnt from you guys. Totally shamed that this is my first post on TT.

  89. Love this, what a great opportunity!

    It’s my time to shine because I’ve hit the crossroads with the app development business I run with my husband. We quit our jobs last year and we’re travelling the world but we’re not taking the action we need to go stellar. We have big plans, including JVs, building communities, a buy-out. As a result, the business brings in a small amount of money, but not enough to truly live on. What’s holding us back? We’re reading blogs, we’re listening to podcasts, we’re telling ourselves that we’re learning – but what we need is action. Less self doubt, more momentum.

    Can’t wait to see what you’ve got coming up for us.

  90. I have begun the Fizzle courses and my topic has been defined. I finally found how I can pay it forward and help others to reach fulfillment. After developing ideas for a blog since beginning as a contributor to another blog earlier this year, I am ready to go!

    My blog will be focused on personal growth and professional development (entrepreneurial-focused i.e. limiting beliefs, conquering fears). It is important to me to bring actionable elements/challenges into the posts as well.

    Additionally, there will be monthly service options (requiring small investments as I want it to be available widely, but to those truly interested). These services complement the blog, as it will be focused on Mentoring. I have a Wharton-MBA graduate with 30-years of business partnering with me to mentor individuals.

    My partner and I simply have a goal of mentoring others to achieve the most that they can, whether starting their own business, or navigating their way through the business world.

  91. Very cool contest, thank you!

    I’m Yolandi Griesel, also known as “Landi Jac”. I run a business called Angeles (, who specialises in getting SME’s compliant to labour legislation. My heart lies with Entrepreneurs and in May this year, I won Entrepreneur X-Factor, Johannesburg SA.

    Voting lines for Entrepreneur X-Factor opens on the 18th of November 2013 – see my link “Landi Jac” on You-Tube. This membership will allow me to achieve more votes and give my business the global exposure it needs in order to assist Entrepreneurs worldwide.

    Thank you for the opportunity, you guys rock!

  92. If this were “It’s a Wonderful Life,” I’d be George Bailey…

    Uncle Billy: They did it, they did it, George, they voted Potter down. And they only had one condition, and that’s the best part. They want you to run the Building and Loan.

    George Bailey: No, no, this is my last chance to get away from here. Harry Bailey is your man, he will run the Building and Loan.

    Uncle Billy: But George, they’ll vote with Potter otherwise…

    * * *
    George Bailey: I know what I’m gonna do tomorrow, and the next day, and the next year, and the year after that. I’m shakin’ the dust of this crummy little town off my feet and I’m gonna see the world. Italy, Greece, the Parthenon, the Colosseum. Then, I’m comin’ back here to go to college and see what they know. And then I’m gonna build things. I’m gonna build airfields, I’m gonna build skyscrapers a hundred stories high, I’m gonna build bridges a mile long…

  93. Why now? Because I wasn’t ready 20 years ago, or 10 years ago, or even 1 year ago. Why now? Because I turn 46 at the beginning of January. Why now? Because I finally understand myself, understand what I want, and can see a way to get there. So, why not now.

    My way forward: helping other creatives. Why do I think I can teach anybody anything? Life has dealt some hard knocks, yet I always find a way to get back up. No matter how bad things have gotten, I find a way around the obstacles. That resilience has taught me a great deal. I’m a big picture thinker who understands the need to study the details before moving on. Ask anybody who knows me well and they’ll explain that I’m the person to go to when you need encouragement, or a plan, or simply a break from whatever it is that has you blocked.

    Regardless of the outcome of the contest, I’ll be back to ThinkTraffic plenty. I’m a new subscriber who just found your site recently – don’t know how I’ve missed it! Apparently my timing rocked :)

  94. Because all I care is to deliver extraordinary work. This is my time for Fizzle because there’s always something to learn and I’ll rather learn with you guys.

    Because I have fizzled out…twice. I’m just 25 years old, I’ve tried to instigate small businesses and still haven’t make it. But you showed me that is possible to bring my passion onto something doable, so I’m giving my 110% energy to make it real.

    Because I’m mexican and here life’s different. Because is a challenge… yet beatable. Because I want to be part of a extraordinary community of world-changing entrepreneurs.

    But I want to shine now to later teach others how to start their own light, too. This is my time, fellows, because I want to fizzle the right way!

  95. Always shinin’ over here! I’ve been toiling away and steadily growing my site and community, confident that I can figure out the steps to reach the level that I want to achieve, but I’m ready to give my site some Fizzle!

  96. Simply because I now want to shine for myself, instead of making others shine for years behind curtains.
    I want to tell them “I made it, but this time the limelight is mine alone!” and, I want to tell the world “Online entrepreneurs can succeed, if you are willing to work. Hard.”

  97. I became a self-employed one woman show this October. I had been iterating stuff since June. I have just launched my first “the people I know need this, I can do this for them” project (, rather than “I’m good at this, how do I sell it” kind of thing. I’m getting closer and closer, and 2014 is the year when everything begins to fall into place. And I can’t wait!
    I am in Fizzle, in Bschool, I have a Mastermind group and an accountability partner. I’m gonna rock the shit out of 2014, basically. It takes a village, and I’ve got the best support out there!

  98. Now is my time to shine because I simply must, if I am to continue doing what I love.

    I have been self employed for a couple of years and I love it. However, in monetary terms, I’m just about getting by – and what I earn each month can be wildly variable. I recently made a one year plan for my business and will be putting in some major effort to get my business to a point where it can really support me and I believe that a Fizzle membership would give me an even better chance of success. If I don’t see a significant improvement in that year, I’ll need to return to employment – something I would MUCH rather not do.

    Working from home, I miss being able to bounce ideas off of others, which is why I think the community aspect of Fizzle will be really good for me. Combine that with the training and I truly think it will give me a much-needed boost.

    Thanks a lot for considering me :)

  99. Full time artist needs new job. Street shows dying, galleries take too much in commissions, wholesale can be a stretch for one of a kind works.
    So what do we do?
    Create new selling system! The Goal: collaboration selling stuff online by artists joining forces, each of us using our own email lists, FB, Pinterest, Instagram etc. all in harmony with each other to drive traffic to individual artist websites. No one gives up their lists. A promotional alliance.
    Got an email campaign going on now that will give me feed back, buy in for artists and sales. Need help polishing this, driving traffic to it, and selling a blueprint for others to imitate.

  100. Hi Corbett!

    Schöne Grüße aus Deutschland!

    You ask why it is my time to shine? The answer is quite simple:

    American Entrepreneur and start-up blogger living in Germany + 2 new blogs: one for the German-speaking world population and one for the English-speaking world population + 1 book in progress = reaching my potential while helping others achieve theirs.

    The equation looks like this: 1 + 2 + 1 = 4 million happy readers.

    If that’s not a shining plan I don’t know what is. I hope you feel the same and I would love to hear from you.

    Thank you for the traffic advice and this opportunity.

    Your “potential” hero

  101. It is DEFINITELY my time to shine – because I have already seen success in using so many of your tools in my brand, spankin’ new, (3 month old!) business. AND because I have the determination and entrepreneurial planning and execution ability to make things happen.

    As I wrote you, Corbett: your course is one of the best things I have done to launch my company. My background and experience as an organizational psychologist never taught me how to start a blog that matters or reach others the way your material has. You help me realize the importance of my role as a Chief Motivations Mapper and helped me focus on the mission of helping other companies become Rave-Worthy to their own customers, clients and employees.

    I really hope I win. But if I don’t, I HAVE won already.

    Thanks again.

    Dr. Mia Mulrennan

  102. I like helping others build “real businesses” (that just happen to be online).

    It is my time to shine because this time I recorded it.

    In just 3 months I have helped a couple guys (while working full time jobs) go from an idea to customers and even get an investors interest.

    Its an amazing story that’s going to help inspire and educate many others when I launch the “Build a Cubicle Free Business” Podcast next month.

    Be ready.

  103. I’m already beginning to sparkle, but the free membership would catapult me to out SHINE the last three plus years of my blogging experience. So many things falling into place and Fizzle would help complete the framework to launch me to a whole “nutha” level! I’m not only ready to SHINE I want the Hi-Pro-Glow! So ready!

  104. I feel like I’m going to burst with the potential for what I have to share and teach people about bulk meal planning and cooking for health and fitness.

    I think I have the ideas to write a Meal Planning Manifesto. I want to start a radical movement that teaches people how to eat healthy. The sad truth is that someone needs to be a leader to reverse the obesity epidemic.

    I’m inspired by the work Jamie Oliver has done to help teach kids how to eat well. Why not teach people how easy it can be to prepare healthy meals at home, in bulk, instead of consuming fast foods and processed food, and getting sicker and fatter.

    There has to be an easy way to break through to the general public that has been hypnotized by fast food companies lying to them, saying that their foods and drinks are safe and healthy.

    What people are eating is slowly killing them and the simple art of cooking at home needs to be re-introduced.

    FINALLY! This is something much bigger than me, and it scares the shit of me, but I know I can do this.

  105. Everyone shines, every day.

    Finding one’s ‘time to shine’ simply means uncovering, releasing, freeing and amplifying the ways we already shine.

    For me, it’s getting clear about who I serve – men in midlife crisis. It’s about helping them shine – recreating themselves to have a great second half. It’s about working through fear, insecurity and doubt, doing the work, and moving forward. It’s about connecting with others who can support and encourage this next phase of my own life.

    Really, everyone already shines. It’s time to stop hiding it.

  106. With multiple TEDTalks and several bestselling books in my favorite subject area, we are in the midst of a Memory Skills Renaissance.

    I aim to be a huge part of that revival and make it Magnetic.

    So far so good, one Memory Palace blogpost at a time.

  107. Hello! For many years I’ve worked as both a web designer and musician. Recently it’s become harder for me to travel, so I’ve turned my attention to improving my online marketing skills. While that has been a lot of fun, the success has been very hit/miss. I discovered Fizzle early this year, shortly after I released an album of guitar instrumentals. The Fizzle podcast really opened my eyes to the bigger picture of treating this music as a business, and taking it online. Shortly after the album was released my drummer went on tour with a really popular group, and now we have the chance to leverage that exposure, but I know that I need to immerse myself in deeper knowledge of running this band and label as a business to take advantage of our opportunity to publicize and play live in 2014. Thanks!

  108. I think it is really awesome you guys are doing this- Thank you! To answer the question Why is it your time to shine?

    Because right now there is no other choice. My husband is disabled and earlier this year I went down with injuries that prevent me from working in a field I’ve known most of my life. We’ve burned all our boats to pursue the dream of freedom and independence not only for ourselves but for writers everywhere. We just can’t afford this dream to “fizzle” out.

  109. I have been making videos and posting articles in the weight loss niche for over 3 1/2 years now ( I did this while I was working full time. I recently was forced into retirement by age discrimination and decided to make lemonade out of lemons and dedicate myself to being successful online.
    I currently have over 456 videos on YouTube with over 1.2 million video, but not making much money. I recently started a new marketing effort in the internet marketing niche. I called it after I heard you guys joking about how to pronounce “Niche”
    I am currently putting in more than 10 hours a day 7 days a week to make this happen. I don’t have apple pie in the sky goals, I just want to make a fair return on my investment of effort. I can’t count the amount of times you guys have saved me from the brink of quiting with your motivational Podcasts. Thanks

  110. Chase’s motto as of late has changed. It’s less about marketing or promoting in general, and more about teaching that guy or gal — the one actually capable of creating something that matters — how to put their thing into the world, because they’re the people that are LEAST likely to take action.

    Being in the training and fitness area, this has paralleled. The people that need help the most are the ones swindled by infomercials and shady websites and supplements. The people that would look back and say, “My life is forever changed from this,” might never have the chance. Too many people have abused their trust. Realistically, it’s their time to shine, not mine.

    One way to make them shine? Free Fizzle, yo. Because, well, you guys are smarter than me at doing this stuff in an honest way, and every time you teach a guy like me, you’re helping one of those people that can say that their life has been changed. It’s like the butterfly effect. You don’t know it, but the reach can spread far. From you to me to thousands and to thousands of those thousands.

    And also: deadlifts. More people doing deadlifts. That’s a worthy cause.

  111. Started My own Business in a hospital room in 2009. Freelanced full-time ever since. Father of 2 boys, my wife has had 11 surgeries in the past 2 years. I do everything from cooking, cleaning, laundry, takings care of her and our boys, all while trying to run a successful business from home. I currently make around $3k per month, but my expenses keep going up with medical bills and medicine. I only have 24 hrs a day and I want to learn to maximize that time more efficiently. I want to learn how to put systems in place to help grow some passive income. I will be joining fizzle after the giveaway either way, but sure would be an amazing break to have the first year free! I believe it is my time to shine because I won’t except any other answer than that. I am grateful for being able to work from home for the past 4 years, but I need to better myself! I need to be able to sleep eventually :) …. If selected I can promise I will use fizzle to it’s fullest. Thanks for your consideration, Ryan Tomlinson

  112. For the last ten years I have had the opportunity to mentor small business start-ups. I have seen hundreds of entrepreneurs with nothing but a half assed idea turn their life into the most challenging, creative, and exciting experience anyone could have. I found it is in the doing that the shining comes forth. Not in the constant thinking or planning, not in my mentoring but when that person takes that first step themselves and puts up that Open For Business Sign. It is then the light comes on and for the next few years there is no way to stop them. Success comes to them not because they become rich and famous but because they did it, they started. And because of that they shine, everyone can see it and feel it
    Martin Townsend.

  113. Why is it my time to shine?

    After some time contemplating on why I suck at blogging, I finally knew what was wrong with me. I did it for the wrong reason. I think I’m smart enough that all people will bow down to my great knowledge…I know, I’m stupid.

    I read all sorts of articles on blogging and all of the writers are great. You can even sense their sincerity on sharing valuable information to their readers and that’s what counts.

    I want to be that kind of blogger.

    If I don’t get that Fizzle membership now, most probably the fire that is currently burning in my heart would die down…and that’s just a waste of potential because I know that I can do it.

  114. Hey Corbet, Chase & Caleb.

    Anytime is a good time to shine! You’ve just got to be willing to put it all on the line!

    I’ve been working for years constantly refining and trying my hardest to perfect the craft of blogging. I’ve put together a free E-Course (that’s almost finished) as a way of offering value to my readers. I just need to learn how to deliver that and everything else in the most effective way!

    I’ve sacrificed hours every day before and after work, hit the wall and almost broken down but it’s been worth it. I’m hoping that with the resources of of Fizzle I can take what I’ve been working on to a whole new level and offer the same value as you guys have for the past few years!

    Even if I don’t win I’m still gonna keep moving… Thanks for everything you’ve already offered guys!


  115. I launched my first Kickstarter this month, one to self-publish my first novel, and it’s already funded (! This marks just the first conquest of my burgeoning transmedia empire. Soon, nothing will stand between me, graphic novels, movies, and games. Watch your wallets!

  116. Is right now my time to shine? Psh, I don’t know. But I’ll tell you why I’d like it to be.

    I am a Registered Dietitian in private practice. Most of the people I work with struggle with weight, body image, or an otherwise unhappy relationship with food. They hurt, I like to help, and I’m good at it. One of the only things that sucks about being in a helping profession is that self-sacrifice is a requirement of most jobs. The reality is that happy people help people better, so I don’t think it’s crazy to want a job that lets me fully live and enjoy my life while helping others.

    I adore sitting in my office with patients, but you guys keep inspiring me to do more. To reach more people. I started my blog last week thanks to you, and am holding myself accountable to post something at least once a week. My little dream is to make a big noise that helps as many people as possible, but without being all martyr-y about it.

    If I shine, then I share that light with my patients and they get to shine too. That would be pretty amazing.

  117. Now is my time to shine because I just started a new consulting gig to break free from my 9 to 5. Fizzle’s insights could help my escape come exponentially sooner.

  118. I deserve to win a free membership to this website because of my hard work teaching persons how to make money online and helping person to make an income that they can live from.

  119. It’s my time to shine because I can’t take another year of getting up, going to work, and wondering “What the fizzle?” I have some amazing ideas that I need the Holy Trinity of online entrepreneurship – that would be Corbett, Caleb, and Chase – to help me get out of my head and into the universe.

  120. It’s my time to shine because I just posted on Facebook that the feminism conversation is old, irrelevant, and boring, and I’m sweating and trembling at what I’m going to hear back. I’m a woman and as much as it’s possible to be, a feminist, but now I teach personality styles, and how the uneven distribution of deeply-structured psychic structures between men and women makes it look like we have a gender issue when it’s a personality issue. If it’s not my time to shine, I hope it’s not my time to get lunch-mobbed!

  121. Guys, guess what happened after I implemented the principles from Essentials of Website Design, drastically simplifying my site and giving “the words” pride of place? Within a month, I had been flown to New Hampshire, offered a six-figure publishing deal, and since then I’ve been offered book deals by 3 other publishing companies in my niche.

    I’m not trying to be a d-bag here, either — I didn’t get into this for attention. I’m telling you this because, first, credit belongs where it’s due–and in this case, cred goes to you guys–and second, because I need some more Fizzle in my life.

    As of this writing, I’m rapidly trying to sort the pros and cons of going with traditional publishers versus sticking soley with my 1.5 year steady, Ms. Internet. As a wise man once said, every Yes waters down the vitality of our other Yeses.

    So help me get to the bottom of these new, exciting challenges with the Fizzle community. Let my little light shine. Give me a year of access to all the Wojjies (that’s Midwest vernacular for Woj bombs) a man could ask for.

  122. I’ve just made the leap into business for myself and am currently supporting my family and I through contracts and consulting. Getting out of 6 year Job that had many challenges but just wasn’t right for my entrepreneurial attitude.

    I however want to help a broader audience to understand the role of technology in their business.

    I love to help people figure out what they need, what they don’t need and how to get those things to work. I will make an impact on how business approaches technology I just need the support of community to get there faster.

    I’m on the a great path to drive people to new heights in their own businesses. I will make a difference and will share all my ups and downs with this great growth community you’ve created.

    I’d love to work with you in your community, I’m ready to listen and learn. I’m ready to drive to a new level of success and I will get there one way or another.

    Thanks for the great tools,

    Paul Ryan

  123. Now is the time to shine for me because i really want to break away from working for somebody else’s dream. I am 18 years old and i am ready to break away and work for myself i know that i am not supposed to be working a typical job, I am meant to express what i really enjoy and share it with everybody. I may be young but i know what i want to do in life and that is help people in any way possible. I want to get a head start and start crushing it now.

  124. So my grandma, grandpa, dad, and uncles all had a entrepreneur spirit, but they worked their butts off for someone else. Why? Because they were scared to fizzle( the first definition you mentioned). I am determined to break that cycle because I have fizzling (2nd definition) running through my very nature. It is my time to shine because ever since I began watching all you guys Corbett, Pat, Leo, Chase, and Scott, I feel like you guys believe in me just as much as I believe in myself. It’s just a matter of time because with you all helping me, success is inevitable.

  125. Shine is the light that stays on in my office while everyone else is asleep.

    Shine comes from the sweat that trickles down my back every time I finish an article, write to an editor or pay a bill.

    Wet eyes blink and then my face shines as I read a kind Fizzler’s vote of support and words encouragement in the forum.

    I am so grateful for all of the lessons and care poured into the Fizzle community.

    Fizzle is the polish that makes us all shine. :-)

  126. Why is it my time to shine?

    Look, I’ll be real with you, I’ve not really looked much into Fizzle before today. Not because I didn’t want to, or because I wasn’t looking for memberships, training, and so on – because I didn’t have the money to spare.

    For the past year and a half I’ve been struggling with running a business full time and not making much; the reason I KNOW I’ll be shining next year is that I’ve been through a lot of the hard slog, put in the time, and I’ve a fairly good idea of what I need to do and how to do it.

    Things will be taking off for me regardless, I would like to be on board, and I’d definitely love to be surrounded by other people who are making it happen.

  127. Widower, 46, raising two great kids, 11 and 7. Dropped out of corporate banking in 2011 and started financial consultancy for firms. Jobs few and far in between. And then my wife died. Total change of priorities: Maxing time for my kids, be financially sustainable (2nd point not yet achieved, I am burning through my assets like a maverick nuclear core melts its casing).

    For a 2nd source of income I became a life insurance agent too. LOVE the products (through own experience!), HATE the way they are sold! My spin: Everyone needs to understand his needs and the risks and chances in life. THEN comes an investment and insurance strategy that survives lay-offs, divorce, illness and death, and cushions (early) retirement :-)

    Started to blog without focus about 1 year ago, and had an enlightenment with “Write Epic Shit”. Just the headline was enough to trigger rethinking – Since then addictied to the fizzle show!

    Ah, and all of this is happening in Poland.

  128. Finished a grad degree in January, started looking for more traditional work, no success. So, I did what people on TV say to do, I followed my “dreams.” Self-published a book: it didn’t sell. Since then I’ve self-published 4 more books along with keeping an active blog. Still not making any money, but I’m doing my thing and working a temp day job to feed my family. Also mooching off my parents, you gotta do what you gotta do.
    I never considered myself an entrepreneur through all of my writing and publishing until I started listening to the Fizzle show. I have the creativity part down, now I simply need to learn the business. Thanks Fizzle!

  129. It’s my time to shine because I want to be a case study for my family and other people that I can be successful online, even though I’m only seventeen. I want to prove to the world that you can start young and don’t need to wait until you’re forty before you realize that you’ve been living your life wrong all along.

    I’m supposed to be in college but due to financial reasons I had to stop, but I’m thankful it happened because it led me to the online community and somehow it feels like I’ve found the light at the end of a dark tunnel. It gave me hope that I didn’t need to be a slave and work 9 to 5 everyday for someone else and earn minimum for the first few years.

    I’ve been learning as much as I can from free resources because I can’t afford Fizzle yet. Even if I don’t win one year of Fizzle, I’d still continue this path in life, but winning a whole year of Fizzle would help me so much! I especially need the supportive community to continue this dream I have and inspire others, like how you inspired me.

  130. This is my time to shine! I started out online a bit ago, following Think Traffic and the precepts that you teach. These resonate so much with me — serving others, writing epic shit, and more.

    Then life stepped in with a series of events that consumed my time and energy. I lost my way in my online endeavors, chasing the quick dollar and taking what seemed to be shortcuts to success. They weren’t.

    Whether or not my life has settled out, I have come full circle, back to Think Traffic, and now to Fizzle. I am working through Starting a Blog That Matters, joined a Mastermind group. I’m taking the long road, because it’s the right thing for me. It’s my time to shine!

  131. It’s my time to shine because I’ve made a ton of mistakes over the last five years, but each time I am gaining more insight into what I can do to make me better as a person and an online entrepreneur. As a result I’ve learned it’s not about me anymore but rather the people I plan to serve and that is my goal now, to build a solid community of people that I can help serve and improve their lives one person at a time.

  132. Hi, I’m Sara. 

I help people get their health handled through innovative care that focuses on the cause, not just the symptoms, and design unique programs exclusive to each client and their path to extraordinary health and vitality. 

    I’ve been in medical school for 6 years and now I’m T-minus 8 months to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist.

    It’s my time to shine, because my rare training gives me unique insight to the root cause of our country’s health, environmental, and social issues. And a believe through creating a thriving practice and learning to share my message on a worldwide scale, I can help to create a community based revolution to change how we treat ourselves, our planet, and each other.


It’s not only my time to shine, it’s time to shine for all of us. I’m on a mission to eradicate the illness, habits, and thoughts that hold my clients hostage so we can all do what we love most and change the world together.

    Please help me, Fizzle!

    1. Typo free version:

      Hi, I’m Sara. 

I help people get their health handled through innovative care that focuses on the cause, not just the symptoms, and design unique programs exclusive to each client and their path to extraordinary health and vitality. 

      I’ve been in medical school for 6 years and now I’m T-minus 8 months to becoming a Naturopathic Doctor and Acupuncturist.

      It’s my time to shine, because my rare training gives me unique insight to the root cause of our country’s health, environmental, and social issues. And I believe through creating a thriving practice and learning to share my message on a worldwide scale, I can help to create a community based revolution to change how we treat ourselves, our planet, and each other.


It’s not only my time to shine, it’s time to shine for all of us. I’m on a mission to eradicate the illness, habits, and thoughts that hold my clients hostage so we can all do what we love most and change the world together.

      Please help me, Fizzle!

  133. Only 200 words to explain why now is my time to shine? This calls for a Top 10 List!

    1. I have the saddest of “sad-sack to success” stories. I visited hell, and successfully returned. Alive and rejuvenated! More details on that in my recently published eBook.

    2. I recently turned 40. And boy, that really causes one to meditate on how time flies, and how there’s now no time to waste!

    3. If I can beat addiction, there’s nothing I can’t do! I truly believe that.

    4. I’m a pilot, skier, legal professional, veteran, avid hiker, musician, budding entrepreneur, etc. Eclectic, you might say.

    5. Corbett is like the Mom I never had.

    6. Chase and Woj? They’re like the Mom I DID have :(

    7. I can already use a lot of marketing buzzwords to sound cool!

    8. Thus far, the value proposition inherent in my content has caused my long-tail analytics to pop!

    9. Did I mention I just turned 40?!?

    10. In all seriousness, now IS my time to shine! And shine I will. This is a fantastic and generous opportunity, and I won’t disappoint!

  134. It’s my time to shine because I’ve lived through the drudgery of believing 9 to 5 was the only way to guarantee a life and work you love. I gain new actionable insights every day and fizzle and the community have been a huge part of that.

    Up and up and up!


  135. Six years, six UK Winters, 3500hrs, six years of scraping by, six years of hard hard work.

    Result – 38ft ocean going catamaran nearing launch. A home that will take me anywhere.

    I’ve built a boat but now I must build a business.

    I built a boat on my own but I can’t do that with a business.

    I’ll keep shining no matter what, but I’ll shine far far brighter with the help of my Fizzle friends!

  136. Hey C-men,

    I actually believe it’s all of our time to shine, whether we win the Fizzle package or not. It’s our birthright – we just need to maintain the right mindset and leave the stuff that sabotages us out of the equation. Combine it with some wonderful Fizzling know-how, fun and attitude and mix well! I liked to be shaken, not stirred 😉

    Seriously, I’d love the opportunity to win a free Fizzle membership for a year. I was retrenched from my full time job in July and have been throwing myself into my business ever since. While it’s coming along and I’m getting a lot of opportunities to spread the word about what I do, it’s been slow to take off in a big way and I have to admit that finding the money for my Fizzle membership, while it’s of incredible value, is a bit of a challenge each month. To have a year’s relief would be THE best thing that could happen to my business and myself ever.

    I also have a lot of online networking contacts who I’m sure would also love this opportunity, so I’m putting the word out so that they have a chance at it, too. I honestly believe that what you give you get back in this world and I want to see them prosper too.

    Good luck everyone and may the Fizzle be with you!

  137. This year will be my biggest year yet because I’m more motivated than ever. My family is expanding for the first time, and there is nothing that I want more than to spend as much time with them as possible!
    I’m super motivated and am planning on doing whatever it will take to change to self employment and make that happen.
    I’ve been interested in working online for the last 3-4 years, and have just half assed a bunch of stuff and not seen the results that I want. I’ve started trimming my projects, and focusing harder on the ones with the most potential.
    With all the courses, tips and actionable advice in fizzle, I know it will help me reach my goal of running an online business and enjoying time with my family.

  138. Would like to continue to share with people how they can make their business take off but actually would like to get paid for it….going to get a sapphire and tonic now, maybe 5 of em.

  139. Hi Fizzle men 😉

    For the last year I have been determined to make a difference in my life and I have been working hard to figure out how to do that. I believe I have found a way so I am excited and motivated. I am so tired of letting someone else dictate how I live my life, how much money I have, and when I can go on bloody vacation. This is my life! I am going to do what it takes to change it. We only live once and I need mine to be meaningful and successful. Thats it!

  140. I was so busy reading blog after blog, listening to podcast after podcast and watching every video tutorial imaginable. What I really could benefit from is accountability. I feel like I have been training for the Olympics, with my category in swimming. I’ve read all about swimming, learned many styles, talked with swimmers and now here I go!! I’m on the diving board, I know how to dive, I know what I should be doing but instead I reach for my notes for more execution tips.

    Enough!! I want to shine, I need to shine ! I’m ready to shine !
    I recently heard a well-to-do distant relative talking with my close cousin. They ran into one another in a high end store, and the distant relative stated that she couldn’t imagine that my family would ever be in a store of that caliber. (ouch)

     Well, success  for me is not shopping at a high end store; however, success is the CHOICE to decide my own fate. Unlike that relative who runs several chain stores (and is successful), I’d rather shine my own logo, I’d rather create my own rules rather than follow a manuel. It’s my time to shine because nothing else will do. 


  141. A year ago I decided to launch a website called Decoded in order to be the first website to publish all African lyrics. Along the way I learned the music industry in Africa is ripe and ready to grow. We are basically building are website from scratch and its my time to shine because its Africa time to shine. Not only have we discovered a great opportunity to showcase African lyrics but we have find a way to help brand upcoming artist. While we have a great idea I feel with the right tools I can really make an impact on African music.

    I’m young and ready to put my all to make my dreama come true.

  142. It’s my time to shine as I have already done the work to find my mission and my Why. Taken action to share my health journey to reach others to make a difference.

    My business name is Happy Healthy Fit Woman.

    I see so many woman disliking themselves and their bodies, not living to their full potential because of either illness, negative thoughts and low self-esteem, and feeling lost as a person.

    My mission is to reach as many health-conscious women as possible to inspire and equip them on the know-how and tools to live energetic vibrant healthy life’s, full of self esteem and loving themselves and their bodies unconditionally.

    My intention is guide them to a place where they are living in a higher state of health, freeing them of regular illness, so they can excel and be there fully present with their families, spreading the love to their dear ones and others to live also energetic vibrant healthy lives.

    The reason why I would love to win a year of Fizzle is to resume the membership I did have (I had to cancel for personal reasons) and get the help to achieve my mission.

  143. I’ve had an idea, my bulb is on, my bulb is bright… It is my time to shine!

    Watch out the Internetzzzz!

  144. This has been an amazing and yet unbelievably difficult year for me. I got married in June, found out my parents are getting a divorce, got baptized, was laid off 3 days after I found out my wife is pregnant, and lost a close friend to suicide. This year has taught me about myself, broken me down and melted me down to my elements; now I get to decide what I rebuild toward.
    I am a Game Designer & Developer living in Colorado. I have been making games since I was 10, and sold my first at age 12. I have never had the revenue, but I have never been more willing to put in the work than I am now, with so much on the line. For my wife, my baby-boy-to-be, and my industry. I’ve been melted down to purify my vision and harden my purpose, and now it’s my time to shine.

  145. A lot of entrepeneur info makes the assumption that you don’t like your job.

    I love my job, my career, the people I work with.

    So why on earth would I want to start a publishing company?

    I want better technical books out there. Lots of them.
    And I want the authors, editors, technical reviewers, and artists involved to make lots of money.
    And I want the best people on a subject to share their knowledge, write great books, and push technology, engineering, and society forward.

    But the best programmers and engineers out there already have jobs.
    We can’t motivate them to write books by offering them 10% of net proceeds.

    Self publishing is great for some people.
    But lots of geeks aren’t the best communicators.
    We need geek editors that can make the incoherent mumblings of cubicle geniuses resonate.
    And artists to transform napkin drawings into meaning.
    They should all work only on projects they believe in.
    And they should share in success.
    There’s a lot of room between 5% and 95%.

    I’m an experienced geek who wants to make the techical book section of bookstores fun again.

    I would use the fizzle year for good. Not evil.


  146. For me, life has always been about developing and evolving!

    I’ve run several successfully family owned Restaurants in the past (it was an “our” dream – mine and my family’s dream – not “my heart’s ” dream). So I went back to school and eventually built a thriving private practice as a therapist.

    All of these business counted on word of mouth for referral – and because whatever service I offered was quality, I was always busy.

    I am currently the Director of an AIDS Foundation and am attempting to launch my career (on the side) serving the community at large (meaning globally through the internet) as a Personal Developmental Coach. Coaching makes me feel alive! Seeing others succeed is my rush! Being a Successful Coach (in person, through Skype/phone, through webinars, etc) is the next step in my evolution; and this time word of mouth is not enough.

    Being new to Fizzle, I need Fizzle’s support through their lessons and through the Fizzle members, to help me narrow down my audience, help me as I develop my missing marketing plan, jolt and trigger “oh I get it” moments and call me on my shit, through constructive feedback and training. As part of a community, I too need to be present and offer these things back to those writing in the forums who are seeking their own success.

    I have always offered a quality product. This time as a Developmental Coach at, it is to serve people where they are either hurting, are stuck or desire greater intimacy or meaning in their lives and relationships.

    And like my work with my clients, my work with Fizzle is not just about me – it’s about the “We” . . .No one wins till we all win! So here’s to all our successes!

  147. Actually guys it is my time to shine – and help someone else shine. If I won a Fizzle membership I’d give it to someone that couldn’t afford it, but would really benefit from being a member. I’m a lifer and not going any where any time soon, but I’d love to see a few people join that maybe can’t afford it now.

  148. NOW is my time to shine because I have been saying “maybe later” to life for an astonishing/embarrassing/demoralizing 12 years now. It’s time to put a stop to the see-through excuses and endless rounds of excuses and get down and dirty with my destiny.

  149. I’ve belonged to Fizzle for over a year and I don’t want to win. I want you to continue taking my money because it’s the best damn investment I’ve made in a number of years and I’ve gotten a ton out of it.

    Nevertheless, I’m leaving my comment because I want to say it’s my time to shine because Fizzle has finally showed me where I need to focus my energies. I’ve finally figured out where I was wasting my time and where I need to focus my efforts. That’s why my email list has increased 8X over in the past 12 months. That’s why I feel like I’m helping people and providing something of value. Thanks, guys. Looking forward to the big announcement.


    It’s my time to shine because it’s my time to shine. You know what I mean?

    It’s time to stop playing small and run with the big dogs.
    I have a message to share but I have been hiding in the closet my whole life and now it is time for me to come out and be seen with reckless abandon and unapologetic grace.
    When we allow ourself to shine, we unconsciously give others the permission to do the same.

    I am determined for success. I am ready to serve.
    I am ready to expand, explore and explode into the creative depths of my being.
    I am ‘deep’ and you guys are ‘deep’ so we are a perfect match.

    I am clear in my vision and that is to help others transform their lives but need a GPS on how to get there and Fizzle is it. I need a viable, structured system to support myself and buy some gluten free crackers.

    I live by 4 principles: integrity, authenticity, responsibility and enriching and Fizzle fits this platform.

    You guys care and it shows.

    I am read to sizzle beyond measure NOW!

    Many Bliss Bomb Blessings,

  151. Last year, before I turned 40, I had my midlife crisis: I questioning everything, starting from my personal abilities to parental skills. Being half-way through my life, I got nothing to show for it: no degree, no specialized skills, no achievements. I wanted to run away, to hide under the covers.

    I had my epiphany after having done a self-inventory, and it became obvious that I have a lot to share, too. I came to US with just a little English. Having lived in two contrasting counties, US and Soviet Russia, gave me different perspective on life, the best of both worlds kinda thing. I raised two wonderful boys, both honor students.

    The picture became clear to me: all these years, I’ve been accumulating the experience and now, I am ready to share it with others. It is my time to shine not because I deserve it, but because I could help so many people to overcome their fears, survive or avoid their crises, and be in control of their lives. I want to shine my light on others for whom the realization of their importance and potential is yet to come!

    Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!

  152. hi fizzle tribe, i am a 24 year old adult performer, writer, and filmmaker who has been active in the literary scene, the porn scene, the financial independence scene, and online entrepreneur scene for the past three years doing research and actively immersing myself in these fields online and in real life. in my respective fields of interest, i’ve gone to events, worked gigs, volunteered, done workshops, spent nights at home reading blogs instead of socializing, socialized, gotten my hands dirty, rinsed them clean for the next day of dirtying. now i’ve built a tribe, people who support my art and vision. i’m ready to give the gift of my love and relentless creative drive, and the love and support given to me, back into the universe. i’m in this to thrive with my tribe. love and thanks, milcah

  153. This is my time to shine. I made the decision that 2013 was going to be the time that I took my influence to another level, and it’s already been extraordinary, but 2014 is going to blow the ceiling apart. I will be publishing my first solo book next year, and Advantage Rule needs FIzzle-esque guidance to be the best it can be!

    I have made the decision to pay of $160K in law school loans by the end of 2015, and each and every one of my days is a step towards that goal. Financial freedom is the short term goal so that I can be free to pursue my long term goal of facilitating relationships between sports organizations and groups on the ground in developing countries. Working in an ethical and transparent way to help communities thrive is the best possible option, and the travel that comes along with it will just be one more amazing bonus!

    Wow, 200 words is not much to lay out shining time plans is it??

  154. There are a lot of intelligent, thoughtful people out there. They are bursting with ideas – many of them brilliant. But they can’t buckle down and finish the work. They feel horrible about it. Everyone (parents, spouse, friends) thinks they’re useless – or there’s something wrong with them.

    I have felt like this for years now. And I’m certain I’m not the only one.

    It wasn’t until taking these courses that I truly realized this.

    Ever since then I’ve been writing like mad. It’s been pouring out of me kind of like a firehose. Finally, after a several-year slump, I’ve found my calling into this world.

    I’m going to help people just like me. The deep-thinking, caring people that want to change the world. But going at it alone. And struggling.

    It’s a hard, lonely way to live, but it doesn’t have to be.

    However, I have no money. Behind on bills, can’t afford to pay rent. My online businesses (and Fizzle, to a greater extent) is my last-ditch attempt before having to live on someone’s couch. I’d love to stay, but without this award I’m going to have to spend that money on food instead. Honestly.

    You won’t regret giving me the scholarship.

    I promise.

  155. Fizzle Crew,

    I deserve this free annual membership because I kicked butt for the nation that I love. I served and now I want to keep serving others and can help. That’s it…no begging…no whining…just entitlement..because it was earned.

    Nick Guidry

  156. I’m a current Fizzle member and really COULD use the free year.

    In a stroke of odd timing, these past few days my husband and I have already been discussing that 2014 is a plunge year. The year to GO. Or to at least fail by trying.

    Our past five years in the Middle East have been rough, but full of learning about ourselves, our interests, life, and our work.

    In 2014, we’re moving to Lebanon to work with street kids. But that kind of work doesn’t come with a steady paycheck, and we could really use for our independent income efforts to take off. Which means ACTION.

    Next year we’re putting in all our chips. Moving. Putting ourselves out there with my husbands art company (we’ve just contracted for a custom site), and if there’s room on top of all of that, it’s time for me to be brave with my writing as well.

    As we’re saying around here, there’s been all this learning (in life and work), it’s time to “take her out for a spin.”

    Having been with Fizzle since the early days, I’m relying on Fizzle to be an integral part of that!

  157. It’s my time to shine because I’m ready to get out of my own way, I’m ready to stop trying to be perfect and I’m ready to reach the teenagers who are looking for someone like me. I’ve been consistent with everything I am doing (difficult). I’ve asked for help (even more difficult). I’ve had more conversations with people in the past year than I have in my life. I’m committed. To sharing my story, to being seen and heard so I can give young people their voices back.

    I’m willing to tell people I was a cutter. I’m opening up about everything. And I can feel the young people out there who are just as afraid and confused as I was when I was their age. I want them to know they’re not alone. That there is nothing wrong with them. And they are important and valuable and wonderful.

    I also love being part of a community. And love giving and receiving support from other inspiring people who are following their hearts and fulfilling their personal missions.

  158. It is my time to shine because I refuse to give up on the belief that doing the right thing and being a good person will pay off. Business can be cutthroat, so I’ve learned the hard way. I’ve been slowly starting something all my own, but I am in need of a friendly push to jump in, do business the right way, and prove to myself and others that good girls/guys finish FIRST!

  159. It’s my time to shine because I started the snowball early this year. At first it was hard, rolling it through the deep snow, growing imperceptibly where almost nobody could see it. Now, it is getting larger, growing and picking up speed as I push it down the hill. Pretty soon it will be unstoppable!
    I’ve learned the basics of what it takes but I feel there is so much more to learn. I am eager to learn and grow and enjoy success along the way. I would love the chance for free membership to a community where that can happen, where that is encouraged and expected. Thanks for the opportunity!

  160. Hey guys! Thank you so much for this lovely chance.

    I have been blogging for a while and in September I have opened a small mailing list of 65 subscribers. It has brought me so much happiness and confidence. I have created very good content, that resonates with people very much, and they keep asking for more. I am very confused right now and I don’t know what should the next step be. I think I could reach far more people, spread the word, but I am missing some basic tools. I have realized the importance of good promoting and marketing and I certainly cannot do it by myself.

    I have took some very basic first steps, I am committed to building my own thing, I have eaten my fear (I have just started), I am trying to take a small action every single day. I am sure that NOW is my time to shine and make greater impact. My content is about introspection and creativity boost, using questions, writing techniques and photography. It is diverse, fresh and spiritual experience. People love it. I am sure it can develop into something bigger. It is a pity to stop. I know that I am doing something meaningful, but I need a leverage. A year of Fizzle could be exactly that.

    Thank you so much for this lovely opportunity.

    My best regards


  161. They say online is not a business, but a vehicle to your authenticity/business.

    Here is what I have accomplished in the last 5 years: I have healed panic attacks, burn out, depression; After 7 years of being successful in sales and marketing (banking), I have decided to work on my online business; I have written tons of pages about my transformation.

    I would like to help other people who have been through similar situations. My focus is: discovering talents and healing blockages and new ways of work, life and productivity for scanners, people transitioning from job to self-employment, people going through difficult transitions.

    My life changed completely in every aria and I would love to connect with people like me, to share experiences and learn from each other.

    I am a nonconformist scanner, I love minimalism, I am a “never give up” person, I love meditation and experience every day delicious joy, a deep state of peace, the ok-ness of everything there is.

    Corbett, I love your work! Very curious what you’ll launch next Tuesday! You and Leo Babauta are a great inspiration for me!


  162. Hi, I’m Tom – Long time / First time

    My time to shine is now because I have a voice and it needs to be heard.

    For years I flirted with ideas for businesses and blogs that I never stuck with and have created more landing pages than actual content.

    That changed when I found you guys. 27 episodes later and I’m following your steps and have made great progress with my blog that aims to change the way people use YouTube.

    I have a great job that is serving as an apprenticeship for my blog, but the birth of my son has reinforced my belief that an online business is the way to a better future for me, my family and my audience.

    I have written a number of blog posts, recorded tutorials, and am almost set for launch. I’ll achieve success and find an audience whether I’m lucky enough to be selected or not because I have passion and belief in what I’m creating and most importantly, I am solving a problem. With its training and community, Fizzle will help me to be heard louder and wider and keep me on track when that inevitable dip comes.

    You’ve helped me so much already and selected or not, I’ll be following you along my journey

    Keep up the amazing work

    Tom – Londoner, Fizzle fan, Future Mexican Fisherman

  163. Why can’t storytelling be used to empower, humanise, unite and repair one’s dignity? I think it can be.

    I’ve gone from seven years living on the streets to working as a freelance multimedia storyteller. I’ve also survived seven years of torture for revealing truth as a multimedia storyteller. Throughout it all, I surrendered to life’s lessons.

    A year of Fizzle training would give me the tools to build a platform to share stories that matter and complete mainstream media’s one-sided view of the world. Because of my life journey, I believe in the power of up-close and in-depth storytelling to portray the resilience of the human spirit. I also believe that there isn’t someone you couldn’t learn to love or respect if you listened to their story.

    Why is now my time to shine? Because I’m ready for the next level.

  164. After a couple years of work and profound investigation, it´s my team´s time to shine becouse we´re preparing the launch of the first online course in Latinamerica oriented to develop a system of habits and knowledge that will change the life of any person looking forward to add value trough the creation of a business, adapting great content developed worldwide to the realiy of the region. We´ve done market research and everything points out that we´ve got a great product and a potential market of about 200 millon people, and we could really use the tools in Fizzle to get trough to them. Thank you for your time and the gret work you keep up everyweek!

  165. It’s my time to shine because I have followed everyone else’s trainng progam and want to see if Fizzleco is truly the best. I have been studying your videos like a marketing maven! The foundation is bulit, and my team is ready to rebrand ourselves, launch our book and continue with your markteting strategies.
    I want to be the next case study that Fizzleco shares with the world.
    We make a genuine difference in others peoples lives by helping them create movement towards what truly matters to them, NOW I want to make a financial difference in MY life$$

  166. My passion is real health and fitness, not extreme diet and exercise, but that which utilizes food and lifestyle to bring about true health. My pain is the fact that I am on borrowed time, financially. I have one more year before I have to start paying back mine and my wife’s school loan. I am really feeling the pain.
    Ask anyone that knows me and they will tell you about the devotion I have for educating people about being healthy. I want to share this with the masses and of course make some money at it. I fully believe that I can do both, but the direction I’m taking doesn’t include the super cool secret short cut that you guys can offer.
    I know that the short cut doesn’t eliminate the hard work that is required of me. I want to do the hard work.
    It is my time to shine because I have the knowledge, hunger and motivation to make things happen.

  167. It is my time to shine because I just found you guys not long before deadline day. It is my time to shine because I am an amazing, gifted, and wildly successful intuitive, healer, teacher, and writer which I do through my profession as a psychologist. Oh, except that the world doesn’t know these things because I’m not shining “out there” yet. I am ready to launch and this introvert needs tools that befit such an unveiling. Everyone posting here is wanting and motivated and willing to work. But, which one grabs your gut? Feels compelling? Draws your piques your curiosity? Is different? That is your intuition guiding you. Okay, I’ll help you out…look no further 

  168. It is time to stop playing small and step out and be seen. My goal is to express my passion by teaching and spreading the word about the power of nutrition. We have let food be such a “big thing” that it’s time to go back to the simple joys of real food. I would also like to demonstrate to my kids that there are many ways to grow and expand and improve the world, and it’s OK to make your own path while learning from others.

  169. Hey, guys–

    It’s my time to shine a light on Deep Time.


    Yeah, Deep Time. We’re the first human generation who can look back eons into Earth’s evolution and look forward to how our world could change. The forward part? Not looking good. Ask anyone in the Philippines.

    Looking back, we see a scientifically proven story of power, connection, and epic challenges overcome. In the Western pre-science religious story, we’re separate from/better than nature—so we treat the planet like a death metal band treats a hotel room.

    Science’s “Universe Story” proves we belong here.

    I’ve studied and published on these ideas but need a wider reach. My blog will go beyond “green living” to what can ground it. Interviews with experts–scientists, permaculturists, artists–will show how our shared story can build a sustainable world.

    I was a comedian, so cosmic and comic are only an “s” away, with cranky shadow puppets and off-beat stories (like how a grape on the floor of a Manhattan subway car created a kumbaya moment).

    I’m retiring early (not loaded) because I’ve gotta do this. I’ve got writing, interviewing, and audio chops and tons of fascinating contacts.

    I need business support—I need Fizzle!!!!

  170. I’ve been a student of the game for long enough. I’ve listened to all of the podcasts, read all the blogs, played fantasy revenue, and dreamed about a successful blog for several years now.
    I had a “big” birthday a couple weeks ago and decided that it’s time to get off the sideline and into the game. It’s time to take what I’ve learned and make a difference.

  171. I am so passionate about making a blog that will help people from my past experiences. It’s my time to shine because I have a wife and kid, and I want to give them the world. I don’t have much money right now, so a subscription to Fizzle would be unbelievable. I listen to the incredible Fizzle Show every Friday on my drive in to work, and I try and find time at night to continue to do what I love. It’s my time to shine, and if you folks gave me a subscription I’d do you proud! Thanks for running this contest.

  172. It’s my time to shine because my mission is to help people to live the positive lives and be aware of their own value, strenght and the fact that is in their hands to find their welfare.

    The need was born when I was a teenager I dreamed to work in the best companies to earn money…but I then I realized that getting an opportunity wasn’t that easy as I thought and then when I got there I realized that no job in a small country as El Salvador will give me the opportunity to achieve my biggest dreams by I needed to try if I didn’t want to abandon my dreams. I’m multipassioned! 😀 and I want to do many things in my life but I realized that with a normal job there’s no time to do so. You can’t travel wherever and whenever you want or do what you love no necessary for just making a living, instead you get sick and drain you and you cannot generates ideas.

    I want to help other to find their way far from harmful stress but have time with their family, be healthy, or just simple don’t feel the torturous pressure to have to wake up early reluctantly. Instead, finding a balance to earn money and do what they really love.

    I need to keep growing by the hand of the experts, and a Fizzle membership like this is exactly what I need to do so in order to know what steps should I take to make this happen. I know I have what it needs to succeed 😀

  173. First off,
    I just found you guys this week on the Fizzle podcast and loved the no BS approach. I signed up immediately at and am psyched!

    Now is my time to shine because after 11 years of service in the Army with over 3 years deployed to Iraq, I know life is too important to not make the most of it. I am still serving as a soldier today, but I’m starting an initiative to expose, inform and support entrepreneurship in the military community.

    Veterans make some of the best entrepreneurs, but there isn’t a whole lot out there other than SBA courses that you can’t even access until you already retire. This year, I am shining by starting my own community,, to share stories of vets that have made the leap, answer questions and build a community for some of the most giving, dedicated and awesome people I know!

    Thanks for the podcast and I’m a fizzler even if you don’t pick me

    See you on the high ground


  174. I’m a problem solver. Making a website is confusing, overwhelming, and straight up hard. I’m here to slay the dragon of website design and development through products and training. It’s my time to shine so I can spread my light to others.

  175. “Hello and Wel-come to the Fizzle Showwww…” My name is Amber. You guys make things for me. I’m the “smart guy” that’s too dumb to do the thing, because I build a billion things, from beginning to retirement in my head, while the dumb guy puts the smart-ish thing out and makes a lot of money on it. I’m working on letting go of perfectionism and aiming instead for progress, but I could use a community to kick my butt when I’m being too precious about the thing I’m doing. I’ve always worked with an entrepreneurial outlook and I’m freakin’ great at launching other people’s stuff. It doesn’t really matter the subject, I go all in, because I love the act of creating. But when it comes to my own thing, my art, I care so damn much about it, that it’s much harder to put it out there. I’m about to launch my own line of art/design work and I have even more in mind for the year ahead. I would love for Fizzle to be my landing pad on the other side of this launch, to help me sustain the forward momentum of my first year in business. 2014 is going to be a year of growth for me and I want to share that ride with the Fizzle family. Not only am I looking forward to the awesome “CONTENT” (hold on… gotta take a shot), inside of Fizzle, but I’m excited at the prospect of working hard and helping others in the community, while laughing at the same stupid jokes.

    You guys are awesome. Thanks for the opportunity. Keep doing what you do.

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